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  1. R. Hartono

    The 8th king of Revelation 17

    John wrote the beast from bottomless pit will be released to kill the 2 witness, after that he may possess a/c and he will enter the temple of God to declare himself as God.
  2. R. Hartono

    Healed by Jesus over a year ago

    I was looking at your profile message : Interests:Reading, traveling (I’m a trucker sidekick haha), camping, fishing, anything fun! Thats why i said you have so much joy in your life, thats luxuries i cannot afford, camping needs budget, fishing needs renting the boat too. very limited budget for life.
  3. R. Hartono

    The 8th king of Revelation 17

    https://www.worldslastchance.com/end-time-prophecy/revelation-17-prophecy-of-the-seven-kings-8th-king-identified.html He says so, any opinion ?
  4. R. Hartono

    Healed by Jesus over a year ago

    Dont misunderstand me, in fact i'm happy that you could hv so much joy in your life, please forgive me, i wont comment anymore.
  5. In August 2015 i dreamed of seeing a photo of a woman with the word RIP above it, the strange thing was that God showed it for quite a long time in my dream and i was trying to recognize who was that but i could not. I somehow felt like my soul has been 'pushed' to watch the photo. When i woke up i was trying to remember who was that person, still i could not recognize and i thought could God told me i was about to die ? Day by day passing by and i was kind of worry deep inside my heart, the dream was long and strange. Until the month of October, my wife told me that her friend (which i also knew well) has passed away of breast cancer. So we went to the hospital in Jakarta where she was laid, i somehow recall the dream but i never expected it was her. Until when i approached her coffin and looked at her big photo, her face was the one appeared in my dream in August, she has changed a lot, her face became much fatter and her long hair was short because of chemotheraphy, Lord oh Lord and God reminded me at that time of the dream God gave me and i slowly recognized her. Holy God Almighty Jehova. I realized that God has an unlimited ways of teaching us about His Mighty Knowledge of life. I thank Jesus for this gracious lesson. There are 8 billions people in the world, God knows when they will die...... even before the creation of this world. Eph 1:4 Even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. There are billions even trillions of stars in the sky, He named them all. Psalm 147:4 He counts the number of the stars and he calls all of them by names Even birds which fall to the ground doesnt escape the Eye of our Father in heaven. Matt 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful lesson.
  6. R. Hartono

    Healed by Jesus over a year ago

    I wish you could replace that man to heal others.
  7. R. Hartono

    My first testimony

    So much joy in your life.
  8. R. Hartono

    I got a Job

    Amen Bro.
  9. Even if we die we will die in the Lord Jesus Amen.
  10. God be with us always, we all suffer, bear until we all being gathered.
  11. R. Hartono

    Photo's of Holy Spirit.

    picture cant be opened
  12. R. Hartono

    Woman of Revelation 12 clearly revealed

    Rev 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to His Throne. How could the manchild be taken to God if he was born in adultery ?
  13. R. Hartono

    Is Hell Real?

    We can ask God thru Jesus and Holy Spirit and He will reveal it to us if we ever ever live in humility.
  14. R. Hartono

    Father made us through Jesus

    What great things for people have you made thru Jesus ?
  15. R. Hartono

    My sisters health is very poor but today offered good news

    Does she have diabetes ?