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  1. The New Animal thread

    Opposum "Rocky" in keto training mode for fitness
  2. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Yom Kippur is "the tenth day of [the] seventh month"[5] (Tishrei) and is regarded as the "Sabbath of Sabbaths". Rosh Hashanah (referred to in the Torah as Yom Teruah) is the first day of that month according to the Hebrew calendar. On this day forgiveness of sins is also asked of God. Yom Kippur completes the annual period known in Judaism as the High Holy Days or Yamim Nora'im ("Days of Awe") that commences with Rosh Hashanah. thanks for pointing that out Shiloh. Yes Yom Kipper= Day of Atonement comes after, but not far after. Yeah that makes sense then , that Christ Jesus was born around sukkot time (the first night).
  3. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    that is when I believe his birthday was. Yes I believe this to . Several years ago I was investigating when Christ Jesus was truly born and found some wonderful documentation indicating factual -facts- found in the bible of about when Christ Jesus most likely was born on earth. And it was all pointing to the month of September just after Sukkot and most likely at the time of Rosh hashanah=day of Atonement. this would make sense as Christ Came to free us and forgive us of sin and that He would be born around Rosh hashanah would make perfect sense. The little manger that he was born under could very well have been been a Sukkot structure that they put up at that time of the year. About Christmas, I celebrate it in remembrance of Christ Jesus as my family always taught us that. For sure the RCC took a pagan holiday and tried to replace most of it with a Christian celebration but Christmas time has returned to being a pagan holiday more than a christian holiday. I still look at christmas time a Christian holiday, but there are now very few who do. Most people celebrate christmas as a pagan holiday When you finally know all the history and truth about how things came to be, it changes ones perspective. However, I rather know the truth.
  4. What is the condition of your heart?

    What is the condition of your heart? Hopefully on the mend in Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior. The condition of our hearts without God as a guide, can become quite lost. Praise God that He came for those needing a pĥysician and looking to Him for healing.
  5. Say What's On Your Mind

    You too are obeying Jesus. its good that you both have each others family friendship. You can be her kind christian family example. When i look back at some of the stuff I was up to in my late teens and early twenties, i am grateful that my christian grandfather always met me with christian love and kindness. He never pushed the bible on me, just he was a walking example. But he was clever too. Sometimes i would go to visit him in his room while he was resting in bed, i would sit down and speak with him and then he would casually ask me if I could read to him. He asked me if I could go and pick up his bible and then he would ask me to read particular verses. Always a few verses at a time. So I gladly looked up the verses,(teaching me in a way how to look up verses) to read for him, but at the same time I was reading for him,it was also ministering to my soul the words I was reading. Its amazing what Christian kindness can do. I am grateful that I had a christian Grandfather to show me the example. something that effected me for the positive. Perhaps you can be that for your niece?
  6. Secret Societies

