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  1. Fathers Of Modern Versions

    There is certainly somc controversy regarding which is more accurate: https://bible.org/seriespage/part-iii-kjv-rv-elegance-accuracy And I strongly doubt it will be resolved in this thread.
  2. Fathers Of Modern Versions

    I once asked a theology student who was studying both Greek and Hebrew how one could know, for sure, what the bible really says. Her response was that the only way to be sure is to become fluent in the original languages and the culture from which they came. So I fall back on Prayer.
  3. Fathers Of Modern Versions

    Yeah. The mary worship thing shocked me when I first heard of it. The more I read the bible, the odder it looks. And then I discovered there are those that seriously argue that mary was a virgin until she died. The bible is pretty clear she was a virgin until Christ was born, or at least she was instructed to be and there is no reason to believe she violated those instructions. But beyond that? No doctrine depends on even caring, one way or the other.
  4. I never knew you

    Kinda makes you wonder why He put us in flesh to begin with. I wonder what guys like me should do. Being imperfect, I've been guilty of all three from time to time. My take on all of this is as follows: If I'm concerned that I'm not being good enough and will lose my salvation, I'm doing it wrong. i.e. I'm saved by faith. I want to do his will because I love him, not because I"m gonna be in big trouble if I don't. Again, if it is the latter, I'm doing it wrong.
  5. All these kids walking out

    It gets better (worse): http://www.cdobs.com/archive/featured/south-side-riot-cps-walkout-goes-about-as-you-would-expect/
  6. All these kids walking out

    I've found that gun control is sort of splitting the Democrat party. As so many NRA people on talk shows point out, most gun violence is committed with hand guns, yet you don't here anyone crying out to stop the sale of hand guns. The reason is feminists*. Feminists are part of the rabid, leftist core of the D party, and they are strongly in support of hand gun concealed carry for the simple reason that it is the Great Equalizer. As Miranda Lambert says in the song, Gunpowder and Lead, "His fist is big, but my gun's bigger." So it is a delicate dance within the party. *I use this word not to describe those supporting equality for both men and women. I'm speaking of the "rabid, far leftist" feminists that women are leaving in droves.
  7. Toys R Us is Closing

    I know. What I'm saying is that Amazon is like Costco. They are not gonna take over either. The really great thing about Capitalism is that huge companies have too much to lose adapting to the marketplace. So capitalism has a sort of built in limiter. A company makes all sorts of risky decisions and gets really big, but then they have a lot to lose if they continue high risk, so they become the new, slow behemoth. Then a bunch of new startups come in taking crazy risks. Most fail, but the one or two that took exactly the right risks rise up to compete, or even topple, the big guy. It's how capitalism works.
  8. Toys R Us is Closing

    Nah. Costco never took over. I keep thinking of Myspace and Facebook. And Jet.com, as well as costco.com are very motivated to give Amazon a run for its money, just as Facebook gave Myspace a run for its money.
  9. Toys R Us is Closing

    I think sears' mistake was not treating their stores like stores as long as they existed. It's fin to try to ween your customers off the store for some stuff, but it's a fine line between making your stores a shell of their former selves BEFORE the internet catches on with your customers and stocking stuff that nobody comes in to buy any more. And I'm not against this migration to online shopping. Frankly, my wife and I made a deal over a decade ago that I'm not allowed to drive anywhere near a mall during Christmas shopping season. And traffic is only getting worse. Why would I go to brick and mortar, with traffic, no parking, weather, loitering teens, etc. when I can pour a cup of coffee and sit at my nice warm computer and find what I'm looking for with a few key clicks? Shopping is not something I do as a form of entertainment. It is something I do to acquire something I need. It is a form of work. It is prudent to find the most cost effective (both time and money) way to do it. Online shopping is the future, and it will soon include groceries. In fact, your refridgerator (and some of the food containers themselves) will order things you are running low on and they will be delivered to your home with a receipt showing up in your email and billing done automatically. And it will be delivered by a driverless delivery vehicle. Welcome to the future. The corner general store is gone. Time marches on.
  10. Toys R Us is Closing

    Actually, I think the internet is now killing the mega-stores in the same way. My wife and I have been members of costco since 1988 and quite huge fans of the store. I realized one day about three months ago that I'm having a paradigm shift regarding them. Their choices are incredibly limited compared to what I can find on Amazon. I'm finding that, though we have a sort of embedded loyalty, when we snap out of autopilot mode, we end up shopping online instead.
  11. Toys R Us is Closing

    Similar where I live. It's on reason I love it. I used to live in Seattle and this would be hard if we were in the days of the Sears catalog.
  12. Toys R Us is Closing

    Actually, the choice is better. At costco they have a bathroom scale. At Amazon alone they have dozens.
  13. My personal take: Body is worm food, Spirit is, from our perspective, "sleeping", but from his perspective he went straight from life to eternity. I see time as a current in an ocean called eternity.
  14. Toys R Us is Closing

    The weak ones are the ones that will go down first. I don't think it's amazon, per-se. Rather, it's online purchasing. As people get more and more comfortable with it, and shipping gets faster, and getting to the brick and mortar gets to be more and more of an ordeal, it will hit the most vulnerable ones first and the dominoes will fall. I think its already happening. Shopping malls are getting killed, Guitar Center is struggling, etc. Barbers and hair stylists are probably pretty safe, though.