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  1. We're ALL nuts....I see them too,pig tails & all
  2. wing-nut......I'm really glad you don't
  3. I see the big heart in the middle Abby.....very cool The one you were looking at yesterday!LOL
  4. Blessings Steve.... I can certainly understand ,it took me many many years to really understand "Kicking the dust from my sandals",it can be quite difficult without seeing a persons face.,the absence of their voice,tone,facial expression,body we must trust & depend on the Discernment of Holy Spirit much more than in we do not even really know who we are talking to,if they have another tab open & they are playing Candy Crush,watching pornography,drunk or just passing time and playing games with us as they sit with a bunch of unbelieving friends,....males may be females etc....I would imagine its even harder in "Chat",they come & they go,anyone can come in and do not even have to be a Believer or have any minimum number of posts......I don't mean it in a bad way but to me it sounds basically like social media networking going on(whenever I have visited) & I do not see Christ you just do not know what you are going to get in a live chat room where anyone is welcome to come in It moves much too fast for me,I do not type well enough to keep up Jesus said it plainly,if you are not Received(His Word).....move on to the next until you are well Received The harvest is plentiful Steve,why waste time or energy with anyone who does not want what you offer?There are so many truky hungry & thirsty souls out there with few laborers,I for one will not cast pearls before swine ....And that does not mean they are not worth it or that they are not going to Receive the Word of God eventually but plant your seeds & move on,perhaps someone else will come along & water is not always our Assignment to make a Disciple but just to plant the seed(that particular person) Just recently I experienced something very difficult to comprehend and it only n confirmed what I've always believed"Believe half of what you see & none of what you hear"........we walk by FAith Steve & not by sight,the ones we really believe are sincere turn out to be insincere & the ones we don't even realize are "getting it" are truly Receiving Gods Word.....this is a public place & I keep being reminded over & over "Gods Word Will NOT return void" I was a bit disheartened & then quickly reminded by my Brother wing nut of Gods we are never "wasting" the Word of God on anyone here because someone else is likely Receiving what we thought was meant for someone else.......I hope this is making sense to you,I feel like I might be all over the place because of my personal issues right now,very similar...... The most important thing is your question "When is enough enough,when is it time to go?" We just draw NEARER to God in Christ,the same way we Receive the Words to speak by the Power of the Holy Spirit we must also learn how to hear His Still Small Voice that tells us.....Shhhhh I don't think it is edifying or a good way to relate to an unbeliever (online)by speaking to his demons....he is unaware,deaf,blind ,ignorant & likely to be insulted ,making him even more unreceptive I would say when they strike a nerve then it is your red flag to "Shhhh" & move on....that just my opinion There is a time & place for everything & in everything orchestrated by God there is order,Wisdom,Understanding,Peace,Love,Kindness,Compassion and if we are not bearing His Good Fruits then it is time to leave ....AS I said,I just experienced something that could have potentially been a real distraction because it caught be completely off guard,I spent countless hours ministering and it turned it it was a total sham.....actually there were quite a few "signs" along the way that I ignored,lies,deception but I stayed because I suppose I wanted to believe ......God is ALWAYS Guiding us,Leading,Directing,Revealing,we just aren't LISTENING all the time...... Praying for you Brother,keep your eyes on the Prize,Gods Word Will NEVER return void With Love-in Christ,Kwik
  5. Welcome to Worthy Christy Peace & Love in Christ Jesus,Kwik
  6. Welcome to Worthy Randy With Peace & Love in Christ Jesus,Kwik
  7. Welcome to Worthy Em With Peace & Love in Christ Jesus,Kwik
  8. Welcome to Worthy JoReba With love-in Christ,Kwik
  9. Blessings Teach.... Welcome to're fine,I'll send you some posting info that will help you to familiarize yourself with the Sections/Forums here Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  10. I'd lend you mine but don't think they'd fit...
  11. Hey wing nut.....pssst,wanna buy some ruby slippers?
  12. feed4.jpg

    1. kwikphilly


      Hey Prayer Partner!!!!! It's wonderful to know I'm always in your prayers and its wonderful to always pray for YOU! Let us lift up THE NAME above every name    Our Precious Lord Jesus,our Glorious Savior !!!!!                   PRAISE JESUS! 

    2. Abby-Joy


      My beautiful friend:emot-heartbeat:... it's an honor to lift up His name - JESUS -  with you!!!  The name above every name!!!!! 

  13. Blessings Annette Helen Steiner Rice was my Moms favorite.....she had little Inspirational prayers & sayings written by her all over the house,the corkboard ,the fridge,on the oven door,corner of a mirror...just everywhere.....brought back some fond memories Thank you for always taking the time to find something very special to say how much you care...dear Sister in Christ