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  1. Neighbor

    Neighbor issues (and future move)

    Father please bring many angels to protect all that live at this complex. Take away the insanity of anyone wishing harm one upon another. And provide the means for your saints Sojourner along with his wife to be safe and have quiet enjoyment of their domicle. So much of this land seems agitated and many of it's individuals infected with near demonic like if not actual demonic attack and leading by little antiChrists to evil doing that it is hard to be at rest. Please bring to each of us strong awareness of the Holy Spirit our comforter in this time. Amen.
  2. Neighbor

    pain, pain go away

    Father your saint hurts today. Please enable the resistance to it and lift it off, away from her body. Thank you Father. I do pray this in the name of my Lord and savior Jesus.
  3. Neighbor

    Time to put away our bottles.....

    Sorry that is an errant assumption. I have heard it I do hear it and I expect I will continue to hear that very thing. That there is love of and for each other plus they love me. I have confidence many will be then encouraged to listen and many will heed when the Holy Spirit calls them specifically. Some will plant some will cultivate and some will be in service during the harvest. The one that plants need not see the harvest to know it with certainty.
  4. Neighbor

    Time to put away our bottles.....

    Sorry But "we" do not! I state that I have enjoyed the high privilege of God leading me to association with so many saints in Christ Jesus over many decades now that are living the command of Jesus, that I cannot abide such a lament as we have a diet of milk. Each and every one of the many God has placed me near have had great impact upon my own journey. I learn to this day by their example and by the word of God taught by so many and by their encouragement for me to read the Bible, to think on the word, to pray and make application of it, in all that I do. I am ever humbled in how much more there is for me to learn. Further; I suggest lamenting becomes a very bad habit in some saints, and then even a limiting disease of the heart, and that any and all lamenters defeat them self by their own tongue with it's lamenting. All the while many thousands and perhaps many tens of thousands of born again saints are about the word and work of God reacting praying thinking and making pesonal application of it every day. I choose to identify with those that are out and about as happy witnesses giving testimony of the saving grace and mercy of God. I feed on their testimonial message, their work, their example, to my own benefit, as I am awed by God's patience with us all. May God bless all that are going about even this moment doing all that they do to His Glory.
  5. Neighbor

    The big Picture

    If the innumerable grains of sand came about as do the repentance of the sinner to his repentance from sin against God they would be a sandstorm.- quoting my wife. Whacky humor hit me at reading your OP, for I am very fatigued this day, and I have just been changing my screen saver to an early morning sunrise on a Maine coast beach at low tide where I just returned from. The photo is of lots and lots and lots of gray wet rippled sands, the sun almost rising, dark clouds on the horizon, and in the midst of the sands at a distance is one lone seagull standing. I kinda identified for a bit with that one lone seagull on the wet cold sands amongst the beauty of it all. Then I read your post and thought: If I am a grain of sand, I think I am on beautiful Gooch's beach, but I had better not look directly up for I am under that seagall's tail feathers.
  6. Neighbor

    To charge or not to charge.....

    There was a treasury, there was a purse, there were gifts presented for the teaching by a good Rabbi teaching worth his wage as was custom and Rabbinical law. Jesus revealed Judas before Satan entered into Judas. The heart of Judas was changed, filled, and exposed by Jesus. Satan then came into Judas, and Judas went quickly as ordered by Jesus to haggle over payment to him if he were to expose Jesus. thus fulfilling yet another OT prophecy. It was not the purse nor the treasure that exposed Judes Escariot. He was foreknown and predestined from the beginning by God, and then confirmed by Him in giving to Judas the sopped bread first. Someone had to betray Jesus, otherwise prophecy was not fulfilled. He was selected by Jesus to be the fulfillment of Old testament prophesies so that nothing would be left undone that needed fulfilling. Jesus called him out before Judas Iscariot ever betrayed Jesus. -Told him to go quickly. And Satan entered Judas' body.
  7. Neighbor

    To charge or not to charge.....

    Reads like a lot of politics to me. Though I think that is from the book of Probes by the ruling Politbureau.
  8. Neighbor

    Retreats for Solitude with the Lord

    Hi, Well for a hour or two of very close by "retreat" may I suggest going to 6060 Wilshire Blvd.? Go with an appetite. Go for a late midweek lunch. It is quiet, elegant, not outrageously expensive, and right on the busy street near where you live, and part of the Petersen Museum where if you have the time you can spend many quiet hours on a weekday. Pick a tour that includes half the basement too, where cars are being worked on and much political world history is revealed in cars . http://dragoristorante.com/location/ Last time I was at LA I drove to the museum from Yorba Linda via side streets instead of Freeway and went through Korea Town. I would have been fearful of of danger and nearly was until I realized hey people selling the humblest of used clothing on the curb and food goods in home packaged Ball Canning Jars aren't likely out there to harm me. I found myself praying for their prosperity and wellbeing. Next thing I knew I was intrigued by the street scenes. PS If you can stand the time the museum is really a wondrous quite place of retreat and fine memories of times gone by. I have forgotten the address of a once favorite Korean BBQ there. My family usually drives me there, as they are Korean and know all the good food serving places.
  9. Neighbor

    To charge or not to charge.....

