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  1. Research

    What is your fundamental objection to Christianity? For example, Jesus was just a good man, the trinity are all seperate gods, the miracles in the Bible are false etc
  2. Studying

    I want to know what's the best way to study the bible to get a theology degree because I have no idea where to start. If anyone have like good videos they know of ot any other helpful information.. I know the " the bible project" are great study help but if I don' have wifi or data what's the other best wayto study?
  3. I just want to know... I've reallybeen hurt in my life. How do I deal with anger after I was numb when everything happens at once? I mean I know counselling is an option but my parents won't take me,do I get a way to be disobedient and get medication anyway :/ ? ♡♡
  4. Me

    I don't even know, I don't really post this for an answer but rather just to get it of my heart because I have no one to share it with... I'm adopted. 19. South Africa is to expensive for me to live on my own and I have to study. I honestly have a really hard time. My adopted parents think I don't hear anything but I am so trained by hearing everything they say because I used to listen how my dad abuse my mom... Why do some people go trough the minimum and othershave to suffer all their life? Whenever I go to someone to talk to they just tell me: stop playing the victim. I don't want to hear that. People don't understand. Why tell someone that went trough and abuse that struggle with finding love by people stop playing the victim... I don't even feel loves when people day that. My adopted parents children absolutely hate me. I hear them talk with my mom thst I'm not their sister. I'm not part of the family. It really hurts. I feel unwanted.. the youngest sibling bullies me..sometimes verbal but mostly by actions... her body language definitely talks. When I try to talk to my parents about my hurt they tell me it's all in my head. I know God is an answer but I sometimes just need a human to support me. Don't everyone deserve someone who cares. I go to sexual men online to just found someonethat will actually listen to me. I know it's dumb, they're the only people who stay. My parents notice that I get thinner but rather they'll tease me and say I look anorexic... but it's just weight I loose because of my emotions. I just wish people won't reject me so much. It really hurts. I have to study next year. I got accepted in the university and my parents don't even believe that I'll make it... in one teaching thst I watched it said "your real parents can disown you but not your adopted parents" it seems so true for everyone but I feel like I am disowned but I still live here. Thanks for reading.
  5. So... I was wondering. J grew up without rules and have trouble to get me to do things... like I try to put my phone down and sleep and I can't. I just want to know how boundaries work. Someone told me it might be good for me.
  6. Hey I'm Susan

    This is my testimony. I'm 19. I was 6 when I got taken away from my parents and put in the children’s home. I was put in the children’s home because we were really poor and my father was am alcoholic and my mother never cared about us. At the time they took us away we were living in a garage. I never fitted in in the children’s home and also never in the school. Everywhere I went I was emotionally bullied or rejected. I thought something was wrong with me. When I turned 9 I met forster parents. They convinced me and gave me so much hope that they will take me out of the children’s home forever... I was happy and after 9 months they brought me back to the children's home. When I was 10 I started to visit my real parents. My father drunk as always, the fighting that never stop and my father would scare me: "one day when you're older you would be able to talk to dead people too" I was scared. I was always sexually abused but I never thought it was wrong... my father told me, "every father have to do this to his daughter when she starts growing up" Finally I told someone. I had to be against my dad in court and my mother. She was never supportive. She still stays with my father. One day at school when I was 16 I wanted to become a leader at school, the one that would give up your break to talk about God. I didn't understand why I got such a great craving when I never actually cared about Christianity. I became a leader and the desire for God to be in my life got so much more. It is amazing that the closer I came to God the more I feel filled. It is just sad that I still get hurt but everytime I go to God, He listens. GOD has answered so many prayers of me and He spoke so much to me. And it's just life! He just say beautiful things And He knows how to work with me. He is so gentle with me.
  7. help :/

    Thank you
  8. Hello my name is Susan

    I am 19. I love God so much. I want to be a Christian counsellor. I love working with people my dreams are to work with people in prison, people with addictions and people that were abused and very challenging type of issues. I'm a poet, see myself as an artist oooh I love writing. BTW j. New
  9. help :/

    Where can I talk to someoneabout emotional problems?