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  1. Hello everyone, I am asking for a prayer for my mom. We sent her to the hospital because she was diagnose and has pneumonia. Please pray that God will continually heal her and provide our needs to the expensive hospital bill and her medication. She needs to complete her medicine for 7days and we are really struggling to find provision for her needs. Thank you and God bless
  2. Condolence Pat, May God comfort you this time of sorrow.
  3. There is a coming Typhoon here in our country. I need your prayer. https://www.rappler.com/nation/special-coverage/weather-alert/211743-typhoon-mangkhut-pagasa-forecast-september-11-2018-5pm
  4. cjen

    Prayer request

    Sorry for my late update guys. My auntie is doing fine now, she got discharge from the hospital 2 weeks ago. Her condition is improving right now, thanks for your prayers. Today, is the schedule of the eye operation of my uncle. pls. continue to pray for the success. God bless everyone.
  5. cjen

    Prayer request

    Thanks Aimes and Wingnut.
  6. Pls. Continue to pray for my Family My cousin just died last Sunday. My auntie still in the hospital, she has pneumonia, her lungs have water and her heart has enlarged. And my uncle for his eye operation.
  7. Welcome!.. raedwulf I'm also from the Philippines...
  8. Hi, I found this post very exciting. First of all, I was really amazed by all the information by each one of you about in game design ministry. And I just wanted to share my insights here. I worked before as a Game Apps Designer for a certain game company online. The game apps were all about foods like donuts, cookies, etc. and for that experienced, I have this desired now to learn more about the games Apps Industry. Also, I just share this experienced with my fellow brethren in Christ, now to my surprise this is what they said to me: That game is not suitable for Christian like me. Even though I'm not playing games I'm also considered as a partaker of this bad works of Satan. And my reaction was like at first, I didn't choose this kind of work and God allowed me to work on this kind of field. Secondly, my contract with the company has been ended more than 2yrs ago. Adding to that, The games are not about harsh messages. So I was like, why did they judge me according to what generally harsh and bad games today? Am I bad enough? And my goal now as experienced in Game/mobile apps is to produce an app that promotes Christianity and Ministry. My overall, experience is that I was kinda upset with my the view of my fellow brethren in Christ. And I want your opinion on this matters as Christain.
  9. I just watch the game yesterday. It was clearly unfair, all the judges are biased so as the referee. How can you win the fight when you had many violations.
  10. This incident happened in the other city in Mindanao (North Cotabato). That terrorist is not ISIS but they also pledge to support the ISIS. Up to this moment, the war in Marawi still not yet over. The ISIS are using those civilian who are trapped in the said area and used them as a human shield. They command them to fight for the soldiers for them and if they won't follow the order they will die. We deeply need prayers now. Our government is still doing all the possible solution to stop this terrorist group. Matthew 10:28
  11. Thanks everyone for your prayers. The war started last May 23 up to now still ongoing. There are 100 soldiers got injured and more than 100 people die (civilians, soldier and terrorist people) there are people has been hostages by this Mauti Terrorist. I Pray this will be end soon, lots of soldiers have already got sick and tired of none stop fighting. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/06/hundreds-remain-trapped-gunfire-mars-marawi-truce-170604112157963.html
  12. http://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2017/june/isis-flag-flies-asia-christian-philippines-marawi.html?share= Just wanna share what's happening to (Marawi City) a certain place near the city where I live.
  13. cjen

    Gospel Music

    thanks, kwikphilly God bless. This is my theme song way back before I was still questioning my faith: And now My song is this:
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