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  1. A side note, I'll be absent from this forum for awhile, but while I'm gone I'll be thinking and praying for you all. Please keep me in your prayers while I attend to a few things. This is a beautiful family and I'm so thankful for each of you.
  2. Praying for her and her family and that God will be glorified in her healing.
  3. Prayer is your greatest weapon, and walking in the truth brings joy. Your brothers and sisters are praying with you!
  4. WATER: When there's a bend in a river and the water level is low with all the large riverbed rocks showing through the shallow water, whether the sun is glistening on the water, or if it's a cloudy misty day. ANIMAL: Crickets, fireflies, frogs, and owls. In heaven I'm sure there'll be an animal that's a combination of those four lol. I like the because they're all animals I can see and/or hear at night. PLACE: The Sea of Galilee. HOLIDAY: Any feast or holy day where everyone is out in the streets celebrating all as one. AWESOMENESS: When a little bird smashed into the window and fell to the ground. I thought he was dead. I put gloves on and held him close and stroked his head, and after a few minutes he opened his eyes and looked at me. I opened my hands and he flew away.
  5. Madelyn


    Thank you for all the welcomes!
  6. Be healed, Worthy Member, in the name of Jesus.
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