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  1. thomas t

    The hidden war between faiths nobody talks about

    Hi 1to3, I'm not George, but one comment may be allowed... In my sight, it was unbelievable indeed, because he didn't back his suspicion up. He just speculated that Israelis could poison the medical care delivered in the lorries.... without providing the slightest back-up needed to bolster such a suspicion. What he is doing is scaremongering, I think, and George is right in calling this "propaganda". Furthermore, it's true that George explained to him his views that the prophecy in Ezekiel 21 was fulfilled when Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem, but instead of listening and entering in a kind of dialogue, poster Brian repeated what he already has said without adressing the issue raised by George. By the way, I don't want to be impolite, but may I tell you that the sources are missing for what you present? In an atmoshpere in which so many posters seem to have made a big fuss about unsupported guesswork (conspiracy theories), it is really helpful to back-up what you say, I think. Regards, Thomas
  2. thomas t

    From riches to rags thus rags to riches .

    just for clarification, the linked article referred to a concept of love that excludes evangelization. They didn't mean sex, by the way, they just meant practical helping love such as giving language courses (it was French language, by the way, not German, above I was wrong). They maybe just can't fathom that Jesus is part of your identity as a Christian. You can't exclude your identity when you work, I think, even when it comes to giving language courses... Agreed. Yet you should know that the others might reproach you when you do evangelization work as can be seen in the above linked article...
  3. thomas t

    From riches to rags thus rags to riches .

    Hi Frienduff, that's interesting what you say. As I can't say anything about Rick Warren... I can say that my mother is a Protestant (mainline Lutheranian church in Germany) and my father is a Catholic. For me, declaring me ill was anything but this ;-)... My mother used to say "now, you are too Christian!" In Europe, Protestant churches don't always like free churches to evangelize, as can be seen here. The title of linked article, published by a Protestant newspaper, reads "Zwischen Mission und Nächstenliebe" which is "between evangelization and love". This means the author sees evangelization and love as conflicting poles. The article covers German courses for refugees by a free church. If anybody is interested to read the whole article, feel free to ask me for translation, no problem. So here's no ecumenical hug, either. On the one hand, I can't understand the criticism stemming from mainline Protestant churches concerning evangelization work. Of course I want to tell everybody why I think there is only one reason for why I feel happy: Jesus. Who I feel sustains me every day: it's Jesus again! My stance on where I spend eternity? Jesus makes it possible that my eternity is with him. This is what I want to tell people I meet, even if mainline Protestants don't like. On the other hand, mainline Protestant churches in Germany welcome many refugees, Christian refugees that are true believers having been expelled from their country. There's so much work to do and the free churches can't cope with it sometimes. So I praise God that the mainline Protestants are ready to welcome my sibblings-in-faith. For them, being there is much better than having no church at all. So they have Germans to talk to at least. Regards, Thomas
  4. thomas t

    From riches to rags thus rags to riches .

    Hi Frieduff, that's an interesting topic you raise. All you say is certainly true for the Islamic world, North Corea or states like that. From time to time refuges come and enter the church I attend here in Germany. As sad as their stories are, talking to them always is encouraging. But let me turn your attention to what I see as the persecution of Christians by people from the West. When I became a Christian in 2002, a Christian that repented and started a new life asking Jesus to be my savior,... very quickly my mother and then my entire family declared me mentally ill spreading this "news" among their surrounding, too. This, in my opinion, is also a form of persecution, as it means ostracising a Christian from their community just as any other slander talk would. But I found new Christians I could socialize with. My parents went as far as to arrange a meeting for me at the local psychiatric ward and later they initiated guardianship proceedings against me to have me officially declared mentally ill. It was a means of attacking my credibility as a Christian, I think. My mother argued that she did so because I changed my prefessional life back then and I also went to a Penticostal assembly. Ironically, I did not attend a Penticostal assembly at that time. Later I did. Regards, Thomas
  5. thomas t

    The hidden war between faiths nobody talks about

    Hi Brian, so you're saying that peace can be reached solely by something the Isrelites could do. This implies that any lack of peace they're having can be overcome by them alone. Indirectly, you're blaming one side only. Horrible post. Regards, Thomas
  6. thomas t

    The hidden war between faiths nobody talks about

    Hi Briankboyce, to me this comes across as saying "they need to kiss the hand beating them". This is antisemitic stuff, I think. In Gaza, the Palestinians voted for Hamas by majority vote. You can't excuse this, in my opinion. I also dislike your conspiracy theories from the opening post such as: Even if part of your replies also resorted to this sort of tactics, which is posting conspiracy theories, ... in my opinion it's best to not post them if you can't back them up. Regards, Thomas
  7. Hi JustPassingThru, however, you didn't back your assertion up that the New World Order - whoever that may be - planned anything to control the masses. Effectively, you didn't show that climate laws were designed for any other purpose than to simply protect the climate... Regards, Thomas
  8. thomas t

