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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. I feel no one knows for sure,who the beast will be until he who restrains is taken out of the way. That is what Paul wrote. It is when Satan is cast out of heaven and knows his time is short. But he will be seen for what he is. But the wicket will not understand.
  2. Wayne222

    Still work trouble

    Don't gI've up. God is able to do more then we asked. Trust and follow christ.
  3. Wayne222

    Still work trouble

    Thank you Equippers. Still praying for you . How is your situation ?
  4. Wayne222

    Quick prayer for me and my family to get through year

    Praying for you. May God help you through all this year and the next.
  5. Wayne222


    Praying I felt it too sister. When the Bible says don't be anxious about anything. It does not mean you should stop feeling anxious. It means to go to God with whatever is making you feel this way. Fear is the way our bodies tell us to watch out. Fear can in fact be very good. It's what we do with it. First pray to our father. Second find out what you can do in a physical way. Like if a person is worry over money . Can you get a second job maybe a part time one for now. And then save up some funds. If one could there money worries would disappear. Sometimes there's nothing one can do. The prayer and fasting for a time. One thing I know God will always do something for us. Anyway I am praying for you. Hope you feel much better soon.
  6. Wayne222

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Also it's by God's grace No one can be in christ unless by God's grace
  7. Wayne222

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    It's hard to enter the straight gate. Sactification is the hard gate. To get to zion we must walk in it. It's not earning salvation but a part of being in christ. Jesus suffered outside the gate. If he suffered then we suffer with him. If he died then we died.
  8. Wayne222

    DonĀ“t play fps video games

    I think fps games are not peaceful. The Bible says pursue peace. I don't think it is a sin but can be. If you just enjoy kill the people in the games then it is a sin. But if it's just part of the game then it's not sin to me. But if your not sure don't play. I think games take up too much time.
  9. Wayne222

    I am in Florida

    Praying and what are you doing there . I am happy you got there.
  10. Wayne222

    Ever had one of these moments

    I see that at work. Not about being a Christian but as a worker some of the other people I work with act like there waiting for you to make a mistake. I make less mistakes then a lot of them. But they love to jump up and point it out. I never do this back.
  11. Wayne222

    New problem

    Sorry I ask for a lot of prayers lately but I am going through this problem the lord knows. I can't say right now but if anyone can pray to the lord for me. It a burden for me and it's making me nervous too. Thank you and God bless.
  12. Wayne222

    pain Sunday was over the top

    Praying for you.
  13. Wayne222

    Mom returning to Nursing Home via Ambulance

    Praying for good care. And loving staff for your Mom. May God protect and keep her. Praying for you too.
  14. Wayne222

    Coyotes, problem

    If I had a dog in that area I would buy a fence they could not get over. I don't think you can shoot them in the city. Call animal control too.
  15. Wayne222


    I felt sorry about the way you were fired. In my company they do the same thing. If I get fired this week and it could happen they will excort me out of the building. God I am sure knows how you felt.