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  1. You sure have Brother,we all did...... That is EXACTLY our point Fran,for the past umteen posts,lol It doesn't matter,it is Gods Word .....Amen! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  2. Blessings SOLOMONS PORCH Welcome to Worthy,so you say you are a Christian & your husband"claims to be?" So I take it that you are not sure? I'm fa little confounded as to how you wouldn't know but in any event it seems there is a huge divide between the 2 of you.....I'm sorry for you & all I can do is point to Jesus,it is up to each of you to put God in the Center ,upfront & the Number ONE priority in each of your lives as well as TOGETHER,as one flesh....... THere is little you can do when a person has no desire to have a Relationship with God in Christ except pray for them & speak the Word of God to them but you have to have your own House in Order first I don't know anything about you except what you tell us,you said you are seeking God OVER THIS,so what you are seeking is His Hand to fix your husband &/or your circumstance,,,,,,seek HIM for yourself & then you can provoke your husband to jealousy & envy when in spite of the situation you have Peace,Joy & see?We lead by example,I imagine your husbands actions are bringing you down,it certainly sounds that way,you sound very frustrated & I'm sorry you have tolerated this for 11 years......counseling,meds & all that are all temporary fixes anyhow,,,,,Healing & Deliverance is true FREEDOM in Christ Jesus,your husband is in bondage and it won't release him by any means of this world.....ask Willa the DAy her hubby became a New Creature in Christ Jesus,she certainly knows much more than she has said,lol...... My Sister Willa is a Faithful woman mof God & never gave up on her marriage,God has always been FIRST in her life.......With love-in Christ,Kwik (praying for you Sister)
  3. Blessings White Rabbit lol,no my answer wouldn't change......a spider is still preditary by nature,he builds a web as a trap.....I don't know why hew is there (anywhere) except to do what he does,kill & eat.......I would tell the little spider the same thing I tell everyone & what I live by,be about what you BRING,give(not what you can get) it makes a world of difference wherever you may go..... With love-in Christ,Kwik
  4. Blessings White Rabbit I read your OP & I can't compare myself to a spider ,basically a spider is a predator and he builds his web to trap his I don't know why this little fellow came into the church & why he thought there may be some tastey morsels about but I hope he decided to stay & since he had no more web maybe he could see if there was something more nourishing to Receive.......if only he could realize he needn't work very hard or put all his efforts into building a new web,the food is FREELY inside,if only he would stop trying to be a spider & do what comes naturally........................? With love-in Christ,Kwik
  5. Blessings you2.... Welcome to Worthy,,,,,, With love-in Christ,Kwik
  6. LOL,I couldn't imagine what Shiloh was going to say about IHOP,,,,,glad he spelled it out right away in the OP
  7. Heavenly Father ,thank YOU that Your Eyes are upon our Beloved Sister.............Lord God give her Comfort,Deliver her from all pain,sickness,disease & even discomfort.....restore her to great health,on earth as it is in Heaven.....loose Your Holy Spirit upon her bring Peace,Comfort,Joy and all Your Heavenly Blessings ...... Oh Lord.let us know that it is all well with her,Comfort us as well Jesus Mighty Name
  8. Is that not the same as this...... Huh?
  9. You don't understand many things......You don't need His GRACE to REceive His Word or to have Wisdom & Understanding,,,you have His Grace if Jesus is your Lord & Savior,you need to stop trying to reason and lean on your own finite understanding & get out of His Way
  10. What I see or think is totally irrelevant as is your opinion.......We are talking about the Potter,we are the clay........I could only hope & pray for my Mercy & Compassion to be like His,I cannot wrap my head around Agape love for the wicked,evil doers & people that despise Him and this is what I pray for & strive for daily ,in LOVE as He does,.......My focus is not on what becomes of those that reject Salvation that my Father has offered to everyone who ever lived,lives & is yet to be born but what I can do that THROUGH ME,He can draw these unto Himself to prevent this Eternal decision that THEY MAKE....... There is no "less compassionate" approach & that has nothing to do with Glorifying God see things in a very distorted way,you should Relate to God,with Him & stop judging what God does,lest you be judged
  11. There are so many great references to the significance of the 3rd day being the Resurrection Day Of Jesus ,none of which there is any importance noted or "common" about the hours in a "day" or a "night",not imo Take a look at all these great replies ,I do believe your focus is not where it should be.......imo
  12. Common? So,what is the difference whether it is common or not? And forgive me if the question was already addressed but what do you mean by common? Are you talking about other events that numbered days similarly(with part of a day or part of a night to mean a "day"?) I haven't read every post so again,I apologize if you answered the question previously......
  13. So now you are also more compassionate than God as well as have more mercy? What is obvious is that you are back peddling.or trying to and contradicting yourself as well???????To you ,in your words it is OBVIOUS to you that there are more compassionate approaches than that of God the Father,Almighty King of kings?But that doesn't mean you think you know better than God? That makes no sense at all,the only thing that is obvious is your immaturity,imo
  14. Awww..............We are glad you feel that way,this Ministry is truly a Blessing to us all Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik