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  1. Hello Brothers and Sisters

  2. Pumpkin Spice Pizza

    I absolutely Love cheesecake...but..pumpkin..? Now that's different! I made an Oreo cheesecake the other day, wow I put on weight just looking at it!!
  3. Ihop

    It does sound good but that would totally wipe me out for the next 24 hours!!
  4. Ihop

    Is this a serious meal? How can you fit that all in??!!
  5. Ihop

    That looks nice but the amount of MSyrup is pretty hectic!
  6. Ihop

    Wow MM, that's a lot of syrup!!
  7. Ihop

    Its only nasty if you spread it on like p'nut butter. The trick with Vegemite is that it has to be thinly spread onto ultra fresh bread on top of real butter! Or toast
  8. Pumpkin Spice Pizza

    Do you Americans do pumpkin scones (biscuits)?
  9. Ihop

    Lol! I like Vegemite but to tattoo it onto my arm...
  10. http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/09/25/12/56/mystery-of-great-pyramid-at-giza-reportedly-solved *Apparently......... Mystery of Great Pyramid at Giza reportedly solved Ancient Egyptians reportedly built the Great Pyramid at Giza by shifting more than 154 million kilograms of limestone in boats. Archaeologists working with a documentary to be screened on UK’s Channel 4 claims to have unearthed an ancient scroll, a network of waterways and a ceremonial boat, The Sun reports. The papyrus scroll is believed to date back to 2600BC and is said to be the only firsthand account of how the Great Pyramid was constructed. -snip-
  11. Ihop

    Vegemite tattoo!!!*no, that's not my arm
  12. errant posting

    You must have the fastest mouse clicker in the West Neighbour
  13. Ihop

    Just for you Shiloh!! French toast, honey bacon and Vegemite icecream.
  14. Ihop

    True, lol but only if you have spread too much on - gently does it with Vegemite