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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. Legalism

    You call following Jesus doing our own thing. And you do because you misunderstood scripture. The Sabbath is a day of rest if you keep the old covenant. Because under the old covenant you had to fulfill the law to obtain the promises given to Israel. The law is a schoolmaster until we have Christ himself. The Sabbath is a shadow of Christ. Christ gives us rest. The Sabbath could not really give you rest because everyone has transgress the law. Only Christ can give you rest.
  2. Legalism

    Why do you disobey the Apostles?
  3. Legalism

    Why are you adverse to the clear commandments of Jesus Apostles. I don't get why some would disobey the Apostles but be under the law. It's like they really want to be old covenant and disregard the new covenant. The new covenant is founded on better promises. So sad the lack of biblical knowledge. My people are dest8fir a lack of knowledge.
  4. Unforgivable sin

    The thing to do is pray to God for help. Also pray that he will save you . He can renew you then. It's the holy spirit that can renew your heart. But don't give up. It's the holy spirit who is making you fear that your numb to God. Otherwise you would not care about your situation. That's a good sign. But make haste and draw near to God and he will draw near to you.. That's in James. God blessing to you.
  5. I might be getting through...

    Praying John! Hope you get your foot in the door. And if you do Satan will be attacking you through Hollywood. So be careful.
  6. Legalism

    If you demand the seventh day Sabbath as a condition of salvation then you put yourself under the law. I uphold Gods commandments but not the law of Moses. And this is a protestant Christian forum not a SDA or world wide church of God or there off shoots board. You cannot come here and make it a different board. You should follow what James wrote in acts he said we gave you no command to keep the law of Moses .
  7. In Need of Prayer Warriors

    Praying I hope you find relief soon. I had neck pain too a few years ago from a car accident. I know how you feel.
  8. Have been ill

    Hi angels4u praying for you. This has been a bad cold flu season for many. I hope you feel much better. Gods blessing to you.
  9. Legalism

    Nobody says you dont have to obey God. I find you and others are creating a straw man. What you claim God commands the Christian and what I see the bible shows are two different things. God commands us to love one another. God commands us to vist the orphan and the widow. God commands us not to commit fornication. Many commands but he does not command us to keep the law of Moses. Now you will say see they don't want to obey. Wrong you are like I say making strawmen.
  10. I think it's hard to be alive in this world today. There will always be some racism in the world. Our self worth has to come from God and not from the way we are treated. If he says we are in the beloved and that's what the bible says then we are off if we look to the world for value. Our value is only from God. If he gave up his son then will he not give us all things? Look to God for your value as a person. I am white but where I work the blacks and white hang out together. The suffering of this age is not worthy to be compared to the glory to come.
  11. Legalism

    I find some of your comments off . You would have to know the posters personally to say what you did. Saying they they are really living to please themself is something you could not know unless you interacted with them in person on a daily basis. Satan loves to accuse. He makes charges against others.
  12. Prayer for a family

    Thanks BK1110 I was in the next room and could hear what was happening . God bless.
  13. prayer request

    Praying for you to grow on The grace of God.
  14. Keep reading the bible. Your faith is weak. The word if you read it and not for a few minutes will build you up. And then pray and wait on God he will speak to you.
  15. Prayer for a family

    Thanks everyone for the prayers. I cantvgive a update. But the lord has his eye on it. And hears our prayers.