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  1. A very good testimony of a life in which God's seed was sown and it's ultimate effect. Too many Christians witness/share God's word, with the intent to get an immediate response by applying pressure of some sort. We need to see ourselves simply as seed sowers and trust God to bring forth the increase in His time and His way. Thanks for your testimony. Gary
  2. This is a topic which is very interesting to me. I will get back to you on this subject later as my time is limited today. Your posts should give us something to meditate on, and as we do, we will begin to experience the blessings and the power of abiding IN Christ and allowing His words to abide IN us. Catch you later. Gary
  3. The first thing I would do is prepare my heart before going to this person (Prov. 16:1 The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the Lord). The next thing I would do is to make sure that I have all the information that pertains to this person’s error. I would hear this person’s side of the story as well as any others that may have witnessed the error. Prov. 18:13 says, “He that answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame unto him.” I take this to mean that if we don’t hear all sides to the matter, then we really haven’t heard it. After I have gathered all the information, I would reason with this person in a spirit of meekness, lest I also be tempted, in an endeavor to shine light on this erroneous act. The scriptures of course, would be the standard that I would use to reason with this person to turn from the error and make things right with God, and to any person that may have been offended by this act. The thing I would most keep in mind is that the restoration of this person is the main objective. Gary
  4. Personally, I believe that it all depends on where a person lives. If we live in Him, and His words live in us, whatsoever we ask of Him will be given to us (Jn. 15:7). I believe there are miracles that are being done by God even as I am writing this. But the greatest miracle that I see, and long to see more of, is when God transforms a person from a sinner to a saint. My belief is that when we obey Jn. 15:7, and live it out daily in our lives, there is no limit as to what He will do for us, when we ask according to His will. Gary
  5. You're welcome, and God bless you for your kind thoughts. Gary
  6. You're welcome, and thanks for the uplifting words. I believe that you sincerely mean what you say, and it is much appreciated. Gary
  7. Thanks for your part in supporting our troops while they were there. Maybe I should have used anti-war protests rather than demonstrations. It was a real morale killer when we would hear of them. Gary
  8. Welcome Home Gary Lee, from Gary Lee. I was with 1st Battalion 4th Marines 1968-69. If it was not for the grace and mercy of God, I personally don't think I would have made it. Gary
  9. As a Vietnam Veteran myself, I was not aware of this until recently. You are right, Vets remember, and freedom is not free. Even as we came home, the war was not over for us. Aside from the demonstrations, the name calling, and the rejection, the images of what we had seen and done, are still with us today. Thanks for your acknowledgement and respectful thoughts towards us. You don't know how much it really means to finally find acceptance from the people of our country. Gary
  10. Thanks for your answer. I've used tracts quite often, especially when I was doing street evangelism with Teen Challenge back in the 80's. We would pass them out weekly by the hundreds on the streets of downtown KCMO. After doing that for a while, I began doing less distribution and more conversational type ministry, while the others would be passing out the tracts. I don't know if you went to the link I posted here. I moved it to Videos, Biblical Topics, Do Gospel Tracts Really Work. I would be interested in what you think. It's only 9 minutes long. Gary
  11. I notice that you are involved in street evangelism. Many years ago I was working with a ministry called Teen Challenge in down town KCMO. We passed out thousands of tracts along with doing Coffee House ministry to people that would come in off the streets. It was quite a rewarding experience. Do you do tract distribution, street preaching, coffee house ministry, etc? If so, how is it going, and what kind of materials are you using? Gary
  12. Hello David. You are right. Jack Chick definitely had a calling to do what he did, and I'm glad he did it so well. I know his tracts had a profound effect on me and I'm sure multitudes of others. What did you think of the link I posted? Gary
  13. It looks like you are sold on the use of Gospel Tracts. So glad to hear of someone who believes in the power of the printed word in tracts. You may not have gone to the link I shared here because I moved it to "Videos, Biblical Topics, Do Gospel Tracts Really Work?" This little 9 minute segment of a man who reached thousands of people through his 40 years of passing out Tracts, is an awesome story of faithful endurance in the work of Christ. Hope you will be able to listen to it and give me your thoughts on it. Gary
  14. Hello walla299. I don't think you were able to listen to the link on the effectiveness of tracts, because it was removed from here by admin. My fault. I moved it to the Video Forum under the title "Do Gospel Tracts Really Work?" It is only 9 minutes long, but well worth the time. Please let me know what you think.
  15. Hello missmuffet. I don't think you were able to listen to the link on the effectiveness of tracts, because it was removed from here by admin. My fault. I moved it to the Video Forum under the title "Do Gospel Tracts Really Work?" It is only 9 minutes long, but well worth the time. Please let me know what you think. Gary
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