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  1. all i got?

    I agree but I also know that young Western women need to be told in a loving spirit how to dress period (and as a Christian woman). Remember, we are living in a highly sexualized culture which is out of control - it has crept into the church as well. I see inappropriate church wear as well as couples (young and old) tenderly rubbing backs or necks or stroking hair - everything has a place but people need to be told with love. Just seems like people are not being told period.
  2. all i got?

    You have a good point - it could be conveyed as such. With regards to females in general, I think a woman can wear a hessian sack and still turn mens heads....that's just my opinion
  3. all i got?

    I agree totally if she has grown up in a Christian home, it should come direct from Mum, or Christian women in the family/church family.
  4. Chocolate lovers unite....

    If you want mass extinction, eat that thing!!
  5. all i got?

    I'd hate to be a teen or twenty something young woman in this day and age, when the pressure to look a certain way in the physical and fashion is just horrendous. The enemy of females (that dragon of old) is so loving the chaos it is causing amongst the opposite genders, but with the woman herself - hating her own image and wanting to look like the "worlds version" of beautuful - which is overt attention and exaggeration to certain parts of the body. Young Christian women need kind hearted older women to come along beside them and help them. We were all young and naive once.
  6. The Australian Open is on - that's tennis guys!!

    Eugenie Bouchard or Aussie Nick Kyrgios??
  7. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Hi frienduff thaylorde, Just because someone sits on a Church pew and goes thru the motions, is a pleasant smiley person does Not make them Christian. It doesn't matter how learned in the Bible or how 'nice' a person appears (Proverbs 31 says charm is deceiving), there are con artists everywhere......church is no different Only God knows the true condition of the heart. I probably sound like a jaded woman but.....
  8. Chocolate lovers unite....

    Sojo, is that for flat earthers only???
  9. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Cops and priests drinking on the job!! Wow, aren't we in good hands lol!!
  10. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    I'm always impressed when teenagers come to the Lord, because as a teen and into my 20's, I was so caught up in the world, however I always prayed and was aware I wasn't on the straight and narrow. Hope your dad made his peace with God before he passed.
  11. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Hi Gary, I'm assuming this is a Catholic church? Gargoyles staring down at me would've totally freaked me out as a kid lol. I once thought a little old lady neighbour (I was about 7) was a witch!!
  12. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Lol, that's funny but at least u guys weren't kicked out for being half tanked. I don't think the Baptist churches I attended would've tolerated that
  13. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Hi Jeff, is this Catholic church?
  14. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Hi Jeff, do u have a memory to share of the time you first sat in a Church?