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  1. My Favorite Poem

    THE PLAN OF THE MASTER WEAVER My life is but a weaving Between the Lord and me; I may not choose the colors, He knows what they should be; For He can view the pattern Upon the upper side While I can see it only On this, the under side. ________ Sometimes He weaveth sorrow, Which seemeth strange to me; But I will trust His judgment, And work on faithfully; 'Tis He who fills the shuttle, And He knows what is best; So I shall weave in earnest, Leaving to Him the rest. ________ Not till the loom is silent And the shuttles cease to fly Shall God unroll the canvas And explain the reason why -- The dark threads are as needed In the Weaver's skillful hand As the threads of gold and silver In the pattern He has planned. (Author Unknown)
  2. Poetry

    Wonderful! You write well
  3. I can't believe that I stumbled upon this. The entire article is helpful and has been printed so I can study it away from the computer. I have also bookmarked the link - thank you for providing it! The section quoted above is startling and caught my eye immediately. I believe that these are the exact reasons why I have felt so lost and depressed for over a decade. I will be asking questions and reading further on how to resolve my own disobedience. In my experiences, if one vaguely tells another believer that they are struggling with their faith, it's likely that one will get replies like "Jesus loves you", or have a multitude of one-verse bible passages thrown at them. I haven't found any Christians (online or off) who ask the hard questions like this article does. Nor does it seem like many are willing to hold their brothers & sisters responsible for their actions. (I'm not referring to anyone here, btw) And I do recall that this is mentioned somewhere in the NT, probably in one of Paul's writings. The honest and harsh reality written in the above quote is what I need. It's often easy to disregard sin in one's life; sometimes for so long that the Holy Spirit is quenched, and no longer convicts one of his/her wrongdoings. I don't find self-reflection pleasant. It makes me sick to realize just how ugly my heart really is...how dark my sin-nature is. I cannot bear to think of how God views my sins. If I did, I would probably want to die [compared to His Holiness]. Therefore, I just go on in my sinful lifestyle, ignoring the eternal consequences of my actions. Yet, I know that if I truly repented and turned back to the Lord, that He would forgive me and welcome me back into the fold. (At least, I think so...not sure). And I do want to go to Heaven. Anyways, thanks for posting this. By doing so, you have truly opened the eyes of a long-lost believer. Bless You!

    This is why I chose to join Worthy too. I've only been here a week, but so far I like it very much. I'm uplifted every time I visit. Enjoy your time here!
  5. DarrenJClark

  6. Hello.

    Hi Berean...I'm new here too. I think it's a wonderful community so far. Have a great day!
  7. Long Time Christian, First Time Poster

    I used to watch that show too, so I know the character you're talking about. I can't remember the name of the show though. Anyways...
  8. talking to someone in a coma

