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  1. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    That's always been my view. One of the reasons I don't get upset with people on forums is because I understand the difference between inference and implication. I am only getting a tiny snapshot of their view on issues that have complexity that could fill books. And if you want to argue annihilationism, just go to "rethinkinghell.com" or read this: jewishnotgreek.com They both answer every single point you make. I was an ECT adherent for decades, though I never studied it. Once I studied it, it didn't take long to come to Annihilationism. And to be blunt, I think there is more evidence to support universalism than ECT. For universalism, check out http://www.tentmaker.org/ ECT simply does not match the character of the God of the new testamen, NOR the old testament. Period. Of course, Opinions vary. BTW, when I have to go to Revelation for proof text for my beliefs, I need to re-evaluate my beliefs.
  2. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    Obviously not. And what is obeying? It is believing. And yes, the quote above is one reason I'm an annihilationist. Those that do not believe on Him for everlasting life shall not see it. That's what the second death is all about.
  3. Still Alive

    Crazy Update

    How old is she?
  4. Still Alive

    A poem inspired by Frances and others

    Looks like it would be a good worship song if you put music to it.
  5. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    And there is a reason I put it in quotes. There is a reason I said there are subscribers to it in pretty much all churches. And they can often be spotted by their attitude toward others that don't agree with them. Sometimes it is so harsh that they question the salvation of those that disagree. If you think you're not doing enough works to be saved, you're doing it wrong.
  6. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    You read way too much between the lines of my post that is simply not there. Focus on what I actually said. I was not talking about the works gospel. I was talking about the ATTITUDE of so many that subscribe to it.
  7. Still Alive


    The gates of hell are a defensive thing. They keep hades separate from the living. One can extrapolate all sorts of thoughts from that. It's a study in and of itself. https://christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/1096/what-does-gates-of-hell-mean-in-matthew-1618 It's really the "gates of hades" or "gates of the place of the dead".
  8. Still Alive

    Man Killed by Policewoman in His Own Apartment

    At the very least, it is involuntary manslaughter. But she is living proof of the fallacy of the concept of "shoot first and ask questions later."
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  10. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    Have you ever noticed that those that subscribe to a "works gospel" can be spotted by their general attitude towards the beliefs of others, as well as their argument style. Basically, just the way they treat those who don't believe in lockstep with them. And this can be seen in some members of pretty much every church. It's difficult to carry on a converstation with them and very difficult to discuss doctrine. They simply "know" they are right about everything they believe, and if you don't agree, well...
  11. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    I think we're done here. But it was interesting.
  12. Still Alive

    God's presence

    The bible says God is light. And light is everywhere. I sometimes wonder if God is, to this creation, what water is to a fish.
  13. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    We're really on the same page. I take the "God is my father, who loves me." concept very seriously. I look at how I "feel" about my own children and their transgressions and remember God loves me a LOT more than I love them - and I suddenly find peace.
  14. Still Alive

    PLO Washington Offices Closed Down

    There are things you hope your candidate will do when he wins an election, and then there are things on your wish list that you just assume are so low priority to the polls, MSM and general population that they will get no notice from your candidate. But Trump actually hit that wish list. This was on it as was the Jerusalem embassy location. As well as many others. I could not be happier. And that is a bit embarrassing because I was no fan of trump. I saw him as a chameleon and a liar during the election. I was dead wrong. Now, if he could just boot the UN out of New York...
  15. Still Alive

    Church of Christ? What do you think?

    I read a story many years ago that said that after C. S. Lewis died, one of his associates looked up from his desk to see Lewis sitting in a chair in his office. Lewis said to him, "It's not that hard." and vanished. Now, I have no idea whether or not this story is true, but it speaks to what I HAVE noticed, and it is this: The more I STUDY the bible, the more complex and detailed the teaching is, but the SIMPLER the message is. To all my Christian friends who may be bordering , or going all in, on legalism, I say this: Lighten up. His burden is light. Pray. Study the bible. Pray some more and then, above all, PRAY. Then apply what you've learned involving the two things that actually matter in this world: 1. Your relationship with your creator. 2. Your relationship with your fellow man (a subset of number 1). Everything else is just something you do that either enhances or detracts from those two.