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  1. kwikphilly

    FALSE TEACHERS? "In this I rejoice....!!!!"

    Blessings Marilyn Amen Beloved Sister, Amen! I saw this notification and I just had to stop in to say " I love you" Ive got so much going on that requires most of my time right now but hopefully it will get sorted soon- all good stuff......Praise the Lord With love- Your Sis Kwik
  2. kwikphilly

    10 Commandments of ONLINE WITNESSING

    WElcome to Worthy "forgiven 7X77" With love-in Christ<Kwik
  3. kwikphilly


    Blessings Treatment begins first week of December- continue prayer for Healing & Deliverance in Jesus Mighty Name Faith is the substance of things Hoped for- our HOPE remains steadfast in Christ Jesus
  4. kwikphilly


    Sorry, no updates except he has been discharged from hospital and further treatment plans will be made after the recommended post surgical healing time...... Please continue to pray they explore all options and seek Gods Direction that His Will be Done...... there are different avenues and alternatives, this I know from my own experience ..... God Knows the Plans He has for..... we ask for His Wisdom and Guidance,Complete Healing and Resoration in Jesus Name.....
  5. kwikphilly


    Blessings Still waiting ,I believe Abby is a bit busy today with family etc... as soon as I have more info I will update if she does not.....what is important is that we remain in one accord,asking & believing 100% Restoration in Jesus Mighty Name.....No,better than restoration-RENEWAL-Yes,Renewal May all of his body be as healthy,fresh ,new & perfect here on earth as Christ is in Heaven in Jesus Mighty Name!!!!!! All things are possible with God,He Gives sight to blind eyes,hearing to the deaf,grows limbs ,replaces missing bones and makes straight what is crooked.....there is nothing our God cannot Do!!!! Praise Jesus! This I know,my body was Delivered from cancer to the Glory of God Almighty,my doctor said if he was not with me from the beginning he would say the tumor was surgically removed because it looks like everything that was not normal has been cut away with great precision and care and the metastacized cells in other parts of the body vanished as well.......the physicians can not deny Gods Miraculous Works to this very day........there is no doubt in my mind that God is Able,the GREAT PHYSICIAN
  6. kwikphilly

    Saved from what exactly?

    Blessings Crazy4U I do agree with BK & Rusty,hell does exist so the "what if" is not part of the equation......many have said that is not the reason to accept Jesus as LOrd & Savior ,to escape hell-but it is a very good reason for starters imo!!!!If the fear of eternal torment or fire and brimstone sends anyone running into Jesus Arms then I suppose it is as fine as any other way.......hell is real and that should get your attention When we do come to the foot of the cross(however ya got there?) we meet JESUS because our Redeemer Lives .....Christianity is a real & personal Relationship with Christ Jesus,our lives change because we change when we submit to Him ,confessing our sin with a repentant heart.....Jesus Saves us from death,we were literally walking around merely existing,our spirits were dead in sin and now we are made ALIVE in Christ,living life in more abundance-full of Peace ,Joy,Comfort and much more,beyond anything you could ever ask or think.......You've heard others say that Jesus SAves us from ourselves & that is true,our sinful nature,our flesh ,our carnality that only knows sensory perception.....there is so much more to life that we cannot see until the eyes of our heart are opened I like to speak of what Jesus SAved us FOR rather than what we have been Saved FROM.....He Saved us FOR His Own,Gods Family for His Kingdom God Bless,Kwik
  7. kwikphilly


    Blessings Michael.... Welcome to Worthy,its nice to meet you! You're on the right track,no -that is not "vanity" as you have described......you know it all comes from our Provider,everything good,where is the pride or vanity in that? You are not sinning,give God the Glory! There is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of you labor and then we can Bless others as we have been Blessed......Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik I sent you a PM with some helpful posting info (This is an "answer" Forum)......The Outer Court & Seekers Forums are for unbelievers,seekers & guests to begin Threads & ask us questions about our Faith.....I've explained further in your personal message Again,Welcome to Worthy
  8. kwikphilly

    New to this page

    Blessing Michael Welcome to Worthy,nice to meet you-Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  9. kwikphilly

    My name is Paul. I'm from Australia.

