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  1. Hi all, every nonbeliever can have some posts here on Worthy before George decides that they shouldn't be able to reply any more. While I don't want to discuss the new system... I would like to ponder about the question how we can contribute to make a convincing case for faith while they still can post in the main sections... in case they still come and do so. In my opinion we should try hard to argue as good as possible while we can discuss with them here in the visible area. It's very important for them, I guess. And it is very good for us, since spreading the gospel is what Christians are called to do, I think. As for me, the Gospel is everything I have to offer, more or less, right now. A few suggestions may be allowed... 1) if you have a new theory to offer, like earth water during the flood splashing as high as the moon... please don't promote it in the threads with nonbelievers. If you must propose your theory.... please do it in a Christians-only-thread. 2) turn-or-burn calls don't work, if the nonbeliever doubts: God's existence, the existence of sin, hence any need to repent... please do them in a Christians-only-thread. 3) if you want to do a science quiz... please do it in a Christians-only-thread. Science knowledge is great but put gospel first, please. 4) I think it would be best if only a few (very few, maybe just one) Christian posters could lead the discussion with a doubter at a specific time. If he is done, the next one please. Let all things be done decently and in order. 1 Cor 14:40. Please avoid chaos in the threads reaching out to nonbelievers. ... continuing tomorrow... Regards, Thomas
  2. Hi Still Alive, I agree with Neighbor: Bible should always be taken literally, in case a metaphor isn't indicated. You have context. You have the possibility to compare the translation of a Hebrew word that you prefer to other occurances in the Bible to cross check if your translations stay the same. Amen. No. It merely speaks about death. However, death in the Bible is always temporary, as I see it. Look at this, Samuel being dead while talking.... Then Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?” 1. Samuel 28:15. Please note, Samuel died as early as in verse 3. Regards, Thomas t
  3. Hi Warrior! My point is some jump in when there's a debate with a non-believer and/or doubter and preach it. They restrict their message to just that. When I converted there used to be street preachers around in Germany who restricted their message to "y'all burn in hell!". Horrible. Christians seem to love it because it gives them the feeling of being superior to the rest? When Jesus spoke about hell he first came up with some everyday subject, presented the problems within the issue and then brought the hell in. This is ok. Look I'm wholeheartedly against all sorts of universalism, the teaching that implies that everyone ends up in heaven after some time, regardless of their wrongdoing, for example. So I appreciate you having the same state of mind with regard to universalism. But what you're proposing here, to me, comes across as "ah Thomas, since you are there ... there is a topic popping up in my mind: HELL. HELLFIRE. SATAN. TURN OR BURN. BURN ETERNALLY in case you don't repent!!!!" (I took me as an example) This would be invasive! Why me of all people? This comes across like "Ah, Thomas, since you are there, I must think of Adolf Hitler!" This is so abusive, in my opinion. Please, Warrior, we need to keep some minimum level of conduct. Regards, Thomas
  4. It's all about behavior. I think Christians are called to spread the good news. Please imagine you're a shop vendor in an earthly shop selling cokes to thirsty customers... Once you were telling some customer "you're a minion of SATAN" you will be fired. Simply fired. Here in Germany, at least. I have a friend giving speeches for money; some earthly topic for which you get good money, he has a good education, too. The moment he tells his customers "you're owned by SATAN - burn in hell" he will be instantly fired. Fired. No second chance possible, I guess. Why do you think this kind of behavior is ok for Christians? The coke shop wants to sell their stuff. The shop is interested everything goes allright, so that the customers come and bring some money in. Equally, we primarily want something from our visitors, we want them to listen. We are told to spread the gospel, it's not the other way round, we should have them learn all the things we could learn - the very things we are so greatful to know about. So let's have an environment that makes it possible to do so! So, please everyone adopt some minimum standards of good behavior. Thomas
  5. Hi Firm, yes I did. As to the turn-or-burn message in Mt 5, which is a part of the Sermon on the Mount, Michael gave a perfect answer to this: this being said... I'm against slapping "burn"-messages in other people's faces before the slightest misconduct is apparent. I'm against the "you're a non-believer? BECOME FAITHFUL OR BURN IN HELL!"-mindset. Jesus didn't do that in Mt 5. Regards, Thomas
  6. But I didn't discuss George. Let alone in a bad manner. I'm 100% behind George's idea do reach out to the outer world. That's what I want, too. As I said, not every atheist is trolling. In general, I don't believe that Christians are better human beings than the rest. What I see lately is Christians posting in an arrogant manner when it comes to discussing inviting atheists for faith. Let's spread love. Thomas
