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  1. The Lord's love, guidance and wisdom is a sure blessing, but, I'm finding myself closing off to everyone through, what scripture tells us, if sinful beliefs. I simply don't socialise at all, even with other Christians. All I have is our wonderful Lord. I find that I want nothing to do with this nation, Britain (no, not because of brexit), but I would like to help somewhere. But, I'm 29, I have no skills to offer, and very little finance and know no other language except for English. I know that some of you will state "just ask someone at your church", but anyone can say that. I have done that, but faced with receiving the usual email, which is never replied to. Or, "pray to God and he'll show you", I have, but maybe me asking here is a means to gain an answer. So please, guidance is all I ask. Blessed is the name above all names, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Adam.
  2. I had my Baptism yesterday, all praise to The Lord! Who gave his life, so that I can be saved. Who has been there for me, even when no one else was. Who gives me answers (His word, The Bible) to all my questions. And who is my King!
  3. An excellent idea, why shouldn't we Christians give each other work.
  4. Adam C


    Welcome Nikki
  5. Adam C


    No matter what you're going through, the Lord is with you. Welcome to Worthy
  6. Adam C


    Welcome to Worthy
  7. Sorry, that was a typo, should have read; "As for Christiophobic, I'm afraid that it would be mocked"
  8. I presume that you agree that there should be a term. I only want to debate, as some may argue that the issue will be misused (though a true Christian will never misuse, but a false one may). Bringing more prejudice. As for Christophobic, I'm afraid that I would be mock. "Hey, Christo!" But worthy try. Thank you.
  9. Hello all, both followers and non-followers of Christ. Firstly, I deeply appologise if this is not the section to discuss such a strong topic, and deeply appologise also for the strength of this topic. However, as you're all more than aware, online forums and social media is the place to meet and discuss. Some, such as this forum, is beneficial, whilst others (no need to mention them), not so. And it is in the latter where there's Christian prejudice. No supprise there. But, when there's prejudice against Muslims, this is Islamaphobic. Or against Judaism, anti-Semetic. Therefore, my question is, should a term be given for Christian prejudice? And, if so (if allowed), suggestions of this term. May the Almighty Lord bless you all
  10. Oh, Project Camelot, don't remind me of them! Before I accepted God into my life, I fed upon conspiracy theories. I did, to be fair, take it all with a pinch of salt, nor was I willing to believe everything. In a nut shell, everything was acceptable except for the gospel. Praise the Lord for saving me!
  11. Spotify just started trading on the stock market on April the 2nd.
  12. Hi Bonnie, I understand what you're going through. I find myself being closer to our Father for a period, then sinning and neglecting, for another period. However, when you do realise your sin and come back to God, do you feel a greater ambition to be with our Lord? I do.
  13. Amen Let's all grow and encourage each other for our Lord Jesus Christ
  14. We're so blessed to have forums such as these, where discrimination and prejudice is discouraged. Easter Sunday coincded with April the 1st, and there's those who thought it ok mock our beliefs. Now, as an aspiring actor, I used a modelling website to assatain some portfolio images. However, no suprise here, there was one member who thought it humorous to claim his rejection of his profession in favour of our Lord. This was his April Fools joke. However, his post have others inspiration to share their dislike towards our faith, some quite explicitly slanderous. I let it go for two days, hoping that it would end, as, afterall, it was now the 3rd. So action had to be taken. I explained to the forum admin that this article was prejudistic and that some members were displaying hate towards our faith. This was met by indifference. I furthered by explaining how, if the joke had been one of gender, that as this has a strong following in the performing arts industry, that the repercussions would be great and that they would undoubtedly have removed the article. I also posted on the article, plainly stating that the joke(?) was over and to have a little respect. The author of the article responded by stating that it was his "freedom of speech" and that if I don't like the article, then I shouldn't get involved. It's amazing how, without even stating whether you're a Christian or not, that any defence is met by hostility. Well, that's me letting off some steam (possibly a small bubble or two)
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