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  1. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    http://biblehub.com/isaiah/13-16.htm http://biblehub.com/isaiah/13-17.htm = http://biblehub.com/zechariah/14-2.htm
  2. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    http://biblehub.com/daniel/9-26.htm When the people of the leader destroys the city and the sanctuary,the king of Babylon will be no more. The leader of those people (The Medes)has been calling for the destruction of the king of Babylon .It's no secret. https://www.timesofisrael.com/iran-supreme-leader-touts-9-point-plan-to-destroy-israel/
  3. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    http://m.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Iran-army-chief-vows-next-war-will-see-eradication-of-Israel-515103 Latest news from the Medes.
  4. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    Perhaps you completely missed the point of the thread.I never said the earth is at peace.In fact I've shown there is no peace. If you were to ask the cedars of Lebanon Who it is that cuts them now as in Isaiah 14,who would they say? If you were to ask the philistines in Isaiah 14 Who thier oppresors are,who would they say? If you were to ask the king of the Medes,who he will destroy as is written in scripture , who would he say? All those know who but you don't seem to know who.Do you turn a blind eye to the oppressor of those people?Do you give him a free pass because you like The name he calls himself? Even now,the Medes are preparing to take down the king of Babylon and you have no clue as to who it is.
  5. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    http://biblehub.com/jeremiah/51-11.htm The Prince of the covenant and leader of the Medes seeks to destroy the king of Babylon . https://www.timesofisrael.com/iran-leader-hails-holy-intifada-against-cancer-israel/
  6. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    http://biblehub.com/isaiah/14-8.htm As had happened before,the cedars of Lebanon prepare in hopes to not be cut down by the king of Babylon. https://www.google.com/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/lebanon-israel-war-army-ready-face-hezbollah-idg-defence-force-a8067681.html%3famp#ampshare=http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/lebanon-israel-war-army-ready-face-hezbollah-idg-defence-force-a8067681.html
  7. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    http://biblehub.com/kjv/exodus/4-22.htm Thus sayeth the Lord,Israel is my son even my first born. Is it that you don't understand the word of the Lord or you simply don't believe him? Israel is the son,of God.
  8. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    Israel,is the son of God. http://biblehub.com/kjv/exodus/4-22.htm If Lucifer (king of Babylon)called himself by the name of the son of God, would you know the difference?
  9. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    The king of Babylon could not be defeated for 70 years. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_Israel
  10. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2017/08/19/how-palestines-bedouins-have-withstood-israels-attempts-to-uproot-them/ For nearly 70 years the king of babylon has performed such services for the philistines.
  11. The king of Babylon and the Philistines

    https://www.google.com/amp/www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2017/11/israeli-forces-demolish-family-home-east-jerusalem-171122151533900.html#ampshare=http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/11/israeli-forces-demolish-family-home-east-jerusalem-171122151533900.html Reading the news ,this is a common occurrence in the ocupied territories.
  12. Predictions

    We will see in,a couple of years.Israel has already been purchasing the digital angle and testing it in,his military.And Netanyahu has instructed his government to search for methods for his cashless society. Also like I said before.When a implantable microchip ruptures,the silicant inside the capsule causes a painful sore like a boil just as described in scripture.Does The tattoo do the same?
  13. Predictions

    No.I'm talking about the Greek word"stigma"meaning to stick into . As for "all" receiving the mark,of the beast.The issue is where.A very vague word translated to "earth" and you choose to except it as the entire world.I choose to except it as a country which both can be used. Time will tell which one of us is correct. But as I said ,i have many reasons for only believing Israel gives its residents its mark.
  14. Predictions

    http://biblehub.com/kjv/revelation/16-2.htm When a microchip implant ruptures , It causes a sore like a boil. There are other reasons I said microchip implant and even more why I said the Israelis will be given the chip and have not mentioned any other country. Food for thought.
  15. https://www.bible.com/bible/111/ISA.14.niv https://www.google.com/amp/www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2017/11/colour-coded-israeli-id-system-palestinians-171115164848669.html#ampshare=http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/11/colour-coded-israeli-id-system-palestinians-171115164848669.html