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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. Confess all sin in your life. Repent of all sin. Ask the holy spirit to fill you. Trust in God. He will send that unclean spirit far away.
  2. Praying you find the right job. Dont give up.
  3. Muscle is more needed when we are older. I would add some fast walking to weights too. I lift dumbbells and power walk. I am 66 in November. I still workout a lot. Feel better after a workout. Good going brother.
  4. I feel older in the last three years. My face looks a lot older then two years ago. I dont care anyhow. Its alright. Jesus will change our bodies to be like his at his coming. But getting old now is not easy. The young nowadays lack respect for elderly then my generation. I think old people are great and more interesting then young people.
  5. Tith was to the levites under the law of moses. We give from the heart any amount we can afford or even beyond to help. When you give to the poor it's a gift to God. We should give to the church but any per cent. It's not commanded in the new covenant. Thanks.
  6. Still praying David. Be encouraged . I for myself like to know and keep in mine christ is right next to me. I also remember Jesus said he would give us a white stone with a new name that no one else will know. It means you mean something to Jesus in a personal way. Let's keep praying for one another. The lord God hears and has mercy and abides faithful. .
  7. Praying hope the pain goes away fast.
  8. Not easy. Like who will take care of your family. Yet we are called to love this way. God has a love that gives it self up.
  9. Praying God calls us to share the good news. You should find books on the subject. Also look up Ray Comfort and he has a lot of video of himself witnesses.
  10. Wayne222

    for me

    Praying for you brother.
  11. We have a free lunch at work at times for different reasons. Its usually hamburger and hotdogs and bake beans and chips. You can have either two hotdogs or two hamburgers or one of each. I always take one of each. But prefer hotdogs. Are you a hotdig person or a hamburger. At home I love hotdogs spicy and hot.
  12. Praying for your mom. Praying for money to pay doctors. God give your mom peace and healing.
  13. Ok then David hope I did not make you feel bad or anything. I read your post and your response to others prayer requests in the past. Thought highly of you brother !!!! I can see christ in you. He is our friend. The good one. God blessings !!!
  14. Hi David thank you for responding. Maybe a small dog or cat in the room ? It could be a possibility that could be work out with the management. If you have a social worker talk to them about it. I had to give up my cat last year. I hope for you. I wish I could do something. But I will pray to the lord Jesus. It's a good thing we have him.
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