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  1. Here's another cat pic I took yesterday...
  2. Hey u guys, I was the one that posted pics of Coney Island a while back... Here are some pics of cats, tho keep in mind I'm a dog person! I'd like to give God- YAHWEH the credit for giving me this gift of photography. -Sophia P.S. I'm planning on posting pics of nature after these! (after a few days) [1st Photo from my Google Nexus 5 Phone- 2nd photo from camera( which type I don't know) both photos are edited] -
  3. That's a classic Bonnie
  4. I actually have a video on YouTube of me dancing to that song
  5. Hey u guys, I just wanted to post song titles (without YouTube links ) for those who feel broken hearted. I felt this way plenty of times and these are only some of the songs that got me through. Please don't post YouTube Vids in this section because there's another thread for that. If you want , you may copy and paste and then google the lyrics or find it on YouTube yourself instead. Any other songs on your mind? plz let me know. God Bless. Hope these songs uplift your souls and speak volumes to your hearts: 1.) Broken Girl- Matthew West 2.) Fight Another Day- Addison Road 3.) The Hurt and The Healer- MercyMe 4.) You Are More- Tenth Avenue North 5.) Here's My Heart- Lauren Daigle 6.) Remind Me Who I Am -Jason Gray 7.) Can Anybody Hear Her- Casting Crowns 8.) You're Not Alone- Meredith Andrews 9.) This Is Not Where I Belong- Building 429 10.) Here I Am- Tamela Mann 11.) Open My Heart- Yolanda Adams 12.) He Knows- Jeremy Camp
  6. Shel, I was actually on the Train. The subway runs right above the beautiful scenery of Luna Park.
  7. you are right tryer. and thank you. ill revise it when I have the inspiration.
  8. Thank you Willa and Worthy. I'm glad someone was blessed by my photos. All Glory to God for giving me the gift of photography!
  9. Hey people Just wanted to share pics of Coney Island that I took yesterday I would love to hear feedback- Thanks in advance P.S. I like the picture above- looks professional. I love taking pics of sunrises and sunsets
  10. Oh Lord, where are you now? I need your grace in this crucial moment... Oh Lord, do you see my tears? I can't feel your love right now, But I know you are always watching me... I have repented, but I still feel so empty, There are wounds on my fragile heart... Oh Lord, why do I keep on getting rejected? I was misunderstood by the world from the very start... Please come into my house, Don't allow me to fall apart... Oh Lord, I need you now- Please take away my pain somehow...
  11. This is the best link that I found so far: http://www.arewelivinginthelastdays.com/com/attack.html Basically its a depopulation program by putting people in FEMA camps, similar to the Holocaust. But there's a lot more to it.
  12. Yeah, I know about it. Time to flee the coasts and run to the mountains!
  13. I'd like to share my poetry. If anyone wants to share their poetry with me, you're more than welcome to do so. A PSALM OF STRUGGLE My soul is crying out to God For Mercy and Justice For Self and Others Like Paul, I hate what I do, And what I don't hate, I don't do There are ugly things in my heart It was revealed to me in the wilderness And depression sucks the life out of me Out of the depths of the sting of Painful Memories My friends have forsaken me, My enemies are nearby, they Can surround me at any time My divided heart is stubborn so its rebellious Carried away by winds of adversity... I will have to fight to gain the prize What is the prize? A pure heart that seeks humility And grows sunflowers in the midst of brokenness. When will I learn to surrender? When will I learn to be faithful? Will God turn his face away from me? Oh my soul, how foolish are your thoughts! When will you learn to rejoice Before your vain mind grows dark? My idols do not leave me. My stony heart needs water Of the living word of God. A hypocrite who seeks to be whole... Let not my anger get the best of me. Strengthen me, oh God, before my body turns to dust, And I'm forgotten. Teach me how to fear you and to surrender... Give me a love for your word, my enemies, and your chastisement.
  14. Thanx for your replies everyone. I feel welcomed.
  15. Jesus said, My yoke is easy and my burden is light? Kind off like Cast your cares on me? What does it mean exactly? An example would be helpful.