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  1. Evidently I don't want to be visiting the "adult" lounge.
  2. Well three things to share: After 48 years married I was a widower for 6 years and then remarried she is 12 years younger than me. The only issue we have had is a financial one of getting her health insurance. well that and she doesn't remember Fats Domino. My own mother married 56 years became widow and eventually pairee up with a boyfriend from high school. They were together until each died in their mid 90's Then there is the story of the two old geezer men in their late 80's, one seriously dating a 19 year old and thinking of marriage. His friend says "Don't you know sex could be fatal? To which the man said "If she dies she dies".
  3. Hi, Obviously not, for there would be no existence of one nor two, nor anything.
  4. Might look at https://www.spurgeongems.org/sermon/chs395.pdf which begins: Sermon #395 Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit 1 JEHOVAH TSIDKENU THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS NO. 395 A SERMON DELIVERED ON SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 2, 1861, BY REV. C. H. SPURGEON, AT THE METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE, NEWINGTON. “This is His name whereby He shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.” Jeremiah 23:6. MAN by the fall sustained an infinite loss in the matter of righteousness. He suffered the loss of a righteous nature, and then a two-fold loss of legal righteousness in the sight of God. Man sinned; he was therefore no longer innocent of transgression. Man did not keep the command; he therefore was guilty of the sin of omission. In that which he committed, and in that which he omitted, his original character for uprightness was completely wrecked! Jesus Christ came to undo the mischief of the fall for His people. So far as their sin concerned their breach of the command, that He has removed by His precious blood. His agony and bloody sweat have forever taken away the consequences of sin from believers, seeing Christ did by His one sacrifice bear the penalty of that sin in His flesh. He, His own self, bore our sins in His own body on the cross. Still, it is not enough for a man to be pardoned. He, of course, is then in the eyes of God, without sin, but it was required of man that he should actually keep the command. It was not enough that he did not break it or that he is regarded through the blood as though he did not break it. He must keep it, he must continue in all things that are written in the book of the law, to do them! How is this necessity supplied? Man must have righteousness, or God cannot accept him. Man must have a perfect obedience, or else God cannot reward him. Should He give heaven to a soul that has not perfect- ly kept the law? That were to give the reward where the service is not done, and that before God would be an act which might impeach His justice. Where, then, is the righteousness with which the pardoned man shall be completely covered, so that God can regard him as having kept the law, and reward him for so doing? Surely, my brothers and sisters, none of you are so drunk as to think that this righteousness can be worked out by yourselves! You must despair of ever being able to keep the law perfectly. Each day you sin. Since you have passed from death unto life, the old Adam still struggles for dominion within you. And by the force of the lusts of the flesh, you are brought into captivity to the law of sin which is in your members! The good you would do, you do not—and the evil you would not, that you too often do! Some have thought the works of the Holy Spirit in us would give us a righteousness in which we might stand. I am sure, my brothers and sisters we would not say a word derogatory to the work of the Holy Spirit. It is divine! But we hold it to be a great cardinal point in divinity that the work of the Spirit never meant to supplant the merits of the Son. We could not depreciate the Lord Jesus Christ in order to exalt the office of the Holy Spirit of God! We know that each particular branch of the divine salvation which was es- poused by the persons of the Trinity has been carried out by each One to perfection. Now, as we are ac- cepted in the Beloved, it must be by a something that the Beloved did! As we are justified in Christ, it must be by a something not that the Spirit has done, but which Christ has done. We must believe, then— for there is no other alternative—that the righteousness in which we must be clothed, and through which we must be accepted, and by which we are made meet to inherit eternal life, can be no other than the work of Jesus Christ! We, therefore, assert.... Look at the sermon link for the full presentation by Rev Spurgeon "the prince of pastors". https://www.spurgeongems.org/sermon/chs395.pdf
  5. Hi, May I suggest that in the Biblical sense of the word righteous has very specific meaning, and it is used in context with two other words, justification and sanctification. in addition the words regeneration and glorification might be looked at for a fuller practical use of the word righteous or righteousness. There are many excellent writings on the subject; some from from John Piper ( Desiring God), from the Charles Spurgeon Archives, and also John MacArthur, ( Grace Church Sun Valley Ca., plus Shepherds Seminary) . There is a book written about John's presentations that is really a compilation of services put together by Phil Johnson (Pyromaniacs) to help define righteousness and sanctification and justification.
  6. Hi, Give thanks to God and be careful in what one prays for as God does answer prayer. There may come a drought.
  7. Yes sure, least there are many events involving angels, guardian angels protecting, that I have come to think of what many would call supernatural to be the natural course of things.
