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  1. Blessings Joseph John Hello again, as the Word of God tells us that our dreams are very often simply the cares of the day I think it is wonderful to have such a lovely dream, what I see from this is that you must have your mind on Jesus all day and so when you sleep being filled with the Word the Scriptures ( Old & New) all Reveal our Precious Lord Christ Jesus!! Amen! As you put it " the Eternal Church" , the only one true Church or Body of Christ with Jesus our Head- when one reads Jacobs Ladder they should see Jesus- the Only One thst Can take us to Heaven- and yes, trying to get up that ladder by effort or " self" just wont do it....Jacobs ladder was a strong prophetic message about the Coming Messiah- With love in Christ, Kwik
  2. Blessings Mega Wow-Glory to God Who Inspired you to share those "secrets",no doubt your little post will touch many....Honestly,I would have never imagined that you are not,by nature,a social butterfly!!!Once again I am pleasantly surprised by the Magnificence of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ-you've testified the Heart& Mind of Christ..... One thing I do know is you are not overjoyed by compliments(LOL) but I assure you I only Hope to Glorify the One & Only -Almighty GOD!!!!We Can do ALL things in Christ Who Strengthens us and especially those things we instinctively prefer not to do & "feel" uncomfortable or awkward doing......thank you for sharing Brother,beautifully said I agree wholeheartedly that we never have to look for True Believers,God is Able & He most certainly Will & Does send Who we need,when we need .... God Bless you With love-in Christ,Kwik
  3. Blessings Seraqael Welcome to Worthy,glad you have joined and this is a great way to get connected with true Believers.....as it is on your heart I have no doubt that our Lord Has Lead you to this Place....I cannot begin to tell you how many Brothers & Sisters I have met here on Worthy that evolved into close friendships .The Body of Christ is here among us and in time you will surely know who is Who,we know them by their Fruitssrs !!! I completely agree with George,members of the Body of Christ(the True Church) are all around & you dont need to search in a building or organization-even here at Worthy,not everyone is a True Believer.Prayer is the answer,the Lord is the One that Will Lead you to His Own & He Will Lead them to you .Together with other Members of the Body of Christ you will keep one another accountable and form lasting relationships for Eternity!!! I met one of my very best friends here on Worthy,my Sister in Christ and I do not even live in the same state yet we do it all together,Praise,Worship and Glorify God,study the Word,learn & teach one another etc...you'll be very surprised out how God Will Bless you with very special people.Nice to meet you,greet you and be Blessed with Fellowship With love in Christ,Kwik
  4. Blessings MissMuffet!!!! Great to see you Sis & I'm so happy you joined in here! It sure is a nice experience to Give & Receive even a simple smile....that is exactly what I'm talking about,it can completely change the entire day in a split second. It's just incredible how much we gain from giving and that is NEVER the intention & yet always the result.....we do live in a temporal carnal world but because we are not of this world is the reason we Receive ,its the Life More Abundant Jesus talked about......we are Eternal Spirits ,if we strive for the Heart & Mind of Christ we walk in Spirit & in Truth ,we can rise above any situation by being Eternal Minded & setting our eyes on Jesus. Each day I pray to be a Blessing ,I am very Blessed to Bless and so Grateful God Enables me to -Praise Jesus! My car is loaded with Bibles,there are many homeless people here in Florida and you are bound to pass a few on the road.They usually have signs, hang around at intersections or the highway exits & entrances to panhandle.I stay prepared with one dollar bills & hand out a Bible with a dollar,you would be amazed by the responses and how that one little gesture can turn into a street corner sermon.But just a smile is as rewarding a great prize.That is my cure for chasing any aggravation,frustration or blues away -the Ministry Moments are always presented,all we need do is look for them Have a wonderful day and make someone smile,God Bless you Sis With Love,Kwik
