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  1. Still Alive

    Fulfilling Prophecy

    Kinda like jumping from a plane without a parachute.
  2. Still Alive

    Fulfilling Prophecy

    Hey, it's the journey, not the destination.
  3. Still Alive

    Fulfilling Prophecy

    When I was young, I sorta started to get into this numerology stuff. I have an open mind and am willing to give something at least a shot. Heck, I even watched ONE flat earth video. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and numerology offers bushels of the former and a teaspoon of the latter. For me, numerology is synonymous with Louis Farrakhan to a degree. And your point about the non-inspired information from which this stuff is based kinda nails it. It's an endeavor for those who, even more than me, are constantly on the prowl for areas where we've been lied to for millennia. i.e. they are like flat earthers, but they work harder at it. But everybody needs a hobby.
  4. Still Alive

    The Olivet Discourse

    Though I agree in principle, it can not be ignored that Jesus himself (via the encounter with the Canaanite woman), said his mission was to the Jews. https://www.gotquestions.org/Jesus-Jews-only.html
  5. Still Alive

    Fulfilling Prophecy

    Party pooper.
  6. Still Alive

    Fulfilling Prophecy

    Ah, good ol' numerology. You missed a decimal place.
  7. Still Alive

    What has become of our churches

    What is a seed of faith?
  8. Still Alive

    What is your opinion on young earth creationism

    YEC is an interpretation...never mind. I see I already responded to this thread.
  9. Still Alive

    Setting one's mind on what is holy or...

    I'm sensitive to the music part, being a member of a praise band and having been a member of a travelling southern gospel band that played at a lot of small churches. I'm not really a fan of most Christian music, but strongly appreciate some "Christian" music by secular artists. My personal favorite is "I believe", by Brooks and Dunn. And how about "Three Wooden Crosses"? I've noticed that one problem with "Church" is that people let their guard down when in church. I've seen people get up to a podium and spout pure garbage, but people tend to accept it because they "heard it from the podium at church". This includes both music and teaching. Meanwhile, some guy on YouTube can be discussing deep and trustworthy biblical teaching from the driver's seat of his car, or sitting at a picnic table or at his office desk at home. Actualy, this is similar to the situation we had in Jesus' time.
  10. Still Alive

    Ignoring me

    If you were to say something like "in the such and such scene, that look on your face looked absolutely real. And the delivery! It actually created an emotional response in me for the character. I wasn't watching a show any more. It was real." Imagine being an actor and hearing that from someone.
  11. Still Alive

    Ignoring me

    My wife had a job in Seattle that involved rubbing shoulders with a lot of famous TV and movie personalities along with a few middle eastern princes and princesses. The worst thing about fame is that everybody knows you. The best thing you can do for most of them is ignore them - treat them like everyone else. The only exception for me was when I got to meet Sarah Palin at my wife's workplace. She and I were in a conference room and talked for 40 minutes - but we didn't discuss her "public" life at all (this was just after the 2008 election). It was just personal stuff and she was very nice and I was very nice and my wife was very nice. Three adults getting to know each other. I did once compliment some famous star (forget who it was) for some particular thing they did in a film, but explained what made it such a great example of their craft, from the perspective of someone unbiased. But even then, it wasn't until we had talked for a while and I had "permission" to go there briefly. People like to be complimented on their work in "real" ways. Famous people are no different. But it should be very brief. But it needs to be specific and nut just a "I loved you in...".
  12. Still Alive

    Ignoring me

    I was trying to be polite. Stop stalking me!
  13. Still Alive

    be wary of unsaved friends

    C'mon, it was just one toke!
  14. Still Alive

    scriptural support for free will belief

    Romans 9 could make a very long bible study in itself. There are a lot of implications there to ponder regarding the subject of the thread.
  15. Still Alive

    Justification IS by Faith alone .

    You were not accused by anyone of not being saved. ---------------------------------------- Technically, you are correct. I say "technically" because nobody said "You are not saved". It was heavily implied but I just ignored it. Not relevant to the discussion. Anyway, I'm invoking those scriptures again, and finally. You can respond, but I will not read it. I'm out of this thread.