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  1. Hi PG, oh let me explain. If you don't believe it was 7 days than you venture into arbitrary Bible interpretation (my opinion). And those who know how to use the most eloquent rhetorics... they are to convince the most? I don't want to trust rhetorically wise people with making decisions concerning Bible interpretation. Even if Mr. Watchman Nee can talk wisely, doesn't mean that he is to be trusted? Bible says God created the whole thing, including heaven and earth, in 7 days. Exodus 20:11: For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Do you have a partner? When he tells you "I was at work for seven hours today" - and you answer him "yes, you visited your affair for 7 weeks - this is what you are telling me !"... do you think that your partnership will last? Thomas @Still Alive thanks for not bringing up further points at me. So I can go to bed early!
  2. the whole thing took God 7 days. Your Joey education story doesn't have a 7 days timespan for all the things that have happened. no, these two can't be compared with each other. The seven day time span was used to make us know when we should rest (on the seventh day). That was the same 7th day that God took a rest (Exodus 20:11). So the seven days time span are likely to have been understood that way by former people. The seven days belong to our daily lives now. we can be sure of this, too. You aren't sure. of course it does. If God would have created the earth in say 8 days, than people would have understood that, too. As I said. We're going round in circles. Please let's avoid that, Still Alive. You have (almost) unlimited time, I don't. Please don't tease me with your time resources. As I said, they were no idiots. They would have understood larger time spans, as well. This is repeating things we have discussed again. Please, I won't answer the rest, since you keep exploding your issues, and I don't have time. Maybe in a couple of days I'll get back on the rest that you wrote...
  3. Still Alive, please, the Bible does say it was 7 days And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. Gen 2:2. It's sad because you didn't stick with Bible. Bible trumps science, if Bible says it's seven days , it's seven days. are you telling me that the men living back then wouldn't be able to differneciate between 7 days and some longer time span, say some thousand years? Or even longer time spans? They were no idiots. Thomas
  4. Everything. As Bible says in Gen1: heaven, earth, the stars.
  5. Hi Still Alive, that's so sad. You write as if Bible is unclear about how long it took God to create the universe. 7 days it says in the Bible. I stay with Bible. Bible at sunday school, ok? ... actually it says there won't be need for a sun in Jerusalem, see REV 21:23. ... that's not heaven, it's the lake of fire. we had that so often, look at the old threads, for instance here. They had some good answers on this. Actually, this thread is about radiodating, Still Alive, can we remain on topic? if scripture is silent about a matter, be silent on it, too? This would be very wise and all the posters would save time. Regards, Thomas --- Hi Bawcash, yes I do. ok, keep searching, Baw, no problem. Thomas
  6. Hi Pink Belt, Chastising someone is one thing. Encouraging someone not to sin is another. The former implies a hierarchy... and the latter means work. You would work for someone. Please also note: Muslims attack Christians in many countries around the world. Western-style atheists don't push for human rights abuses against Christians. So there's a difference, too in my opinion. Regards, Thomas
  7. Thank you very much, Appy, you've understood me perfectly right. That was exactly what I was concerned about. But I suppose everything has been said now in this regard. Thomas
  8. Hi Frienduff, the first part of the quote sounds nice. But some might just heed the second part of it, never worry resorting to insulting atheists. We have a problem concerning our determination to keep the Lord's commandment of not judging them. In this context "don't worry" is just the wrong comment at the wrong time. @missmuffet said, they say we have a crutch (Jesus). We shouldn't of course be worried about these kinds of comments. We are the ones that call them "enslaved to sin". Since this is how we view ourselves in the stage of before converting and then we suppose it might be the case with them also? It's also natural that they respond saying we practice a Manichean approach and so on. We are lucky that they can respond in a well-balanced way, I think. In business, they always worry about winning customers. And Jesus said we should be worried! but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Mt 10:28b. Christians are meant here, not the atheist. So let's be worried about heeding the Lord's commandment by the way we treat atheists. Moreover, when you invite people it's not saying "I don't worry one ounce if you show up or not". Inviting is more. You always keep write let's stick to Jesus and so on. Which is right. So please, let's apply Jesus rules in this context. Regards, Thomas
