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  1. Renewing my time here

  2. Is there any arguments (Besides the bible) against Gay Rights?

    Honestly,I don't even understand the question,as I said earlier on "What,other than the Word of God,matters?" This is a Christian Ministry,if anyone wants any discussion without Faith,Jesus or Christianity in it then Worthy is not the place to pose the question......If the OP does not want to hear anything about Jesus,why ask a CHRISTIAN? We are not here to present arguments,we are here to spread the Gospel & that includes spreading the Gospel to everyone & anyone-despite their lifestyle choices,gay,lesbians and/or bi-sexual As other one said: I second that,so we don't care about a temporal lifestyle......our mission is to point to Jesus and once He abides i them they are not going to be consumed with "gay rights" but their right to a Life More Abundant in Christ,FREE indeed We do not conform to the world,we are set apart...."rights",what "rights" does anyone have without Jesus?
  3. Why is accountability not a bad thing?

    Well said No124get1952.......
  4. Have you been deceived by Satan through your church?

    Great to be back

    Same KPaulG,nothing yet to share......our HOPE remains in Christ
  6. Blessings Brothers & Sisters Today is the first day I can sit and write since before Hurricaine Irma......Everyday since I returned home from the mandatory evacuation its been nothing but moving fallen trees,broken limbs,debris blanketing the ground everywhere you looked...hundreds of hefty bags filled with leaves ,shrubs ,branches & garbage day after day after day.....not that is something to shout about..............THANK YOU JESUS! So many others have no homes,no property ,nothing left except their memories of BEFORE the awfuil storm..others lost their lives while others lost their loved ones or friends.......Here is one Praise Report from a Believer,to God be the Glory!!!! Please,as we Praise & give thanks let us not forget to pray for the recovery & restoration of those who must rebuild and start over,let us pray they know Jesus,before,during,after...it doesn't matter- as long as they know Him NOW,right NOW,before this temporal life is past..... I live on the water,Floridas Intracoastal waterway...that is Zone 1,immediate mandatory evacuation w4hen there are threats of storm surge......so its not a matter of choice as it is with a typical hurricaine where there are no surge warnings,many parts of this area are one foot above sea level,even 3 moderate wave can produce a surge that will submerge the first floor of your home Irma was supposed to hit the East Coast of Florida(thats me)......I got a hotel room in KIssimee,which is right near Orlando...the Keyes & Miami were evacuated first so I was on the turnpike with 2 kittes for 10 hours,a normally 4 hr drive......I'm a Christian so it was high time I stop listening to all the Internet & News hype and stand on the Word....."I will hear no evil report" Tired of hearing all the terrible news forecast & predictions,I plead the Blood of Jesus over my home,left for Kissimee with the LOrd & didn't want to hear there would be no gas etc,,,etc,..... All my life in Christ I never had the Internet & all that nonsense before,I just TRUST GOD,all those distractions were drowning out His Still Small Voice......oi vey,I shut the radio and talked to God for the next 10 hours,it was wonderful ...the sky looked magnificent with the setting sun & pink orange colors all around it....Praise Jesus! We checked in & then heard Irma was headed straight for KIssimee,the place was very old & it had huge Oak trees everywhere ,big glass windows & nothing boarde up because thetre was no plywood availible...my car(a convertible) was parked under the biggest tree imaginable & a big old light post,,,,,.I though how great one of those branches would look threw the convertible top & the light post across the hood! Well,cast down those imaginings ,walk over to that tree and plead the Blood of Jesus,I asked God to protect my transportation & didn't giver it another thought.......I went to sleep & the Hurrinaine was due to h it (185mph) at around 2 am ......I woke up when the power went out,around 2 am.....yep,it was there,thing as flying past the window,the winds sound like a locomotive and I thought.....Lord,give me Your Peace ...next thing I knew it was morning,I slept like a baby in Gods Rest When I peeked outside there were trees everywhere,the lamp post was on the ground right next to my car but it looked like the car was under a glass dome-not a leaf on it! Glory to God.....Everything around that little hotel was in bad srhape but not us,we had no power but everyobne & everything was fine God is so good to me,I am so grateful,humbly grateful....I came home to my HOME,never even lost power...this community has a lot of praying people,there is POwer in the Name of Jesus!THank you all for your prayers & support,for all those that offered their help,their homes,their hearts-thank you & God Bless us all...to God be the Glory
  7. Hurricane Irma

    I want to thank you all for your prayers ,for your concern,offers to help & MOST OF ALL...YOUR faithfulness TO GOD IN CHRIST,your LOVE & KINDNESS Unlike many,I was spared as well as my home & property,please continue to pray for those affected by the storm......I will be starting a Praise Report THread,God Glory must be proclaimed! Praise Jesus! With love in Christ,Kwik
  8. Prayers for my family please.

    Been super busy since hurricaine but have not forgotten you in my prayers
  9. spiritual warfare

    Blessings Justin I'm really not understanding how you see universalism as being scarey......according to that theory there is no need for a Savior and yes,you can throw your Bibles away & do whatever you please Unless of course you mean it is scarey that anyone might believe it is true? Maybe you can clarify for me? Thanks for sharing With love-in Christ,Kwik
  10. Have you been deceived by Satan through your church?

