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  1. Why not? That verse shows he moves his embassy to Jerusalem just as Trump. In fact if you study about this man you will find he has a great deal,in common with Trump.
  2. Will you pray for this man? https://biblehub.com/daniel/11-45.htm
  3. Keneth Copeland is on Trumps faith advisory board.He is a prosperity preacher.Money. I could see Huckabee being interested in it.
  4. Ya know,Trump has power to make fire come down out of heaven in the the sight of man. I dont think many people understand that.He can also exstend that power to others as well.When fire procedes from thier mouth . Thats what happens when your comander in chief of the military. You recon many people will realize what going on when Trump has a military stationed in Israel to defend Israel?
  5. I remember watching a video of Mike Huckabee standing at Armeggedon saying how he would like to make fire come down out of heaven to defend Israel. If im not mistaken,there is someone in revelation who does just that. Maybe he or Trump will get that chance.
  6. Yea i bet that mike huckabee can make trump see the light. Or show him how to get reelected.
  7. The video is not that old.He said this just prior to being elected just a few years ago. According to Trump he has been a christian for a very long time. Just because you dont believe the same as he, doesnt mean he is any less a christian than yourself. His belief is he is cleansed when drinking wine ans eating crackers.Your beliefs may be different but that doesnt mean you are cleaner than,he. You should just except Trumps testimony as it is.
  8. Trump says he has never asked for forgiveness from God and he says he doesnt do that. That is Donald Trumps testimony.He has not offerd any other testimony. Is Donald Trumps testimony from his own mouth not good enough for you that you have to turn to CBN for guidance?
  9. So im curious. Who here believes jews should persecute christians in Judea and Samaria?Who here believes its ok for christians to be removed from thier homes to make way for more jews?
  10. I know whats going on in the white house and the video showed that i was telling the trutth.Trump has never asked God for forgivness and hes not going to.He says so himself. Trump is doing whatever he can to be reelected,and tgat is anything he believes his base wants.Evangelicals want Trump to do what Israel wants also so he will. You should read the bible more and watch CBN less.You can learn the things Trump has done and will do.Let God teach you.Not CBN.
  11. https://biblehub.com/kjv/daniel/11-36.htm Having known someone who has narcisistic personality disorder,I have come to be familiar with signs of the disorder. https://www.helpguide.org/articles/mental-disorders/narcissistic-personality-disorder.htm/
  12. No.It was actually Trump I was watching. I saw him say it in an interview. According to Trummp he has never asked God for forgiveness and he doesnt do that.He drinks wine and eats crackers and that makes him feel clean.
  13. I dont see in the bible where a peace treaty is initiated by an antichrist. And from what I gather, president Trump doesnt pray.I remember him saying he has never asked God for forgiveness of his sins.He said he drinks wine and eats crackers though and that is the same as asking for forgiveness.Im not sure what religion teaches that.Do you? Most likly Pence has more to do with the praying part than Trump.
  14. Dont get me wrong.Im happy that 144,000 Israelis will be sealed with the name of God in thier foreheads.And thats about 2 percent of Israels population. But what about the other millions who will not be sealed the name of God in thier foreheads? Will they be sealed by the elected king of Iarael?
  15. Yes i know its not the end of Israel. 144,000 sealed out of millions. What happens to the millions who believe they are Gods chosen people? What did Jesus say would happen to those who do not believe?
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