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  1. Ed J


    Hi Frances, Thank you for you prayers
  2. Ed J

    **Health Prayers**

    Thanks Frances!
  3. .Acceptance Set the course, from within the heart before all your love, may soon depart Emotional love, grown to the top has Lucifer been given the power to stop Got you searching for a better deal looking for something that isn't real Will happiness, play the bigger role or will your past, pay its ugly toll Acceptance, reliance, learn to trust God's covenant ways are a must .by Ed J
  4. Hi Patman, There are two things you can do in addition to pharmaceutical pain pills First is Turmeric and second is Noni Pills - both are natural inflammatory _______________ Your brother In Christ Ed J
  5. frienduff thaylorde Gave you an answer and you said guilty go hassle someone else
  6. Your snap-comments are unwelcome, go hassle someone else
  7. Hi Everyone, This topic is to show others how the effects of peoples sins are a burden on the innocent. Looking forward to see how in depth other peoples understanding is on this all important topic. ____________ Your brother in Christ Ed J
  8. Ed J


    Praise God, Naomi! I told you it would work out. ________________ Your Brother In Christ Ed J
  9. Ed J

    Daily Reading 253 - July 12th

    Hi FirstC13, First you must understand all scripture is given for our learning. (ref Rom 15:4) God's word is alive, meaning it is broad scoped, and applies in many ways. Religion tends to narrow God's word, thus making it void. (ref Col.2:22) You can be unequally yoked with a non-believer in many ways. For example you, as a Christian, should not marry a non-believer The man has the final say, thus you would be unequally yoked with him. Another example: a 50 50 % partnership in business would NOT be unequally yoked A 51/49% businesses business partnership (or less) should only be done the 51% is a Christian ________________ God bless Ed J
  10. Ed J

    Daily Reading 274 - August 2nd

    Hi Frances and Omega, Good comments! Thanks Omega for running the bible club! _______________ Your brother in Christ Ed J
  11. Ed J

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    Hi Mea Kakau, I know neglect and abuse are hard on our emotions, and can have a lasting impact in our life. Praying for you now. ____________ God bless Ed J
  12. Ed J

    Son of Perdition

    Hi Everyone, "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (the day of Christ) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" (2 Thess 2:3) This thread is about revealing exactly who the son of perdition is. ____________ God bless Ed J
  13. Ed J

    Headache Gone

    Hi Frances, Praise God! Glad to hear you are feeling better ____________ God bless Ed J
  14. Ed J

    Any backup out there?

    Hi, Kiwi Christian, I know a lot about their doctrine
  15. Ed J

    Happy Birthday Sam!

    Happy Birthday Sam!