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  1. What Is Repentance?

    Hi all, Might I enter the conversation and study for a moment to share of a resource that I think expands the mind from thinking merely of self or of others for that matter when trying to define and apply repentance? I suggest repentance is not of self but of God, least repentence unto life is. While I might rattle on I prefer to only give two links, from the archives of Charles Spurgeon, for consideration. Whether one ends up with some agreement or in great disagreement with his presentations I think the time in them will be worth the effort for it will help define repentance types if nothing else. Two links: https://archive.spurgeon.org/sermons/0044.php Repentance Unto Lfe and the shorter one: http://www.spurgeongems.org/vols46-48/chs2743.pdf Mistaken Notions About Repentance
  2. How to Protect Yourself from These 10 Toxic People

    From experience? Well no not really, except to say that light scares away darkness; put light onto the various persons being described here as toxic, and they tend to flee away seeking more comfortable for themselves company in darkness elsewhere.
  3. In Need of Prayer Warriors

    Just a thought; not a recommendation as I am not qualified, except to share of my own experience. I have been a fifty year patient due to multiple back and leg injuries. I never totally heal because I re-injure the damaged areas again and again. But I get through the various dysfunctions and agonizing pains with very wonderful periods of relief- long as I do keep up with the recommendations of my Chiropractor. Of all the care I have received from various sports doctors, back specialists, radiologists, massage therapists, physical therapists, and acupuncturist, over the half century of living with this situation, the best most effective has been chiropractic care. Without chiropractic adjustment I have to go on heavy doses of Hydrocodone. With Chiropractic adjustments I do not have need of cortisone shots nor any pain killers like hydrocodone, and I have managed to avoid the eviscerating program of back surgery ( with it's near two year projected recovery therapy program and risk of death or paralysis) that was planned for me too. I praise God for bringing me a caring chiropractor, who I first knew when he played t-ball as a five year old kid back when his father was my chiropractor.
  4. In Need of Prayer Warriors

    So sorry for the disruption and agony you are going through. Father I do ask in the name of my Lord and savior Jesus that these ailments will cease so that sleep and better health may be returned. If it is medical treatment that is needed please bring the right treatment now. I do not see chiropractic care mentioned, if that is the manner in which a return to better health is to be restored please guide PrincessPeachy to the best available to her. Amen.
  5. The New Christian

    Hi, Missmuffet, lest anyone think I do not appreciate your near daily interests, and input into the Worthy Community let me state that I do apppreciate it. Perhaps appreciating it even more when I find I have early disagreement or a differing take on the subjects! The subjects most often expand my own mind, opening up new subjects for thought, reading, and prayer. I find no need to debate this particular issue all that much. I think we will end up right where we started on this one- with vastly differing view point and conclusion. I simply think no subject is too obtuse, no rabbit trail so wandering, that we cannot respond to any question while also sharing of the gospel of our Lord at the same time. And if our response is, gee I don't have a clue I never heard nor thought of your interesting question before, that too is okay. The Holy Spirit has it all in His capable hand.
  6. The New Christian

    Hi Gary, we simply disagree. And that is okay too.
  7. Rental

    Hi Steve, I think you may have misapplied what I did write, if not that is okay too. It is interesting discussion, thanks for the thread that leads to some thinking.
  8. Legalism

    Polite disagreement is always beneficial , as iron sharpening iron is.
  9. The New Christian

    Yes I can see, very clearly what she would do. She has limited confidence in the lead of the Holy Spirit, and in the ability of others, new believers especially. She feels the need of injecting a limit on what others may discuss out of a lack of her own confidence that God will use what God will use, And instead she thinks she must protect others from their own "follies" as she perceives them to be folly. I suggest that is wrong headed. Nothing against her personally, as I am certain it is born of good intent, but everything against the mindset she is presently championing. I think it not an attitude limited to her, but one which we all may fall victim to by our own lack of full confidence at some point in time in our own travel through this journey. I believe God is sovereign. I believe the Holy Spirit is quite capable of steering a new vistor to Worthy, a new christian to anywhere for that matter. And, I know the Spirit uses all things to the good of those that believe on Jesus as Lord and savior. Since I know that God has foreknown all that will come to belief, and has predestined all of the flock given to Jesus, I believe that God is also sovereign over all the pathway that each of the saints travel in their journey to salvation awareness and well as their walk in Christ. There need be no limiting of God's word from any of God's saints, before or during their travel through sanctification. As to adding to the list of now 12 I would add 13. make no lists that limits God in His calling out of the saints to Jesus via the Holy Spirit. Have confidence that God gave others brains too.
  10. The New Christian

