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  1. Is it a sin to watch Horror movies? I admit that I tend to watch them sometimes and actually enjoy watching some of them, of course for entertainment purposes only but lately, I guess you could say that since I decided to recommit my life to Christ, I have been unsure about whether I should keep watching them or not. As much as I enjoy watching some Horror movies, apart of me feels that it's not something that our Lord would approve of and that it would displease God. Are my instincts about Horror movies right or am I just overthinking it?
  2. I'm not sure if this is the same thing you are referring to but I was at a mixed Lifegroup last Tuesday that is linked to my church which is run by a couple at the church which I attend every second Tuesday night, which I have been attending for a while now and during prayer the wife put her hands on me while she was praying for me and I felt like a warm fuzzy feeling in my body, that fuzzy feeling I experienced, was that the Holy Spirit I was feeling?
  3. I'm not really sure if this is the right sub forum to discuss this topic but what I wanted to know is that are natural disasters such as; Floods, Tsnaumis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tornados etc all part of God's wrath? And are these signs of the End Times?
  4. I am currently dealing with Gluttony issues which has been going on since I became a teenager, I have a binge eating problem which has only gotten worse as I have got older and I don't know how to overcome it. I'm so used to doing this that i have become accustomed to it, I feel like I need more than prayers to overcome my Gluttony issues, i'm not sure if this sin comes in other forms other than eating too much food but all it's doing is making me lazy,gaining weight and feeling insecure about myself, I am also really concerned that I will be sent to Hell because of my binge eating problem. I am also suffering with some sloth (laziness) issues as well and I don't know what to do.
  5. What do you mean by if I had hands laid on me? Please explain because I don't understand what you mean by that.
  6. As a Christian how do you know the Holy Spirit is living in you?
  7. This probably should have been the first thing to post about when I first joined this forum but I had other things on my mind that I needed answers for, with that being said I have a story that I want to share. I can't remember the exact day or month it happened, it was either late last year or early this year. Anyway I woke up in the middle of the night one night and got out of bed, I opened up the window curtain and I saw this white light in my backyard. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a street light or a house light as it was in my backyard and it was really bright like in my face, I was like "What is that?" and I rubbed my eyes but it was still there, I started to freak out so I closed my window curtain and went back to bed. Could the white light I saw have been God or one of his angels? Or was it just my sub concious messing with me? Or maybe it was God in my sub concious trying to tell me something? Whatever it was I really felt like I seen a spirit that night.
  8. I havn't read the whole Bible throughly yet but I know that it states throughout The Bible including verse Leviticus 26:1 which says "You shall make you no idols nor graven image neither rear you up a standing image neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land to bow down unto it: for I am the LORD your God". Leviticus 26:1 I believe that making graven images of things in Heaven & on Earth is also one of the 10 commandments. I think it was the second commandment. Is wearing jewellery with the cross or crucifix, may it be a necklace, earrings or bracelet etc a form of idolatry? Is doing this going against scripture? I wear a necklace with the cross on it but I am beginning to believe that wearing a cross or owning a statue etc of the cross, crucifix or even of Jesus alone is committing idolatry. I used to believe that wearing a cross or crucifix around my neck or another form of jewellery was a representation of Jesus dying for our sins but now I am starting to believe that it is the wrong thing to do and I am thinking about removing the cross from my necklace. If you believe what I am saying is correct, please explain why and if you believe otherwise , why do you believe that wearing the cross or crucifix is not committing idolatry?
  9. As Christians are we really saved through faith in Jesus Christ alone? If that's really true, then why do we have to repent for our sins? And doesn't the scripture in the Book of Revelation about unbelievers,abominable,liars,murderers,idolterers and those who commit sexual sins not inheriting the Kingdom of God contradict with the we are saved through faith in Christ alone theory?
