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    Greetings from Western Australia

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    Newbie needs prayer

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    Help! My boyfriend drinks&idk what 2 do

    The truth is, you can't do anything about it. If he wants to drink, he is going to drink. If you give him a ultimatum to stop drinking, all that will happen is he will start lying to you about it. You cannot change this type of behavior in a person, bottom line. If he decides to quit drinking, then he will do so in his own time. If he was a drinker when you met, he will probably say that to you, so what you need to change has nothing to do with him. Choose someone that doesn't drink. You only have two viable options here. 1) You break up with him, and when he asks why you say because you can't be with someone who drinks. You tried, and it isn't working. 2) You continue to date him, and ask God to change him. God can change someone's behavior effectively, other people cannot, so stop trying. God bless
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    Urgent Prayer Request For My Son

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    Mom may need a surgery

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