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  1. Thank you so much Honey and Bonnie x
  2. Love devilled eggs!
  3. http://honey.nine.com.au/2017/03/28/07/25/victorian-government-respectful-relationships-teach-kids-not-to-be-sexist ...... The Victorian government (Australia) will tell foundation teachers not to use phrases such as "boys will be boys" as part of a $3m plan to eradicate sexism in pre-schoolers. According to The Australian, 4000 early years state educators will receive training about gender stereotypes in the classroom. A government tender released last week says children as young as three or four are aware of "gender expectations" and try to "fit within these gendered norms" as they start school.
  4. There's all different Christian teachings on how to "find a mate". The woman leads, the male leads, the female must never show interest, the female Must show interest and pray like mad for the right one without lifting a finger etc, etc. Personally, I don't think there's only one solitary Mr/Ms Right out there for people and if you miss the boat meeting that one person, well then that's your lot in life - single to the end. No - I think there's many opportunities out there as a single and when you meet that person, you just know. Even if it hasn't dawned on the other person yet. Call it gut instinct or discernment - that's my take on it anyway.
  5. The problem there Shiloh, methinks it leads to adultery - an arranged marriage for whatever motivation that's not based on love. I thought the OT Jews marriages were based on love if you take a peak at SOS, very romantic.
  6. Thank you Joe, Ted, BK1110 Much appreciated x
  7. Ty Enoob x
  8. Ty KPG x
  9. Oh yes, that's for sure and Yes, they are questionable, even Christian dating sites....eg: profiles that note how many tines they go to Church, alongside of a shirtless pic of themselves
  10. Hi KPG, Very hectic at the mo with lots of evacuations from homes. Has not crossed land yet but the effects of wind and rain have definitely started.
  11. Thank you Worthy x
  12. Marriage isn't easy is it? Its a lot of hard work - even in the good times. You have to plant and water those seeds during the good times to carry you through the hard times - otherwise you're drawing on empty.
  13. In Western society, lust is often confused with love - its a blurry line for many. The thought of going clubbing to find Mr Right leaves me in a cold sweat (nowadays), yet this is what Western society sees as normal place to meet . It's sad. You are right though - if its not for love, then what? When the other "attractions" wear off or are gone completely, there's nothing left standing. I don't think that some cultures see love through Western lens . I could be wrong but many other cultures that are not influenced by the West do not show outward affection toward one another (from what I've observed).
  14. So times have changed -(Western society anyway). In other cultures, marrying for money, status, etc isn't such a bad thing after all.
  15. You have a funny sense of humour Neighbour!! Love hearing about long lasting marriages (48 years!!) - they are nearly a thing of the past these days. Your present wife is 12 years younger than you. But see, that's not so unusual when it's the guy who's older. The reverse is sometimes looked upon as the man needs a mummy figure.