  10. Well if that's what The Bible says then I guess that Yisraela isn't my Hebrew name, but I was starting to think I was wrong anyway because someone on a different Christian forum told me that my Hebrew name was probably Sarah considering it's biblical and has the same meaning as my English name Alison, even though Israel is biblical but Israela is not. So whoever said that my name in Hebrew was Sarah, they may be right but if The Bible says no one knows what our new name will be in the next life then may be it's not Sarah but who knows lol 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. So tonight not that long ago I decided to look up my name in Hebrew which in English my name is Alison, I was wondering what my name would be and what it would mean in Hebrew, mainly because I was feeling bored and I was curious to know. So I decided to do some research on Google and my name in Hebrew is Yisraela dervived from the name Israela which apparently means to "Wrestle With God" . I also discovered that my Hebrew name is the female version of the name that God gave to Jacob which is Yisrael or Israel which means to "Strive With God" . In The Bible it says that Jacob wrestled with God which he did not realise in the beginning because Jacob demanded a blessing, in the end the Lord dislocated Jacobs hip and then Jacob says "I will not let you go until you give me a blessing." which his response pleased the Lord. Which is when God gave Jacob the name Yisrael (Israel). The term Wrestle With God doesn't literally mean to fight with him but to seek him in prayer and ask for blessings. What I have learned from this is that not only what my name is in Hebrew & what it means but as a Child of God to Wrestle With God is not actually to fight with him but to seek him with our hearts through prayer, don't be afraid to Wrestle With God because that's what he wants from you, he wants you to wrestle with him because he loves you and wants to give you what your heart desires. God wants us to fight for our blessings because in his eyes we are worth it. May God have mercy on all of you, give you peace and fill your hearts with love & joy. God bless 💖☺️🙏🏻
  12. I was born with an Intellectual Learning Disability but I wasn't diagnosed straight away, I can't remember at what age I was diagnosed but I was still very little when my pediatrition diagnosed me with this disability. I am currently 27 years old and I feel like my disability has stopped me from doing many things and make a living for myself. I really struggled with the work and didn't really have any friends at school, I was basically the unpopular kid that all the other kids wanted to pick on and were very nasty to me for no reason. And all the people who claimed to be my friends just ditched me, i'm still living under my Mum's roof,I don't have very much work experience, I have no career, hardly any income, not even close to getting my drivers license, I havn't even gone for my learners yet. I feel like it has even prevented me from having a love life and my social life isn't so great either, in a recent previous post reguarding my Depression & Anxiety issues someone asked me where God comes into this? I may get the same or a similar question to this post, but the truth is I have no clue where or even how God comes into this situation or any situation I have been or going through. I didn't become a believer until around 2013 but I didn't start attending church until around December 2015, I have been to three different churches since then and as people say "third luck is a charm" I found a church where I feel welcome and accepted for who I am. I guess it's normal for Christians or someone of any religion to go to different churches etc until they feel they have found "the one" that they will stick with. I believe I have found that church and the people there are so lovely, welcoming & accepting. I hope that I will have the same experience as well on this forum with all of you. May God give you mercy & peace. ❤️2 minutes ago
  13. I'm actually a female but thank you for welcoming me. ❤️
  14. I am 27 years old and I have been suffering with Depression & Anxiety issues since my childhood days back in Primary school, I was putting up with bullying from other kids both in Primary & High school. It was mostly verbal & emotional bullying but I don't think many people realise that verbal & emotional bullying is just as bad as physical bullying, at the end of the day bullying is bullying whether it is physical, verbal or emotional bullying it doesn't make words hurt any less. I have also experienced bullying both in real life & online, I have experienced online bullying just recently as well. At school & even online I have been called ugly and called me names like big nose, someone at school even said to me "You're so ugly that no one would want to marry you." And to this day I have never been in a relationship ever, it just makes me think are they right or is it God's purpose for me to be single? If so then what's his purpose for me staying single? and will I ever find someone & get married and start a family with that person. I worry that i'm going to spend the rest of my life alone and will probably die alone. The neglect I have experienced from my biological parents, plus all the bullying I have suffered from a child up until now and the verbal & emotional abuse from my Mum which has been going on for 15-16 years has really taken it's toll on my mental health. Plus my Depression & Anxiety tends to get worse in the Winter which is not too far away, we've already started getting the cold weather here in Australia and my mental health is not stable at all. I honestly don't know what to do, I have already tried getting professional help by a phyciatrist and a phycologist but it didn't really help me. I am taking antidepressants but they don't always seem to work , especially in the Winter. I don't know what else to do.
  15. I have a serious question I would like to ask; Why does God allow pain & suffering in the world? I'm not just talking about in general like war, terrorism, racism etc but in each of our lives as an individual. I was a victim of child molestation as a baby, I have suffered from neglect, childhood bullying, in fact I have been bullied all my life, both in real life & online. I am going through financial issues and currently putting up with verbal & emotional abuse from my Mum who is actually my Great Aunty which she got custody of me when I was 10 months old because of the neglect by my biological parents and was diagnosed by my pediatrition with an intellectual learning disability since being a child. I am on a disability support pension which is why I am struggling with financial problems and my Mum is on the Seniors pension. Because of the verbal & emotional abuse I am dealing with from my Mum, I feel I really need to move out and get my own place but because I am on a disability support pension I don't think I could even afford to pay rent. What I want to know is why did God allow all this to happen? Is he punishing me for something I did or maybe because of what my biological parents did? Is God trying to tell me something through my pain & suffering? Is their a purpose for my pain and suffering? If so then why?
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