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  1. actually, the graph shows that temperatures today are hotter than decades ago. That's my point. Nothing more. for the forests, all that matters is how the trees are experiencing the climate change that you deem hardly significant... scientists see a link between rising temperatures and damaged trees (see second source in my last post, see also the linked source of this post. Both in German language however, I should research to find something in English language?). If for the trees, a rise by 0.6 degrees is partially deadly, then we see more patches of dead trees simply. see graph below see second graph below, it shows damaged trees in red colour, trees in risk of being damaged, and trees that are ok (green colour). Source (click here, see page 9). I don't think so, I didn't exaggerate. I've shown the truth. I tried to demonstrate the situation of forests in Germany which is where I live today. I hope, you'll find the information of this post more convincing now that you see scienists' evaluation on trees. I'm not cool. No bias. I've shown you what I see every day when I go running in the forest. I'm sad every day when I see these dying trees. Thomas
  2. Hi Argosy, here we agree. Let's have a look at the global temperature increase (see below): So, global temperatures increasing, there will be *hot* weather extremes, in my opinion. Very logic, isn't it? Actually, Germany is quite blessed with a moderate climate. Normally. Nevertheless, we're having problems with drought related to temperatures getting warmer. See photo below: (source in German language click here, it's a public news channel.) Germany is sad that their forests look like that nowadays. Thomas
  3. that's really off topic now. But to answer your questions, I believe that Jesus saved me (like other Christians believe, too). I believe that when I converted, Jesus took my sin and burnt everything.
  4. Hi other one no. Hi Appy, I overlooked your post, Now I see it. no, absolutely no. I neither say the one thing nor the other. I never said this. Criticism on the subject level? Yes. Regards, Thomas
  5. Angels, so I was born in iniquity. And then Jesus came. ... one last thing: if you would have said: Greta is used by the devil just like anyone else is (or at least some vast majority of people is).. I wouldn't have intervened at this point. Regards, Thomas.
  6. Hi Angels, thanks for your explanation. I'm not into theology too much. Maybe it's right. After all, I'm not a prophet who can see how Satan is using specific people, so I have no idea. However, my point was narrowing this down to one single person saying that Satan has a special occupation for her, which is my point of concern. But Steve doesn't want to have this debate here in this thread, if I understand everything he has said. I mean... if narrowing down Satan's alleged plans and relationships to one single girl and if this is stepping too far or not. Best regards, Thomas
  7. Hi Appy, I thought about it. In my opinion, it all comes down to the following question: When you say that everything a person does is evil/ inflienced by Satan or satanic... does this NOT mean AT ALL that the person IS evil? In my opinion, this is debatable. Whether or not this statement makes any sense... is a question that I shouldn't deal with in this thread. I was told by the moderator, if I get him right. You further seem to argue here that indicating that Satan uses her for a very special plan - which is the New World Order - is not the same as claiming that she and Satan share a very special common relationship indeed. If this makes sense is debateable again, I think. But Steve, if I understand him right in this aspect too, doesn't want this question to be debated here in this thread. Because if you dabate this, you would be debating if this is getting too far ... and the mod doesn't want to have this debate here, if I understand him here. I fully respect his decision. So I won't give any further comment on this. I'll stick to what he says, Thomas
  8. Hi Steve, thank you for your comments. Yes, your rules are good. I never meant to discuss her as a person and I will stick to the rules you told me. maybe I should turn away from what Sonshine has said. There is something else we could read in the thread. The enemy is Satan. So, Appy, would you say that this is linking her to Satan? Or how would you describe this? How would you feel, if I say "you are used by Satan!" Hi Angels. I permitted myself to quote something from you. This does not mean that I want to discuss you as a person. I was just quoting you and then asked a question about your quote as to how Appy would interpret what you say. Nothing against you, ok? It's about what you have said. Regards. Thomas
  9. Hi Angels, I criticised her on the subject level. Nothing more. That's not an accusation, as I don't want her being punished. And it's not getting personal. I have nothing against her as person. God could bless her today and I wouldn't protest in any regard. By the way, I was wrong in one regard. I said that I was wrong this morning concerning Greta having coauthored that book... and then for me this is settled. some Christians in this thread just didn't stick to the rule "don't judge" as cited above. Let's keep God's commandments. I am encouraging others to take God's commandments fully seriously. Why not. During the last debate I had on insulting others here, one poster made up the idea that insulting was a sign of strength, when it is not. It was here, but George subsequently deleted the whole thread... We really need to stick to the rule that judging is up to God, in my opinion. Thomas