  7. while not agreeing, I never meant to discuss him as a person. It was just a recent example of how it could look like when people are banned from replying? I find it is highly unfair to discuss him as a person in a bad way when he cannot reply, Neighbor. In my opinion, this is hostile behavior. This, in my opinion, is our No. 1 problem when George says he still wants to outreach to the world. How do we expect to attract new visitors? Let's share the best thing we have (the Good News) instead of displaying poisonous remarks against others, please. Thanks, Thomas
  8. Hi George, thank you so much for answering. So once you say someone is stirring up the pot, and this someone writes from an atheist perspective... you ban them from the mainsections I mean you move them to another area, . Ok, so they write maybe 30 posts and then it's over - good to know! My I ask a question as to how the timing might evolve? For instance poster natesute is now called seeker*. So he can't reply anymore, I guess. But this change in his title occured in the middle of a debate... so now, when he doesn't respond anymore in the thread, should we feel tempted to think that he does so since he was persuaded by the replies fom the believing side? Is this what the others should think? I mean how should new members or guests interpret him suddenly ceasing to reply? Is it clear to everyone that he doesn't reply any more because he can't and not because he was persuaded by the arguments? Thank you for your thoughts... and keep on reaching out to non-believers! Thomas
  9. Hi Miss, I hate your approach, that's really true: I hate it! Wholeheartedly. Truth spoken, let's turn to the subject level . Are you telling me that the moment you discover an aspect of truth you think it should be spoken? No, Bible teaches otherwise.. that's the truth. Let's read John beginning chapter 8. A women was brought to him. She had sex with other men. Speaking truth wouold have meant telling her - right in front of 100 men - "you are an adulteress! Shame on you! Normally I don't speak with a whore like you are. People like you commit fornication. Ever heard of what God thinks of fornicators? I give you a bible verse to consider Rev 2:21! Turn or burn! Roast in hell! Meet Satan in eternal damnation!!! Forever!!!!" ?? But Jesus didn't say a word in John 8:6. Later he did, yes. When everyone has gone. Thomas
  10. Then leave it. If you know it's harsh, leave it. Take Jesus as your example a bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not quench, until he brings justice to victory; Mt 12:20. Hurling turn-or-burn-messages around when you can't exclude that you might hit some of these bruised reeds Jesus is talking about... is silly, I think. It's not worth it. Jesus never said "always keep telling what you think is true - any occasion is welcome regardless of the rest". Jesus said "make disciples". After all, context matters. Regards, Thomas
  11. Hi Melinda, thank you very much for your answer. It is telling. "turn-or-burn", for you, seems to be automatically evoking Hitler. Very honest. So what should people think who come here on this board asking questions seeking love and then someone slaps a fire-and-brimstone message into their face? They must think that the author on the Christian side confused them with Hitler, and that's the problem. Christians prone to judge, everytimes ready to be harsh against new people keeping them off at the worst. When will this come to an end? (I don't mean you, of course, I mean the turn-or-burn-fanatic messages.) Meanwhile, on the subject level there was already BB resonding to you, so I'd like to leave your question for a while? Thomas
  12. Hi Miss, actually, this is not about the saying "turn or burn". I should have made it clearer. It is about Christians telling seekers "either you (instantly) follow my advice or burn eternally!" This is not caring, in my opinion. This kind of preaching, as I see it, also tries to establish a hierarchy "me: in heaven, No.1 - you, potentially burning in hell forever, you are the No.2" Thomas
  13. Amen. For a Scribe or what used to be a Pharisee, John the Baptist used that language in Mt 3:7. If preachers use turn-or-burn messages it seems they lump their conversation partners together with folks John addressed in that verse? But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he said to them, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Mt 3:7. Even if Jesus preached more about hell than heaven, as you say... he did more than talking. Christian life is more than the preaching and talking. Jesus had fellowship, I mean real-life fellowship eating together, praising God together and so on. He made some dead people come back to life, healed the lame, defended the defenceless, hailed the children, and many more... and then he also came to warn people that there is a hell and you should be careful. That was well balanced out! But if all some people do is talking about God and quickly reminding everyone about the hell... where's the balance in it? Just scaring people isn't nice. Thomas
  14. Very well pointed out, Tigger, thank you. Thomas
  15. Hi Vlad, no I'm in favor of it. What I'm against of is people telling others "repent!". If they do it in a good way, then ok. There are awesome things about repentance, indeed. But please don't just shovel down the calls to repentance through other people's throats. I don't find the love in these. Before Jesus came to talk about hell... he performed many wonders out of love. His message was well balanced I'd say. I would want the discussions with doubters here on Worthy to be loving and beautiful. "repent or burn forever!" can burst any discussion and to me, it seems to be ignorant behavior because the author of these messages doesn't make it clear that he emphathizes with the doubter. It often comes across as saying "burn you heathen! and I don't care!" I don't like the style of these fire and brimstone messages. Thomas
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