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  1. Gradation in general is measure. In every sense of the word it is a measure, a degree, and I add of my own understanding it is also a limit. Example: an eye for an eye is not a demand for an eye to be taken for an eye lost, but instead is a limit to payment for damages done. One does not take a life for an eye as example. Recompense is limited. God will punish severely anyone that exceeds proper recompense, as He did those that severed the hackles of oxen in their own rage and sense of justice with retribution. God is just, He is also more. He is fair, but He is also more. He is also generous in mercies. For God paid the price of all injustice and all sin against Him done by the very people He has given to Jesus and called out to be His elect. He offered His own Son and His Son willingly became the sacrificial price paid in full for the sins of the saints. All so that God may be fully just and fully merciful to an undeserving and fallen creation. Seems God's punishment is graduated, but His love is overflowing beyond measure. Only God can reconcile the two. That is my own understanding that I share for whatever it is worth.
  2. Idiot savant perhaps. There is such joy in being the fool for Christ Jesus, and having the security of life with God for all eternity. Let the wise that reject the foolish message of Jesus' gospel die in their wisdom. May many be found innocent of such wisdom, and instead superior in the foolishness of the gospel truth of Jesus, that faith of Jesus, so that through God's grace and mercy many will have eternal life with God!
  3. I guess three times the message is sufficient. I had not planned it that way. But that which is important God Himself seems to repeat three times. Kinda funny the error I made continued through three postings.
  4. God demands worship of Him, and of no other.
  5. No matter where the soul and spirit be, if the Holy spirit indwells it, it will be lifted up and united with a new spiritual body, not one of flesh not an avatar. It will be all at the time known only to God the father. At the trump it will be much as the joy that Claude Elie wrote and sang so joyously from deep in his own soul, "No Grave Can Hold My Body Down". That will include any body, of any state of being, and of any "avatar". Not to be worried by any of man's grand schemes, VICTORY has already been won. Jesus is Lord! p.s. Even the demons know it and fear the time that is coming for it is certain.
  6. Great thread! Many a honest plead of the situation many feel they are in today. I too have those "feelings", and it is hard to find fellowship as I age evermore. Yet fellowship is there, and caring saints in Christ do pray for me by name near daily! I know of the prayers for my well being, even in the lonelier of times. Seems to me the Psalmists have that common trait too. It shows in their plea to God out of a sense of being alone and separated- a loneliness of even soul at times. The fellowship with saints, it seems superficial and perhaps it is , except when saints do gather specifically for the protection of accountability, one with another in prayer groups. That is perhaps where real friendship is to be found, at least the most intense of fellowship and lifting may be therein. Much of our local body of Christ's men get up at five on Friday's to then be ready to read pray, and meet at six AM. Our women gather just a little later in the morning on Thursdays for similar gathering and bonding. Tuesdays there is evening prayer gathering for missionaries. And Sundays prior to services there is gathering for prayer for the presenters of information at services. There are a few additional gatherings but the idea has been presented- I suggest these are the places of making strong friendships, not at the meet and greet handshaking sessions before a worship service, nor after services as people leave to go fill their bellies. The volunteer projects those sign up sheets tell of, they too are the opportunities to meet fellow saints and become close friends. None the less, loneliness will creep in come the day I slack off being part of active faith's errands. So, I suggest that when the feeling of what the... happens it is time for me personally to take it up a notch get very active in service as a soldier of Christ Jesus by doing some separate project some special interest thing that does fit into service to our creator. For it is His company that I need most. Perhaps it is the same for others too.
  7. Watch out, you might trip and smack your whistler. I do enjoy so very much Larkin's manner of graphing in art the analysis of Bible inspiration with the human interpretations rendered of them. His chart "The Ages" as viewed from different standpoints as the Jews, as the Post-mills., pre-mills., and as God sees them, is a quick easy to follow rendering of vantage points of the same word of God the Bible. The various pen drawings of this engineering trained mind is very helpful in sensing the awesome task of reveal that is the Bible. The book is not inspired, does not claim any such thing. It is a very interesting presentation of vast subject matter dealing in prophecy for the main, but leading to much practical application of the Bible's laws and precepts as well as insight to prophecy already come to pass and yet to pass on into the future. I find the charts "draw" me into reading the Bible.
