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  1. Ohh bless you brother.....I can hardly wait to hear your words. I'am also praying that God will guide you gently to find your way on worthy chat. Amen... Thank you father God for your child Djbowler witnessing to us his determination & courage. In Jesus name ...Amen ❣
  2. Hello brother Djbrowler, I'm a newbie too. Oh i love fresh water fishing but sadly only ever manage to catch little tiddlers. I truly hope you discover answers to your hearts questions here. Love & Blessings Agape ❣
  3. So ...so sorry about getting your chat name wrong...Opps! I am happy to be here & thank you for making me feel loved sister ❣
  4. Hello Sinshine....I love that love icon...how did you do this ? How blessed we are to be chosen.....That alone keeps me strong every day when everything around me crumbles! Amen ❣
  5. Hello Pekoudar, Thank you for your reply....My seeking was beautiful. I thank God daily for getting my attention to seeking him & his will. I tell you this..I did not like letting go of HIS hand. As time passed I realised like many parents have to do the same with there own children at some pint. Letting go was hard but it also allowed me to become fruitful & mature a little. Amen ❣
  6. Hello Love-The-Lord I love your chat name 😊 perfect in fact ! I also wasnt looking for God. I actually argued & battled hearts with Him daily crying leave me alone as I'm not what your looking for! Crying in a towel everynight saying "I'm rubbish and can't get anything right in my life so why are you saying to my heart & mind " I Love You My Child" ? 😟 My goodness this went on for weeks! To the point of submission eventually 🥰 As I heard a dustinctive voice say "You are mine & I Love You" I looked up from my towel but no one was in the room.....🤔 It was at that precise moment God got my attention.! Then the seeking truly began! Not without its persecution, I must whole heartedly add here! Much Love Agape ❣
  7. Hello Brother Neighbour Wow.....Rather scary to read eat my flesh & drink my blood huh....I'm so glad I have my bible and fellow Christian's to guide me with my faith.....No wonder so many denied Jesus back in the day? I truly have been fed recently as I was spiritually STARVING! But, I am constantly thirsty for Jesus ALWAYS! Amen !
  8. Hello Worship Worrier That's a beautiful statement....Thank you for taking the time to post that awesome picture. Touched my heart 😊 Much Love Agape ❣
  9. Hello Who-Me 😊 I sincerely hope I get to heaven one day ? Much Love Agape ❣
  10. Hello sister Melinda Thank you for your reply and I love that " There is no handle on the inside if your heart" as our hearts are locked and only God has the key ...right ? 🥰
  11. Thank you for your beautiful insigtful reply.....How blessed you are. I thank God all day long in my quiet moments for not giving up on me or my feeble efforts to make him proud of me. What a wonderful heavenly father we share. Amen ❣
  12. Hi Brothers & Sisters 😊 I was just wondering this question,who found who? I would also love to read from the hearts of those who care to share there love story with Jesus & how they recieved the Holy Sprit. I am not asking for lengthy scriptural doctrine, as I am sure we all know that we were Psalm 139 😊 Sometimes, I witness so many children of God spiritally dying and becoming very religious rather than being spirit filled with the love of God. When we are on fire for God with other true hearts, that's when we become ALIVE for God. So, remanising our God seeking days are a good source of faith spirital nourishment. ...Amen I look forward to hearing from you brothers & sisters ❣
  13. Kenny, I totally agree. My goodness, my life choices & wrong desition making had me on my knees begging God for mercy! Thats when God heard my heart cry for help.......How else would I have found Jesus? Amen ❣
  14. Amen.....Wise words ❣
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