    Well what I present is for everyone especially those who may not yet know. oh, i think those involved in the Roman Catholic Church do know, (perhaps not the casual church goers) but certainly those who are of a certain level involved. You can search testimonies of former priest (even Jesuit priest) and nuns who woke up as they saw the deceit happen right in front of their eyes. I would hope the purpose of these threads is to -wake up- those who may still not know. Its kind of sad to find out these truths as they just reveal the wickedness of man through and through. And I can understand those who don't want to know to much about it as its quite disillusioning and can quite shake up everything one once thought was good, noble and wholesome. But the truth needs to be spoken and the traditions of men need to be exposed in their true light or should i better say in their true darkness . Our hope is in God through His plan of Mercy and Grace through His only begotten Son Christ Jesus, revealed to us through His Word and nothing else.
  7. Sorry for the repeats, was having trouble with my computer, it began freezing up.
  8. The Jesuits are most definitely a secret society, and part of the Catholic Church. The Jesuit are an anti Christ society, and if some people still naively consider them to be Christians, then they-the Jesuits- have managed well to keep their true identity secret. But not secret for many who throughout the centuries who understood their deceitful tactics. To get a lot of historical information and quotes from a variety of sources -people- along the centuries who had to deal with Jesuits, you can- you tube- the following: Vatican Secrets The Jesuits
  9. The sad thing is that the more you find out about life and people and investigate the origin and history of politics and religion,and traditions, the more you can see for yourselves the deception and evil nature of man . Man without being transformed by Gods Mercy and Grace can be very, very vile. The Catholic religion as is,in the way the church is set up, is not really christian . Like a pyramid scheme, the deceit is at the top and it keeps a lot of its deceit -secret- from the ones at the bottom of the pyramid, ie, the average-more innocent- people. I believe the people who are more innocent and who truly have an innocent love for Christ Jesus and His Plan of Mercy and Grace, are truly saved, but the deception of the RCC is great. a person can only find that out for themselves be investigating for themselves the hitory of the RCC, and in which years the add-ons were put into place. Some things to consider in the history making of the add-ons of the Catholic church. even going as far back as… In 836 AD The council of Aix-la-Chapelle in France openly admitted That abortions and infanticide were epidemic in convent and monasteries to cover up the sexual activities of the clergy At the time a bishop St. Ulrich argued from the bible that the only way to purify the church from these excesses was to allow priest to marry. But that was not the trend. In 1074 Pope Gregory the seventh said that anyone who wished to be ordained must first pledge to be celibate. (there is a difference between celibacy and chastity BTW, and priest took advantage of this) In 1095 Pope Urban II had the wives of priest sold into slavery and had their children thrown out into the streets to fend for themselves. Finally in 1123 the first lateren council decreed that all clerical marriages where invalid. But in spite of this, even up to the 15th century 50% of all the priests were still married just it was kept undercover. Ultimately in 1545-1563 the counsel of Trent decreed that celibacy and virginity were morally superior to the married state. This was the final victory of Augustinian theology. Error breeds error. There are many errors within Roman-ism. For example, in around the years 375 AD, was the idea of praying to angels and dead saints. 593 AD, was the doctrine of purgatory.Side note:Trying to answer a serious problem, no one in Catholicism had any assurance of salvation, and needed a fictitious place where souls could go that where not worthy of heaven! They also made it that people of the dead could pay for masses for the dead to help them go to heaven and also faster. Roman-ism is very much a works based religion. Your saved by all the good stuff that you do. Because no man can do all the good works to a fault, the came up with this idea for this temporal punishment due to sin: Purgatory Because the church always taught the sacrament of penitence, that you go to this priest and confess your sins to him and that he grants you absolution, but also with that comes having to do penance. The catholic church place repentance and penance together. Penance means mortification of the flesh. The ideas is even though you confessed your sins with great repentance,you still have to do penance (So for them Salvation is not such a FREE Gift From God, it must by paid for by our own works of penance. In the older times you either would pour ashes over you head, or fast or even nuns were taught to self fl adulate (wip themselves with a flagelem ) before getting dressed and beginning their day as a way of mortifying the flesh. Their exists a Catholic order called Opus Day ( became a bit of an infamous name because of the davinci code) however that even till this day, they wear barb wire under theri clothe around the waist or around thighs, all this is to mortifying their flesh. So with the RCC, you can say so many rosaries and mortify your flesh, but you never know when its enough. So anything not covered in this life will have to get covered in the next life, so even popes die without the assurance of salvation, so because their was no assurance of salvation in Catholicism,,thus the Vatican had to come up with a fictitious place where the souls could go That where not yet ready of heaven.: Purgatory The dogma further teaches that when you dies there is no more that you can do, but the people alive(surviving relatives) who knew you, it was up to them to pray for you and pay masses for you to help pay your way out of purgatory and into heaven, To pay for a low mass its $… to pay for a high mass its $… and a solem high mass was the more pricey… Then there is the reciting of prayers, some are more effectual into getting your departed loved ones sprung out of purgatory and into heaven. In 610 AD the idea of having the title of Pope. The year 709 AD the idea that if you approach the Pope you had to kiss his feet. (now where is that in the bible?) In 750, the idea of the Pope is having temporal power. In 788, the worshiping and images of saints. In 8950 the mass viewed as an unbloodied sacrifice 1090 praying the rosary (introduces by StPaul the hermit) 1100 the use of the confessional “box” The beginning of the Inquisition of heretics began in 1184 began with the council of Rome The selling of indulgences is the purchases of the forgiveness of sins began in 1190 This also is called The Enchiridion Of Indulgences -Lists dozens of prayers you can say for deceased relatives: -Partial indulgences -Plenary Indulgences ***This became a HUGE source of revenue in the middle ages -The rich were even allowed to pay for sins in advance. (*** foot note: Romans 3:10 says none are righteous, not even one. Isaiah ch 64: 6 says we are all as an unclean thing, all our righteousness are as the likes of filthy rags…) So according to the bible, no human being has enough merit to get to heaven However in Catholicism it says that the Pope in him alone has the key to unlock this bank account of stored merit in heaven and to dispense it through indulgences. There exist a book with which you can purchase that has a list of prayers to use for indulgences to get your loved ones out of purgatory.. The doctrine of transubstantiation 1215 that the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Christ Jesus The practice of adoring the host(wafer) 1220 Laity forbidden to read the bible 1229 by the counsel of Valencia decreed. The scapular the little piece of wool cloth to be worn around your neck that was a promise given by the virgin Mary to St Simon Stock in 1287 That anyone who wore this scapular and who did certain prayers everyday that when they died they would go strait to heaven. In 1414 The church forbade the Laity form drinking from the communion cup. In 1439 Purgatory was formally declared a formal dogma of the church In 1540 the Jesuit order was started by Ignatius Loyola witch was built on hermit-ism and principals of magik Council of Trent in 1545 decreed that tradition was of equal authority to Bible scripture In 1834 the church declares by Pius the IX, the immaculate conception of Mary (that she like Jesus was born without sin in her by an action of God by time cranking the merits of Calvary back to the time of Mary's conception.) In 1870,The same Pope Pius IX declares Popes to be infallible In 1950 Pope XII decrees the dogma of the assumption of Mary to have been assumed into heaven . That is that when she dieds she went strait up to heaven -was ruptured- meaning her body at the time of her death also went to heaven . So many of these New creeds and dogmas were instated hundreds of years after the Bible. Anyways…. why somebody would choose to leave their Bible believing faith and go towards something so far ways from what the bible truly says goes beyond my frame of understanding. A good video from an ex catholic gives factual data: Check on you tube for Bill Schnoebelen -Catholicism: The Church on Haunted Hill Bill Schnoebelen - Catholicism: The Church on Haunted Hill - YouTube Year 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPki5E7EnV8 Year 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFZfcicUaOY
  10. Was Hitler Alive after WWII?

