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  1. Blessings ohso Welcome to Worthy,glad to hear you are SAVED!!!!!!! Praise Jesus!!! Firstly,may I ask....what is a "Relationship"and secondly you did say you are in a relationship with "a man " ,is it safe to assume you are a woman,I do hope so and do mean that respectfully So,I'd be happy to offer some advice if I knew more about what type of living arrangement you are in, or if you are just dating etc. etc. It's difficult to advise without knowing more details. As far as being unevenly yoked, God has a very good reason for these instructions because an unevenly yolked relationship inevitably leads the believer into disbelief, we see this time and time again. With Love In Christ, Kwik
  2. Blessings Brothers & Sisters My dear friend/Sister in Christ has asked that we join her in prayer for her Brother Kirk,he was a Jehovah witness at one time and now he is seeking Gods Truth.....the poor dear is sooooo lost.please join me in prayer that he be drawn to the Foot of the Cross and meet Jesus there(as we did).....Praise & Glory to God...... Thank you so much With love,in Christ-Jesus
  3. I was not sure how much my daughter even knew. For now, I can take over the informing part, and I am now at home. not well, but no worse.but they sure ran lotss of tests and poked me a lot, more test scheduled, and sent me home with ozygen bottles and oxygen concentrator. also, for those of youthat get the inside joke, I have this idea about renting a floor sander, and grinding down the plateaus of the Grand Canyon, the make the Colorado River more accessible. This will help the drought in California and people could drive to it to fill their water bottles, and the red sand beach will be pretty. The can sell sand to tourists and hobbyists, and I could use it in concrete projects. Re-purposing is fun. That's the Spirit Mega!!!! So glad you're home,Praise Jesus!!!! Love your Sis
  4. Michael and I are praying for our Beloved Brother, thanking Jesus for the Position of Victory we stand on that Overcomes all manner of sickness & disease- by His Stripes Omega is Healed!!!! Glory to God Most High
  5. Blessings LadyKay Well, I dont think anyone is having a debate but the " off topic" discussion is probably my fault because I seem to be having some issues with the Worthy site today and I still havent been able to see the first page- lol Anyway, didnt we already have an atheist in office, oh no , thats right he was muslim- just being sarcastic, lol Sorry for going off - maybe if I get off my phone and get the laptop I wont keep losing posts and pages🤣
  6. Blessings other one This is the 3rd time I've written a very long post & it disappeared,it's getting quite frustrating and each time they get shorter & shorter -anticipating losing it all again???? Brother,I think you are wasting your time and now I do believe I won't exert any more energy here myself. Personally I don't care how Encyclopedia Brittanica,Wikapedia or Websters unabridged defines islam-look at the definition of "religion" and it does not fit well into that category very neatly....I & many others do agree that islam is NOT a religion or at least they can see that it is much more than "religion" .The "much more" is what constitutes the application of Public Law414 I do believe because you said "Islam was made illegal in the US in 1952" everyone jumped all over it,the Law did not specify"islam" but perhaps it is the very reason it was written for in the first place,certainly meets all the qualifications,doesn't it? For these are the reasons this "religion" should not have the protection afforded by the "Freedom" Rights we hold so dear in the USAlike Pink Back to "religion",what is the definition of religion,is it a belief system only? We can look it up and get quite a few definitions but I do like the way Rebecca Bynum describes it here in a speech she made in 2011 I don't believe Rebecca B. is a Christian ,she may even criticize Christianity? However,she is a good writer and some of you might like her take on the Topic at handhttps://newenglishreview.org/Rebecca_Bynum/Why_Islam_is_Not_a_Religion/ Again,we all have our opinions and mine was the result of learning the truth about islam-"other one" has shared soooo much of his knowledge with me over the years & for that I am grateful.Of course,like "PinkBelt" I would like to see all muslims come to Jesus and be Saved-our Hope remains in Christ & every single muslim we meet is worth every effort and our prayers Still,until that time I would prefer they remain where they are for the safety of this Country No doubt I just said a mouthful & will get a lot of haters from that last statement but in my heart I believe we are in great danger and it can be prevented if we open our eyes and acknowledge things for what they truly are.First I am a Christian ,first & foremost,so it goes without saying that I love Gods Creation(people)but secondly I am an American.We are not "of" the world but we certainly live "in" it and we are all Gods Creation but certainly not all Gods Children,I think we should be careful and wise. With love-in Christ,Kwik
  7. Hi LadyKay Of course we( I) understand what you are saying and zim sure we all feel the same about our Constitution- Heavens no, no American would want to lose any of the "Rights" that afford us FREEDOM. If you read carefully the very article you shared with us here you would understand that everything about the muslim theocracy is what the Public Law414 DOES in FACT ban except as I said earlier most people buy into that same old song" islam is a religion" which is the unfortunate loophole,so Public Law 414 does exist and if you get past the " religion" camaflouge you will understand it is no myth. This Law has been a controversial issue for decades only regarding" muslims"and the islamists have been moving along according to plan since the very beginning when the madman( muhammed) dreamed up this so called religion.Slowly but surely they have taken over more & more territory all over the world. I can provide as many links to articles stating " muslims banned, its a fact" for every article stating it is a myth. Perspective is 6 of one & half dozen of the other. Truth of the matter is unless our govt does something drastic nothing is going to stop this trainwreck and I dont see that happening ! Thank God we have so much to look forward to as Christs Own- Love, Kwik