  8. Sure enough it is 29 degrees. Kinda fun but kinda cold too. This is why I am here, to see if I can take it after all these years. Is the wondrous quiet of the country worth the reasons it is quiet here. Slept with a window open, and the fireplace kept kicking on, fresh air and warmth fighting it out. Best thing of it is I got sleep real sleep, and no oak tree stuff messing with my sinuses, just like the doctor recommended. Pretty cool in a nice sense of the word. Sad contrasting note; my really nice neighbor couple are having to leave and go be near family in the city. He has vision issues and she has developed some alzheimer's issues. We even attend the same church body here. Going to miss them. I find it is a common story here, people last a couple of years and then find medical issues force them back into the greater cities for care. Guess the lesson is make the move a little earlier in life if one is going to do it. Odd how in part my own decision to try it here is medically related, that plus the sense of a calling to be here specifically. Makes me wonder a bit, but I had reasons other than for my own benefit for making this adventure in the woods. Plus I now feel led to a church body up here, so here it is regardless for now while I find out the why of that. The local church announced some nine new ministries will be revealed over the next couple of months. Who knows, maybe there is something in addition to special needs individuals, maybe not. Going to be in prayer for there to be iindividuals interested and ready for it all. In the meantime I am being really made aware of prayer, just prayer, and that is a good thing. Wondrously so. Just prayer. Well that is the stuff part, the weather, it looks like the weather people know their craft. Amazingly accurate. Think I had better go close that window for awhile the fresh air is winning out over the flame in the fireplace. May all be secure in the locales you find yourselves in today, plus very safe even on icy roadways. Amen.
  9. Well perhaps winter is not over. Was 60 degrees last night in the mountains. Temparature started dropping at sunrise. It i snow 39 degrees going down to 27 back to 40s in day time and then down to 16 degrees for a couple of nights. Brrr. But love the mountains. Even with iffy internet and sometimes no cell phone either. Hey it i the back country, on the back side of that too. Kinda like being on the back side of the moon at times, with just a few old timers up here this time of year. We loaded up on food figuring the roads and bridges to get iced up. Might be a nice time to wrap up my latest read of Matthew. God is good providing the time for His lessons. Love it Thank you thank you Lord.
  10. Okay, you go ahead and believe that if you wish, but hell is a place, a condition, and an end that never ends. Hell is not life before salvation is recognized by having heard the Holy Spirit and repented of sin against God. Life prior to salvation awareness is an ignorant bliss, a most enjoyable state to be within in it's deceptiveness. Conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit on the other hand can be mighty traumatic to some of us if not many. It is a most startling reveal.
  11. Hi, Not being rare doesn't make it common place either I suppose. From what I have seen many of us make it to our own death beds at a ripe old age and just up and die. I too do not like to dwell long on what just awful stuff happens. Idealistic is a fine quality one to nourish, being a naif is also a bit of a blessing. Seeking the good in all is far more fun than is pointing out the bad. If I am to suffer the sin of envy I think I would rather enjoy envying the polyanna personalities among us for their joy, and partake in some of it for myself.
  12. God does "play" favorites! He has His chosen as example. He has created all as He has desired to create them. From Pharaoh's born to be oppressors of God's chosen people to Saul made Paul, God has created them all. God the Father has foreknown and predestined all that will be given to His son Jesus. Jesus does not lose a one given Him by His Father. He is the Good Shepherd. it is by Jesus alone that any are made perfect in the sight of God the Father, and all individually called by God the Holy Spirit. All of humanity is born depraved from the getgo, all as result of God's wrath, and His anguished sorrow over having made this creation, especially man who fell away from fellowship with God. It is God that has decreed man's plight. It is God that has redeemed some out of many. It is God who has suffered in orde rot redeem whom He will. Redemption itself being favoritism, for it took Gods favor to overcome God's absolute requirement of perfection because all most be holy for He is perfect and Holy. God cannot abide sin. Yet He did what is impossible to do. He favored man by way of Himself taking on the price of sin which is destruction, death. He conquered death itself out of His love for that which is depraved and he made it so that depraved may be seen by Him as perfect covered by the Shed Blood of Jesus who is God. Redemption, salvation is not universal not at all few will be chosen though many may be called. All by the power and the glory that is God and by God alone. so unfair? well that is the way it is, God plays favorites all are not to be saved and all are not seen as perfect. Praise God that he has called many to be exempted from his wrath against his fallen creation. Without His mercy grace and yes even favoritism all would perish destroyed to eternal distruction not to be saved ever. I give thanks to God for his favor! I give thanks for His favor to me a man that denied His very existence. He saved me in spite of myself. He did so in answer to prayer of a person he favored. I pray that he will favor many that I know personally and I also pray for entire groups of people that at least some will heed the specific call to them individually.
  13. Hi, Fairly? Hopefully not, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It is only by God's mercy and grace that any are saved out from His wrath against his creation. He creates what he will create for the purpose He has made each. He has given His son, our Lord, those that will be saved and His Son loses not a one of them. Each that are to be saved have been foreknown and predestined by God from before the beginning.
  14. Don't put what you can't afford to lose on that bet. Several come to my mind immediately, that I arranged the funerals for during my near twenty years in the funeral business. Always nasty stuff to contend with. Gee thanks for that. I was already having trouble sleeping. And in addition the absolute hatred that manifests itself within siblings at a funeral can be an amazing and dangerous happening. As one example I remember two brothers dueling it out in the long parking lot driveway in their Lincolns, it was demolition derby. Plus the oh too common event of mass murder suicide within a family where everyone is taken out. Nothing is beyond the capacity of humans when it comes to hate and cruelty. The old line from Tommy Smothers to his brother, "Mother always loved you best" was only funny because it hit upon a truth that so many live. Anyway don't bet that one.
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