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  1. Will the native Europeans emigrate? If so to where? Will they just sit and die much like the preverbal frog sitting in the pan of water being heated slowly, not having even sense to get out of the water. Perhaps there will come a "natural" solution, a plague upon the land that will kill off millions of the invading breeds, something that the native population has immunity to, but that will confront and become lethal to the immigrating invaders. Barring a solution from our creator it appears the natives of the lands will not survive. Next? Central America, USA? Who will fight? Who will just be like frogs in heated waters? Hard times a coming- Maranatha!
  2. You are very clear, and I believe correct in the assessment and concern. From my personal vantage point though, I resist making judgement of another's "Christianity". I trust God to work through to His satisfaction the sanctification of my fellow saints in Christ Jesus. Now if in that process my creator uses you and others to raise a question or alert for someone I know well or have even just casual context with, that is between you and our Lord. I just do not feel led to go about my own day asking myself is that one saved , what of that one, why I saw them do such and such. Nope it is not my calling to go about correcting my Lord's servants. I work at a local body of Christ, and I hear the question; "Were they saved?" or, " I don't know if they are saved." quite often. I personally think; What? If they have died it doesn't matter any longer, and if they are alive they are of the flock of Jesus or they are not. Their works may be good and they still not be saved, or their efforts may be near invisible and yet they are saved. The question seems to me to be judgement without any useful purpose. I do find however that God has assigned a bunch of people, and I mean a whole bunch to keep me in correction. Bless them one and all. Sincerely, bless them for they mean well, and a few might actually be led of the Holy Spirit to help me too. I do kinda wonder about the saint that told me in front of a lady's work group that really I should dress better, after all I do represent the church. I have gotten such a chuckle again and again about that one. I have learned it is somehow important how I dress to at least one saint.
  3. Presuming that to be so for the moment, though I will later parse the word "literal" for all the Bible is not literal at all, I suggest that no man nor woman has perfect understanding of the Bible, never mind have common understanding as to allow one's declaring what "we" believe.
  4. That presumes "we" have truth, always. I find that I don't. Not always, in fact I am amazed how often I still learn, each day, of what I did not fully or even partially understand just yesterday. Praise God for His patience with me, and for his continuing to sanctify me.
  5. Yes, and? What would you have our president do in this fight we are in for our national survival? Excellent political leaders/soldiers make deals to win war. President Trump tries to be a deal maker. I find it encouraging, far better leadership than going around apologizing for our existence. Again may God bless him.
  6. No one person represents Jews, nor does any one person represent Islam, nor any person represent Christians. Nonetheless the trip was highly symbolic and hopefully politically important. The trip impressed many in this world, the world in which we live. The man's attempt at putting together a coalition to fight a common enemy is impressive to me. He went to whom he needed to go to in order to help build a consensus and if lacking a consensus at least a tolerance for his strong will to bring down our enemy. May God bless and protect my President Donald Trump.
  7. Satire is sarcasm's witty cousin, often just as mean spirited, but far more talented. Yet does it serve a good purpose? I think the answer is no. For do we need to be satirical in our presentation of our Lord and savior Jesus? I don't think there is Glory to God in it. I think an argument it is better placed in a straightforward manner, one that does not deride nor ridicule it's proponents. We recently lost a dear sister that was much into the WOF movement. She, it seemed to me, was quite errant in her understandings, but she was a dear sister in Christ Jesus. To deride her as some did, served no good purpose for the cause of Christ that I could see. She and I could go at it over doctrines, but I could not help but respect her for her determination to follow our Lord Jesus. She would get mad and call me names then later say she was sorry, but that I am so dumb in not seeing the truth of the movement WoF. In the end she died just as likely will I, and in each case it will be by the mercy and grace of God alone that either or both of us will spend eternity with our Lord and savior Jesus. Personally I think God is far more generous to us than we are to each other in these matters.
  8. My Texas bride is the one pushing for me to relax some. She wants me retired. I just don't know, can I stand it? Anyway this summer away from the heat- I do look forward to that, going fishing on some USA lakes and rivers looking for cheap summer living at Tn, WV NC and Ga. And we will visit the homeland NH, and also CA for a coastline run to see family. Should be able to keep busy enough, maybe too busy. I also want to explore if there is a service, a mission, out there that we might fill. We have the itchy foot syndrome that a ministry might be awaiting us somewhere.
  9. Yep, When I joined in order to see some Israel pictures taken by Zola Levitt's ministry I was bombarded with those kinds of offers. I immediately tried to cancel my "account" It was nearly impossible. Took a few years before I stopped getting the "offers", and facebook enticements to to use my account.