  8. Blessings Nick In the Welcome Forum we meet & greet new members after your introduction,so WELCOME TO WORTHY!!! After a couple of posts you can move on to other areas of the Forums where your question can be addressed properly-"Need Advice" would be a good place to get many answers.....most folks just stop by the Welcome Forums to say"hi".....so you may want to move this thread to where it will get the most action!!! Anyway,I'll stick my 2 cents in & I do hope it helps.....you both sound young and perhaps some "time" will give you all the answers you are looking for,after all-what's the hurry? True love lasts and is worth waiting fr my friend. It seems to me you are pretty certain about what(& who) you want but I'm not too sure about your sweetheart.When 2 people start their lives together they should have a good,solid foundation and a rocky start is not ideal.I don't believe either of you have taken enough time(only 2yrs,most of which was long distance)to really get to know each other and make mindful decisions together that are "well thought out".You must be able to compromise without one of the two feeling they have "given up" something for the other. What I'm saying is,"If your girlfriend was "all in" & really ready to be a wife then moving away from famiiy & friends would not be that difficult a decision for her.Often times with a start like that it is the first thing that comes up in a spat & breeds resentment ,eg:" I gave up everything for you & now I'm alone & miserable!" When a young lady is head over heels in love & MATURE enough to take the role of "wife" then she shouldn't feel she is leaving "home" ,instead she is going "home" to be with her husband & begin life as a married couple(Genesis 2:24) Besides,don't you think it would be a much better beginning for the 2 of you if you were in a better position to provide for your own family? My suggestion(again)is just take more time Nick,get situated FIRST,get a good job to prepare a place for the both of you.....when you are more financially stable and better established you can both figure it out together.Money isn't everything but it sure helps,wouldn't it be great to be able to take frequent trips to visit "out-of_state" family members,it's not so difficult when you are in a good position I will pray for you both but please "slow down" ,talk with each other as much as possible and be "best friends" then in time you will be the most important "family & friends"......just my opinion,most importantly-pray together and put GOD FIRST,He'll Do the Rest when you let Him With love-in Christ,Kwik
  9. Exactly-"islam" should fall very neatly into all the categories that would constitute being" banned"according to Law(414) passed in 1952. Does anyone understand what islam is?They keeping singing that song about "religion"to slip through the cracks when in fact it is a political,social,judicial system,more to the tune of geo-political"invade & conquer" All one has to do is read the koran,it is very clear to see this is much more than "religion"-my 2 cents God Bless America,let us pray With love-in Christ,Kwik
  10. So now Neighbor gets to ask the next question,right?🙄
  11. Totally confused guys(& gals)....I guess y'all way too fast for me,I don't know who is doing what....I see a bunch of questions by different people then answers with questions so I guess I can't keep up....but do have fum and be Blessed! LOL,I do to answer a question but then another pops up and then the answer and so on....."Kwik" is tooooo slooooow,sorry Love you all
  12. Blessings Everyone I've always understood the Word of God helps us that we should NOT be deceived ,the Prophecies regarding end-times forwarns us of the things that must take place first-for example: ... For hundreds(over 2000 yrs) many have said those very words,we've heard of wars & rumors of wars,we've seen earthquakes and many other "signs" that our Lord Said must take place first but I believe the most significant 'sign" to watch for is the rebuilding of the Temple...that is what gets my attention People speak of Nation against Nation,kingdom against kingdom etc....as though the chain of events are already in motion,I think we've seen NOTHING yet.With the Temple reconstruction preparation underway I wonder what we will live to see unfold and if the next thing we know is we are Raised from the dead with Jesus?I always felt that once that Temple is built everything will accelerate very quickly but I never thought it would happen in my time(maybe it will,maybe not?)....so now I am old and I am just rambling,lol Well,I may not be spot on but as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus and go about the rest off my days going about my Fathers Business then it really doesn't matter much for me personally .So,whenever the timeline is we know it is short(compared to Eternity all "time" is short!).I have a question,how do we help the unBeliever Understand that there is a GREAT DECEPTION happening right NOW,as shown here? How do we explain to someone that a one world"religion" is not a good thing,that the "peace" they speak of is a LIE,that every word spoken in this video spells D A N G E R!!!! Spreading the Gospel is urgent as it is and now with all the technology in the world the deception is rapidly spreading like a worldwide plague I guess I'm thinking out loud,thanks for listening With love-in Christ,Kwik
  13. May Promises ask the next question for answering correctly( after I got a thumbs up the 1st time)😁
  14. Blessings Hishandmaiden Welcome to Worthy,nice to meet you as well! With love-in Christ,Kwik
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