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  1. Yes, I wrote this poem. I'm glad u like it
  2. KPaulG, Yes, I wrote this. I give all Glory to God. Thank u.
  3. Thanks u guys. Love the picture Annette!
  4. I am not who I am supposed to be I am not where I am supposed to be People look at my speech and actions Do they see Christ when they see me? Or is it my Flesh in my Reflection? I love my sin and idols more than I love you, Will I ever know the truth? You called me by My Name As Your Daughter But the devil told me That I'm too filthy to be yours I want to divorce the lies And be set free... I want to be one with the Holy Spirit And help those that were once like me, Once I finish the Race at 1st Place And look at those who are still limping Behind me...
  5. Interesting that my lil bro just got a violin and u posted this! thanx for the input!
  6. Thanks Annette and everyone else.😄 Enjoy the summer season!!!
  7. I'm rotating the Lies of the enemy As flashbacks of the past pound On my beating heart... You say you love me But like a scared child I plunge underneath my blanket And my tears flow on my pillows... Will I ever learn That you do love me? Will I ever learn to drown my idols? And walk by faith and not by sight? Waiting for the day when You'll get sick and tired of my complaints, But you still tell me that I'm chosen- How can it be Lord? Don't you see how many times I've failed? I'm angry at myself As I stare at my reflection... I don't see Christ in me, Only my selfishness I see... But you remind me That you'll never let go And that you will heal ALL of my Disease- So you take me by the hand And whisper that there's Love In your chastisement... I close my eyes to the suffering of others When I only see My own Troubles I need the blinders to be lifted off of my eyes So that I will guard my heart and be compassionate And see your blessings around me Oh Lord, how I need you... In repentance I weep, In faith I shall stand...
  8. Thank you Shel! I give God the glory
  9. Thank you Wingnut and Annette
  10. Here are some of my old photos from the park that I didn't share yet DOWN THE LADDER X's and O's ON MY WAY TO MY FRIEND'S HOUSE
  11. *I've written way better poems but here I go: She danced near fountains At 5 years old... She dreamed of a future, Before her heart grew cold... She danced alone In her big room... And when she got saved, Her flags were her tools... She danced to hymns And to spiritual songs... She dreamed of a family Where all got along... She danced and sang As Jesus held her hand... Through trials and tests, On a rock did she stand... Now a little girl Dances in her backyard... Her daughter rejoices Even when times are hard... Together they dance Together they sing, Together they laugh- Their problems gone with the wind...
  12. Here's another cat pic I took yesterday...
  13. Hey u guys, I was the one that posted pics of Coney Island a while back... Here are some pics of cats, tho keep in mind I'm a dog person! I'd like to give God- YAHWEH the credit for giving me this gift of photography. -Sophia P.S. I'm planning on posting pics of nature after these! (after a few days) [1st Photo from my Google Nexus 5 Phone- 2nd photo from camera( which type I don't know) both photos are edited] -
  14. That's a classic Bonnie
  15. I actually have a video on YouTube of me dancing to that song