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  1. I believe Yeshua explicitly stated that the disciples would not understand what He The Holy One was doing till a later time. With humbleness(meekness) found in dust, so to is iron. And from what I've learned of blood, water, and spirit that witness on earth. Iron and water flow through our heart. As the Lord tabernacles with his, I also see in the spirit 3 colors dyed upon a covering. Crimson(red), Blue, and Purple. Blessed be The Holy One who was, is, and is to come. Blessings Always.
  2. The root of all evil. Usury, and the love of worldly wealth and prestige. The disciples of the kingdom are taught to both be wise as serpents and gentle as doves when loving their enemies. There is also a lesson in owing no one.
  3. I believe pekoudah is speaking about provisions in order. The reverence{fear of the Lord is remembered by the meek even after tasting the Divine Nature. Recall how ole sh'aul in humility spoke of the thorn of his past. With even further reflection. Consider what The Holy One Yeshua spoke of concerning those who, "will not taste death"! Blessing Always
  4. Everlasting contempt? Isn't that the same as having ones name blotted out. I recall something about the first and second resurrection.
  5. A sheild of faith likened to grace where a full quiver is a blessing. While walking away from the enemies firey darts. The faithfull's back are covered. Amen
  6. flattery is a form of disrespect. Jayne is an elder. Mind your manners youngin
  7. Until a certain river is cut off and living Water flows in the Heart of the children. Cutting off one of the 4 river such as the Perath(Euphrates) reveals a way for wisdom to flow from above. Blessings Always
  8. The river Perath(eupfrates) is important in its easterly location. Remember that Adam has his choice removed to take hold of the tree of life until The promise is Fullfilled by The Holy One who permisses His children to freely eat of the Tree of Life. I see the serpent as ashes to be removed. There is mention of iron and dust in the TaNaKh to which reminds and renews with Ruach that a second Adam well come. Dust and iron like red is to dye a garment. Blessings Always
  9. And I can only imagine a mans heart such as David's after everything he had been through.. Even while the Lord showed him mercy, his son avsalom presumed to rebel against his own father. As the Lord dealt swift justice upon avsalom and news reached David's ears. David mourned for such a loss on a single day. Even while being wisely counseled not to do so. Joy in suffering for righteousness. The very suffering at that hands and feet of your own family is always a painful experience. Even so The Lord spoke of this and comforts His Children as He did David. "Blessed are those who mourn....." And how much more comfort is given those who mourn for 7 days as David did for his first born? Blessings Always.
  10. From what I recall of the parable of the wedding feast where a person is found without a proper garment. They are escorted to the outer darkness, all the while gnawing and gnashing. This is a reminder to me of a finality similar to ashes being removed. Flesh will not inherit the kingdom. As for the soul of such a person. Utter destruction just as the flesh had been destroyed in fire. Only those with the garments washed in the blood of the Lamb walking with a baptism of Fire like danyl and his companions had will remain. Blessings Always
  11. I believe Betha is offering an exegetical approach to the subject. The Tree of Life being guarded(removed') and Adam being exiled east of the garden removes the choice. Yes, perhaps the free will desire to eat of the Tree of life may remain. Along with the promise of a future Hope. But the Lord is the One to mediate such timing of when The Tree of Life is permisable. Just my thoughts
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