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  1. If anyone wants to just have general conversation.. This be the green thread. That's if anyone can break a f1 track record by at least 9.68 seconds... Slow pokes.
  2. What is green in hebrew? I know of nine fruits. But the seasonal leaves....
  3. I think they are ready Just cause an f1 pilot is slow doesn't mean everyone else has to wait. Besides the obvious. Why is it merica is so far behind in infrastructure? I doubt The Holy One had a hand in their laziness.
  4. Besides the Honda and cosworth v12s that echo to the present 11 thousand rpm red line lose limit of today. What happened that decade?
  5. With all the colors you offered, where is the Orange?
  6. Yes, And according to The Royal Torah he left the land untouched for 3 yrs....
  7. To tread with a soft voice and to lift thoughts in praise to The Holy One is to me.... I confess.. I've seen the 4 Cherubim angels. They each have cloven feet just as the prophets said.
  8. I have to admit. I look forward to seeing you and nzev fly as eagles. With confidence and unwavering faith upon the 4 winds. With no doubt of the next meal to come in time. That finish line ole sh'aul spoke of is for the feet that are lifted with joy. Take care to show others Especialy the youth how to Fly.
  9. Oh, Perhaps then you will tell me what you found at finish line of Your race...? Far as I can See. You haven't even fledged.
  10. Actually in street slang its called flying a kite.
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