    Blessings Everyone..... Today is the first day I'm back at WCF since hurricaine irma ravaged many cities in Florida,I am truly Blessed that I suffered no harm no incident ,no damages except a major clean up of downed trees,limbs and debris scattered everywhere-a couple of torn patio screens....unlike so so many others who have lost lives,loved ones ,homes and property yet,if their souls are committed to Christ Jesus,they've lost nothing but truly gained!!!! This is the first thread I was drawn to.....one of the utmost significance......be not deceived Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Oh Btw, last time I stayed because there was no threat of surges, this building is pretty secure as any other, I cant go to an animal friendly shelter because the baby kitten has not yet had her rabies vaccine & we will be refused so its me & the 2 kitties looking for a hotel vacancy and not sure about which direction to go....
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Blessings to Everyone Please ask our Lord to guide my path.... Im in the targeted zone, on the water.... Ive managed to get up my shutters but a bigger concern is storm surges so I am preparing to leave only I dont know where to go, lol... Its too early to leave for say " Orlando" & then it can head that way or go to the west coast and then it heads west - so we have to wait & watch, then if you decide to leave too late the roads are packed bumper to bumper..... Wherever I go, may I go with Jesus leading the Way Appreciate thr prayers all. Love, Kwik Let us pray no one is harmed, hurt or even suffers any losses and we give God the Glory in Jesus Mighty Name
  13. Prayer for coworker

    Yes Brother, thank you for letting us know & I have been praying for his Salvation,it was laid on my heart Praise Jesus! God Bless,Kwik
  14. Blessings DesertSW i You can share your story in "Testimonies" Forum which is in our Upper Room Section,same Section as this Forum,there is no space limit,it can be as long or as short as you like I can't give you any advice in regards to your friendships & betrayals,as MsMuffet said"We only have one side of the story"....We do not doubt your sincerity but we only have your perspective.....in all honestly it is still "your take" only,it is very difficult to get the entire picture if you know what I mean.Whatever the case may be you will do well to chalk it up to experience ,not having reservations for future friendships but in choosing friends wisely and using good judgement......I try to keep in mind that I must first BE a good friend in order that I may find one.....and "a good friend" it a treasure I must wonder about this "Christian Dating Site" thing....so,people are looking for a mate and that is their hearts desire-imo thats the first mistake Seeking one's own will and not seeking Gods Will for your life,what can be expected?Sure ,many people would like to share their lives with someone else,a partner,a spouse bt as Christians we should be whole & complete walking in Spirit & in Truth,then we ask God what He has for us,what would He have us to do,where to go,what is the Purpose of my Calling?Your hearts desire was for a woman,hers was for a man.....you found each other & then "asked God"...I don't Believe that is how it is supposed to work m y friend....Now understand I am not saying that it NEVER works out that way but it certainly does not seem it was Gods Will for you both,I could be wrong but what God puts together does not come apart You dated "on-line" for only 4 or 5 months & got married,I cannot say I think that was a good decision,for whatever your reason I am unclear...it seems your ex-wife's reason was for someone to complete her and she will not fill that void until(if & when)she is complete in Christ Jesus.....you already said she suffered depression and had quite a few is2 sues prior to marriage,marriage doesn't "fix" or change people,Jesus Christ does .....You talk about "practicing Christians"-what is a "practicing Christian?" If it is someone that goes to church on Sunday,,pays their tithes,reads the Bible ,goes to Wednesday night Bible Study & hands out food to the poor working in the soup kitchen then that may very well be "going through the motions".....a Born Again Christian has an active Relationship with God in Christ, communing with Him all the time.....a Born Again Spirit Filled Christian is FREE in Christ walking in Spirit & in Truth and it is a "process",until that process has produced a New Creature in Christ Jesus where the Believer is COMPLETE I do not suggest rushing into marriage,the 2 can certainly grow together as boyfriend & girlfriend -whats the rush? I'm so sorry you are hurting,it sounds like you have a broken heart but the Good News is that your FIRST Love is God and He Will never leave you nor Will He forsake you and He can work all things together for the good of those that love Him,according to His Purpose,,,,,who knows?Perhaps your Purpose is to MInister to others what "not to do" and spare then grief & heart ache.....too many people rush into marriage ,Christians as well and the result is not good because we trust our own hearts & minds,looking for self gratification"This is what I want & I want it now!" Patience is a Fruit of the Spirit & so is Self Control,it takes time to know one another and it takes time to LISTEN to the Still Small Voice of God to Understand what the desires of our heart ought to be and what they shouldn't be.....when God puts the 2 together that they may be One Flesh it is also according to the Purpose of His Calling,to give Him Glory,Honor,Praise,Worship-together I know its probably not what you had hoped to hear but let me encourage you that you are here now & talking to people who genuinely care about you & want to help you through this with support ,kindness & love....we all make plenty of mistakes & we suffer the reprocussions of our actions but even still-God pours out His Love Mercy & Compassion -He is our Provider ,in Him we can hold on to His Peace,His Joy & His Comfort in the worst of times through one another I'm glad you are here,Jesus Loves you and don't give up on people or on relationships,this time just trust Him and seek His Face,He Will supply all of your needs With love-in Christ,Kwik