  5. Blessings 1 to 3 Certainly I join you in one accord for your dogs healing-lay your hands on him & think of me with you in Spirit to claim what we Believe,"Father God we know that even as one little sparrow falls from a tree You Know about it,we know you Created this beautiful animal and all creatures great & small just for us and we love them for the precious gifts from you that they are....thank you Lord God & thank you for healing my dog-the Glory belongs to you in Jesus Mighty Name!!!!" I'm glad you shared & thats what we do,in love for one another we help & support one another-that's what this Message is all about-I care about what you care about and we have so much Joy in it all....Praise Jesus for the Body of Christ ....... With Love in Christ,Kwik
  6. Blessings Brothers & Sisters Have you ever had a day that you just wished you could skip over ,it starts out great(simply because you woke up,Praise Jesus) but the moment you step out into the world & out of your inner sanctum it all goes haywire? Your neighbor is miserable,someone is blocking your car,road ragers are on the loose,the ATM doesnt work & your out of gas and nothing goes right no matter which way you turn.... We all have off days ,some times a few in a row,we all have situations & less than favorable times in our lives,don't we? Well,if ever I find myself getting tangled up in some of the snares the enemy throws my way I know what keeps me going-Im human,most people think I'm always joyful ,always upbeat & always see the glass half full but that is not true-I can feel discouraged,beat up & kinda low with a plate full of tough stuff too However ,its very temporary ,just as everything in life is,even life itself so I never allow a temporary situation to steal,kill or destroy that which is Eternal....like Love,Peace & Joy First thing to do is give a Joyful shout of Praise to our Lord,remember you are above ground so there is much to shout about & be grateful for and secondly Bless someone....find someone,anyone,to Bless-it can be with a kind gesture,a hug,an encouraging WORD or a dollar & a Bible. Nothing gives me more Joy than to Love the unloved,to see the invisible or to do something extra ordinary for a stranger & tell them to thank Jesus! I just Hope to encourage someone to do something wonderful for someone today or better yet-everyday! Jf you are ever feeling low its a sure fire way to fill your heart with Joy-the Joy of our Lord.Anyway,have a beautiful weekend & God Bless you to be a Blessing! With love in Christ,Kwik
  7. Blessings Sonshine He is hysterical & fantastic all rolled into one delightful Brother! Although the Message is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE I do believe it might get more attention in the Video Section where it should be,lets see about moving it there......I love this little video & y'all are 100% - NO EXCUSES Thanks for sharing With love in Christ,Kwik
  8. Blessings to you Brother George!!! Thank you for your Stewardship,thank you for your friendship,thank you for your love but Glory to God in the Highest for EVERYTHING!!!!!!The best way to say "thank you" is to LOVE,it puts a smile on Jesus Face! Its very simple really....2 Corinthians 10:5 Sometimes we cannot but Jesus ALWAYS CAN & DOES Brothers & Sisters,be kind to one another,I love you all With love in Christ Jesus,Kwik
  9. Blessings natesute Welcome to Worthy,Im glad you are here and I really do hope you will stick around a while to talk with us.I certainly do not think any one of us could change your mind,I don't think theres much we can say to do that but I know WHO can-so I pray the Lord Speaks through us! Friend I can understand what "religion" can do to a person having been brought up similarly to you since childhood.Religious rituals,customs & traditions with all the "theatrics" lead to my own rebellion towards God Almighty-yet deep in my heart I always knew that Jesus was my only Savior How do you feel about Jesus?What do you know about Jesus?You see,I knew Him as a small child so in as much as the "religion" pushed me away I was being drawn into Him all the while,I longed for Him Anyway,I can relate to what you said in your introduction in the Worthy Welcome so thats why I'm here. Your question about Faith being the acceptance of a claim is easy to understand as well only "Faith" comes by hearing the Word of God,it is not actually WHAT we believe but WHO we Believe.The Bible is the Living Word of God,Jesus is THE WORD ....our Faith grows as it does because its all about a Personal Relationship with God in Christ.There is a measure of Faith in each of us,thats a Gift-the only way I can describe my own journey to you is that there was always this void inside of me,an empty place in my heart that urged me to seek the TRUTH,the Truth of our existence,our Creator,afterlife,religions,even the occult etc...etc... In trying to debunk the Bible and years of research is when many things changed for me and my search was narrowed down,I found Jesus was really the Way,the Truth & the Life when I experienced His Loving Embrace at the foot of the cross-PEACE I can believe a person can go to church every day of his life and nothing happens,no spiritual enlightenment yet I believe you heard SOMETHING there that stayed with you & brought you here,do you think so? You said the thought of no afterlife scares you,why?I think if I ever believed we simply cease to exist that wouldn't scare me at all,its like going to sleep at night.In my disbelief /agnosticism what scared me was the thought of not being acceptable by an Almighty God and eternal torment, what if it were true I thought!! Anyway,I've rambled on enough,what do you say?Have you ever really read the Bible? With love-in Christ,Kwik