    Here if you you tube the following, they show picture footage of Adolf in La falda Argentina at the Eden hotel. you tube: CONSPIRACY FACT_HITLER IN ARGENTINA til 65 (JFK files)
  11. Secret Societies

    The Jesuits are most definitely a secret society. To say anything less is just pure ignorance. What a secret society does is that it may show part of itself in the open but their set of rules and standards are kept away from the general public. Its worth investigating some of the hidden rules that now have been exposed for the searching public to view. The fact that the last pope is a Jesuit is a sad sign of more worse things to come. The Jesuit are an anti Christ society, and if some people still naively consider them to be Christians, then they-the Jesuits- have managed well to keep their true identity secret. But not secret for many who throughout the centuries who understood their deceitful tactics. To get a lot of historical information and quotes from a variety of sources -people- along the centuries who had to deal with Jesuits, you can- you tube- the following: Vatican Secrets The Jesuits
  12. The New Animal thread

    HEY!!! Where's the turkey???? Yeah they do look a little disappointed in there diner menu. Hopefully the turkey is coming out of the oven in just a few minutes.
  13. Can god heal anxiety

    Hi Existential mabel,I think it could be a little of both, but everyone who think they may have some "anxiety issues" may react differently but for me, i think it could be a little bit of both. also the spring light summer warmth and autumn harvest and mild breeze is over and winter cold and darkness is at the door. ***In every season there is a time of adjustment.*** we also have our lives to contend with, the decision makings in everyday concerns: general health, family, friends, financial,car/ house /living concerns/ Weather concerns/world news concerns. When a lot of responsibilities and deadlines are in the forefront, it can play on the mind and bring nervousness and feelings of being overwhelmed. Yes as MissMuffet mentioned, anxiety is a form of "fear/worry". And we are told in the bible to give everything always to God in prayer and trust Him, to see us through. And yes this does help when we apply these spiritual tools to our concerns and learn to *** trust in God*** to help us deal with them. But there are cycles to life and bio rhythms in our body that have their natural ups and down cycles. For some it may be more intense than for others, all depending also on many factors including personality, genetics, personal history of trauma. I don't think its just one thing that can make a person feel anxious. I think its a combination of things. but at the same time, I believe we can find Godly tools, better nutrition, better exercise, to better cope and overcome these feelings. Lets also remember its November...everything is getting colder, darker sooner. Over the years I have come to see that I seem to be affected by SAD-seasonal effective disorder. It comes in around mid to late October and stays until the end of march. Also the cold does not help. So I try to take more vitamins in the winter ( just started again yesterday): vitamin C, B complex, vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, CQ10, This week was particularly trying and today I woke up today feeling really blah. By mid afternoon, my pep came back. Funny in one day I can feel so hopelessly down and then the very same day, hours later, I can feel great again like i can handle everything no problem. This past week as been a bit of a struggle just to get my things together. Over the years there has been a lot of healing and I have gathered around some helpful tools to overcome when feeling like I am spiraling into a decline and I try to apply them ( focusing on prayer and holy scripture and coping tools of being objective to a concern rather than internalizing it helps a lot.), but part of me has a side that-cyclically- just wants to stubbornly close myself off-shut down- from everything and give up for a while (if not altogether-tee-he-). But my responsibilities, especially my furry and featherly ones keep me moving,(and that's part of why I have them too) but sometimes even so, I can feel overwhelmed, when feeling I am in a declining cycle. When this happens I also take things a little more easy if I am permitted to ie, obligations not calling me into absolute action. When feeling this way, I do put off what I feel is too much for my psyche to handle and do the basics, eventually I come around again . So yea, about anxiety, with the SAD for me I can feel " more "nervous" at a particular time of the day. This is when i want to go into the chocolates and comfort foods. Right now I am trying to avoid carbs and sugar, to see if that makes a difference, also I am forcing myself to do a little bit of exerciser everyday to also see if that helps to make a difference. The thing I think is paramount to coping and healing is to not give up looking to find solutions and sharing them with others. As they say a problem shared is a problems half-ed. The load seem a little lessened...
  14. Was Hitler Alive after WWII?

    Hitler certainly had friends in Argentina and had traveled there and corresponded with some close friends from there before the end of WWII.