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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. prayers for 3 of us

    Praying !
  2. Former Muslim Needs Prayer

    Praying for his safe return.
  3. Apt

    The place I was going to move fell through. I waiting too long. Pray I find something soon Thanks brethren..
  4. Please Pray for My Beloved Bride

    Praying and hoping for the best.
  5. I had that in my fingers,a few times. I took magnesium. And it went away. But I don't even know what it was. I ate foods high in magnesium and also a product called calm. High magnesium.
  6. Sleep issues

    Praying sleep is number one for health. Maybe a doctor too can help. Praying for you.
  7. Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Testimonies)

    I know all Christians receive the spirit of God at the time of salvation. When they trust christ and believe in him. But I did have something happen to me after I was already saved. I was praising God out loud by myself. And I was one. When I lifted my arms up to God in praise. I felt like oil on top of my head but it filled my body all the way to my feet. And I felt the.most joy and a feeling oh love enter into my heart. I started to praise him and words came out of my mouth I did not understand. It was not English. This lasted about 30 seconds.
  8. Update on job search weyhey

    Praise God ! Praying the job goes well. Keep walking with Jesus and don't give up.
  9. My daughter came home.

    Thank you so much TheAimes.
  10. My daughter came home.

    The goodest. Thank you NOONE7. Thanks for your prayers.
  11. My daughter came home.

    Thank you Annette. It's great for her to be home and safe.
  12. My daughter came home.

    I am happy and thankful my daughter came home safe. She gave me a big hug. No more worrying about her being in the streets alone at night. The holy spirit told me God would bring her home. I felt his voice at times. Now if she would be saved and loved Jesus. I am hoping.
  13. How can a person be TRULY saved in this situation

    If you say Lord be merciful to me a dinner then you are justified. If you mean it.
  14. Praying advice

    Brethren I am by no means perfect or near. So don't take it wrong. Before you pray at times. Confess your sins if you know any on your mind. Make sure nothing is between you and God that needs to be made right. Your prayers will be much more effective. God cleanses us through Jesus. I know we are saved and even our sins cannot change that. But unconfess sins will be a problem in getting answers to your prayers. We don't need to be perfect and we have sins sometimes we are not aware of . But the sins that we are aware of need to be confess daily to God. And the blood of Jesus makes you whiter then snow. And he will hear all your prayers. In his will he will answer them as he see fits in his goodness and wisdom.
  15. You can't make graven idols to worship. But you can make a stature.