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  1. Best Book on Spiritual Warfare?

    The best book on spiritual warfare is the Bible.
  2. The Dark Side of Christianity

    See There you are... You make my point...Look....Here are only four verses that say God gives to his kids....There are no verses in the bible that say God lends to His kids....That's a churchy doctrine that does not line up with the Word.
  3. The Dark Side of Christianity

    How so?
  4. The Dark Side of Christianity

    Nobody is talking about that my friend....We're talking about "If you're given something is it yours or the person who gave it?" If it remains a possession of the giver, then it was not given was it?
  5. The Dark Side of Christianity

    It's not all that important a point at all....Its just one of those churchy doctrines I mentioned earlier....No scripture to back it up but taught as Word.
  6. The Dark Side of Christianity

    Well? Those verses are......? Not setting your heart on things of the Earth is not saying that you do not own them.....as I said above.
  7. The Dark Side of Christianity

    Living as though frees one up to live unencumbered. Still, you do have things to contend with, but you are not bound by the things....That's what Paul is talking about in the Corinthians verse...You still have not given me any other verses. Again Dear friend....The bible does not say that what God has given a person is still Gods.....If God gives a person something and it's still Gods, then God has given them nothing. Please use scripture to prove your claim.
  8. Walking in the Spirit.

    25 Since it is through the Spirit that we have Life, let it also be through the Spirit that we order our lives day by day.
  9. Now for the Ouija Board

    Wow! Well, as I said before elsewhere....You cannot Christianize the demonic and make it Christian...Its demonic and it will be demonic no matter what you do. Or what you call it...Or what your motive is
  10. The Dark Side of Christianity

    So you're saying that you can't find it? Or that Jesus didn't really say that? Ok...Where does the bible say that? I really would like to know.
  11. The Dark Side of Christianity

    You said that....I'm simply asking you Where Jesus said that? Do you have a reference?
  12. The Dark Side of Christianity

    Jesus said not to claim anything as your own? Where is that? If God gives you something, its yours.
  13. The Dark Side of Christianity

    LOL I use the term because many doctrines taught in churches in general, are interesting but do not line up with the Word. The silly doctrine I mentioned above.....'everything I have belongs to God' as an example. God gave it to me...That makes it mine....Now if I want it to belong to God...I can dedicate it to Him. On the other hand....You give your son a bicycle, then he goes around and every time someone says "Hey! Nice bike." he says "Yes! Amen....It's my father's bike....." How would you feel? Like "I gave him that bike, why does he not accept it?" Would you be hurt? I think so. Christians are most definitely a 'peculiar' people. LOL
  14. Christian Tarot Cards

    Simply put.....One cannot Christianize the demonic, Tarot cards are, in any form, demonic....
  15. The Dark Side of Christianity

    I've been betrayed by Christians more than by nonChristians. Many times too. First you must forgive them. You already know that....Second...You have to remember that they are people, only people...and they are full of holes...rotten spots. Then they are sometimes taught silly things like, everything they have, everything you have belongs to God not to you or them. So they tend to get careless...Lend them a mower and have to rebuild it after you've gone to get it back a month later......Lend them your car and ....oh big mistake! For some reason, Christians, and not just the new Christians, have a 'peculiar' way of thinking....Too much churchy doctrine and not enough Word...