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  1. Hello, and welcome to Worthy! The others have given great advice here. A plan of action for you could be: 1) Visit a doctor for medical help as palpitations could be a serious heart issue, and if bad enough you may need meds to control the anxiety. 2) See a pastor/Christian counselor for guidance to see what the underlying problem could be and to find coping techniques. There could be a trauma that is causing this. I have some Christian friends that deal with anxiety and they use a technique called "Grounding." When a panic attack comes on, you use your 5 senses to see, touch, smell, hear something around you to focus you. It connects you to the present and lets you know that you are okay and safe. Listening to relaxing music, playing a game to refocus your energy, praying, singing a hymn/song that uplifts you, eating a mint (calming), drinking hot tea, etc. are all things that can help with anxiety. 3) Compiling a list of all the verses mentioned on this post, and other verses that encourage you to read over/memorize that will bring you comfort when you are feeling anxious could be very helpful. By focusing on God's Word and His truths it can help to ease our fears. 4) Praying to God yourself will give you peace/comfort and having others lift you up in prayer petitioning God on your behalf will help. There is power in prayer! Even if it doesn't feel like it's working, be faithful and consistent in praying to God. There are others that struggle like you, so you are not alone. The reason God has included verses in the Bible to deal with worry, fear, anxiety, and stress is because He knows our human frailty, and that we would struggle with these things. The good thing is there is hope and you have faith in the Lord, ("I will never loose faith in my Lord,") so you are puting your trust in the right place! I'm sorry that you are struggling in this way, and I will pray for you! (((Hugs))) Love always in Christ, Gem
  2. Hi Stephen, welcome to Worthy! I hope you like it here and have a blessed day! In Christian love, always, Gem
  3. Welcome to Worthy Xavier! I hope that you like it here and have a blessed day in the Lord! In Christian love, Gem
  4. The draft says Saturday, August 25th, but today is the 24th. Is the draft still on?
  5. JITA (Jesus is the answer) is auto drafting cause he has to work.
  6. Gemstone777


    Hi Shewill7! Godis let us know in main chat that you were struggling to get in. I contacted SteveS (main moderator) and he said you should be approved to come to chat now. How you get to main chat is click on, "Forums," on the purple bar at the top of your screen. Then under that you will see, "Worthy Christian Forums," in black. Under that you will see tabs in purple. Click on the second tab from the left titled, "Christian Chat." Then you should be able to type in the chat box at the bottom of the screen. I hope that helps and I hope that you enjoy your time on Worthy! God bless! In Christian love, Gem
  7. Gemstone777


    Welcome to Worthy Shewill! May God bless you too! Love in Christ, Gem
  8. Thank you Jubilea for joining us in prayer for Cjen! God bless you!
  9. Thank you for praying in agreement! God bless you!
  10. Thank you Naomi! I hope you are well! God bless you!
  11. Thank you Marvellous, God bless you!
  12. Thank you for praying with us Jedi! God bless you!
  13. Thank you for joining us in praying for Cjen and encouraging BeauJangles! God bless you!
  14. Thank you Godis! Hope to see you Tuesday night in Prayer Closet. God bless you brother!
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