    I am against the "rules makers" when it comes to their declaring parameters for what anyone is to be learning or asking about, or sharing for that matter. That is very much like having a "priest" between lay people and God. Or much like having a priest approved list of movies or books that can be read or that are taboo. So, I think it a very bad idea to try to limit what can be discussed with a unbeliever or a new believer about the Bible, for all of the Bible is man's inspired of God record, all good for instruction. If I look at the questions in the "Outer Court" do those individuals and their questions really fit into a list of eleven topics set up much as a cut and past type list for them to select from or be steered into? I don't think so. Do I respond to them with; sorry pick a subject from this list of eleven and we can discuss, but not anything else? I don't think so. I should be able to take on any subject of interest, not just eleven I have on a Christian cheat sheet or play book. The response, well I don't know never realized that would be an issue in my own life , but let's se what we might find together within the word of God on that problem - subject - challenge. Might be a fuller way to encourage a new Christian or an unbeliever. It also seems to me that I should not be putting on priestly garments of authority over what another may be told about God's word and application of it. If I were limited to these twelve points as an unbeliever I would still not be a believer in Jesus as my Lord and savior. I suggest that it is precisely the limiting of one's curiosity and the channeling of it, or attempt to do so, that makes most Christian tracts a rather useless by comparison substitute for real interplay between any Christian witness and any person that has not yet come to know Jesus as their Lord. The Holy Spirit presented this former unbeliever with the last page of chapter eleven and the first page of chapter twelve of the Book of Job on me. I don't see start with the book of Job on anyone's list of good Bible tracts. None the less Job was the perfect vehicle for leading me to read as a challenge from the non existent god. The entire Book of Job as my own first Bible reading. At the time I had lost two family members, a life's career, had upset and moved my immediate family 2800 miles, had eleven new to me limited partners to contend with, a failing hotel business in a bad economy to learn, and was in the process of trying to fight through five years of civil court battles as a partial list of issues to deal with. By the end of that experience I had used up years of my life, lost a large share of over two million dollars, had gone through all my own personal asset, and was without a career. The Book of Job made my issues seem like triviality by comparison, that contrasting comparison it gave me the interest in god and led to me understanding there is God! If the Holy Spirit had led someone to hand me a tract on four spiritual laws it would have been trashed by me immediately. But the Book of job within a Gideon Bible, one of one hundred and fifty of them in the hotel's rooms, one in each room, well that is what God choose to make a vehicle to get my attention as to my need. That is on a very personal experience level why I think it a serious error to declare what God should use through His witnesses as His material to share with an unbeliever to get a person's attention. I think it an error to let one's self only share with an unbeliever from a short list of tract like subjects. Let God lead, yes, but don't play priest of God by putting self between what God will use and what He will not share. Be the witness, give personal testimony, but also share of the availability of the entirety of God's word confessing that it is vast and often reveals newly what God wills for us. So perhaps we could work through the questions asked, together for mutual benefit. To my own way of thinking that approach will open conversation. At least it will have better chance of doing so, than the idea we will only discuss these eleven topics so liten up as I espouse on them alone. Invite any question, don't worry about rabbits or their trails! Remember where the word of God led each of us, and be patient in presenting the word as it seems to apply to life, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us to the keys of scripture, which are way more numerous than eleven topics.
  11. The New Christian

    Missmuffett's rules of order? Here I thought it was just said all that need be done is sit back and let Jesus do what is necessary to be done. Now there seems to be a precise set of rules to follow, and no others to be discussed. If Jesus is to lead and I am to sit back, then why do I need a precise set of orders plus limits on what I am to learn, from any poster at all? Oh, it's all so very confusing.... .
  12. Rental

    Sorry , but that just seems to me to be convoluted at best and errant in total at worst. But, also just as well intended as the motivation poster or bumper sticker philosophy of even a Mr. Tew certainly is. Steve do what is necessary to help you follow actively and with knowledge of the written word of God the Bible allows you to practice.
  13. What is the temperature outside...

    Or heat your bones. It is 58 degrees predawn here Sunday, going to 78 today with 66% humidity, not bad for here. It can get mighty humid come summer. it's days like this when I want to wear shorts to worship services, but find I think that a little too informal for me. If I were vacationing and visiting a church I would , but at home, it just seems different and so I suffer long pants for a few hours, till I can get back to t-shirt and shorts and flip flops. We might have another winter run through here but for the most part I think it came and went with the blast out of the north the past three days. We may have suffered a slight frost too, leaves on the tenderest of bushes are damaged some. We haven't had that since 2011 here. I had to get outside and cut away a sun deck during this blast of winter. It was cold out there, in the mid forties and low fifties, way too cold.
  14. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Hi to all, Do you suppose the children's church is in need of improvement? Seems a rather common theme develops out of first encounter memories, and one that is not at all comforting to many, based upon the memory the mind selects for recounting as an adult. I know it has evolved some where I attend. With for hire staff ordained for ministry in charge of all worship and study for children up to sixth grade then youth up through 12th grade, and then college, and finally career and marriage age. Then we get lumped into the rest of us with special Sunday school classes for the very old that still want to sing the old hymns only. That makes for a lot of paid ordained staff, each with their criminal background checked. Plus all volunteer helpers/assistants must be checked. But what of the main general worship service, the one that tends to bore kids to insanity? Should they be part of it or not? Should the worship be that boring in the first place to kids and youth? I wonder. Are kids such a distraction to worship that we really need cry rooms and special classes for them as parents worship and hear sermons? Are adults not tolerant of children, nor children capable of being taught social behavior around adults? Just wondering is all. I know I threw out all the felt boards and easels long ago. The children have real bible lessons, and not stories about carrots. There are also AWANA classes midweek where the youngest of children spend enormous amount of effort and time learning Bible passages and hearing application of them. So there is Christ being taught, but is it the best of ways? Locally where I attend there is a long lasting series of concern and effort at improvement that been ongoing for a couple of decades steady that I know of. I wonder if there is a different earliest memory to come from the kids of today after they mature because of such efforts, or if first memories are really about being introduced to a strange environment and are a reflection of some discomfort that any new setting might bring to any child.
  15. Red Letter Christians

    Ah, here I thought the OP was going to lead into discussion of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" and the theme of legalism and guilt. Perhaps it is a reading due for a once over again. I first read it as assigned reading by an overzealous seventh grade English teacher that was also my "home room" warden.