  8. Hi coheir, Well I sorta was too. My dad was a flight instructor out of Pensacola during WWII. Though New England born I was as a new born babe transported first to Corpus Christi then off to Pensacola for the war years. As a toddler I was tossed around by cadets and instructors for the first years of my life. My very early pictures have me in US Navy flight gear and googles happily being tossed in the air by flight instructors. The first time I reentered Florida as an adult I was in a new VW Kobi camper with my family in July with up to three inches of water under us at a KOA just passed the Alabama line. My Kobi had come from SO CAL, blown spark plugs out of it at San Antonio, and given up being able to be started once I turned the engine off until it had cooled for several hours. What a nasty trip. But somehow I made it back to SO CAL. Only to later have the call to be sent into Florida again where I have become a near "native". God led us across country (USA) four times. He used the combination of all those adventures to bring us close to Him, Praise God for His mercies and Grace. And thanks for tripping me this early morning to memories that are rather fun to visit. Tennessee! Wow how long? Do you like It? As part of our recent journey we got into a little of TN. Spent time searching for something along the Ocoee river and lake. Not much available. But so very beautiful there. Guess that is because there isn't much in the way of population and housing at the USFS areas. Mostly though I just touched down at Chattanooga rented a Jeep and then headed East for Murphy NC and over to Lake Santeetlah NC area. That too gets pretty remote, -Got lost into the narrow forestry trails, no GPS nor cell service. That was fun.... This business of moving is an adventure. Though I can't come close to what my sister just did, She is now to become an expatriot on a sandy beach and snorkel in the warm climes. Ah life's adventures, what a creation, and our creator knew all this from before the beginning of the beginning. Awesome! To think this is all fallen, fallen from a perfect place, yet it is beautiful in it's decay. The colors of seasons etc. All so amazing to behold. What do you suppose eternity forward will bring to our eyes? How much more awesome than even this is, and without any downside issues to wrestle with and contend over. MARANATHA p.s.- When I recount little stories of travel I always end up amazed at the histories of people that first traveled these vast lands,- raw lands. How did they do it? Such talent, strength, and courage, from Daniel boone to the stand at the Alamo, to Lewis and Clark's historic venture and history. Yet I look at a fire trail already cut by USFS and wonder; oh oh how do I turn this Jeep around if I go in there? And the story of the TVA, I had no idea it was for electricity for Alcoa to produce aluminum needed for WWII. How did people get into there and put it all together? !
  9. Ha, yep! and in the nose and eaten too! Then added to the pan of hot water and "vaporized", makes the eyes sting don't ya know-
  10. The drawings of Charles Larkin are featured in church libraries and offices. Linear expressions of the timelines of Bible prophecy are often framed and displayed. His work is on Youtube and can be found via a search of Charles Larkin and prophecies.
  11. My bride is Texas born and raised. I stole her away a year ago and brought her to the really steamy South, the subtropics. And so now I am looking at a finding a place of some cooler summers. I had never considered the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains before this summer. She thought Texas could get hot, until she met this Florisa summer weather head on. It's a wet thick heat. And there is something now that gets us all and makes us cough that was never a part of the summer's till recent years. Guess it is all the development making it hotter and hotter and letting bad stuff lose in the air each day. My own choking cough stopped while I was up at the Mountains of North Carolina, but within very few hours of being back in the flatlands of Florida my cough returned. May you be blessed with finding a really great place for yourself to thrive!
  12. Hi, thanks for responding and sharing. For anyone stopping by this thread you just have to take a look online at 101 3rd Street Clarksville, Missouri for sale I used Zillow WARNING if you look you too will want a church for your residence! And yes we have looked at the one for sale at Bryce City NC unfortunately it has been stripped. It is pretty well trashed out by comparison. If I could stand the thought of more city life, plus a full time move away from my grandson. I'd sell out in a heartbeat to have the Missouri property. As it is that place is just a fine property for someone else to tend as "proprietor" caretaker. THANKS FOR the reminder and confirmation as to waiting for that "sign". What do I want, God to send the down payment already made out to the seller? I may have been using my creator as my excuse for dragging my feet.
  13. Hi, I am joining in prayer for your child, for you and for your husband. I am also praying for this dog. and for the neighbor's. There is little in a neighborhood so unerving as to have to listen to a poor animal crying their day away. Perhaps, just perhaps there is need to rethink and then undo the decision to acquire a pet dog to raise at this time? ??? I know I had to return a poor animal under somewhat similar circumstance less than a couple of years ago, when I realized what my effort was doing to the animal. It was very hard for me to acknowledge my limits and my mistake, but I did it for the animal's sake as it was me that was responsible for it's condition and difficulty that had it barking, digging and just plain misbehaving. I am intruding beyond just praying,doing so in wonder if maybe exchanging for a quiter and more mature pet might be part of a solution? I apologize for my intrusion beyond prayer! I risk it for concern for you all.
  14. Joined in prayer and in praise of our creator and savior.
  15. I fear something. For I fear God greatly. He is awesome in His power. His wrath is unlike any other in it's intensity. Yes I fear God. I also am awestruck that God has provided for me that which the Psalmist has written, that place in the tall grasses that does shield me from sight of the wolves of the mountain that hovers over the valley, and that God is the sole provider of my own wealth of security that is eternal. Praise to God, He is feared. For He is power, the all powerful God. I do bend my knee and bow my head before God. Yes I fear God. As to living as an avatar, the many wily games of the coyote are interesting aren't they? Seems to me members of this group haven't quite caught up in the" Game Of Deceits" as the Christian Scientist has it bettered already, by being just being a figment of one's own imagination.