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  1. HisFirst

    Tarantula Burgers - not for the squeamish!

    These are our pippies but we say shellfood not crustacean.
  2. HisFirst

    Tarantula Burgers - not for the squeamish!

    Lol! That's what came up when I searched for lavabread! Mushrooms with cockles ( I think they are our pippies)...oh my goodness, just the thought!!!! not good!
  3. HisFirst

    Tarantula Burgers - not for the squeamish!

    Oh my goodness LP! serious??
  4. HisFirst

    Tarantula Burgers - not for the squeamish!

    I was once told by an old Christian gentleman that crustaceans are the cockroaches of the ocean. I can kinda see it....
  5. HisFirst

    Organ Donation

    Many Christians would have died in house fires etc so this is not a problem re:resurrection.
  6. Proverbs 16:24 24 Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. *I'm not feeling the love in this post. sure you can make your point but sis, do it with love, come on.
  7. Best selfie I've ever seen!!!
  8. HisFirst


    Praying for you Logan x
  9. HisFirst

    Emergency help and drug addiction

    Hi Angels, I get what you are saying and I can understand also when people say that addiction not only affects alcohol and illicit drugs but many and varied substances. Take junk food for example and gastric bypass surgeries for the extremely obese. I know of people who think its a waste of tax payers money to perform this operation on those who don't make wise food choices. This is a life saving surgery for most. Also those addicted to cosmetic surgery because they want a nose like Kate, Duchess of Cambridge(most popular choice for female rhinoplasty) - I can totally understand it when it comes to babies, children choking etc and I think when calls to emergency services do come thru at the same time, priority of emergency situation is given. Its a hard question but all I know is that Christ died for us all -
  10. HisFirst


  11. HisFirst

    Starting a post

    WillieT, Not sure if u are an Aussie (I think u are) but anyway, welcome!
  12. HisFirst

    You say you love God?

    Sad to say but people look at the physical and if they don't like what they see or are uncomfortable with a type of person, there is a dislike. Its a hard to love situation. Its easier to love what you know and what you undetstand and what one is comforyable with. It's just a human fact that crosses all bounds - race, religion etc.. Luke 6:32 - Jesus said: "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them."
  13. HisFirst

    Man claims he was born on Mars.

    And probably also unfathomable!
  14. HisFirst

    Man claims he was born on Mars.

    I did think that also!
  15. HisFirst

    Man claims he was born on Mars.

    You're right, I don't believe it at all - so what are the other options for what 'seemingly' appears to be all prior knowledge of a former civilisation? Grand delusion? I might have to search around to find out how common this is and how in depth someone can get on one particular subject. I wonder if it could be an ultra-extreme form of autism/grandeur.