  10. Just a personal note: In three days time I will have a trial retirement, well kind of; I'm taking the summer off- Going to see how the Europeans live, not going there just taking the summer "holiday". Never done that in my life. It is a little scary to not work, but I do hope to fill the time well, seeing mostly the cooler mountain areas of the Eastern USA. I have "suffered" the summers in the sub tropics for 39 years. I have had it with that! Least I think I have. Praise God, work has allowed me the time away to spend with my child bride. Time to build a strong bond of marriage partnership. It feels like a good thing, no great. But ya know, I have always worked always. I admit it is scary stuff this time off thing. Don't know how whole nations of people do it. But, maybe it is about time to find out- How do you all spend time off, do you vacation at a special place that you return too each year? Travel? Sit at home and rest, never vacation? And retirement, how many survive that, enjoying it? It is the "goal" for many,retirement, never has been for me. And I feel kinda strange taking the cautious leave of absence approach. I have thought about using the summer travels to see if there is a new career out there, a business opportunity, a farm, whatever. Guess the question is how does one "relax" without purpose beyond relaxing? Is it even a good thing, this relaxing?
  11. Hi, Reading? As in a book rather than a Bible verse passage or book of the Bible? Absolutely nothing right now. For I am awaiting the arrival of Clarence Larkin's "Dispensational Truth". It was out of print but the publisher was to print last week. I have scheduled myself to have a full two months leave of absence from work , and intend to do some reading studying and relaxing. So please continue to share. I'm looking for reading ideas. Thanks
  12. Not if there is enough protective powdered sugar on them.
  13. Smores, nobody ever died from Smores, -least not a rapid death. Or make it a chocolate fondue pot if you wish.
  14. My thoughts? It is the double hearted nature of the flattery that is an issue of great fault, and not so much the praise and thanks one to another for kindnesses. Flattery is insincere and often motivated by desire for some personal gain or advantage. One should not fear to be generous in thanks of others, nor in praise of God for having placed kind minded individuals into our lives. But- let the person that does good works quietly for service to His creator remain anonymous as he may wish, so that his reward may be greater in heaven. That in of itself can become a legalistic tightrope to balance upon, both for the doer and the recipient of good works. Maybe a simple; "Thanks, I saw what you did, praise God for your testimony in deed." , is in order, and just leave a good works witnessed / received at that.
  15. Hi, A high calling? Well there are high callings, to spiritual service as a soldier in Christ while here still in the flesh, some higher than others, and so too there are high degrees of responsibility. Not all persons are called to the same standing of responsibility. Not all are gifted in the same manner by the Holy Spirit either. Yet all are cautioned that in faith there is "works" and that without works that faith is as though it is dead, in fact it is dead. Personally I hesitate to make judgement of a person as a pew sitter, for that person may have only time to sit for that limited time I may see him or her. They may be very busy, quietly tending to the calling God has led them into, and fully engaged as a saint in Jesus, without my personal awareness or any knowledge of their faith filled service. Each saint in Christ Jesus is the servant of another, that other being God. They are not my servant, and so I know I am not to pass judgements upon them, especially so for I do not truly know them nor what they may do that is between them and God alone. If my pastor or a teacher / elder exhorts the local body of Christ to be about the high calling of Christ that is fine, a good thing for my own self review- BUT, I think a very dangerous fault for me to then engage in about others. So I will take such an exhortation to my own prayer closet and between the Holy Spirit my Lord Jesus and God the Father work through what I am to be doing, what I am to be learning, and what attitude I need adopt as I may go about my own calling. It is my attitude towards my calling that may be the most important attribute I may develop. If I go about in a manner that is haughty or even worse perhaps slovenly, I do not honor my lord. It is my heart's attitude more than my hands results I think, but both need be about their business as best they can. And if the calling lends me opportunity to clean the restrooms, eight of them, each day of work at a church, in order to save the expense of an outside janitorial srvice, then I need develop a heart for the task, cleaning the toilets in a manner and with an attitude that honors my creator. That is then part of my own "high" calling. And no one will ever see or say; hey, boy those restrooms those toilets are they ever clean places. Nope, the manner of the works most do, regardless of what it is, will not be seen nor acclaimed, but by golly, miss a day at whatever it is, miss a spot somewhere, and there will be an anonymous note in the collection plate next week- Ha, people are such funny creatures, God's mercy upon us, flawed as we are, is awesome! We received one such note this week. We (several old men) have been working in the oppressive 98 degree heat tearing out old sod working on irrigation systems at our local church building. It has been a budget buster item so we have been slow in getting it done, though we work hard at what we can about the need, within our budget constriants. Well we got a note, unsigned, in the collection plate telling us of "suggestions" as to how it should look and what purposes it should serve when we are done. And another person complained that if; we don't move faster there will be dust and dirt blowing around for weeks. So the point? - Do not expect that if you do find there is more that God will have of you to do and you do it that it will be met with outstanding approval and ovation from fellow saints, for they too do not know what is between you and God. And that is a good thing too. For it then keeps for a better day of account. Build up treasure in heaven and do not worry about what is in the sight of man. Develop a heart attitude of joy in all that is done to the Glory of God alone. And then it all becomes if not fun, at least most satisfyingly grand service as a soldier in Christ Jesus at his post, no matter how low or how high on the totem pole of service it may be.