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  1. pinacled


    The f.b.I is the least of their worries. The upper millstone of reckoning is coming.
  2. pinacled


    The hells angels and other mafia organizations use the platform to extort, launder, and murder people. And that's the censored version of the truth. The F.B.I. is already well informed.
  3. pinacled


    Facehook. not good.
  4. pinacled

    Modest attire

    by not judging apparel. humility first.
  5. pinacled

    who is the morning star?

    Elihu(Satan) is a wandering star. What are also known today as planets. The pagan(luciferian)cursed nations ascribed the courses of each to their false idols and taught confusion with a caste system. Then by doing so also took an oath with a mark and seal to serve the dragon(Cain).. Where in contrast the Lord of Host is known by the sheep who hear him and respect the unchanging and honorable course of the stars of promise. Washed in starlight they sing of the Blessed Holy One written on the heart. Blessed are the pure in heart" Amen
  6. pinacled


    There may be a few here reading that have heard stories in tradition about Mosheh and the Egyptian who suffered wrath at the hand of righteous judgment. I imagine the day mosheh hid the enemy in the sand was quite the reminder to accusers the day Yeshua(Jesus wrote in the sand. The Lord is known and understood in 4 syllables. Like the 4 spaces between 5 fingers of wisdom from 7 stars fed with pure oil. After all 3s and 4s are the way of the King. The city ole sh'aul spoke of as being from above. She has a name very much woven with loving kindness with the Lords Name. In Honor a promise is given as bread upon the voice of many waters. Amen.
  7. pinacled

    Depressed about life

    Welcome to the forum, Oh, you are not the only one who has found one foot in the world while the other is ready in the Spirit. The feeling of lacking is a good and acceptable desire while maturing in faith and further seeking the Kingdom. As you walk with the Lord of Lights there will be many wonderful discoveries to come. With that first step in the spirit renewing the mind keep stepping forward. Something I learned early on is that Truth lies in stone and time is fluid. Blessings Always.
  8. pinacled


    My pleasure, Once upon a place in time two cultures discoveded one another by means of divine providence. Though the two were seperated by appearances their principles were very much alike. In sharing this common bond they became like family to one another and shared a measure of awe together. As each culture shared in the belief of honorable gifts each individual represented. They chose their leadership with the same measure. One culture held a long standing tradition that anyone was given the right to challenge the chosen leader to combat. A combat of skill with an audience present to witness the full potential of the individual. Amongst the visiting culture there is woman by name of auraoscean who has been considered a leader whose character resembles a woman from the book of judges. She has a single son who is very much loved by their new family and has been respected even more by them than his own family. After being somewhat adopted by their leadership for his character of humility A tragedy happens to the new family that the son of auraoscean helps to save them from. During which time a few orphans from the other family are adopted by auraoscean. Then just as tragedy began it ened. At the shock of all peace is restored in the most unsuspected manner by both families. So, after said peace is retained. Auraoscean is challenged by one of her own kind to combat. Suffice to say he is up against a lengend. So much so that each challenger that has lost is measured by the time of the match. But then a surprise comes after the upstart looses the challenge. As auraoscean walks over to one of the adopted orphans she kindly gestures them. "Are you ready"? The orphan declares with a loud cry. "I challenge your son"! In awe the son looks over at the orphan with his smilling heart and eyes. As he then begins to take off all his armor while everyone wonders and murmers. "What is he doing"? Before the orphan could phathom the response to the challenge. The son walks over and lays all his armor at the feet of the orphan and says, "I accept your challenge" Blessings Always in the Name of the Lord of Host.
  9. pinacled

    Sabbath Issue

    Ah, A bread in stead of stone, a place where the sting of a scorpion has no place . Amen.
  10. pinacled

    Sabbath Issue

    Who has ever looked at the night sky to see the number of stars changing throughout the year and always reciprocating an honorable course. have they yet to watch the moon and it's lesser light. how the shadow of turning moves like the waves of water from right to left. I Hope a son or daughter has considered such a beauty. Everyone should observed how the moon goes from east to west in a way that each day it is in a new place. Seating a course to give wonder of how it seems to move both forward and backwards in time. Like how ripples of a wave of water always moves left to right. No matter if a person faces east or west. If there is a mystery to be heard. Or wonders to be seen in the Day when the sun and moon dance together. Perhaps those whose hearts are pure will be courageous in counting the space of time given when the two lights are seperate. fathers' ,mother's , sons, daughters.. A fifth generation is hidden for good reason. And there are few that find such a treasure n..f song. amen
  11. pinacled


    Would you like to hear a story?
  12. pinacled

    Sabbath Issue

    The Holy scripture speaks of Yeshua just as He said.
  13. pinacled

    Sabbath Issue

    Our Lord Yeshua(Jesus spoke about many mansions. And ole sh'aul was very clear that No one speaking from the Ruach hakodosh would ever speak the Lord Yeshua being accursed. Having nailed the curse of the Torah(law to the cross. And in ressurection took hold of the letter of the law that kills(divorce) and broke the seals. Tell me, Of all the letters to the Church.? Is there a letter of divorce mentioned. No, There is no such mention to those who worship God in Spirit and Truth. Blessings Always
  14. pinacled

    Sabbath Issue

    Oh, Where then do you suppose to store such treasures as the fruit of the Spirit? Shabbat has a Name above all others. Blessed is He that comes in the Name" Blessed be He that Was, Is, and is to Come." Glory, Glory, Glory..
  15. pinacled


    Also consider not swearing at all. What was it our Lord said about wise counsel, number of hairs upon the head, or what color they may be. A promise from the Lord is Eternal. No need for the likes of mankind to place value on one another by appearance of any standard. For the Faithful are under a single banner. Amen..