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  1. Hello, I've come in late I know but are you alluding to the Gospel reaching all corners of the world before Christ's return? Good question. The answer can go in a myriad of directions..... Spoken language is an interesting form of communication. It's sounds. Take the tongue clicking language of the Kalahari Bushmen. Fascinating.
  2. The natural response is hurt, then a million internal questions why? I'm sorry this happened to you LK
  3. Thanks Michael, that's interesting (the before church service Sunday school). In my area, that would usually be done in Bible study groups . Talking about Bible study groups...... .......some women I know believe these groups should not be mixed groups, for the simple fact of studying the Word without distractions.
  4. Hi everybody just interested to learn what Sunday School is in your neck of the woods. I ask this because after watching Bruce Gore (American) lectures on Bible history, philosophy etc,he mentions at times his Sunday school classes and I soon realised these classes are made up of adults. (I'm pretty sure)..., In Australia, I only know of "Sunday school" being made up of Church kids having a Bible lesson while the church congregation (adults) are listening to the sermon in the main part of the church building. Whats your Sunday school look like??😊
  5. Welcome:) there are a few of us Aussies on board!
  6. Thats a very telling pic Hazard:( hard times for folk.
  7. As someone once told me, "you may be the only one praying for such and such " .... a particular person.
  8. The woman at the well event - "a woman meets her Saviour" holds so much personal meaning for me💕Very sentimental about this story.
  9. Hi TT, I had heard this mentioned but hadn't seen it in print for myself - I just feel despair for what's going on around the globe and the speed with which its all happening. Sometimes I feel like we are being swamped. My impact may not be much globally, but all I can do is love love love(with Gods love ), those I come into contact with on a daily basis - from inside my home and once I step out that door, and of course - pray!!
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