  10. Hi OtherOne I think you're being euphemistic, here. Let's look at the post in detail: Actually, when @Sonshine☀️ says that Satan is behind what Greta is doing all day long, she (it's a she, btw.) links Greta closer to Satan than anybody else. And this is exactly where Sonshine is getting personal in my view. In my opinion, protecting the climate happens to be Greta's No.1 occupation. That's what she does day in day out. And poster Sonshine was referring to it. It's the same when you would call all music as an act of Satan. I happen to be a musician. When you link all music to Satan, you're linking my professional identity to Satan, too. Furthermore, her post was in answering whether or not the replies here were “hatred and derision at this poor girl;” - not "at this poor mobement". This post was addressing her as a person, I think. Sonshine argued that, because Satan was behind what she is doing, remarks against Greta is "the ready-to-fight stane of watching Christians". That's the post in question LINK. Before, we saw comments like this: "The kid's [...] silly beyond belief," Click Here . So, Sonshine seems to approve of all this, and this is what I can't understand. We shouldn't go around insulting everyone. Jesus set up clear rules how to deal with people outside the church: Don't judge Mt 7:1. Sonshine tries to set up a new rule, as it seems. A rule saying that, when Satan seems to be behind what someone is doing, insulting her is perfectly fine. And that's where I think the proble lies. Let's take Jesus' commandments fully seriously please. Let him be the author of our behavior. Let's avoid new rules - Bible is clear enough and Jesus should be the king. Regards, Thomas
  11. Hi Ayin, ok, it's a coauthored book. Point given. However, she distanced herself from that one. Did you see my link? The false news as of today is pretending she still claims to be able to see invisible co2. What more should she do to distance herself from that claim? She did all she could do. In my opinion, your link provides falsehood because they published their text three days after Greta's comment on this claim. Just a question, what do you do when you notice what I would call personal attacks against Greta Thunberg in this very thread? You are a moderator... Hi Sonshine, linking her to Satan is getting personal. For the policy of this board, she can't reply in this thread. Even if she wanted to. As you may know, atheists can't reply here (I am assuming she is an atheist). Getting personal against people who can't reply is twice as harmful, I think. Thomas
  12. Angels, this is fake news. Your source didn't back up their claim. Just her mother saying she can see it doesn't mean that Greta also claims she can see it. It's fake news like all other fake news. However, you've made your readers believe it was truth. For your knowledge, click here(LINK) to see Greta Thunberg's comment on that one. Regards, Thomas
  13. Hi Sonshine, Actually, people have been dying because of heat waves. The New York Times report that, during India's 2019 heat wave, four people died during a journey on a train that lacked air conditioning. India Heat Wave, Soaring Up to 123 Degrees, Has Killed at Least 36 - The New York Times NEW DELHI — One of India’s longest and most intense heat waves in decades, with temperatures reaching 123 degrees, has claimed at least 36 lives since it began in May, and the government has ... www.nytimes.com So, when we cause massive amounts of co2 to pollute the air, we should at least know the consequences? Just looking away is not the solution. Regards, Thomas
  14. Hi JPT, I'm no heathen. fuss and bother? A vain thing? The Marshall Islands for instance, also in the Pacific, are experiencing severe droughts and they have a problem with fresh water supply. Click here for source (UN). It says as climate changes, weather becomes more extreme. But these Islands are small and they don't have enough fresh water to compensate for all sorts of droughts. as you've noticed, this thread is about climate change, so could you stay on topic, please? climate change is no lie. It's reality. lame excuse. Man has no mandate to destroy. When non-believers see how badly nature is treated by Christians, it's questionable if they will listen to these Christians in the first place, I think. Thomas
  15. Hi JPT, "the sea it's limits". Below, we can see the coastline of North Frisia, Germany, changing during the last 1000 years. The last map is today's German coastline. Click here for source. Although it wasn't climate change, I think.... according to that source (German language), man was guilty of the changes, too. Their rural economy which included drainage and peat extraction made the land lose altitude. The Frisians even lost an important settlement inhabited by several thousand Frisians, Wikipedia says here. As we can see, verse Pro 8:29 doesn't describe a one size fits all solution. I've noticed you were laughing when your conversation partners told you something. That's sad, I think. Your reactions tell you're taking climate change lightly, in my opinion. In 1991, the Phillipnes had a storm called Thelma causing 5000+ casualties. sciencedirect sees a connection between climate change and Typhoons, click here for source. "[climate change] is contributing to stronger typhoons due to higher sea surface temperatures and higher subsurface sea temperatures, which remove the natural buffer on typhoon strength occasioned when cold water up wells from below the ocean’s surface. These stronger typhoons carry more moisture, track differently, move faster [...] " Regards, Thomas
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