  10. Blessings Nooby I don't,I'm using a Chrome OS plus Im technically challenged,lol But thanks dear Brother,I so often come on ,get disgusted with computer & leave.....numb hands don't help either,oi vey! Love you blue Brother,Choco Bunny I don't like to read "they don't get it" stuff-everyone has very unique personal experiences that gives each their own perspective for reasons not everyone can relate to which brings them to their very own unique Relationship with God in Christ......I can certainly relate to Brother Cletus and see exactly why he believes that a Saved person can ultimately walk away from & reject the Gift of Salvation,he never adds "works" to the Grace of God as I never have-its a tough one Then we have some that have concerns that trouble them and they really want a Blessed Assurance,as I once did many years ago.As a matter f fact I drove my nearest & dearest Christian Brothers & Sisters CRAZY with the same questions over & over,we need to be patient and perhaps repeat the same thing over & over.I'm a mature Christian with what I believe is a solid foundation and although I've only recently changed my viewpoint I still don't like the term OSAS.I tell you all the truth,I'd rather see a Born Again Christian searching their hearts and seeking Assurance than see an unSaved person who has a false security because some preacher told them to say the "sinners prayer" & they think they are Born Again......I fear that many who think they are OSAS were never Saved in the first place This topic is not an easy one,let us encourage one another to seek God with all of our hearts,minds & soul and Glorify His Name that He be in our midst.....we are gathered here as the Body of Christ.Jesus Disciples asked Him to explain His very Words as they walked,ate & slept with Him all through His Ministry here on earth and as we can see He repeated Himself many times.....and they still didn't "get it",lol Its wonderful to hear the Words of any Christian who knows WHO they are in Christ Jesus.....it's also wonderful to hear the Words of those learning WHO they are in Christ Jesus-love one another With love-in Christ,Kwik
  11. Wow,I just lost an entire post again-it was a long one......why is there no "draft" mode or something like gmail has......thats usually why I give up,been writing for an hour(because I type so badly) & now its all gone
  12. Blessings Everyone I should have begun my previous post by mentioning how off Topic this Thread has gone,the back n forth bickering does spoil a great discussion,we are on display for all to see.Surely we do love one another even when our opinions differ ,certainly we love our Lord-let's show it!If anyone feels they no longer want to continue posting then simply dont,no need for dramatic exits or "the last word" type thing,we are much better than that children of God Most High! Some are ordained ministers,some are not,some are babes in Christ yet others have been preaching for 50 years-lets try to keep in mind that God has been Known to make a donkey speak to get His Message across,lol!Just a little reminder With love in Christ,Kwik
  13. Blessings Brothers & Sisters This has been a Topic in which I had stood firm on for many many years,not for one moment have I ever doubted that WE are Saved through our Faith by the Grace of God,our Belief that Jesus is Lord and Savior-period! And might I add,I could not say I believed the OSAS doctrine ,not that I ever thought one could ever "lose" their Gift of Salvation but that it could be rejected/returned/unwanted-the idea of "free will" was always a big obstacle for me.Well folks,I just might have to confess that it seems I've been mistaken and to those who have insisted I was wrong by countering with"They were never "Saved" in the first place" I must say-"I think you are right OSAS has always concerned me,it would trouble me to think of the "New" Christian that has no fellowship after they heard the Word of God from some dynamic preacher at some fantastic altar call,fell to their knees with Conviction and when they got home everything