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  1. I agree with jade. Either Hinn is sincere and will change his ways, or he won't. Only time will reveal if his repentance is real. Let's not forget that God can change the hardest heart for His Glory -- take Saul/Paul for example. Should people be cautious about watching and believing what Benny Hinn teaches after this? Absolutely. But the only One who knows Hinn's heart, let alone judge him, is the Lord God. And we know that He will be true in His judgment. As for us mere mortals here on the forums, I offer up the words of Jesus as written in the Book of John 8:7 as a reminder... “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone [at her].”
  2. I think I've seen this somewhere before. It's a great little message on a very important topic. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed watching it
  3. I loved this! She explained salvation in the most down-to-earth way. No embellishing the message. It's so simple, I still can't believe it. I'm going to watch this again -- as many times as I need to until assurance reaches my heart and not just my mind. The simplicity of the gospel is where I've always stumbled. I was raised Catholic, and to this day, I still have trouble believing that all I have to do is believe on Jesus, His death and resurrection, and I will be saved. It's just too easy it seems like. I always feel condemned. Bad. Evil. Cold-hearted. I'm constantly "falling away" or "backsliding", and make that my excuse for not praying or reading my bible. I really like this lady because she's so normal, not uppity, and just tells it like it is. She could be one of my neighbors (except I'm not from the south, lol). Anyways, thanks for sharing this Blood Bought 1953. I'm so glad that I found it and watched it! ♥
  4. The OP certainly puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Our time here on earth is nothing compared to eternity. What a relief Heaven will be!
  5. I would tell myself to stop being disobedient towards my parents, stop being a selfish fool, and stop making impulsive, bad decisions. On the other hand, had I obeyed my parents, I would probably still be with the RCC, which is the religion I was baptized into and raised in. I would never had known there was any other way to God unless He had placed someone in my path to tell me about the Gospel.
  6. Everyone... So much for your prayers and kind words. I can't give a praise report quite yet, but I do feel that your prayers are being heard! If I may impose further, please continue to pray for my g-daughter (her name is Tori), as well as for me. I find myself holding onto resentment, guilty feelings, and the desire to escape. I need HIS strength to face my problems, not hide from them. As the adult, I should be taking responsibility. Thanks in advance and may God bless everyone here!
  7. Thank you for your kind words, @ladypeartree . They mean a lot because there's never an adult around that I can talk to. So it builds up, and I start worrying and freaking until I just feel like yelling to the heavens. But I don't. I have to keep it bottled up inside and it starts to hurt physically. I am much calmer now, praise God. I was truly low this morning. God bless you sweet lady
  8. I'm very upset and feel like my brain's going to explode. I'm requesting prayers for my 14-year-old g-daughter and myself. Things are very, very bad between us and she's full of rage and putting herself in risky situations. I have NO control. We saw a psychotherapist last night who prescribed her medication and intense counseling. She is almost beyond help. And I will be reported to Children's Services for medical neglect if she doesn't take the medication or misses therapy. Now it's time for her to go to school and she refuses to go today. She's already missed the first full week. Also, she took the medicine bottle in her room and won't give it to me. Please, please pray. I'm at my wit's end and think I might die of stress or a broken heart. I don't know what to do. TY
  9. I am truly sorry, but I don't understand the meaning and purpose of this post?
  10. I didn't post it to provoke deep-thinking. It's just a little graphic that's been saved on my pc for a long time that I thought was suitable. For me, it makes me think of current society and where it's headed. America is becoming completely tolerant of ungodly things, such as gay marriage being legal, LGBT 'rights', transgender-ism becoming normal, abortion isn't killing babies but is a reproductive choice, mass shootings happen all the time with no change in gun laws or any other plan implemented to stop this type of violence. Murders and other atrocities happen in large numbers on a daily basis. Talking about God in public is frowned upon, if not outright forbidden in many places; yet calling on 'Allah' is a-okay in a so-called 'Christian' nation. There are many more things that are tolerated that would take too long to mention. True followers of Jesus will continue to spread the Gospel but they will be scoffed at, persecuted, beat-up, and possibly killed for speaking the Truth. The bible speaks of the martyrs in Heaven crying out for justice in the Book of Revelation. I believe there are many martyrs there already. So yes, how long until this 'tolerance' of evil, ungodliness in the world completely silences everything that is good, and just, and righteous? I think the saying on the graphic is a good example of Satan's plan. I didn't mean to offend anyone, was just contributing a short reply which now has become long. My apologies Blessings to All ♥
  11. Hi There, I read through every reply to see if anyone would mention what I'm thinking of. In your original post, you said: From what I've read, and from my own personal experience, the devil loves to attack people when they are making a true effort to seek God. I've heard of this happening to the newly saved in particular. Also, those who have strayed away from the Lord and then decide to repent and renew their relationship with Him, are sometimes attacked viciously by the enemy. I experienced this myself, on Easter Sunday of last year, and I'm still recovering from it. It seems as though your nightmares started after you went back to church, for the first time in a long time, right? Well, Satan wants to keep people away from God, and he will do anything he can think of to achieve this. In my case, he used sudden physical pain that disabled me for a week (I even had to go to the ER). I prayed my way through that, but then I was overcome by a dark, overwhelming depression that I tried to fight, but was unable to. That depression (or oppression) is still plaguing me today, which is why I've started visiting Worthy again. IMHO, your nightmares are actually spiritual attacks from the enemy. He hates it that you went back to church and he wants to stop you. I mean, I guess it could be your pregnancy hormones, but I also think it's likely that you are engaged in spiritual warfare. Your nightmares seem to be ongoing and pretty bad. And your doubt, anxiety, and fear about them is playing right into the devil's hand. My suggestion is to continue going to church (you didn't mention if you were still going), praying daily for the Lord's protection, and reading your bible a lot. Don't let Satan win. Put on the spiritual armor of God (read Ephesians 6:10-18) and have others pray for you and with you. AND REMEMBER... Jesus loves you and your baby so much! More than you can ever comprehend. He sees you, He knows you, and He is with you always! So when you feel like you've fallen far from God's grace or that you're not good enough, etc., understand where those thoughts are coming from. Or I should say from "whom". Because they are not from God! Stop those negative thoughts as soon as they pop up by redirecting. Listen to gospel music, pray, open your bible and start reading...anything that's positive. Watch the sunset, whatever works for you. Sorry this is long, but I've dealt with nightmares and worse, and wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I'm with you and so is everyone else here! James 4:7 "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." May God bless and protect you, Melissa ♥
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