    Blessings Paul Welcome to Worthy-nice to meet you,my hubby is Australian Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  10. kwikphilly

    spouse vs friends

    Blessings His First Cute cartoon & I agree with you.......if anyone is that attached to their friends that they are not willing to move on and possibly leave them behind then I don't think they are ready to commit to a spouse in matrimony Its much like Matthew 19:29 and the rich young ruler,imo A man leaves his mother & father and cleaves to his wife,it's no different with "friends",there is no reason why anyone has to give up any relationships that do not interfere with the marriage(be it male or female) and no reason that any friend cannot understand that now they have a new friend to include,if they can't be included then something is wrong somewhere I had mostly male friends before I got married,they are still my friends but it is very different now (for me & for my male friends)......Theres no reason for me to go to dinner or lunch without my husband ,its just disrespectful I have a male friend of 40 yrs ,my best friend -we're still friends but now I have a husband and my friend has a new friend that he is very respectful of......if I had the attitude"We were friends long before I met you" then I would not have gotten married.....Believe me,I used to think that way & my friends were my friends,before,during & after....it was never about "friends" -it was "me",I was selfish,self centered,self absorbed & had no consideration or respect for anyone else besides me! Anyway,thats my take,whether my spouse is right,wrong or just plain ole ridiculous doesn't matter-he has feelings that are important to me ,my concern to consider them and visa versa.....I would not appreciate him chit chatting or hanging out with females,there is no reason for it -I expect mutual respect and I would not settle for less God Bless,Kwik
  11. kwikphilly


    Praise Jesus.... he is out of surgery, bith tumors were successfully removed and he is resting well The results are not back from pathology and it is not yet dtermined what further treatment will be required.... So just continue to pray.... Pray for 100% restoration. Glory to God
  12. kwikphilly


    Blessings Brothers & Sisters Thank you all soooo much for joining in fervent prayer for this sweet sweet child of God,he is such a fantastic kid,a lovely boy who Loves Jesus! Theres not much to share at this time but they have found another tumor besides the larger one on the frontal lobe,they are likely to perform the 4 to 6 hr surgery in about an hour(12 noon today) unless there comes an emergency surgery need for someone else.He is prepped for surgery,ready to go and stable Let us continue to pray Father God we come before Your Throne of Grace in the MIghty & Precious Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus.....We are asking & believing that You Guide the Hands of the surgeon to remove these tumors or remove them with Your Wondrous Ways but let them be gone to do not harm to his body Father we pray they are benign....Lord Protect the normal surrounding brain tissue from any infiltration,we plead the Blood of Jesus over all his tissue,every blood vessel,every nerve,gland ,the total structure and his complete body from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet.......let his recovery be Miraculous,giving You Alone ALL the Glory! Lord God Almighty pour out Your Peace and Comfort over Abby & the entire family,we ask that they each feel the Loving Embrace of Your Arms in Your Glorious Presence through each moment in this time.....Thank You Father,we Praise You ,we Worship & Adore You,we Love You In Jesus Name we pray
  13. kwikphilly


    Blessings Brothers & Sisters(& friends) Our Beloved Abby_Joy needs us to join her in fervent prayer......her precious 15yr old son suddenly had a severe migraine,he does not get headaches so Abby quickly got him to a doctor and the doctor sent him to the ER for cat scan/MRI They discovered a tumor in front of his brain and he was rushed to a childrens hospital .....since they just got him there that is all the information there is at this time ,as I know more I will keep everyone updated Pray with us for this boy's body to be healed......Lord God,Loving Father,we bind that tumor spirit in Jesus Name & cast it out-loosing our Most Holy Spirit in it's place With Your Mighty Healing Hand Touch him that he be free from any disorder,sickness or disease -to bring you glory ,Oh Lord as Your Living testimony We will hear no evil report and our Faith in You,Your Truth,Your Promises We ARE Healed by Your Stripe,no weapon formed against is shall prosper To God be the Honor,the Praise & the Glory in ALL things.....Thank You Jesus ,we Love You-in YOU we Trust,we BELIEVE......Hosannah in the Highest!
  14. kwikphilly


    Blessings Wayne Prayers for Cindy,I've had 2 relatives(immediate) that had ALS......do all you can do to encourage her,I do hope she is a Christian so I am also praying she Receive Gods Word,Praise Jesus With love-in Christ,Kwik
  15. kwikphilly

    Questions regarding faith

    Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik