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  1. The word of God is real. https://biblehub.com/matthew/24-15.htm The mention of the only abomination which causes desolation is proof the pharisees lied about 167 bc.All lies. There is only ONE abomination which causes desolation which the prophet Daniel spoke of.Not two,three,or how ever many you claim,there is.It is singular and that abomination of desolation is future. https://biblehub.com/matthew/24-15.htm Anyone who says that abomination which causes desolation is past is in error just as the pharisees are in,error. https://biblehub.com/niv/daniel/11-31.htm Daniel only spoke of ONE abomination which causes desolation
  2. The word of Jesus Christ is proof the Pharisees were in error for teaching their interpretation of the abomination of desolation written by Daniel which they claim took place in 168 bc. THIS IS THE PROOF THEY WERE IN ERROR THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD. https://biblehub.com/matthew/24-15.htm
  3. Im not talking about the bible.Im,talking about the Pharisees interpretation of the book of Daniel. The Pharisees intetptetation of Daniel 11 is found in the "antiquities of the jews"and the book of Maccabeus which books are not the word of God. If you wish to believe they are the word of God then you are sadly mistaken. Obviously you have no idea what im,talking about so this discussion will get no where.
  4. I havnt made anything up.The Pharisees did. The wise understand and the wicked do not. https://biblehub.com/daniel/12-10.htm Do you believe the Pharisees who translated daniel 11 were wicked or wise? There is no other option. https://biblehub.com/daniel/12-10.htm Either you believe the Pharisees were wicked or you believe they were wise.
  5. We do know the pharisees taught the abomination that causes desolation was set up in 167 bc. The abomination tgat causes desolation is set up at the time of the end. . As it is written in,daniel .https://biblehub.com/daniel/11-40.htm And as Daniel states ,At that time there shall be great tribulation,unlike there ever was. https://biblehub.com/daniel/12-1.htm As for the Pharisees.They didnt believe Jesus.Thats why they continued to believe the lie about the abomination of desolation being set up in 167 bc.If they had believed Jesus then they would have known the abomination,of desolation is set up at the time of the end during what Jesus called great tribulation and would be a sign,of his coming. https://biblehub.com/matthew/24-15.htm Insted of believing Christ,the pharisees continued to decieve people into believing the lie.
  6. No.What im saying is the time of the end was not in 167 bc as the pharisees interpreted.It was a wrong interpretation of Daniel 11. If you wish to believe the pharisees interpretation of scripture you are welcome to.Many people believe the pharisees.Modern judaism is built upon thier interpretations.
  7. The fact the Pharisees taught the exact same thing you teach can be found in the book written by the pharisee Joesephus called antiquities of the jews.Josephus who joined the sect of the pharisees at the age of 19,and learned from the pharisees of such fiqures as the first high priest Simon Maccabeus and Jonathan, the successor of Judas Maccabeus. The sect of the Pharisees was established in the year 167 bce. Date sound familiar?
  8. Well,as we know,you and the Pharisees have the same belief. https://biblehub.com/matthew/15-14.htm
  9. My take on daniel chapter 11 is it is a chapter of events leading up to the time of the end.It is not a chapter spanning thousands of years as some believe but is being fulfilled today. I believe if one pays attention to it they will find they have witnessed much of the prophecy being fulfilled in thier lifetime.
  10. There is a chapter full of prophecy leading up to the time if the end which very few people pay attention to.The reason most people ignor the prophecies is because they have been taught those prophecies were already fulfilled thousands of years ago.The chapter is daniel 11. Although many people believe a few of the verses in this chapter have yet to be fulfilled,they have neglected to even consider the majority of the chapter. This is what happens when someone puts thier faith in the interpretations of the Pharisees. Be careful who you allow to lead you. https://biblehub.com/daniel/12-10.htm
  11. I can just imagine the US military armed with pigs.Pigs on missiles to destroy cities ,countries. Pigs causing te earth to quake,pig causing the the heavens to turn black and to ascend as a scroll being rolled together.Pigs falling unto the earth. No one will be able to live in Egypt for 40 years.No foot of man will set foot in Egypt for 40 years because the use of Pig. Roflmao.
  12. Well you have chosen to follow the teachings of the pharisees.You should beware of pigs.According to your teaching they cause great tribulation,unlike there has ever been or ever shall be. BEWARE OF PIGS. ROFLOL
  13. All Antichus did was kill one of Gods creatures which God created.For some reason the pharisees felt that God lived in the house they occupied and they felt it was made desolate by a man,killing one of Gods creatures and offering it to something that doesnt exist. Pure rubbish. The Phariaees were idiots who knew nothing of Gods temple because they were not of it.
  14. Actually.Daniel 12:1-2 is about the day of great tribulation,unlike there ever has been.The day the abomination of desolation is placed. The real abominatikn of desolation.Not the fake lie the pharisees taught thier disciples.
  15. I was talking about the time of the end.When the abomination thatcauses desolation will be placed. https://biblehub.com/kjv/daniel/12-1.htm https://biblehub.com/kjv/daniel/12-2.htm So what was the date in 167 bc which you claim this took place?
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