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  1. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    From the covenant of peace given on the full moon of pesach(water) it is my hope that the brethren recognize that what was once broken centuries ago will be mended in mourning.. 7 days I hope they mourn before counting the omer so that they will see the Kingdom given on Shavuot Shalom. I know it will be difficult. But I will walk with the Lord in prayer regardless. Thankyou for the conversation in oil. Blessed be the Name
  2. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    Thankyou, I hadn't noticed the scribe in that context. I agree in the sense that a garment of tzadikim(disciples would be 11 not 12. At least until a new garment is prepared by the Lord.
  3. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    If you are addressing me again. Yes, the Lord Yeshua was very clear on the subject in yochonan 17. As for variables and exponentials. The math is inescapable in the Torah.
  4. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    Kefa was influenced by Judas. Think of it this way when reading the Lords strong rebukes to kefa. Judas was likely right there in all the tzadikim(disciples presence. A number likely being more than 12 men. So the rebuke is quite clear in that perspective as far as I can tell. After all kefa is the like a stone. So where moshe may of made the mistake of striking the stone directly Yeshua did not.
  5. pinacled

    Torah portions

    Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the Lord.
  6. pinacled

    Torah portions

    The first tree is rueven.
  7. pinacled

    Bible Trivia questions

    When eliyahu pours the water 4 times he names each river as they are freely given. With faith the lords voice is in each and is recognized as a miracle unlike any other. A promise of something to come of the promised land. A level beyond the sod of prds. Blessings Always.
  8. pinacled

    Bible Trivia questions

    Tonight is very special to those whom remember the 4 rivers.
  9. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    Mourning aside, Do you recall how many times eliyahu poured water upon the alter till fire was recognised in a freewill offering.? Oil flows not from the selfish desires of sons and daughters. Wisdom is pure and is given freely to those who seek the kingdom. Seek first......" And you will find the water that lights the fire of the heart sis. Luv u.
  10. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    A conversation in oil about the blessings upon those who are not offended by the Name of Yeshua are like a sweet and savoured odor of prayer in humility and courage. "Blessed are those who mourn......" How many days to mourn for Sinai is important before entering the kingdom sis. The two lamps given as witness to pierce the darkness where given as holy praise on a certain day to assure the Faithful ones of a promise. As is spoken of by the Holy One. " the poor you have always....."
  11. pinacled

    Torah portions

    Truth lies in stone and time is fluid. The number of trees that have become fruitful as the nine children of Yisrayl have far out numbered the axe and its purpose. After a person finds the poor to be hopeful as the two unseperated doves of the promise given avraham. I hope the children will see a menorah of seven elder stars in the right hand of the Lord and humbly accept the branches of wisdom in yosefs patience and enduring love for his brethren and father. A love that surpasses suffering so that a new generation carries a promise like qaleb and the son of nun carried that fateful day.. A fruition of the spirit to recognize 15 children set apart as Shabbat trees. A recognition of the water of efrayim flowing through the land of manesseh and honey freely offered in yhdh. Blessings Always.
  12. pinacled

    The silent Church

    1 corinthians 13; 4-13 "Above all else........"?
  13. pinacled

    Guard Your Heart 101

    True, Like the fruit of self discipline.
  14. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    I was taught that an olive wild or natural is still an olive. Blessings Always
  15. pinacled

    Jews With Out Jesus

    If you are addressing me please do so directly. I am no stranger to certain schools of thought in judaism. There are some I trust and adhere to out of Love for the brethren. Its not an easy task in explaining with mere words what the Ruach hakodosh showed me in the Shekinah. The school of though I adhere to is that the first freewill offering was offered by havel and quayin. To which I hear Yeshua speaking to those who are overcomes and given crown of Life. It is said that righteousness exist from havel to zechariah. I believe the Holy One who spoke of such. Even if my understanding of such is weak I lean on the Lord in His strength of forgiveness. A hope that I have in my heart is that all the house of yhdh sees the Lord before it is too late. Even if that hope causes suffering I will testify. It is impossible for me not to after witnessing the Shekinah. Blessings Always.