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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. What does Jude 1:20-21 mean?

    Praying in the holy spirit also means praying according to his will. Thy will be done.
  2. Ihop

    I like the waffle house myself. Waffle with egg on it and bacon bring on the coffee.
  3. It must be very hard and discouraging. To keep going through trials and bad stuff. It can put anyone into depression. But I really hope you don't let it drive you into wrong ideas. Put on the armour of God. Hope is one of the pieces. We always have hope. Even if we are homeless. I know God can make the homeless a home. You have a lot of people praying for you. Take heart and be strong. I know you have more strength and courage then you even know. I pray God lifts you up. You will not be disappointed if you trust him and also walk with him.
  4. Iran is Running to Christ

    I had no idea. It cannot be easy for concerts in Iran.
  5. Ihop

    Well there is a IHOP that has pancakes near by too. But they won't pray for you lol.
  6. Ihop

    Whew ! Thought I was writing things I did not even know I wrote. Lol.
  7. Ihop

    Wow from your response it must be bad. I will be praying about this. Thanks Frienduff.
  8. Ihop

    Right there. I always warn people when I can. Thanks
  9. Ihop

    You don't know him so it's not about boldness. He loved Rick Joyner and such.
  10. Ihop

    I am confused. Where did I write this lol. I don't remember. Thanks
  11. Ihop

    Yes it is. Thanks guys !
  12. Ihop

    Well he loves them. He into them. I don't think he would ever listen.
  13. Ihop

    We were driving right pass them last week. I was taking my daughter some where and saw the building. I thought maybe I could go to there prayer meetings. I guess I will not now.
  14. Ihop

    Very good frienduff. Lol.
  15. Ihop

    Thanks my friend is now part of them. I think he is part of the worship team.