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  1. Strife = Stress

    rt I came into this forum hoping to meet other Christians. I told everybody very clearly that I speak bluntly and to the point. The welcome was wonderful and very encouraging. The problem comes this way. I make a post, on any subject and the result is a target on my back. People do not discuss, they attack. So I answer in my usual lovable way, and I get reported for being insulting. (Did you not read my profile?) I address a girl, female, as 'girl' and its degrading, disrespectful, insulting? What? Would it be insulting if I called my wife, 'Wife' (She loves that by the way) I tell someone they need to listen to the Word...How is that bad. Well the upshot of all this is this; I don't need the stress. I'm recovering from a nasty bug..Heart attack....so, I'm taking a sabbatical from this group. I need a rest after such a short time with this group. I'm amazed. We'll see you someday. Glorify God in all your doing. By the way...I met a man here named George. He was nice to talk to. I like him. I met an Amazing Horse too. Witty, smart, and spicy in his talk (not bad language lol) He is worth knowing. and a lovely lady named Willa oh yes! Marilyn (I hope I spelled her name right) Both these Ladies are real, not plastic. People could really learn from these women. Talk to you another time.
  2. Will God keep his promise in genesis 26:4?

    I did enjoy your post my friend.
  3. Will God keep his promise in genesis 26:4?

    I'm not saying any are unreasonable....It just seems uh....But then I've never thought about it before. So....Its like biting a lemon for the first time....LOL
  4. Will God keep his promise in genesis 26:4?

    Yeeeaaaah but.....
  5. I've just listened to about a dozen Youtube clips of MacArthur teaching..... Ok.......I would not have to leave that church....Because I would never go into it. Enjoy it people. I'm not touching it.
  6. Will God keep his promise in genesis 26:4?

    That's a lot of assumptions!
  7. I Feel Unworthy

    Good answer!! LOL I was teasing but your answer is perfect.
  8. Its all scripture. Christian snobbery Its so funny to watch.
  9. I think it might be best if I started another thread. I'll name it How to Deal with False Teachers.
  10. Of course. I do not have them all collated yet. As I said I'll post it all tonight.
  11. You're calling me a fool? I got my hands slapped for that kind of thing? Are you so special?
  12. The apostles did do something about false teachers but they did it right. They did warn the people against false teachers. Of course we care about the victims of false teachers but what good do we do if we are disobedient in the doing of it? I'm almost finished the thing on the HOW of it. Then I'll show it to you all.