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  1. FWIW, we're going on 22 years and it's even better!
  2. Yep. But they were PRIVATE letters. Internet forums are a completely different concept. PM's would be analogous to the written letter of the day.
  3. Chris, you need face to face guidance here. I don't think a bunch of guys on the internet are going to help all that much. Christianity is a very, VERY personal thing. And it is all about two things: Your relationship with your creator and your relationship with your fellow man. The latter needs personal contact. Reading faces, eyes, body language - personal communication. Doing it here is a little bit like Dear Abby.
  4. I've heard no voice or detect knocking. Question: What compels you to follow Him?
  5. I think you have made it very clear where you stand on this issue. I've thrown out a few points but have invested as much time in this discussion as I have time for. I expect we will both continue to study and search for as much of the personality of our creator and his desire for each of us in the short life he has given us. For now, we seem to disagree on some stuff, but suffice it to say that we both believe that our salvation is based on our belief in his sacrifice as atonement for our sins and our single doorway to eternal life with our creator. Thanks for a stimulating discussion.
  6. Just so you know, my post was not in the least aimed at you. It is something I think about when discussing/debating here sometimes. It's like the political discussions I often get in with those that disagree with me. One of us aknowledges that he doesn't have full knowledge and is stating his opinion based on his world view, what wisdom he has aquired, and what information he has at his disposal. The other thinks I'm Mr. Wrongee Wrongo and I need to wake up and see the truth. We ALL see through a glass darkly. Realizing that is the step right after "the beginning of wisdom" step.
  7. I think OT Israel lived in constant fear of offending God. Jesus brought a better way. We call it the "good news" and the "gospel". We can go before him boldly. We are heirs. https://www.openbible.info/topics/boldness
  8. I limit the "law" to the ten commandments. I compare the Christian "eternity" to the Jewish and Muslim eternities thusly: In the Jewish and Muslim eternities, all the roads have stop signs. In the Christian eternity, all the roads have yield signs.
  9. Actually, I think it is good that it casts doubt on the "complete truth" of those books. I am actually in the middle of listening to his podcast on Exodus (I have a three hour round trip commute) and he's evicerating many common viewpoints about it, all the time using the scripture itself to make his points. It's not that he is throwing out those books. It is that he's attempting to discern who wrote them, who they were written for, and what they mean to us today. I finally just purchased his books, "The Unseen Realm, Angels, and Supernatural". The last one is a "reader's digest" version of the first one. The second is about what the bible really has to say about supernatural beings.
  10. If you think being good will help, you're doing it wrong. You are no better or worse than any man alive or dead. That is not what Christianity is about. You are trying to be a brain surgeon without even acknowledging that you need to go to medical school. That's why it's so hard. The first step is to ask yourself why do you even want to be a brain surgeon. The rest follows. And if you want to be a Christian because hell terrifies you, then you are REALLY doing it wrong. I have great news. If you believe, you enjoy eternity with your creator. If you don't, well, as Ecclesiastes says, you eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of your labor, and then you die. You are just a human animal given the gift of life, like all the other life on the planet. This is it. Make the most of it. But Jesus offers a better way for those that hear him knocking. If you hear, let him in. The rest will take care of itself. And yes, you will have bad days. Think of this life as a form of boot camp. Nobody said it would be easy. And nobody said you would successfully handle every obstacle. The goal is to seek perfection. You will not reach it. And even if you did, you would still not be "better" than anyone else on the planet. It is clear that God sees all our works as filthy rags. And to be clear, when you read about dead works, it is not referring to sins. It's referring to works you do to ensure that you really are saved. Because it's not at all about works. It is ALL about belief.
  11. I think this will help. If you have committed the unpardonable sin, you don't care.
  12. Once you try crack, you are addicted for life. Same thing with sex. My recommendation: Pray, and know that this is not about salvation. It's about obeying your dad, and he made the rule for your own good. So if you disobey, actions have consequences in this life. But he's still your dad, and you are still in the will. It just makes dad sad when you (we) knowingly disobey. Keep trying, but NEVER forget that it is your BELIEF on Jesus sacrifice and resurrection for your sins that matters in the end.
  13. I love Hebrews. It so nails legalism to the wall. Of course it does! Who was it written to?
  14. Well said! I have to confess that it is sometimes very difficult for me to post here, all the time knowing that I am the only one that fully understands scripture as written to the men who's lives are contemporaneous with each book, as well as how it applies to us in the 21st century. This wisdom is a great burden I must carry when I discuss its true meaning with so many people that are wrong. Note: Yes, I am just being silly.
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