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    Mom's Blood Sugars

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    For me

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    welcome to worthy
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    Prayer request

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    Omegaman Cant Breath well right now-

    Praying that this does not continue to happen, and that maybe you'll see the doctor about what is going on.....
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    Welcome to worthy
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    Welcome to worthy
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    Need Advice and help.

    Welcome to worthy God wants you to come as you are, you can't fix whatever is troubling you, but God can. Your approach is keeping you from achieving the very thing you want, it is time to submit. Praying for you. God bless
  9. Whether single or not, I think prayer and serving Him are not really negotiable for His children. I would say, perhaps for some, the reason they are not married is because they are not really ready for a relationship with someone, or at least a successful one. First have a successful relationship with the Lord, which is not possible without prayer or dedication to Him. If we cannot get that much right, then is it fair to say that God is doing us a favor by not bringing someone else into our lives?
  10. wingnut-

    Will the Antichrist be Jewish or Gentile?

    Jew. The people who decide to rebuild a temple to put back into practice the Judaic system are not simply going to discard the command that only the high priest is allowed in the holy of holies. If you look at the order of this forum, an inner court for believers, and an outer court for non-believers, it is based on the very system Israel used in scripture. The Levitical order is not simply going to allow a gentile into the inner court of the temple. They are not going to go to all that trouble of rebuilding a temple according to scripture, making all of the garments and other pieces that are required according to scripture, and then dismiss who is allowed inside according to scripture. God bless
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    Hi all

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    Sister diabetic

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    Advice needed

    Your ex girlfriend needs professional help, and even if you are a licensed counselor this is not a patient you should accept because of your history. Best for you to stay out of this, or you will find yourself with two ex girlfriends. The furthest you should extend help, is to point her to someone who can help. God bless
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    Faith in Faithless World

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