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  1. Concerned about a child in your family?

    Also look into the doctor's website , watch the videos of one extreme and I mean extreme situation. I think that will be of interest and revealing. They are also on Youtube
  2. Has come around the block four or five times now, stating threads all with similar themes .
  3. anyone ever had this happen?

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker Matchmaker, matchmaker, Make me a match, Find me a find, Catch me a catch Matchmaker, matchmaker Look through your book, And make me a perfect match Oh, matchmaker, matchmaker,...... ...........Find me a find, Catch me a catch, Night after night in the dark I'm alone So make me a match, Of my own. -From Fiddler on The Roof.
  4. anyone ever had this happen?

    But, is that what we are shown in Bible history? I don't think so! ------- And as general response to the topic; NO I do not hate "match makers". What a absolutely ludicrous waste of my time that would be. Instead I listen and pray when I hear of a need or desire in that arena. My own prayer will also include; "and if it is Your will instead Father then please give the strength of will to not burn with passion, allow them to be as Paul was." I never dated around seeking to know someone for a long time either. The first love with a help mate lasted fifty years until death did part us. The second is a young relationship started out as "hello are you the one I'm looking for?", and almost immediately resulted in marriage. The lead of God the Holy Spirit being felt strongly by both of us. Today, we have no delusion that we will not have typical marital discussion and maybe argument, but we both know we have the Holy Spirit indwelling and that God wills us to be helpmates. From there from that foundation we build our marriage. We aren't spending years prodding for flaws and then rejecting because we find em. We know from the getgo we will find them. We know we need God to resolve them as we go. And that is what we rely upon- God.
  5. Spiritual Condition - Churches

    Used to listen to Martin on radio, while in the limo waiting to pick up families. He is one of the first Christians I enjoyed hearing, though I listened to them for a living all day long. I use some of his writing as reference material even today. Zola Levitt fought against the "falling away" of seminaries for many years, the seminaries with their new found enlightenment of replacement theology. His material is available on the Zola Levitt Ministries website archives of their publications. I am still encouraged! For the Holy Spirit has led me to churches ( plural) over the years where I have learned much that is valued by me today. I have been with the same local body of Christ for twenty years, and now see as elders men that were children attending the school at this local body of Christ when I first arrived. The local church here sustains not based upon any man but upon a principle, that of adhering to first century church order as closely as may be discerned from the Bible. That principle has us with eleven elders each qualified to teach the entirety of the Bible with knowledge of Jesus as our Lord and savior, and of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit by which proper discernment of the word, the Bible, is made possible. So I see a growing body of Christ Jesus with babies, children, youth , adults , seniors all flourishing in the word of God. And I am encouraged! Plus I read that no matter how bad "it" gets there is a remnant that is saved out by the mercy and grace of God, and that there will at the worst of it perhaps, definitely come the 144,000, strong Jewish personalities, with the gospel of our Lord Christ Jesus. Further I suggest the Americans (USA) that lament over the church may have need of a wider scope of awareness, plus a telescope into the future that is Israel. There is so much excessive near sighted focus on the local churches and denominations that I think the greater view of history to come is not accounted for though it needs to be. Israel is the core that reveals. The Bible comes alive when looking into Israel . The concern over an American church of one sort or another is but a comparatively minor distraction, maybe even a diversional tactic of the enemy the evil one to keep focus of Americans focused on themselves and off Israel. My suggestion is; keep personal focus strongly upon God's predestined and sovereign work, and especially upon Israel as each saint reads, prays, and thinks, in seeking knowledge of the word of God.
  6. Do you have a Godly calling?

    Was that our Lord's word to "a whole new world"? You think technology is helping the Holy spirit make His specific call to repentence to all that will be saved, and that without technology the Holy Spirit will not be able to complete the task of His agency? I don't have need for things to get better. I have Jesus things can't get better than that.
  7. Do you have a Godly calling?

    Conversely I happened to be on a chat site the one time Zola Levitt was on it. Within a matter of a few minutes, a man who had been an antagonist changed his online name from one of denial of God to one of praise of Jesus, he was so excited in his sudden repentance from his own sin against God. The Holy Spirit had convicted him and Zola had encouraged him. There was nothing clever about it. Just the word of God presented by a man that was spirit filled encouraging to another to hear and heed the call of the Holy Spirit to repent and turn to Jesus.
  8. Such a grand day of worship and exposition!

