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  1. HisFirst

    post something random

    Is this random or what??
  2. HisFirst

    post something random

    Thats a very telling pic Hazard:( hard times for folk.
  3. HisFirst

    Question for you all regarding prayer

    As someone once told me, "you may be the only one praying for such and such " .... a particular person.
  4. HisFirst

    post something random

    Um......not quite!
  5. HisFirst

    post something random

    I'm not a turkey mate!!
  6. HisFirst

    Beware Little Bear!

    What a beautiful sight!!
  7. HisFirst

    The women at the well

    The woman at the well event - "a woman meets her Saviour" holds so much personal meaning for me💕Very sentimental about this story.
  8. HisFirst

    Beware Little Bear!

    This Aussie fella is known as a Galah! Pronunounced gull - lar Hes SO cute!!!!💗
  9. HisFirst

    Coming to a library near you? I pray not!

    Hi TT, I had heard this mentioned but hadn't seen it in print for myself - I just feel despair for what's going on around the globe and the speed with which its all happening. Sometimes I feel like we are being swamped. My impact may not be much globally, but all I can do is love love love(with Gods love ), those I come into contact with on a daily basis - from inside my home and once I step out that door, and of course - pray!!
  10. HisFirst

    Beware Little Bear!

    Hi SA nice to see u too! I'm glad u are well and safe also. As for myself, I'm ok thanks. Yes, love our Aussie animals and this is a cute thread, good idea!
  11. HisFirst

    insanity is here

    So he thinks he should be paid to live because he didnt ask to be born.....ok, looks like we're ALL in for some money then!!!
  12. I couldn't help but think of teenage David grabbing the lions beard to defend his sheep I thought it must've been a cub for the wmoan to be subduing a mountain lion!
  13. HisFirst

    Is it still winter somewhere?

    Sorry for sounding clueless but what is an icestorm? Ive heard of a snowstorm . Does that involve rain and freezing temps?
  14. HisFirst

    Beware Little Bear!

    Australias very own sulphur crested cockatoo❤ TT, are the pics supposed to have a Biblical verse with it? (Well I added a verse to the original pic:;)