    During the two year missionary journey of my Lord God and Savior Jesus who manifested as fully man and still was fully God, did he not have a treasury and an officer to tend that treasury? Was the treasury supplied only by miracle? Did the 12 and Jesus sell crystal uniorns on the side for those two years? Were they fully self sufficient, or might there have been many love offerings? And, even sacrifical giving by a poor widow or two giving all they had instead of giving from their excess only? Seems to me some were giving, giving even their all, while others gave absolutely nothing, even while receiving the message of Jesus rejecting the messengers need. That's about the way it is today. The givers, sacrificially giving, as well as the self absorbed and the cheapest of pikers of today are little different than the cast of real people on the world stage recorded in the Bible. Some today are like the rich young man and a young ruler who each said when called by God to follow him; wait until my finances are set and then I will go, and also wait for me to settle my father's estate ( Even while his father was still living), wait and when all is right, and I am secure in my affluence I will then come and serve you Lord. And what did Jesus have to say to that? One goes in faith as called when called. It is by faith that the obedient among the saints will make full excellent provision for the teachers/rabbis. Shame and double shame, when one is not doing either, but instead is sitting at home holding onto one's earthly treasure to and for one's self, demonstrating a complete lack of faith in the proposition that God provides, and that his provision is perfect for the true need of each saint at all times, even times of hardship as well as times of abundance. Shame on me! Shame when I start to debate myself over the value of my creator and His local church, where I may worship Him with many others as a local corporate body made up of many parts. Where some are overseers, full time overseers teachers, some are deacons, deaconesses, missionaries, baby sitters, and others tend the toilets full time, each having need for excellent support from the full body there at each local church of my Lord's name. A pastor teacher who studies the word, who goes tends the needs of members and attendees at hospitals, at hospice, at resthomes, teaches other elders, teaches the whole flock, listens to those lacking faith encourages each, and works funerals and weddings, and wedding re-inactments, and counsels and travels to teach other pastors expository preaching, and goes to retreat for reinvigorating of his own mind body and soul, and tends to his wife, and his children, and their schooling, and takes care of his grandchildren on occasion, has no time for his family and to also hold a job on the side and then also give of his own finances generously to God through his own local church body. My own pastor does all these things. Would I have him go work a full time job too? Where is that time to come from? My pastor is on call pretty much 24/6 for the local body and 7 when called. I should be pleased to give to the local body and have faith that the finance committee will have sense enough to pay him very well for his amazing perseverence at a hard task, a high calling.
  10. Neighbor


    It's the goat yogurt. Yes, this morning I sure think 1885 is correct. I was really excited to have my first ASV 1901 Bible "the hard rock of truth" And yes that is my truck - 1942 Chevy 3100 -
  11. Math wasn't my ace subject either. LOL But I know what is meant. Two thirds as many as those that fell- if stars are angels and one calculates satan and Michael separate from the division. Looks to me like we have Michael plus Satan a 50 /50 split,then we have 2/3 and 1/3, a three way split with two thirds remaining stars of heaven, and one third falling away to fight alongside of Satan. Seems the total number or correct answer is;" innumerable". Even the percentage that fell are not given, except by conjecture that the stars of heaven are the angels. If so in that case I will think it can be stated as; one third of the innumerable number plus one (Satan) have been caste away from heaven. Leaving two thirds plus Michael still at heaven. Is that right? But; what about guardian angels and angels doing warfare against the demons on earth, are they an additional number or are they at Heaven and travel to earth and back as in Angel Fire? In any case I suppose angels are busier today than in yesterdays, as there are more of us today than in yesterdays. They must be spread out a little thinner today than yesterday. Just a speculation. Come to think of it, I don't even know how many pin heads there are, never mind how many angels might fit on one. I just thank God for those angels that have been in God's service, under Michael, doing the commands of Jesus, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, for my sake, and for the sake of all that will be called into the flock of the Good Shepherd who loses not a one. Whew!
  12. Neighbor

    To charge or not to charge.....

    My pastor/elders are not to be poor! For that will be a terrible testimony to the unsaved world looking in and upon the church. I want my pastor to be motivated, his wife and children to be well tended to by him. I want him to have an automatic cost of living increase plus opportunity for a merit based increase to be decided upon by a finance group as approved by the church body for the general finances and not the specific pay of any employees the specifics I want figured by a close group a deacon a CPA and a church officer. It has been our policy for as long as I have been with my local body of Christ to never hold the pastors nor any employee to the same salary, but to always increase it at least as much as cpi increase plus a little more. I do not go into a restaurant give praise and prayer and thanks to God for my food and then leave my server a measerly tip. I make sure it is at least 25% as testimony of the appreciation of Christians for the hard workers that serve us food. I might even tip a line cook or chef on occasion especially if we are a large group and get really fine service. So I sure am not wanting our testimony to be one of being misers at church. And I sure don't want to be so coveting nor envious that I will not want my pastor to make more than I do, nor more than the average income of the congregation- a number we would not know anyway, but one that some here have suggested they would limit a pastor to. That makes no sense to me. He should be paid for doing weddings and for funerals and for any special travels and presentations. The more a pastor receives the more he can give sacrificially back to God in weekly offerings, special gifts, benevolent offering, and gifts of appreciation to others for their special kindnesses including to food servers when he is out dining.
  13. Neighbor

    Assured Assurance

    Thanks, good thread fine discussion which leads me to thinking prayer thinking reading and prayer. Thanks for the discussion.
  14. Neighbor

    Mom Has Severe Swelling

    Praying for your mom's comfort.