    Talking with atheists/agnostics

    Hi Omegaman, although I'm not George either, I may be allowed to give my 2 cents. You're raising a very interesting point. Christians often get stressed out in an environment where 10 Christians answer 1 atheist only. If 8 of them are in danger of feeling stressed out... one could ask why did they enter the debate in the first place? Even if number 7 has the perfect answer ;-). Jesus said in 9:37 there is lots of work for the Christians to be done, so can we also think in terms of efficiency? Even if the perfect answer is not provided by the first two who answer the atheist… it might seem helpful to save personnel resources for other tasks within the kingdom of God? Regards, Thomas
  9. thomas t

    bias or unreasonable thinking in science

    Hi Just me, please excuse me for the delay in replying you. I had other posts I really felt strongly about and I had some things to do in my professional life. Actually, any reasoning such as "I can prove God using some smart logic" can't work in my opinion. I reject anything like that, please don't take it personally. If it worked - I mean the logic - then God certainly would have announced this opportunity of proving Him in His Bible, already many years ago. By the way, there has been a thread about whether or not the shroud can be serving es evidence for Jesus in this forum. I only read of Him coming back soon: For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.
  10. thomas t

    Talking with atheists/agnostics

    A great post, Gandalf. Maybe it might be helpful to understand how judging others is seen in here? This thread, as I understand it, might have opened the way for judging others and everyone posting there seemed to agree that this is ok whithin some limits. And this is where we went: Possibly, the writers on the Christian side were convinced to judge well. Personally, I think it is best to just judge actions and leave the judgement on persons to God. Let me explain what happened to me when I encountered this kind of behaviour myself... I was called "brought up badly", "wayward" and all sorts of other names… and the ones judging me always said they would apply a sound judgment that they said was "necessary" to open my eyes for these "facts" and to educate me. All of this happened in my surrounding and to an extent that I fell ill. My hearing ability decreased, panic attacks, insomnia, feeling totally empty, depression, concentration problems and many more… This went on for years. In my opinion, this was caused mainly by what I would call verbal violence. So let me conclude speaking from my own experience: judging others might cause severe harm to their health. We should be more careful. Regards, Thomas
  11. thomas t

    Talking with atheists/agnostics

    Hi Maryjayne, sadly, there is also is history from within this forum where atheists often are treated in a condescending manner, in my opinion. Here is one example of a thread in which we saw bashing atheists going on. Many comments were generalizing such as "such fools". We read that maybe Satan was blinding and confusing the unbelievers and things like that. But don't get me wrong: I think, this board is fantastic. I highly appreciate being here. Since I was thrown out of German Jesus.de message board, I can now write here, and I'm thankful for that. Regards, Thomas
  12. thomas t

    Need Advice

    Hi Mommy, yes, you should, (watching) incest porn is really worrying. You have to take action now, in my opinion, you can't keep on keeping on without addressing the issue, in my opinion - Ok, you did obviously. If I were you, I would consider the following: As porn is legal, child porn is not. My suggestion in general, make it two topics: 1. watching porn and 2. watching incest porn. I would exclusively focus on the second topic for a certain time to come. Now I would ask him about consensual agreement and what is his stance about consenting partners in sex life. Can he understand that anything that is shown about father/daughter relationships in porn … can't be anything consensual? Any sexual relationship between father and daughter can never be considered to be consensual, since there is always a power gap, can he understand that? Can you still talk to him? Regards, Thomas
  13. Hi Cletus, I read that twice. I didn't find that. Everytime we make a flawed argument for faith, the atheist will say no. Without them being naysayers. And 2 Kor. 5:7 reads: for we walk by faith, not by sight. Some smart postings here pointed that out. Well, it is true that nature testifies to God's greatness. But sometimes, Christian's arguments are flawed. Regards, Thomas
  14. thomas t

    Abuse, Not just Catholics

    Please Uber G, treat me as any native speaker, if I don't understand idiomatic use... the web offers plenty of dictionaries where this is explained. I don't want to have extra treatment for not being native, this would make everything more complicated than as it is already. I am more than glad to be here as I can't partake in discussion at jesus.de anymore, as I'm banned there. Thank you, I find this is a real strong answer, I'm glad to be able to read it. Regards, Thomas
  15. thomas t

    Abuse, Not just Catholics

    Hi Uber Genius, I've waited a while to see if maybe others interpret your statement "it's a human problem". So now I understand it as saying that this problem can be found everywhere - in every human community. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Even if child abuse is wide spread it shouldn't be considered as normal or as intrinsically linked with human existence, in my opinion. I also think you were talking about churches, since churches is what this thread is about and you were replying to the opening post. So I conclude that, in your opinion, it can be found in every church. So you're implying, that I attend a church that has this problem, too. For me, this is where the problem lies. So now you're implying that the church I attend is equally prone to child abuse than the Catholic one? I mean proportionally? This would be a bold accusation, could you back this up, please? I attend a FEG church in Germany. I'm not saying that you can be sure there are no cases of child abuse committed by church officials in any FEG in Germany, since I don't know all of them. Neither am I making any comparison between the US and Germany. (Actually, you brought up the cross-culture comparison). I'm just saying, if you're implying that the church I go to is guilty of it, please present the numbers, epecially if you come to talk about proportions. If you can't back it up, why bring this claim forward? I think every claim needs to be backed up. That's true for accusations in particular. If you see child abuse occuring in the one church and maybe in some others, too, this doesn't mean it can be found in every church, just because you see this happening in the first group. I find this statement was quite generalizing without even trying to back it up. Moreover, when you say "all cultures", you seem to have quite a good knowledge of these (all of them)... Regards, Thomas