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  1. "I Am" by David Crowder

    Crowder is really good, I love all this music.
  2. Hi - Friend of Robert Vergil

    Bout time you turned up!
  3. Job Interview tomorrow

    Ive not heard anything yet 😢
  4. Job Interview tomorrow

    Thanks !
  5. Job Interview tomorrow

    Mixed, on the one hand it went well at first, but then he said he was worried it was too easy and i'd get bored and leave after 6 months
  6. Job Interview tomorrow

    Hi Guys, I got an important job interview tomorrow, I really could do with this job, as Im in a lot of financial troubles... I pray this is Gods will. Thanks
  7. Final Exam tomorrow

    Thanks Abby, Willa and BK1110
  8. Final Exam tomorrow

    Thank you
  9. Final Exam tomorrow

    Thanks Worthy.
  10. Final Exam tomorrow

    Hi Guys I have my final exam tomorrow, please pray for me that I have the grace to revise well tonight, and do well in the exam tomorrow.
  11. Can the Devil read my mind?

    Nope, he tricks you into thinking he can but he cant, he also cant be in more than one place at once, usually has has his network of lesser entities to spy on people, often lesser demons pretend to be him too just to scare you.
  12. Also why would my university lie to me, and how would they pull of the smoke and mirrors when they get me to do the experiments myself ? I've used our universities telescope, so its like.. unless they faked the whole thing which I cannot see why they would do that, Surely not every lecturer could be in on the conspiracy its sheer lunacy to think so.
  13. Not sure the exact strength of the laser, but I've done the experiment myself at university, so I know its a powerful laser, I've also looked through the telescope, you'd have to ask, how many smoke and mirrors they'd have to pull to fake something like that on every day basis, I doubt all my university lecturers are in on the conspiracy. Cloud patterns repeat, nature is full of repeating structures, its like you don't even know what fractals are. 2. you have bad eyesight because I can clearly see its rounded, when your high you see more of the world, http://www.smarterthanthat.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/flatroundvision22-300x115.jpg Shadows follow a spherical format Eclipse shows the earths shape point a laser at the moon. Your falling for the elites classic tactic of information communication, The EARTH IS SPHERICAL, but they always put out information from both angles out to confuse people, the ELITES put the truth out and lies to confuse people, but your own observations will show the earth is round. ancient Greek philosophers, such as Pythagoras and Aristotle. They cited simple observations, such as the changing position of stars as you travel north or south, the sinking of ships below the horizon, and the shape of the moon. Most of their observations are ones you can make on your own as well. But one of the more noteworthy early contributors to the shape of the Earth would be Eratosthenes. Eratosthenes was a librarian at the ancient Library of Alexandria sometime around 240 BCE. He made many contributions to science and the understanding of the universe, but here I wish to tell you about his measurement of the circumference of the Earth. Under the assumption that the Sun’s rays would be parallel as they hit Earth, Eratosthenes measured the angle of the shadows given by pillars in Alexandria and Syene (a town a few hundred miles south on the Nile) on the same day of the year at noon. In Syene, pillars cast no shadow, as the Sun was directly overhead, but in Alexandria, there was a notable shadow. With the measure of the shadows’ angles, and knowing the distance between Syene and Alexandria, he could measure the circumference of the Earth. His measurements were fairly accurate, but exactly how accurate is still up for debate. First of all his original measurements are lost (you can probably blame that on the destruction of the Library), and secondly, we don’t know the exact length of the unit he used. He measured the circumference of the Earth to be around 250,000 Stadia. The problem is that stadia (also called stadion) did not have a consistent length across the world at the time. But even with the highest degree of inaccuracy, it was an impressive estimate for the time period. Videos are not allowed in threads outside of the video forums
  14. If you'd like I'd give you my laser curvature experiments in how you can set up a laser at the seaside and watch it curve around the earth, or you can get a telescope and look at the earth curve when you look at the sea, or you will note that the sun rises on the horizon, and boats do too, they rise up through the water, or even better you can shoot a laser at the moon and get a reflection. OR EVEN BETTER yet, you can see the pictures of the earth or you know the day and night cycle, how do you explain day or night on a disc ? hmmmm.
  15. A lot of work done in a short time

    Thank you wingnut