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    urgent prayer request

    I'm ashamed that I came to such a low point in my life. I suffer from dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia. everytime I want to follow Christ, the enemy shuts me down. that's not to say I haven't had victories before or inspired or loved people in the past, but rejection by other jealous people sucks. I'm a fool and a coward. one minute I say I want to follow Christ, the next minute I'm backsliding. people have tried to help me in the past but I wasn't submissive to authority or respectful of my elders. I guess this is my punishment for being part of the Babylonian system. I have tried to pray, but my prayers are so weak~where is my faith? I lost the joy of my salvation...I don't want to be blessed unless I can handle the opposition. ive stopped praying for other saints cuz of my own struggles. however, not too long ago, I prayed for myself and felt relief. I suffer from demonic strongholds and I feel like I reject God's love despite what he has done for me. because I feel unworthy. I feel like altho God has used a sinner like me in the past, I fell down the sinkhole. sometimes I know what to do and don't do it. however, I passed a challenge today. there was a time when I was a true child of God, but because I didn't take healthy pride of my accomplishments, I stopped. I'm ganna go thru a lot of trials and tribulations in life because of the calling in my life, but the true me wants to have a desire to count the cost so I can not lose my salvation. I have to forgive my mother but I also have to separate and I'm full of fear and doubt. Lord have mercy on me. I make ppl an idol and I'm sensitive, insecure,jealous,lustful yet not promiscuous, bold yet shy, and I'm honestly tired of living in defeat and I'm terribly lazy. I need relief but it will take time until I feel the difference. if u don't believe in personality disorders, demons , deliverance, and healing, please ignore this message. I have no time for ignorant Christians. this cruel world makes me sick...
  2. check out my photos! most of them I shared before. which one is your fave? (all photos taken and edited on my smartphone)
  3. Here are 2 pics from the park. Don't be afraid to leave comments!
  4. Whenever I feel Alone, A Mighty Force rises from The outside In, and Searches My Heart... For I have been in places I never Should've been in, But you brought me out Nonetheless, And your Spirit brought me Comfort... Do not leave me nor forsake me, Continue to fight for me- Teach me what I've missed before the blindfolds come off entirely... My family and friends left me to Eat the crumbs of my leavened bread... Let me not die as a Hypocrite or as a Person with a Wicked Heart of Unbelief... I pray you Break the Chains As the Moon hides to let the Sun Shine... -Selah
  5. Mathew 3:17 "This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." *Done with crayons, markers, and 'gel pens' Would love some feedback!
  6. Thank you for ur input. I love to capture ppl in action. the contrast with the branch made it good- I agree. ur comments helped!
  7. What are some of the best books that you've ever read on Spiritual Warfare? I just ordered They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince on Amazon... waiting for it to arrive..
  8. Demons and angels are fighting for us all the time. There's a war for our souls 24/7. And to be honest, I feel like sometimes we are exhausted by the battle of good and evil, as well as the battle for our minds. As a victim of SRA, id like to share the lyrics of a song that I recently found that really helped me. Don't be afraid to leave me comments!!! (I did not write this song, I found it on YouTube) Although Jesus' name is not mentioned in this song, at least it depicts the struggle of the prayer warrior who goes through trials. I am by no means saying that its okay to worship angels, only Jesus is to be worshipped. Let me know if this helped~ Title: Inner Demons They say don't let them in Close your eyes and clear your thoughts again When I'm all alone, they show up on their own Cause inner demons fight their battles with fire Inner demons don't play by the rules They say "Just push them down, just fight them harder Why would you give up on it so soon?" So angels, angels please just keep on fighting Angels don't give up on me today The demons they are there; they just keep fighting Cause inner demons just won't go away So angels please, hear my prayer Life is pain, life's not fair So angels please; please stay here Take the pain; take the fear They say it won't be hard; they can't see the battles in my heart But when I turn away The demons seem to stay Cause inner demons don't play well with angels They cheat and lie and steal and break and bruise Angels, please protect me from these rebels This is a battle I don't want to lose So angels, angels please just keep on fighting Angels don't give up on me today Cause the demons they are there; they just keep fighting Cause inner demons just won't go away Angels, angels please keep on fighting Angels don't give up on me today Cause the demons; they are there They just keep fighting Cause inner demons just won't go away So angels please, hear my prayer Life is pain; life's not fair So angels please; please stay here Take the pain; take the fear
  9. Here are some photos that I took from my Google Nexus phone and edited on my phone as well. (without photoshop) Location: the Park Total Photos: 5 *Don't forget to leave feedback!!! What did I do wrong or right with my photos? Which photo is your favorite? And why? Leave me your comments and constructive criticisms and I'll do gladly the same for your photo gallery! Enjoy! A Princess Skates Through the Park A Righteous Autumn Branch Black and White Playground Running through the Playground Competition of the Basketball Crew
  10. Butterfly28

    Microchipping Pets- Any thoughts?

    I think ur absolutely right. hard to find a place like that. cuz its like acceptable almost everywhere...
  11. 2 people on the same day asked me about microchips inserted in their pets in case they get lost so they can track their location. seems like this is a prelude to the possible mark of the beast. how do I prevent my own pet from getting chipped? she needs to get neutered by a vet. and why has the Lord brought this to my attention? Anyone experience anything similar- or have friends or family that have gone thru this? do pets that get chipped still go to heaven?
  12. Butterfly28

    May 8th 2016 Prophecy

    May 8th, 2016 My Beloved, Tell my Body of Christ that the time has come to put away foolish things of the old nature (I see Jesus with flames of fire in his eyes, sitting on a white horse). (He is next to the other horses yet he is giving the scales of judgement to the black horse rider) The time has come to get up the 'gears' (members of the body) to start moving in motion (Revival). Put away disputes over doctrine and denomination. I cannot work freely unless the Body of Christ is in one accord. Pick up the cross and deny yourselves daily! -Selah! *If u have any scriptures or experiences that back this up, let me know ASAP. Love u guys! Keep me in prayer!
  13. So many broken hearts walking Down the Boulevard of forgotten Dreams, The homeless search for food to eat While God is humbling the meek, No wonder God's heart cries for Justice Where doctors and witches pursue wickedness.... Lord, while we yell and throw our fists in the sky in demand, Asking you "Why are you not doing anything about this?" While the eyes of the unbelievers are always upon us... Broken Daughters and Sons Thirst for Revival as we slam doors At those who love us more than our own Blood Families.... Help us not to grieve the Holy Spirit- If cobwebs and antidepressants clog our rooms, What air is there left to breathe?
  14. You're welcome. Just sharing my talents. Learning to be a giver and not a taker...
  15. I love him but I need to love him more. Dealing with strongholds and backslidings, but God is good regardless!