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  1. Well, David The Prince; I had no idea "non-trinitarian" would also mean a denial of Jesus as deity as well as denial of the Holy Spirit. If I have your various presentations points correct you have denied existence of both the Holy Spirit, and existence of Jesus as deity. Lets go for broke here, is there God the Father?
  2. Well just call me Captain Obvious as I state; that is one very significant difference between you and Christians! To say Jesus is not eternal is to my understanding to deny the Bible from beginning to end. I state that to any Christian, born again of the doing of God the Holy Spirit, Jesus is eternal. Further; for clarification using the term eternal in the sense of time; Jesus is eternal past- present - future -from time before time through time after time. So you seem to be stating Jesus is not deity, is that correct? If so, what is this very different Jesus that you do acknowledge? Let me ask again so that I may understand, do you acknowledge any Christ at all?
  3. "This might require a little bit of explanation if you don't know much about foreign languages. It's important to know that the Greek language uses grammatical gender in that it assigns a specific gender for every noun. If you've ever learned Spanish or French you know what I'm talking about." -quoting from David the Prince Once again lets look at the one verse; "I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you." This is an English language website so I will keep to English, but as you state it is sometimes important to see the original languages and to try to appreciate the meaning of the original written language. So, let's look at the verse(s) again, is there not a word unique to John for comforter? Is that word not parakletos? And does not the meaning of that word convey the idea of one that comes alongside or breaks down into para (alongside) and kletos (called)? especially to be called alongside to give counsel for the defense? Does that really seem to be simply an attribute of God the Father or is it describing a person, a personality and deity. I see that you state you acknowledge Jesus. So that I am not misunderstanding, in what manner is that? Is Jesus your Lord, God, and personal savior, God made man to have taken on your sin personally, and having paid the price of your sin which is death, for all your sin past, present, and future, so that you may be seen as clean in the eyes of God the Father and found to be perfect in his eye that you may have eternal life with Him? Will discuss more about the Holy Spirit, but figure I had better first see what it is you have to declare for yourself about my Lord God and savior Jesus before being engaged in further discussion about God the Holy Spirit. I am enjoying the early discussion for it has me reviewing, reading and praying too. So thanks.
  4. Neighbor


    Since you asked, I guess it is just you. Last time I was in a Les' bar two of the ladies got into a fight at the pool table over a third person there. So what is this unity you imagine?
  5. Thank you Thomas. I am sure I am wasteful when it comes to food. Food is abundant here and available in excess to almost everyone, even the very poor. Though some of the free insane and or mentaly incapacitated do not receive the food they should be able to have, as they are allowed the freedom to wander aimlessly about here at the USA. The result of a supreme court decision many decades ago that perhibits locking up the insane against their will. There is so much food and programs to get free food that many use their welfare food coupons to buy Maine lobsters and then resell them to the richer individuals at a discount. That way they have cash to spend on whatever they want. Our supermarkets nearest the poor order extra Maine lobsters each month on the week the coupons come out for the poor on welfare. Locally we can no longer buy nitrate fertilizers for our lawns and flowers and shrubs. The stores cannot carry it. But we can hire a service to fertilize and they can use nitrates being professionals at spreading fertilizer. Go figure. It's all manure to me. My neighbor picked up truck loads of aged horse manure for his new bushes plantings. Now every time it rains, it smells like I am out in the country, horse country. And the nitrates run of into the water sewer system to go to the sewer treatment plant to gather out the nitrates so that the water can be recycled to irrigate yards and likely those very bushes yet again. It all seems a load to me. The cycle seems a money making scheme for some selling solutions to problems. Problems created for the sake of having solutions to sell. Anyway, it is fascinating to hear of Germany and your own local issues. Thanks for sharing. May God bless you and your family and circle of brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus.
  6. Neighbor

