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  1. Hello beloved family in Jesus - I have a new job which most consider a really tough job. It is working in a meat packing plant for pigs. I may well end up doing the slaughtering. As a bit of background I have had trouble holding jobs due to my family issues and my bipolar, but I really want to hold this job as I consider it kind of my last shot at staying in the work world. Thank you guys so much! - Love, Whaaat
  2. Praise the Lord, my wife still has pain but it is better today that it was yesterday
  3. She is battling and keeping moving around to keep her spirits up
  4. Brother, you people that go through this are heroes/heroines
  5. Hello Fellow Saints - my wife probably has a herniated disk in her lower back. She already has a cage from a fusion surgery. She is going in early tomorrow morning for a MRI. Please pray for her. Thank you all so much, Whaaat
  6. I am a married Christian man with three sons and a daughter who is studying Data Analytics. God bless
  7. whaaat


    Hi - I hope to contribute and receive "worthy" time here Lord willing. God bless
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