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  1. Also,Kate forgot to mention that you can listen to Jacies Favorite Song in our Christian Music Video Forum & give God the Glory ,Praise ,Honor & our Thanksgiving that Jacie does not have to Imagine any longer.....She SEES!!!!
  2. Thanks my friend,,,,please pray for her MOm "Kate",,,,,she is a member here & so was "JACIE"
  3. Kate......I cant say enough great things about the little peanut but I can't seem to get anything out right now except tears.....I can say "PRAISE JESUS" thank you JESUS that I will see Jacie again... I love you Kate,very much & thanks for the privilege & honor of "Mom 2"....... Jesus,tell Jacie Mom 2 will see her real soon!
  4. Maybe I'm not understanding you......I'm dealing with a tragic loss right now & I probably shouldn't even be here right now,I do apologize but I have no idea what you are talking about......"Do what thing?"
  5. He is GREAT Karan......thats a beautiful memory Today Kate said I want to celebrate Jacies life,she read shanees reply in the prayer request & was very moved by it,she was happy that Jacie touched so many lives in such a short time here on WCF.......I said "Imagine how many readers she touched that we don't know about,Praise Jesus!
  6. Could you explain how your husband doing that would be disrespectful to you? Running Gator Blessings RG.....No,,no,I did not say "Disrespectful......;read it again please,I said it WOULD BE RESPECTFUL of me,lol
  7. This song is for my daughter "Jacie" With love from her Mom KATE......
  8. Blessings Brother Absolutely not,I think he is a wise man and it sounds like something my husband would do out of respect for me,I would think any decent woman(the one who is not his wife) would appreciate the gesture,imo
  9. Blessings Eha Thanks for sharing with us,I have a suggestion for you-well not really for you Sister ,for everyone.....why not "Be Still & wait on the Lord".....give a person a chance to answer a question someone asks so they may perceive it their own way & reply,then if it was misunderstood or not stated as it should have been they can communicate without anyones interjections(jumping the gun) As we can all see,our Brother & Sister simply had a little difficulty in understanding one another.....both were forgiving of one another & took responsibility for themselves it should be We REASON TOGETHER we don't assume what anyone's intent is,we only need "ask" Many times we must overcome language barriers,not everyone's native tongue is English......a little patience goes a long way.... "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance (patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." With love-in Christ,Kwik
  10. Hello, philly.This is my first typing outside of a "chatroom here..Was also looking at prayers..


    1. adoptedtwice


      Okay, here is another entry...=)

  11. Blessings Matt Welcome to Worthy,Praise Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  12. Thanks Sis......Oh dear,well I was not about to read 5 pages there or 14 here,Arphaxad put up a nice OP......And again,I don't think its about "trust" or "lack of".....its about having respect for your spouse that no one else may think(or imagine or 'say") you are dishonoring them & thats simply because you love them & are an honorable individual with common decency...I think very highly of my husband and would not want anyone to think he was being made to look foolish,its just disrespectful imo THe funny thing is that I've been single many many years and have "single"Brothers-in -Christ that have been my dear friends for 35 years,they are still my dear friends but things have changed .....and because they are my dear friends they respect my husband as much as they do me.....there is not any good reason we would have for dining alone.....& I might add that my husband is in Australia and I'm in America,one Brother did join me for my birthday,for a meal someone gifted me with,I did not want to go alone,I was not feeling well enough to drive His wife was going out of town & it was her suggestion he accompany me,my husband was thrilled I got to redeem my gift instead of staying in the sick bed alone on my birthday ......busy place,early dinner,special circumstance
  13. Hmmm,thats a bit disappointing although I don't know all the particulars......but ,yes I do agree with you
  14. Calvin Klein was evil? Lol,I don't keep up with celebrities or fashion designers,I know nothing about them,I have no reason to read gossip or hearsay
  15. I have a feeling I've missed something? I keep hearing about this "other thread"so it seems this discussion is a take off from another one that I'm not aware of.......I understand RG's point and personally I don't see anything wrong with his "scenarios" and I agree with the above as well.......So,I'm not sure with the "scenario"this is really all about,am I correct that there is some "point" to all of this? As Christians we must abstain from the appearance of evil,this should be "common sense" imo......I'm a married woman & as I said earlier that if I was asked to join a Brother-in-Christ to lunch to discuss something in particular where his wife or my husband could not also be there I imagine it would be okay and I think it also would make a huge difference "where" that was.....for example,a Dennys,McDonalds or diner for morning breakfast or early afternoon lunch sounds reasonable but if that same Brother invited me to 8pm dinner at a quiet ,low lit restaurant where many "couple" go for the ambiance....hmmm,NO.....why?Would not "appear" respectable imo I believe you have to use good judgement & personally I would not want to disrespect my husband in such a way,he would be the last person to question ME,he trust me completely but why would I want to give anyone anything to talk about that would "appear" as though I was not a respectable wife.....I think the old timers would say its a "disgrace" or you bring "shame" to the it my old country(Italy) upbringing,Christianity ,Godliness.......I think its just common sense & decency Now if you are at work & everyone gets to go to lunch at 12 & it ends up that you eating next door at Joes Diner with a co-worker of the opposite sex I don't see the big deal in that either,I doubt any rumors would spread by half an hour eating a sandwich with the boss or something like that...... I would like to add that the kind of marriage a person has is not the issue at all & many people keep saying that,its a matter of respecting & honoring your spouse ....thats what the "appearance" of evil means......they can be proud of the way they KNOW you will conduct yourself because you would not give anyone anything to start a rumor about "out of respect"