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  1. A lot of people in church are really there just going through the motions. It's what they do and have done for a long time. And people tend to not like change. Getting to know a new member is change. The fact that there are less than 50 members in your church amplify this. I moved from Seattle to rural KY 8 years ago. I soon joined a southern gospel band that visited a lot of small churches. I saw what you are talking about in many churches. In fact, I had to leave the first two churches because of this phenomenon. That is, they really didn't want to discuss spiritual things unless we were in 100% agreement. The third church has several hundred members and is perfect for me. They listen to my "different" beliefs and we even discuss them and the underlying impacts. We have a strong children's church (that is, there is a vital youth present) and we have weekly "at home" groups where you get to know, intimately, a group of three or four couples, before we all switch groups, and you get to know a new small group of people. And those "at home" groups include enthusiastic bible study. You should keep looking until you find yourself in a church with this spirit of excitement and JOY in the Lord.
  2. Teenage boy and girl to Rabbi: "Rabbi, is it ok if we sleep together?" Rabbi: "Yes it is, but you young people, you don't sleep." I remember my 19 year old libido. I remember my not fully functioning brain. Under the age of 25 it is very difficult to make decisions that take anything beyond the current moment into consideration. i.e. if it were me at that age, someone's getting pregnant. "Lead us not into temptation."
  3. I came from agnostic roots. I like to use this one with "smart" atheists or "religously" evolution adherents: I see us as a sort of "God's ant farm". You may be a really smart ant. You may be the smartest ant. But everything is relative and, at the end of the day, you'r just an ant. You are only impressing ants. I love this from an old Genesis song: "They're trying to find themselves an audience. Their deductions need applause."
  4. I'd cut the Christians that criticized it some slack. The reason is simple. Words really don't have much meaning unless you give them a context. And context means, among other things, this: Who said it. What they said before and after it. What the volume it is in is trying to say (is it a legal document, an historical document, a love story, fiction, a true story, etc. When was it written. From what culture was it written Who was it written to. So, when someone falsifies any of that contextual information, they are altering how a person SHOULD interpret the words. It's because the person rightly infers many other of those attributes listed above. If the bible says "kill the rabbit" it is different than if it turns out it was Elmer Fudd who said it. Different time, source, audience, text genre, etc. And yes, the OT is not written to us. It is written to the people who would have understood it at the time and were within the culture in and for which it was written. It was a different world. It speaks to why the US wanted all the immigrants it could get at one time, but the world has changed. Different times, different culture, different goals, different methods. In a real way, the Human race can be seen as a single entity. And in OT times, it was "pre-teen".
  5. This sort of stuff is really pretty much impossible to diagnose on the internet. I have to confess that the first thing that came to mind when I read your post was that you were concerned that there may be a homosexual affair going on there. There are just a million questions that can really only be put in context by someone you ask this question to that actually knows your husband, at least a little. i.e. unless someone just has an amazingly detailed lucky guess about you, your husband, and your past and future relationship as a married couple, I would take with a grain of salt anything they say, especially on the internet. This sort of thing needs to be discussed locally. Dear Abby is fun to read, but it's not there, really, to help the person who wrote in.. It's there to use their problem as a springboard for her to offer thoughts for others to read to mull over regarding problems in their own life. Bottom line is that I don't think you are going to get your answer here. Nobody here really "knows" you nor your husband.
  6. The more you know the Lord and continue to have a relationship with him, the more you trust him and go forward with confidence.
  7. When I said, "how Dramatic", I was being too argumentative. That is, I agree with you, but I'm just always on my guard against judging another by their works. I've seen it this way for a long time: Imagine, on a scale of 1-10, the best human is a 10, and the worst a 1. Imagine Joe is not a Christian and was raised to be a 9, but is living as a 6. Imagine Bill was raised to be a 1, was living as a 1, and then became a Christian. And now, on the "goodness" scale, he's a 4. So this means that Bill, at a 4, showed a significant lifestyle change and is saved, but Joe, at a 6, is lost. I actually see a lot of that around me.
  8. This is one reason I use the "use your brakes" analogy. When you believe a thing, it affects your actions. Your "works". I think the whole "faith vs works" thing is pretty simple: Your works don't save you. Rather, they demonstrate what you believe. The "prove" what you believe. You can say all day that "this chair will hold my weight", yet never sit in it. And that proves that you are lying. Your actions speak louder than your words.
  9. Yes. Nobody actually said that. It was just a "feeling" about the "pecking order" in the church. One thing that really annoyed me was the teaching that since it was such a "lesser" gift, that it should be given to everyone. In my case, it seems to be laying on of hands. My wife has been miraculously healed when I did that. And it was kinda like some "tongues" testimonies. I was as compelled to do it as you are to breathe. And it was almost like it wasn't me doing it. I've never experienced anything else like it. And yes, I definitely believe we exist alongside a "spiritual realm". In fact, I think it's possible our spirits are a projection into this physical realm from that one.
  10. Consciously acknowledge that he is my creator and he is the ultimate authority and in control, giving him the credit for everything good, and having the confidence that his will will be done.
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