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    I love Jazz my grandfather was bunny berigan a famous trumpet player. He won a Grammy for the tune I can't get started. I love sports and I ride my bike everyday.

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  1. Sometimes I know there no proof but. I have a strong feeling that it's like someone telling me to do something. But mostly the Holy Spirit teaches us through scripture and also gives us comfort through what we read or hear. We will read a verse and it will bring peace to us. Without the Spirit of God that would not happen
  2. The bible is inspired. So it's reliable for correction and instruction in the path of God . Tradition was reliable in the primitive church. Paul sent men to instruct the churches by mouth. I think the word is closed for now in this age. All we need we have from the bible.
  3. Goodbye Jacie, see you in heaven soon.
  4. That sounds super. I do love fresh apple sause. I use to make my own. I am sure yours is better.
  5. Kate. I know from how you describe Jacie that she was special. Its such a big lost to lose a daughter like her. I wish I could have know her. I am glad I got to read her posts at worthy. She looked so nice in her picture she had here at worthy. I can only say and I know it does not help you. But I really believe God would not have let it happen to his daughter unless it was to take her from something bad in the future. It says so in isaiah I can't remember right now where . But it says good men die early to take them away from things to come. I can only believe that in my heart. But the lost is still great. It was great to have know her through worthy. Even if it was a little bit. In heaven we all meet again everlasting.
  6. I don't get you. Before you stated a lot of good things in your posts. Now you bring up well d know bible teachers and Pastor's and and accuse them of being false. What is your biblical view ? Do you believe in the triune God ? What about the finish work of Christ ?
  7. Kansas City. Praying !!
  8. Spock I will be attending the next counsel meeting with all the leading cardinals and the Pope himself of course. I will bring up charges in your name. And the next Inquisition will be held were you can recant. If you do not recant then the Cardinals will determine the outcome of your foolishness. You may recant on worthy .
  9. Well in the Greek it would be death and the grave. The word he'll is translated from the word sheol.
  10. They were fishermen at the beginning but they were taught by christ for three years .Pretty good education.
  11. Praying that God's saves him.
  12. Praying sister. God keep you and protect you.
  13. The unsaved does not go to Hell when they die. They go to a sort of prison for the unsaved dead. After the white throne judgment is finished the unsaved dead who are not in the lambs book of life will be cast into the lake of fire which is hell.
  14. In any army you always have atrocities. Not that it's condone. They did a good work otherwise no more western world today.