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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. Please can anyone pray for my workplace. Someone is trying to make it seem I am not doing my job. Completely untrue. There is a lot of drama at my workplace. My boss was watching me a lot today and acting like something was wrong. But I know someone bad mouths me and some others too. My daughter is not well please pray for her. Thanks and may God bless .
  2. God will bring you back. We will pray for you constantly. Keep Gods word in your heart. And meditate on it. The holy spirit will comfort you.
  3. Hi George sounds like fun times in Israel. I am amazed that you live there. You get to see where Jesus preach the goodnews of the kingdom of God. I wonder how the Jewish Israelis feel about Christians living in Israel. Especially the orthodox . I like Jewish people. I grew up in the bronx section that had a large Jewish population. Many school mates were Jewish. The kids I knew never ate pork. They seem to only tolerate non Jewish customs. I myself was shock at the age of 14 when a Jewish friend ate a pork hotdog in front of me. His name was Jerry. I said Jerry what are you doing . I said there pork in that hotdog. He told me he did not care. And smiled as he said it. My experience of Jews back then was a people who followed there religion very seriously. Anyway I think Jewish folks in Isarel are not fond of Jesus or the gospel. I hope some are of course. Blessings Wayne
  4. Praying brother. Try to escape if you can. Praying God leads you and protects you.
  5. Praying John I got bit by a tick two months ago about. It was on my arm for a day I think. I was alright but I had swelling and redness for weeks. If it was a tick keep checking fora0 red ring..Anyway more times a tick will not cause too much problems. Praying for your healing.
  6. Hi brother that must have been terrible for you dear brother. May God protect you to get back to safety. Praying for your leg to heal. If you had died you would have been in heaven right away. We look for Gods house not this earth. Praying for you. Stay strong in the lord. He is your strength.
  7. It's not that hot if its dry heat. Try 90 with 90 per cent humidity.
  8. Christ has freed us from sin. We are no longer slaves to sin. We can still sin and will fall at times. But we can yield to righteousness. It's a daily walk. We are being renewed in the knowledge of the image of christ. Put on the new man. The old man was crucified. Each day yield to Gods will. Day by day.
  9. Praying for sister and mom Amanda.
  10. Praying. God is our provider. Remember he provides not us. So trust in him and seek his kingdom everyday. Put God first. I am not saying your not. But we need to remember this.
  11. Yes he took the wrath of God for us. The wrath of God is the punishment for sins. There is no more wrath waiting for us who believe in his son Jesus. There is only eternal life for us in his kingdom.
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