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  1. Microchipping Pets- Any thoughts?

    I think ur absolutely right. hard to find a place like that. cuz its like acceptable almost everywhere...
  2. 2 people on the same day asked me about microchips inserted in their pets in case they get lost so they can track their location. seems like this is a prelude to the possible mark of the beast. how do I prevent my own pet from getting chipped? she needs to get neutered by a vet. and why has the Lord brought this to my attention? Anyone experience anything similar- or have friends or family that have gone thru this? do pets that get chipped still go to heaven?
  3. May 8th 2016 Prophecy

    May 8th, 2016 My Beloved, Tell my Body of Christ that the time has come to put away foolish things of the old nature (I see Jesus with flames of fire in his eyes, sitting on a white horse). (He is next to the other horses yet he is giving the scales of judgement to the black horse rider) The time has come to get up the 'gears' (members of the body) to start moving in motion (Revival). Put away disputes over doctrine and denomination. I cannot work freely unless the Body of Christ is in one accord. Pick up the cross and deny yourselves daily! -Selah! *If u have any scriptures or experiences that back this up, let me know ASAP. Love u guys! Keep me in prayer!
  4. Broken Streets and Homes

    So many broken hearts walking Down the Boulevard of forgotten Dreams, The homeless search for food to eat While God is humbling the meek, No wonder God's heart cries for Justice Where doctors and witches pursue wickedness.... Lord, while we yell and throw our fists in the sky in demand, Asking you "Why are you not doing anything about this?" While the eyes of the unbelievers are always upon us... Broken Daughters and Sons Thirst for Revival as we slam doors At those who love us more than our own Blood Families.... Help us not to grieve the Holy Spirit- If cobwebs and antidepressants clog our rooms, What air is there left to breathe?
  5. I Want to Share My Christian Drawings

    You're welcome. Just sharing my talents. Learning to be a giver and not a taker...
  6. I Want to Share My Christian Drawings

    I love him but I need to love him more. Dealing with strongholds and backslidings, but God is good regardless!
  7. I Want to Share My Christian Drawings

    Thanks brother. No wonder I've been seeing anchors lately. Confirmation time!!!
  8. I Want to Share My Christian Drawings

    I want to share my drawings related to Christ. The first photo drawing is me being oppressed by doubt and anger, yet there's a road leading me to the Sun of Righteousness. The second picture is me shedding tears of pain and repentance in front of the cross. It can also depict the moment that I got saved... I pray this inspires the hopeless! ♥
  9. fashion and modesty

    thanx and I agree. haven't thought of it that way until now. perhaps true Christians spend more time shopping for clothes esp. in the summer since they have to be pickier. (boy, did the summer go by quickly). I'm wondering if there are actually Christian designers today who like modesty...
  10. fashion and modesty

    This is a pretty cool comic with an important message behind it. Thanx for sharing ur talent. I can relate cuz I try to dress modestly, I'm uncomfortable in dresses above knee length. Need to revamp my closet. I'm wondering if holes on the sleeve are okay where the shoulders are, I'm guessing its not. Went to the waterpark with my fam today and I wore kind off of a surfer suit to stay modest.
  11. Artists Lounge!

    Thank you
  12. Poem- Dear Future Daughter

    *This poem is about me wondering about my future motherhood. I'm not yet pregnant, but when I'll find my soulmate and if I have a daughter, this is what I will tell her when she's older Title: Dear Future Daughter Dear Future Daughter, I still don't know who your Dad's going to be- But I can assure you that he will love you, Yet there's no match for the Heavenly Father's Love for you. Dear Future Daughter, I'll give it my best to love you more than My mother ever did. I pray my advice will help, When stormy waters come your way... Dear Future Daughter, I pray you avoid the mistakes that I did In the shame of my youth. Dear Future Daughter, Don't allow lust to control your heart- Stay pure and you will win in the Test called Life. Dear Future Daughter, I'll be there when you fall, I'll be there when you rise, I'll be there when you cry tears of pain, I'll be there when you weep tears of joy From Victory over the enemy... Dear Future Daughter, When you rebel, I'll be on my knees until I can no longer kneal From fatigue in my bones, Your Heavenly Father calling the Progidal daughter home... Dear Future Daughter, I'll pray that you'll dance to the Beat of the Heavenly sounds, That the skies will open at your Baptism, Father saying- "This is my daughter in whom I'm well pleased." Dear Future Daughter, I pray that I'll be able to break the Generational Curses before their sting can Sink into my womb... Dear Future Daughter, I pray you'll pray in tongues From an early age, And that your Wisdom will surpass The knowledge of your peers, Dear Future Daughter, I pray that the mean girls don't damage your Soul like they did mine- Don't be the flower that's Afraid to blossom in the Rain... Dear Future Daughter, I pray you'll achieve things that I never could... That I'll be able to teach you wrong from right, And raise you up according to the Lord's Commandments and statutes... And that you'll leave a Legacy behind for future generations to come...
  13. Artists Lounge!

    I know that this thread hasn't been active for a while, but I think this is the appropriate thread to post my 'drawing' to. This is a page from my Color In Calendar that I brought from CVS. I used Gel pens and coloring pencils. Psalm 37:4 Enjoy and don't be afraid to comment! Maybe someone could share their 'color in pages' as well...
  14. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    Thank you. I had no idea that there are different types of swans, so I have no idea what type they are. Now I know the diff. btwn Tundras and Trumpeters thanx to u!