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  1. When it was written, Scripture referred to the OT knowing Now this doesn't make any sense to me,can you be more are saying that MAN wrote the New Testament? But because what Timothy said refers to the Old Testament,huh? Maybe we can start by your definition of "Scripture"
  2. Son cannot be one and only God. Bible is the inspired words of men. Jesus' words are of paramount importance knowing Well that answers the you don't believe Gods Word,so why do you believe what men said what Jesus said?
  3. Were the words of the serpant in the garden of Eden God's? God Inspired man to write down what transpired,it is Gods Word....He is telling US what was said by the serpent......I believe you are avoiding the question.....Do you believe someone else witnessed this account of what happened in the Garden .made up, the story,heard it from someone & passed it on OR is it Gods Word to you,its really a simple question
  4. Blessings bonnieschamberger I've watched "The Passion"any times & not long ago I was looking all over the house for it and then I remembered I "lent" it to someone quite some time ago ,only thing is I can't seem to remember who that was?Well,I hope they passed it on to someone as well Glad to have seen this video,its heart wrenching to see and it probably doesn't even come close to reality,they cannot capture "forsaken" on screen.....What a wonderful song proclaiming Jesus Precious Name,thank you With love-in Christ,Kwik
  5. Its not confusing,I do have photobucket & I do upload photos by copying them all the time on the Forums,my PM does not have the option,maybe yours does THanks anyway ,I will ask Patriot,he will know-lol
  6. Blessings shel, Dudley is beautiful,those eyes are gorgeous...thanks for sharing his photo...... Hi my you know why I've been MIA.......thank y8ou Sis,I love you! Sorry to interrupt everyones.......... ,gee what do I call it?Kibitzing? Didn't know where to post a photo for Abby.....can anyone give some instruction on how to post a photo in PM,it does not have the same options..?
  7. Thanks MM,she really is very sweet......her name is purrrfect too......She is little JOY by the Grace of God,I'm so saddened by ChiChi's declining state of being ,loosing weight etc.... lil Graycie is a real pick me know,I spend the entire day tending to his medical needs & slip in here at Worthy on & off as I can.......little sweet Gracie trots along happily following me back n forth ,always playing & being a pal
  8. THey should only know!!!!! Well I am going to try it,not today but possibly tomorrow & I will come back to give the aye or naye on whether or not I was able to follow their instructions,hows that sound.....I have no problem sharing my ignorance with the public!!!!lol
  9. Wow Mega.... I just might give it a try,after I figure out how to use it........easy for YOU difficult for ME,but I'll give it a go.....I've tried so many things on the computer by following your suggestions and they were all so helpful.....THank youTHanks for always sharing with us all
  10. Blessings Catsmeow I do like David Wilkerson,his testimony is wonderful "The Cross & the Switchblade is a favorite movie of mine" "When Spiritual blindness comes & few recognize it,its the last thing recognized thing that happens to a child of God"that is indeed a very Powerful statement followed by....."Don't tell me your "concerned" when you sit for hours in front of the TV or the internet....where is the anguish,the weeping....." Listening to him always remind me of... Jesus did not weep for Lazarus.............He wept for the unbeliever With love-in Christ,Kwik
  11. Blessings Sojourner Welcome to Worthy,what a nice surprise,I came on today to see you have introduced yourself to everyone-FANTASTIC,Praise the Lord! I'm happy to have you here with us Sister With love-in Christ,Kwik
  12. Blessings Heavenunlimited I'm sorry to say & perhaps burst your bubble but God is the same yesterday,today& forevermore...I would every careful to test the spirits when you are engaged in these conversations you are having with Almighty God........... Jesus simply told demons to "Be quiet" & to 'get out" ....the only time Jesus said"What is your name"? was with legion,because there were many(a legion)....Jesus did not entertain conversation with demons,He commanded & they obeyed These hideous entities do not deserve to be called by any name,that is not their name anyway......bacchus was the roman name for the greek god dionysis(god of wine)......this screams "occult" has no Biblical support Highly unlikely that God would glorify any demon by using greek mythological names of false gods or the names the romans gave them Agreed 100%.,seems tome you are headed for trouble......get into the Word of God ,YOU do not cast anything out & demons love to make you believe you do-itb is by Holy Spirit Power & AUTHORITY You better believe a Christian can be oppressed,can be bound & have many strong holds With love-in Christ,Kwik
  13. Blessings Lizam Exactly,I agree with MM....we would love to hear from you.....there is not very much we can say at this point ,we do not even know if you or your husband are Christians etc...... I do hope you will join us here that we may give you encouragement & maybe help answer what questions you may have With love-in Christ,Kwik
  14. Blessings Adara I never went to a church service,in all my years ,that did the "pledge".....I was surprised to hear it but "inappropriate"? No,I don't believe a Christian myself,who's only allegience is to Almighty God I place my hand over my heart & recite the "pledge" as any other patriotic American does,what is MOST significant in my own heart & mind is that we are pledging as a people that we are ONE Nation UNDER God,clearly that states WHO is FIRST & ABOVE us,does it not? As I mentioned,I have never seen this done at church but I think it would be pretty nice on VD & Independence Day as well,I agree with Shiloh.....I wouldn't mind it at all & for anyone who is not American then can stand politely without particpating to be respectful as I believe we would in their country With love-in Christ,Kwik BTW,I'm sure there will be folks that will want to debate that it no longer represents this & gov't does that etc...etc,,,,, But I (we) are Christians,so we are not looking to be "of the world",,,,,but we are IN it ,so pledging as we do "Under GOD" is with all siincerity