    Sure. Is it appropriate to list a name or website on the open board? I don't know. Since I retired I feel much freer to share, if the Worthy Christian Forums does not object. I don't want to use this fine board for advertising just sharing, PM me I guess.
  9. Promotion position at Kellogg's

  10. Texans used of God

    My Worthy cyber acquaintance and friend, frienduffthaylorde has taken it upon himself to try to get me to go help him get all those bad preachers out "there"out of the pulpits. And to get me straightened out in the process. He has told me he has never found a church that is Biblical and that he is from Texas. We have some fun bantering and conversation. My brother says he loves me, and I appreciate him too. Hey I can use someone praying for me, even if they cannot so much as find a church. LOL I have been curious about Texas, and I confess to also having a bit of fun with my friend over Texas, as big as it is, not having a Bible teaching church that he can attend and stomach the pastors/teachers therein. My wife is of course from Texas. She had a very close association with her very small rural church of about six people and so appreciated the fellowship. We met by way of Zola Levitt Ministries Christian message board (Texas based). My journey's into and through Texas these past couple of years have been a wonderful learning experience. I kinda like Texas myself. Really enjoyed the hill country, it is so much like my native New Hampshire. Used to think Texas was one big ugly place also called "Interstate 10", that took me two days to cross as I went from California to Florida. Whether it be by car truck or plane, Texas has always represented a pain to me as I go from coast to coast,getting stuck at Dallas/Fort Worth a few times, stuck in Dallas city, stuck at San Antonio with a broken VW Van,. Anyway always stuck in Texas, never had chance to just see it; until my bride shared of it. She being Texas born raised and resident until I grabbed her away to this subtropic heat we call Floridah. Oh I didn't recommend moving to Floridah, wouldn't do that to anybody. I did say I knew alot of very good congregations at California, but that he will need a passport and a California visa. As a general guideline when reading my ramblings; I have a quirky humor, maybe a bit dry, and certainly gets a little obtuse. It is not for everyone, kind of like green olives with red pimento. Makes one ask, why? Why would anyone do that, olive and pimento, really? ------------ " churches. They have survived for thousands of years. Bible believing. Being part of a local body is work, and not all self serving. But it can be a blessing too. It is what you make it. Or not." Yep, partner, or is it pilgrim? I'll ask my wife who is also teaching me to wear my hat properly, and never inside. Guess what? An old dog can learn a new trick or two. Ayuh, yuhp, shuanuff.
  11. Concerned about a child in your family?

    Yes it is. We are in the locale of that medial practice. I am witnessing the results in a personal setting. Fact, I am just in awe of the dramatic changes occurring and am getting the books ( plural ) this week for sharing with a well trained school counselor as well as for my own greater enlightenment. So far I have been getting all my information second hand from the parents of one such child and seeing the results of the program. Other details I will gladly share in private message format. If you know how to start a Private Message send one. I don't know my way around here yet. I don't want to be perhaps abusing and misusing the Worthy board for the promotion of a private practice, but am so excited for the answer to prayer that seems to be coming from this particular practice that I do want to share of at least the name and that something exists that seems to have hope of success, so that anyone may do their own research.
  12. Hi all, Posting this just in case someone here is seeking help- I have had some limited exposure to troubled and troubling young kids over a period of time. I have seen some programs that seem to help a little. And, I am aware of how prevalent the problem is becoming, along with the potential for life long problems resulting from most schools inability to help the troubled or disconnected children. Let me emphasize, I am not "a qualified expert" in any sense of the words! What I am is a witness of what is happening to some kids that seem disconnected, and of the help that has been found at some considerable cost, for someone very close to me and our family. I do suggest a look at the books and the program from the writer of "Disconnected Kids". I praise God for putting this opportunity of help within our own family, and for the rather substantial improvement that has been occurring. Thank you Lord.
  13. Wow, what a lift today is for me! Went to Jesus' church.got there just a little late, and thought my there are not a lot of people here today, but others keep coming and the place became packed by the time we were into offering and prayer. By the time the exposition of Acts by our senior pasture started it was just filled and the mood of the room was heavy with anticipation. Much spirit! The talk itself held me at mental attention for a full hour, so much so that I am going to go in tomorrow and get the sermon notes plus ask for the previous few sermons on the exposition of the book of acts. As I looked around afterward, I saw several of the elders and got to thinking wow this is a grand place, so much talent and so many gifted by God to teach, and many to pastor as well, that call this place their home church. Am I ever fortunate!
  14. Hi, I plead guilty to lengthy posts. I just often have little time to compress them. My bad, so to type. I do try to, like an old time newspaper article, make the point right up front then tell why I made the point, then review the point made. Really appreciate your reference to "fight or flight", with one's right side of the brain out in front of the left. "Brain balance" is an issue I am becoming familiar with in the young of today. Amazing to see the training that can and does correct that problem. Reference Balance See: Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorders Book by Robert Melillo
  15. Hello from Canada

    Sa Say what eh? And Welcome!