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  1. Yes,IainL South Africans can join the race that never ends,lol Oh no worthy,you can count on me not being here for very long.......I have many things to do that do not leave much spare time,I can't imagine how anyone can spend much time in any particular place that has no resolve...... I suppose its supposed to be entertainment?See ya,gotta run,I'll have to ignore the notifications,they keep sending me here...oi vey!
  2. Blessings Gayle Welcome to Worthy.........most certainly DO................PRAISE JESUS,His JOY is incomprehensible With love-in Christ,Kwik
  3. Blessings Capuchin Happy to have you join us here at WCF Ministry.....welcome to Worthy With love-in Christ,Kwik
  4. There as been much concern on the issue of the "British" stand as "last" the past this was almost established,but "almost" only counts in horseshoes & hand grenades but not on the race is "almost" on Momma has other pressing matters to tend to & so Logan will have to come here personally to take his rightful place on the throne of LAST,,,have a beautiful God Filled Day
  5. And I love you to worthy but I understand perfectly that Logan is the very lastest ,last
  6. No no.....Logan is getting ready for church but he is the most last & lastest
  7. Hi IainL No confusion....Logan is last
  8. Hey worthy Yep<i know but still...............Logan is LAST
  9. Blessings Jacie Oh sweet Sister you most certainly do belong here with your Family,our Brothers & I just made mention to Judas,we needn't partake where we find the conversation is unedifying.....& if you noticed,the mod(One Light) intentionally added that he was not one who was offended by your comment,there are the ToS thst clearly state what they do & we must adhere to that,whether or not we take that for what it is worth & just know that not only will you Receive many Blessings through others here that this is your God Given opportunity to BLESS as well,don't let anything stand to hinder God from using you to reflect the love,kindness ,mercy & compassion of our Lord & Savior....Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  10. Blessing Judas Yes Brother,we certainly have had many discussions & I'm happy to say they have all been lovely,never an unkind word between us even in disagreement on quite a few things,none of which have anything tyo do with each of us having a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father in Christ Jesus......this IS the Body of Christ,His CHURCH....not where you attend service or I attend service....... I'm glad to hear you are having edifying conversation with our Brethren,Praise Jesus......where there is none,we needn't participate,right? And we always have to be willing to let God Reveal our own hearts and be ready to take a good,hard & unbiased look God Bless,Kwik
  11. Blessings gustavoo Welcome to Worthy glad you are here You agreed with Rusty(she is a "she") that the Bible is best to read,so do you read Gods Word?Do you know Jesus? With love-in Christ,Kwik
  12. Blessings Jacie I know this comment was already noted but I can't help but to let you know I agree,not about stating that anyones reply may or may not be "hateful" ,thats already been addressed(we shouldn't do that) but thats not what I'm talking about.....the word"hatred"in so many descriptions......we should not have any contempt in our hearts at all.....if anyone should feel contempt I think I would qualify for the things I experienced for many many years at the hands of false teachers within the rcc but STILL,its not something that enters my heart,I feel grief,I grieve for them,not myself......they have to give an account for what they have taught,who they lead down the road away from Jesusaxhers,the churches, God is PERFECTLY & MORE than ABLE to REveal His Truth in the midst of deceit .....if only man wants to SEE the Light,many are drawn into His Light but the Light does not move them to be compelled to go further,but I trell you what does...the HEAT......many times God will Allow the heat to get mighty hot until we are moved to reach for the,hope that makes sense,I just think that too many times everyone is looking to "blame" ,either the teachers,the churches or some "one",anyone........God is in charge,no one can keep anyone from God in Christ and each man has the opportunity to "choose" God Bless,Kwik
  13. Yes,yes I did's a very heart wrenching memory really.......we took several trips together to local wooded areas to start & then back up to Hunter a few times ,each time he would go further & further from me for longer & longer periods of time,the last time I let me go he was gone quite a long time & when I started the engine to leave he must've heard it & chasen the vehicle for a long way,I kept seeing him in the rear view mirror my heart telling me to stop & hold him in my arms but my mind said "Keep going ,let him be free"......I could barely see where I was going behind the tears.......thats the real end of the story......I never skied Hunter again,never returned to the mountain
  14. Logan is LAST