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  1. post something random

    LOL!!!!! 'Bloke from NZ'!
  2. Abbreviations Used Nowdays

  3. spouse vs friends

    Once people get married, the dynamics of opposite gender friendships change. That's a given. The friend should realise this as should the newly married person. Ive come in late to this discussion so my point of view has most likely been said

    I'm so hoping you will get to go Neighbour and that you'll get great advice!
  5. Jerusalem

    I haven't Wayne but want to very much!
  6. Suicide - My Destiny?

    Hello Gothamvision, I can feel your heart break. I'm sincerely sorry you've had years of this dark feeling. I don't really know how to advise you (others here have done that) other than to let you know my family has gone through a suicide and for the people left behind, really there's no words. Its just tragic for All involved. I'm glad you have opened up and are sharing these feelings of yours. Talking and communicating helps to let light in. I sincerely pray that you will eventually feel the joy of living.
  7. sniper shooting in vegas

    Hi Kris, Just by association type of situation maybe. She was in the Philippines at the time. Yes, prayers for those impacted by this nonsensical slaying.
  8. sniper shooting in vegas

    Indonesia: largest Muslim population in a country. Food for thought. *Isis also claimed responsibility for the two knife attacks on the young French women on Saturday.
  9. sniper shooting in vegas

    Hi Kris, An Indonesian woman with an Aussie passport was involved....the offender's boyfriend.
  10. sniper shooting in vegas

    That sounded like machine gunfire!! Praying.
  11. Hello, New Here

  12. Worthy welcome

  13. I don't have facts to back that up Haz, but I'm just trying to think outside the box rather than relying on the Nephilim theory to answer every "scratch head" situation.
  14. Hi Hazard, They definitely had some high tech tools but as for those steps, it may have nothing to do with steps as we know it (feet) but for water purposes. kinda like this..