  9. thank you very much for listening. It's a great gift to rethink things one has said, and many have trouble doing this. Just a little comment, it will be my last one on this, ok? an insult is still an insult, even if pronounced in a calm voice. It is Jesus who sets up the rules, and we should heed them. Always. And insulting just goes too far, Jesus makes that real clear (it's the "don't judge"-verse). Consider a business. You try to sell on a fair. An interested person comes to your stand and you come to engage in a kind of friendly discussion. "You have an evil heart", however, is just way over the top even if the discussion has been friendly so far. Actually, the problem I see here is that... so many believers resort to this kind of attacks, already and any atmosphere is long-lastingly poisoned through this kind of remarks, I think. One more condescending remark is adding fuel to the fire. Well, now I'm harping on what you've said. I feel a bit sorry for that - you just jumped in the moment when I thought by myself why we can't just keep the rules and never insult - and just do the work!". Last but not least, I hope that everyone stops insulting non-believers. We want something from them, as we are the ones who invite them. Thomas
  10. I don't understand. Last time you wrote this: so you wrote him that verse Hebrews 3:12? So why is that not attacking, in your opinion? Of course you can insult using Bible verses, in my opinion. Look I don't have anything against you personally. It's just that some among us want to outreach to the non-believers... and then we have another group posting statements like saying they have wicked hearts. How does this work together, I'm asking myself. We shouldn't work against one another. The latter shouldn't destroy the work of the former, please. Thomas
  11. Hi Michael. Still, that passage doesn't apply to him. If he's outside the church than he's out of the realm Hebrews 3:12 is talking about. You made a big mistake, in my opinion. You've attacked someone on the personal level. This happened on a public board. This is so so sad. Thomas P.S.: this does happen. Hopefully we can make a convincing case in the future.
  12. Hi Miss, no I'm a believer. Actually, I've always been a believer. I grew up with the Bible. My mother gave it to me (she wasn't born again though). My sister didn't believe but I did from the first day on. So I have to rely on @Tzephanyahu's and others' accounts when I should estimate how it feels to be really atheist. But since youth time a used to get to know how unbelievers discuss (sister). I used to be a believer, but it took me 22 years to find out that for a Christian that you call "born again" it takes to repent. Let me leave a few more comments of your previous posts. I find this is disparaging. It's a one liner. This stands in sharp contrast to what you're telling us here: Where's the love in one-liners combining them with Satan, I'm asking myself. Btw, I find Tzeph does a great job describing that provocative remarks don't rule out that you can turn into a believer afterwards. Regards, Thomas
  13. Hi Ayin, here I agree with @angels4u. I might add Matthew 7:1... Jesus talking to his disciples. John 7:24... Jesus talking to his enemies, so who do you want to be? Paul clearing up the issue, as another poster has said: For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? 1. Cor 5:12 Thomas
  14. Hi Missmuffet, maybe they sense the mistrust you have against them? I am really unsure of why people want to say anything about their motives. Why can't we just be workers? In business world, a shop vendor for instance never asks a customer what he or she does with the item bought... they just sell, clean up the house and then go home. Why can't Christians do the same. Hi Firm Foundation. Rahab the whore stays among the descendants of Jesus as cited in Matthew, beginning of the book. I think it is the very Rahab mentioned in Josua 2, unbeliever. Also remember Jesus threatened many many believers with hell. I think you're writing them off lightly. You give one line and it's these oneliners that could come across as careless. We should always give our best, as @Tzephanyahu said, listen to that one! Thank you very much for your post Tzeph. Thomas
  15. if. Very important So we have freedom of speech haven't we? Am I allowed to keep an opinion for myself when I fear that the thread could be side tracked? This thread is about another matter.
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