went back to usual.Oh they could cry at night in deep remorse because now Holy Spirit is tugging at their hearts yet they still continue to do what they've always done-they are just starving,hungering yet not eating.........I could picture a slow and steady downward fall to the point of a hardened heart that ultimately resorts to "the fatal choice"....."I don't want Jesus"! Could this be,could it happen?Because of my own life I truly believed it possible,even though so very many Brothers & Sisters have said to me "But look at you,Kwik,you DID come back to Jesus Arms" Family,I can't begin to tell you how I ran from the Lord at a time I stepped out into the wilderness after having known Jesus intimately.....I cursed God Almighty looking up at the Heavens and with complete defiance I shouted,I wanted to be my own god and be done with Him I was lured into a very dark deception and I believed the lie,the spirit of pride had such a stronghold that even hell seemed better than servitude.Anyway,my own personal experience with being deceived and "free will" may very well be what blinded me.Today I stumbled upon a Bible Study that just removed the fog(I think,lol) The writer put into words exactly what I've always believed,which is the Word of God.I've never disagreed with OSAS ,never thought of the possibility of God taking back the Precious Gift of Salvation-IMPOSSIBLE! Then I saw it,the Revelation of John 10:28 ,the writer said it all: So I'm here to recant ,I suppose I have no more "but",no more "3rd option" as I've always considered and I guess it is pretty simple-You're Saved or Not-heres my morning read if anyone would like to read it https://gracethrufaith.com/topical-studies/eternal-security/osas-the-whole-story/ Thanks for listening,just wanted to share yet another Glorious morning by His New Mercy,Praise Jesus! I think its time for a new thread,perhaps the Topic of "What if they're not Saved,what does "believe" mean?" Now I have to pray for the words............. With love,in Christ-Kwik
  14. Blessings Everyone, Thanks Cletus, Ive always loved reading your poats as well- and also thanks to Firm Foundation for clarificatiin, we seem to all be on the same page and thats exactly what I was referring to initially! Most often the Body of Christ are in agreement yet how we express our thoughts may sound different , unless we take time to elaborate & ask or explain it can get confusing. This is a lovely discussion and I really enjoy all of you💗 Losr, Saved, lost, saved, lost then saved again makes no sense- once the Believer " believes"( lol) his/ her FAITH in Jesus is the WAY- SAVED BY THE GRACE OF GOD( the Way, the Truth, the Life)Jesus Finished Work on the Cross is just that"Finished"- Living "Saved" or walking our Faith just begins A Christian can be Saved and from the moment their spirit has been made Alive they have been Indwelled by Holy Spirit - have they fully RECEIVED? They are indeed fully indwelled but now the renewal of the mind will determine how the New Creature in Christ Jesus lives.... Hope Im explaining well?Again, without nourishment there is no growth. If the new Believer surrounds themselves with unGodly influencs and they ignore Holy Spirit then they will truly miss out on the More Abundant Life that every Christian can have- a life filled with Peace, Joy, Love and that comes from walking in Spirit & in Truth. How, by works, self effort? Absolutely not! Our Relationshio with God in Christ has begun , next we let go & let God.... Its a journey, a wonderful, exciting, Victorious, liberating journey. Falling in & out of Salvation? The question of lost & saved, lost & saved is just not possible- there is one unpardonable sin and and anyone who committed it would not ask forgiveness, imo . I dont have all the answers but one thing I do know is that if anyone is struggling with concerns about whether or not they are Saved then its really time for them to seek God in Christ no matter how little or how long ago theyve claimed to be Christian, go back to where it began( on our knees) Blessed Assurance can only come from God- seek Him with all your mind, heart & soul and He Will be there- I promise💗 With love, in Christ- Kwik
  15. Blessings Firm Foundation Absolutely not,surely you dont believe a bad thought or an angry outburst would cost anyone Salvation?I'm not sure what you are implying-you don't believe anyone could accidentally kill someone or an adulterer cannot repent & that he will no longer be Saved?I'm confused.....I don't think theres any sin Jesus cannot forgive if the heart is truly repentant.....David had Uriah killed,no accident,I think its clear he was remorseful & forgiven With love-in Christ,Kwik
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