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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. Praying for Kate and her daughter. God's blessings on them.
  2. You are actually forgiven before you received the Holy Spirit otherwise you could not receive the Holy Spirit. Baptism with water is part of being in Union with christ. It's our faith that counts. The water apart from faith means nothing. But being in faith baptism unite us with christ in the community of believers.
  3. That's true but they were sent to preach the gospel and to baptize in water. Like in acts they baptize in water. The preaching of the gospel and baptizing go together. Back then it happen right away as soon as someone believes and trust in christ they were baptize in water.
  4. Hey Spock notice it says God gave his son. Which without we would not be saved.
  5. There is being baptize with the Holy Spirit but in this case it means water baptism.
  6. Yes tae kwon do is very good. I practice shotokan. There very close in styles. I get so much out of it. The schools I been with is hardcore and teach Japanese budo.
  7. A lot of Christians don't want the whole word or they change the meaning of James. Not by faith only. The only means not alone in this case. They don't understand we are also saved from bondage to sin and unrighteousness. So we can do good works. We are forgiven and also freed from this body of sin and death. Resulting in holiness and fruit until everlasting life.
  8. Does anyone have a opinion on karate ? .I know a lot of Christians believe yoga is wrong for diffrent reasons. But what about karate. I still practice it ongoing. It helps my reflexes and keeps me fit too.
  9. I hold to my understanding of the gospel which is,Christ crucified on the cross by the romans. Given over by God himself . Put in the tomb for three days. Raise by God the Father. Ascended into heaven to sit on the right hand of the Father .Coming back to judge the living and the dead. Whereby we are justified from all sin through faith. By his grace or favor unearned. Blessed is the man who sins are forgiven. I am done with this topic.
  10. I ask why do you think Orthodox Christians don't have a relationship with the trinity? I think many do. I have been going to other sites and reading Orthodox writings on the gospel. I don't find that to be the case.
  11. Why hate the Orthodox Church. Have you gone to one ? Maybe God is doing a work there you don't even know.
  12. Why bring all that up. Like Paul wrote not all of Israel is Israel. Anyone knows there were times God's church fell away but never all of it. Is God pleased with what goes on in protestant churchs. All the money corruptions. Other sandals? Read the seven churchs of revelation. Some of them God was not please. Your point is not strong.
  13. Praying for God's healing. Peace and blessings.
  14. Praying make the lord your shield. He alone can really help you. Praying that the lord blesses you.