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  1. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Continuing to heal, but doing much better! Thank you, and have a blessed weekend!
  2. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thanks Annette! <3
  3. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Hi! Thanks to everyone that has been praying for me. I am glad to report that the swelling is down, praise the Lord! Within the last 2 weeks I've lost a total of 20 lbs., which I would imagine a lot of that would have been whatever was causing the swelling in my abdomen. I am most appreciative of all of you that have been faithfully praying for me, shown concern/love, and checked on me. Reminds me of the verse in Galatians 6:2 Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. I hope that you all have a blessed day! In Christian love, Gem
  4. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thanks again for your concern and prayers! I have a food allergy test May 4th which I will get the results same day. So, if that is the problem I will know then. If not, it will rule out one more thing. Sometimes it's a long journey of ruling things out when they are unsure of the cause/medical mystery. With Crohn's you usually lose weight, and I am having the opposite problem (unexplained weight gain,) on a 1500/2000 calorie diet and exercising 3 times a week. I should be losing weight, or at the very least maintaining my weight. I will keep trusting God and doing what I can within my power to try and take care of my health. Have a blessed week! ~ Gem
  5. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Hi KPaul! I've lost 13 lbs. in a few days, and the swelling in my abdomen has went down, so that's very good! I was also able to avoid going the ER. Thanks for checking up on me!
  6. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thank you Noone7! You are a faithful prayer warrior!
  7. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Hi Neighbor, thank you for your concern! As far as the swelling goes, my regular doctor/ER docs/& specialists (Gastroenterologist, OBGYN, Internalist, Endocrinologist, & OBGYN) have not been able to relieve the swelling. I just have been dealing with it until the swelling goes away. I spent a big part of last year going to a variety of specialists to help find out what was wrong with me to no avail. That's why I've had all the tests (blood work, ultrasounds, CT scan, MRI, X-rays, and even an abdominal scope) done within the last year. I just use a heating pad, drink Smart Water (which has electrolytes to try and prevent dehydration), anti inflammatory, and I am on a prescription water pill. So I just tolerate the pain and swelling, and wait for it to dissipate, and pray for strength to endure the trial and healing if that's God's will. The swelling is getting progressively worse, and I've had the current flare up for around 2 weeks now (sometimes worse than others.) It's not that I'm avoiding going to be strong or even for financial reasons, I just don't know what more they can do to help me. They say my kidney, liver, and other organ functioning is great. They basically say I'm a medical mystery, and there's nothing that they can do for me. Lately though, I feel as if at times my stomach could burst and I've had sharp pains, predominantly on my left side. I do have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and had emergency surgery in 2011 to remove a 17 cm cyst and my right ovary. In 2015 I had an ultra sound that showed multiple cysts on my left ovary, the largest being 3.9 cm. Towards the end of 2017 the ultra sound they did was inconclusive as to if the cysts had grown or dissipated. One of the primary things it could be is ovarian cysts, but I've already done all the tests they would do to check on that. Besides exploratory surgery (they seem to only want to do as a last resort,) I don't know what else they could do for me. I have been very proactive in taking care of my health (especially this last year,) so as far as going to the ER or not maybe you can see why it's not a simple answer just to go. If I thought they would help me, I'd go right away. I appreciate your prayers, as it's good to know we are not alone on our journey. I hope you have a blessed day! In Christian love, Gem
  8. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thank you Shanee! I appreciate all the prayers and need them as I'm still not feeling quite right.
  9. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thank you BK1110! Feeling somewhat better today!
  10. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thank you very much Ps37! I am feeling somewhat better today!
  11. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    That's my philosophy too usually...guess I need to take my own advice!
  12. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thank you Wayne! God bless you as well! ~ Gem
  13. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thank you! <3
  14. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thanks Nut! I haven't went to the ER yet, but I am contemplating going soon. The ER nurse I disciple is on duty and it's possible she would be my nurse. Just wondering if it will be beneficial since I've already had all the tests of my abdomen. Appreciate you! ~ Gem
  15. Prayer 4 Ongoing Illness

    Thank you for your prayer! I appreciate it so much! Have a blessed day!