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  1. Many psychiatrists commit suicide? I wasn't aware of that. If mental disorder is genetic, as they insist, then a number of psychiatrists should be on antidepressants. I have never heard of a psychiatrist who takes these drugs. I don't think any psychiatrist would take those drugs, they wouldn't dare. To clear things up I'm fine now, life is going ok, I tapered off all the drugs some time ago. I work and live independently. This was done under a psychiatrist with a long history of experience with the roughest cases and applies a common sense approach. I went to him because his work shows that biological psychiatry is not scientific and never can be. This includes modern drug management, the emphasis on the physical and chemical state of the brain, as well as the entire system of classification of mental disorders in the DSM. He has been much more help than the church, I steer away from Christians these days. I made a mistake by getting involved with churches years ago. Most ascribe to prosperity theology and majority of Christian mental health workers ascribe to the status quo. I'm sure there are other severe problem areas within modern religious groupthink. I think I'll bow out now as I have no reason to contribute further.
  2. Problem is, the overwhelming majority of Christians and the church nearly all subscribe to groupthink. Sorry. I tried to explain to many Christians close to me within the church the situation I had before, but it fell on deaf ears without any help or advice. Tried doing things myself in 2011. But it doesn’t seem real to me anymore.. I have better things to do in life now.
  3. I used to believe there was until recently. Can all be explained by severe anxiety. Panic attacks warp your perception of yourself and the world. It seems psychotic but it's not because it settles immediately when the panic settles. Nothing that requires supernatural explanation.
  4. You are right in part, we cannot blame defenseless spirits. However, no biological markers have been found. Lots of money and research by the industry have proved nothing. I’m leaning more towards it being a psychological phenomenon of the mind (being different from the brain). They have a rational basis. The human mind malfunctions fairly easily when someone has endured traumatizing events. at the highest levels of fear, the mind starts to malfunction.
  5. Cheers mate. An apology to you was necessary. Do what’s best for you. Have a good one.
  6. I forgotten about this thread but received an email notification. I was angry when I started it but like most anger it does wash over. If I will apologize to anyone it will be blood bought in the context of disagreeing that medication has helped him and helps some other people. So I do offer a heart felt apology for offending the people diagnosed with a genuine mental disorder and that medication helps them. I was wrong and admit my error. Weather you accept that is up to you. The system misdiagnosed me with a severe mental disorder 10 years and they abused me. I found this out by an independent psychiatric assessment who operates outside of groupthink. As for my anger towards the mainstream profession that shoehorns everyone with a one size fits all approach I remain unrepentant. To quote George Orwell “The system filters out the thoughtful and replaces them with the faithful. When everybody is thinking the same thing, nobody is thinking at all” I work and I’m getting married in a couple of months and I’ve stayed out of hospital. But I will never seek help from the mainstream system again. They need to take good hard look at themselves. That’s all I have to say. I am now unsubscribing from this thread and moving on..
  7. Agreed. I believe this applies to everyone. It’s the deliverance I had that stopped the attacks. Sincerely.
  8. Well we are just going to have to disagree on this. I’ve been on many medications in the past which I found ineffective. Studies have shown Psychiatric drugs are only marginally more effective than placebos, sugar pills. Main thing is I have stayed out of hospital for years without the drugs and trust in him. If I have been non compassionate that’s not my intention.
  9. Look, I'm angry because I have been through the system and been abused through it. The reason why is because mental health services hate it when anyone questions them. They are extremely allergic to criticism especially from within their own. There are many people who have been abused by psychiatric system simply because of non-compliance and questioning their diagnosis. I don't care what anyone says it's modern day Pharmakeia as described in the bible. Many psychiatrists think they are God like, if you disagree with them it only reinforces to them you have a brain disease and they will then force treatment on you without your consent such as ECT and heroic doses of drugs. They do this to many people. I believe mental disorder is mostly a spiritual condition or the result of severe abuse. It was spiritual for me initially but then I got a whole heap of other diagnosis's after stopping the drugs abruptly a few times when I was in a severe withdrawal state. It's dehumanising . If you are compliant and agreeable and believe everything they say all is good with them, as a lot of christians are. The church doesn't understand these things and remain silent. Shamanism and new age religions have their views on mental disorder and have a lot of people interested in the critical psychiatry movement.
  10. If you believe that placebo works for you that’s your choice. Not mine. Bear in mind Psychiatry’s drugs are undisciplined compared to other branches of medicine. And usually put people on heroic doses and detain those who don’t comply. The scriptures call this psychotropic industry as Pharmakeia/sorcery. End of story.
  11. The last major review of SSRI drugs by the Copenhagen Trial Unit, Centre for Clinical Intervention Research, in Denmark, concluded. "The evidence on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) for major depressive disorder is unclear.... Our results show that the harmful effects of SSRIs versus placebo for major depressive disorder seem to outweigh any potentially small beneficial effects." Associate Director of the Program in Placebo Studies Professor Kirsch has done placebo studies and found the same. But each to their own..
  12. What are you trying to imply? Yes, of course I have done things I'm ashamed of.
  13. A lot of people in the church in todays society (the latter times) are flocking to the mainstream idea that depression is a biological disease of the brain and therefore not a sin to suicide. Being told it’s not them it’s those pesky imbalance’s exuses people from personal responsibility. God calls murder a sin. God calls homosexual activity a sin and so on. I believe people who are depressed need spiritual help as well as talk therapy as they have most likely been oppressed by misfortunes in life abuse or told a loser ect. Old scratch loves playing on these issues too. No problem with this..
  14. Truth I believe when it comes to unbelievers who are really struggling is to be there for them, listen to them, pray for them support ect. But not bend the truth of the gospel. A lot of Christians seem to be doing that in todays society. This is a fulfilling prophecy. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.
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