    Let me begin by saying that my heart goes out to you and your mother, turtletwo. I read your previous post about pulling the plug but didn't feel comfortable leaving a comment then. Absolutely, I believe that people in a coma or a vegetative state can hear loved ones speaking to them. Studies that measure brain waves have shown this to be true, as well as testimonies of hospice care workers, family members, and psychologists. I also have my own story to share in a moment. I researched this, and found that people who are in a coma due to brain trauma (which can occur due to heart attacks, like your mother), usually stay in the coma-state for two to four weeks. If they don't awaken, they then move into a vegetative-state coma, where their eyes can open & close. In these two coma conditions, their brains are still working. They can often hear and sense things going on around them, but are unable to respond. After reading this, and knowing that you made a promise to your mom, I think you should give her at least four weeks to respond before even considering pulling the plug. Never mind the doctors! If insurance will cover it, or you can afford it, I would consider putting her into some type of convalescence home, as opposed to the hospital, where she can receive palliative care. Back to the hearing: Yes! You should talk to your mother and touch her if you want. She will hear you, and that will comfort her. I would caution you to never speak with doctors or others about her condition at her bedside. Leave the room and shut the door to discuss medical issues. Sit close beside her bed, near her head, and speak gently, directly into her ear. No need to shout though - she will be able to hear you in a soft voice. I would say that any Scriptures that are uplifting would be suitable. If she liked to read certain types of books/novels, you could read those too. Reading the local newspaper (nothing graphic or sad) to her is another idea. Finally, aside from telling her you love her, praying with her, etc., you might find a radio and set it near her head, tuned into the kind of music she likes. Or better yet, you could place earbuds in her ears. You know your mom and her tastes better than anyone else, so just put on your thinking cap and find ways to let her hear sound! My Experience: My dad died from COPD and had dementia for the last years of his life. When he was in a nursing home, receiving Hospice care and dying, my mother called the entire family to come visit him. I remember taking one look at him, and, hearing his agitated breathing, just knew it was his time to let go. I had previous experience working in nursing facilities, and I also think the Holy Spirit was prompting me. The rest of the family was leaving and I told my mother (dad's spouse of almost 50 years) to go home...knowing that she wouldn't see him alive again. When everyone had left, and it was just the hospice nurse and myself in the room, I got to work. I turned the lights down, sat on my dad's bed and began to speak softly into his ear. While doing this, I was holding his hand and gently stroking his hair. I told him that mom had left, and that me and my brother would always look after her. I spoke of private things that needed to be said between us. I prayed the Lord's prayer with him and also prayed to Jesus for him. As I talked to my dad, his breathing relaxed and his agitation calmed. Finally, after about 20 minutes, he passed away. The hospice nurse said it was the most amazing thing he had ever witnessed. He praised me for speaking in such a soothing voice. And he said that my dad hadn't shown the usual signs of immediate death, like mottled feet. But I knew. Somehow, deep inside, I knew that my dad was frightened and fighting death. So I did my best to help him pass peacefully. It was truly a moving experience, one that I'll likely never have again. I feel that God was there with us, and that it was his gift to my father and myself...two stubborn souls that were too alike for us to get along when he was well. I apologize for this being so very long, turtletwo. But I KNOW that my dad heard me. And I know that your mother will hear you! So please, absolutely DO speak with her! No matter what the Lord has planned for your mom, you can help her to feel less lonely and isolated while in her coma. My thoughts are with you, God bless you both
  9. Godly Femininity: A Nice Guide

    This was a lovely read, Naomi. I enjoyed it especially because the blog I'm working on focuses on womanhood as one of it's topics. Being a woman is something to be celebrated. We have the unique ability to create life, to nurture, to be happy and confident in our roles as wives and mothers. I love being a woman. The reason I want to emphasize femininity on my blog is because our current society has completely forgotten what a real woman is. I don't mean to offend anyone (this is my own opinion) but the rise of the feminist movement over the past several decades has ruined the image of women. Nowadays, females are often judged by their sexuality or by how well they measure up to men. Many (not all) young women don't value themselves at all...they dress too revealingly and behave in a rude and outspoken manner. Personally, I think this is unattractive. There are no public women in the U.S. that I look up to as a role model. The type of woman that I admire is Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William's wife, Catherine. They are both strong women, yet present themselves with dignity and class; dressing appropriately in beautiful, feminine styles. They treat their husbands with respect, are polite, and friendly. Never are they brash or unseemly. The way God created women and his purpose for them is beautiful. And the article shared here - taken from God's own Word - is beautiful as well.
  10. The Apostles Answers

    Hurray! Only two wrong on this one. Yay me
  11. Well, I only got six right, but that's a good start. I love quizzes, puzzles, crosswords, etc. This will be a great way for me to refresh my memory. Thanks for starting this club, Jade!
  12. lose_your_way_find_yourself_mandy_hale_quote.jpg

    Have A Great Wednesday Everyone!

  13. Hey everyone

    Hi Haley, Welcome! I'm new here too. I'm raising my g-daughter who is 13. So don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help you, 'cuz I was raised Catholic too.
  14. Thanks so much for your care & concern in the chat room today. It helped me a lot! :)