    Intimacy with God

    It is hard for me to isolate doctrine from personal experience. I do find they are reconciled if I understand that man is depraved, and does not want anything to do with a god outside of himself, the only desire being to be in charge oneself of one's personal environment. And that man has no understanding of God the Holy Spirit, Jesus who is God, nor God the Father, three persons one God, except that the Holy Spirit reveal it all to him. It is said by many a Christian that atheists do not exist, that there is, to borrow the term, "a craving for God" even in the atheist. I declare I had no such craving, not ever. I was an atheist, one without theistic need, desire, or even awareness. I was totally self sufficient, completely without need of deity in any sense of the word. Yet God the Holy Spirit revealed Jesus and turned me about to my own repentance in a matter of moments, come the time for me to be brought into the "fold" of the Good Shepherd. There simply was no desire In my heart nor mind to have such an experience, certainly no craving, no heart shaped hole in my heart of emotions, nor in my spirit. Didn't matter to God what I thought I knew nor wanted or didn't acknowledge, nor want. He answered the prayer of saints that had prayed for my salvation, and that was that. I had no possible way to deny the Holy Spirit's call to me personally. Not this side of personal sanity anyway. I do think it is a mistake so many believers make- the thinking that an atheist really isn't an atheist, and that they must believe in something, some creating force. It just isn't so. I lived in the midst of religion, schmoozed with pastors, priests of all sorts of many gods, and rabbis, near daily for many years, yet never ever had a craving for anything having to do with deity. Deity just did not exist. Didn't bother me that some others believed in a god or even gods, that was their business. The good news is it just didn't matter what I thought- God is sovereign, His will is done. I was so fortunate as to have many a saint pray for me along the years, especially my grandmother who though paralyzed in her sick bed would read the Bible to me and pray for me as a small child. At the time it was not effective upon me, instead it was scary because she would get excited, and would rant in a somewhat paralyzed tongue that I could not understand. Instead I think I feared that, not understanding her paralysis very well. None the less, God answers prayer and he did call on me via the Holy Spirit who revealed Jesus to me. That left me with no other choice, but to turn about, repent, and become very rapidly a bond-servant of Jesus. My awareness and my salvation is all of the work of God, and none of my own desire, nor work. It was done by God without my having hardly a bit of doctrinal awareness, and certainly no awareness of what a bond-servant is. Anyway, it is grand to have been turned about and to have fellow saints to call brother and sister in the Lord Jesus.
  7. Neighbor


    The cat has done well , recovered, no more cone, stitches removed this last weekend. She does have a bent ear, looks like a fighter's ear now.
  8. Neighbor


    I seem to be getting over it, most of the throat pain is gone, while my wife is still having that pretty serious cough. Thank you all for praying for her, and for me too.
  9. “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.” John 14:16-17
  10. Neighbor

    Intimacy with God

    Hi, Please allow me to question the opening sentence and premise; "Knowning God personally is that which the human heart craves for." I must say I wonder about that one's accuracy. It has been declared within both the Old testament as well as the New Testament that men do not seek God. None are righteous. Seems to me the human heart, the natural person not only does not crave God, instead it flat out rejects His authority, sovereignty, and even his existence. Personally I think it is necessary to start from there, an acknowledgement of the denial of God by every natural man and then denial of his sovereignty, and not the presumption that man craves God.
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    New Member

    Hi, and welcome.
  12. Neighbor

    Hello, I am new

    It isn't easy being green, no joke. Hi and welcome.
  13. Neighbor

    Contrary to twitter

    Proverbs 21:23 Watch your words and hold your tongue; you'll save yourself a lot of grief. Just read a brief of Buzz Aldrin's troubles. It is very sad what happens in life of fame and financial affluence. Problems are sure not helped by tweeting out hostilities for the world to tsk tsk.
  14. Neighbor

    Is there a better way to 'do Church'?

    Hi, Is there a better way to do "church"? No, not for me! Is there a better place for corporate worship? God provides the means, that which is the absolutely perfect means and places for me to gather with other saints in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit has led me to several places of corporate worship for my benefit, and so that I may also serve God as a bond-servant of Jesus who is my lord, God, and personal savior. Not a one ( church) demanded a tithe! And to be bluntly honest I think a tithe would be like giving a waitress a ten percent tip, a pretty lame and shamefully unappreciative acknowledgement! One should instead do all that is done to the glory of God giving all that may be given in work deed thought and prayer without the left hand counting up what the right hand is doing. I have been led to attend church that have had 75 to 3500 gathered regularly, each was the house of God where God placed me for my further sanctification. I have also been part of home gatherrings and studies where many participate, but I would not call such meetings corporate worship. as they certainly do not fulfill all the same good purposes as a well organized church does, with it's highly educated and anointed pastors and elders, scholars and teachers, deacons and deaconesses, missionaries and lay people all working to share the gospel of Jesus with an unsaved world. I absolutely love what God has provided, church; that I may be a part of learning, sharing, caring one for another, and for all the unsaved that are reached with the word of God that many might be found mature in the Lord Jesus.
  15. Neighbor

    The general Age

    Well, may I add that as for myself I am physically older than my allotted years, younger at heart than most half my physical age, and considered to be still quite juvenile by many here and elsewhere within this world. I am old enough to get a kick out of some tv ads by an insurance company that uses the punchline in them; "we know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two".