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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. Wayne222

    Insomnia ← Please pray

    Praying !
  2. Wayne222

    son facing a challenging day

  3. Wayne222

    Feel sick.

    HI all I am feeling pretty sick with cough heavy chest. Sinus infection. Hope I don't have bronchitis like lat year. Well it's getting worst. Please pray and I thank any who does pray for me. God blessing.
  4. Wayne222

    mom's loan to be cleared

    Praying for your Mom. May God clear this.
  5. Wayne222

    Job Shakedown

    Praying for peace.
  6. Wayne222

    I'm sick with bronchial congestion

    May God heal you neighbour praying for your recovery. Prayin for your wife. Maybe your doctor is right. Bring carefully brother.
  7. Wayne222

    Recent Past Members

    Jesus the lamb of God.
  8. Wayne222

    Did God chose our appearance?

    Beauty is holiness. That is what God sees when one is holy. Only beauty.
  9. Wayne222

    Recent Past Members

    What are you exhorting friend ? I know it's to stay away from the Catholic Church. It's not wrong to exhort. I exhort people to know the lord Jesus. He is the way to the Father. He is life everlasting. The book of Rev exhort my people come out of Babylon. It's says to the children of God to come out of this world's ways. The way of lust and pride. If anyone loves this world the love of the Father is not in him. The world system is Babylon. It says don't partake of her sins. We must not. We live in a different kingdom. Our citizenship is in heaven. Let's exhort one another not to love this world. But to love Jesus and the coming kingdom.
  10. Wayne222

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    It sounds like they are getting the good life for nothing g. But they get very little.
  11. Wayne222

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    You are right. But how can a company trust a felon ? There was a man in the UK who own a really good company and hire a ex con he ended up killing him and his wife and children to steal the whole company. Good thing he was charged with the crime. It almost worked. It's better to have section 8 and food stamps.
  12. Wayne222

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    I think it's greed to over price housing. But the Market enable building owner to do so.
  13. Wayne222

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    Why are rents so high ? Look at San Francisco. There is no affordable housing at all. In New York there is no affordable housing at all. I grew up in NY. My father paid a reasonable price for a two bedroom apartment. Now that same building is outrageous. The middle class is moving out of NY. Because of the coSt of housing. If not for section 8 thousands and even more would not have a place to live. At one time a single poor man could live in a boarding house. There are none any more. Times have change for the poor. Many poor work two jobs and cannot pay rent and utility. Some poor people live on peanut butter and Ramon noodles. They make too much for food stamps but cannot really buy enough food. I see people at work eat Ramon noodles every day for lunch and they are not dirt poor. But housing car take a lot of there money. People who are more successful cannot understand a lot of the problem. Some people spend four bucks for a cup of coffee everyday. God says be content with what you have. I think it's good the poor are helped in any way. Even by the government. It's. Commendable that you worked and did for yourself. I used to w I rk over nights stocking a supermarket for 40 hours then went to my day job a hour later and worked 40 hours at that job. And even overtime for 90 hours total a week. 2 to 3 hours skeep. Slept 12 hours on my day off. I used to nod off at lunch everyday. I only work 40 now but I am 65. I cannot it hurts my legs too much. Some people have a hard time working. Maybe drugs too. But days are coming no help for the poor.
  14. Wayne222

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    If we stop all welfare and section 8 would our taxes,go down ? Or would they find something else to spend it on. Come on people. A good government helps the weak. All I am saying. People don't like paying taxes me too. But if we don't ?
  15. Wayne222

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    Your paying the same not being force to pay more.