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  1. Welcome!! We look forward to getting to know you. This site has so much to offer. Enjoy!
  2. Warm welcome to you! Many wonderful people on this site. Enjoy! If I can ask, how did you come up with your profile name? (you don't have to answer, I'm just curious)
  3. Thank you for this. I will keep a copy of it with me as a guide in prayer. There are far too many that are close to me who are without the security of being saved. This is a beautiful prayer.
  4. @Rebecca Pickles, I enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for posting it. I've read books about people (one a neurosurgeon and another book about a 6 yr old boy) who experienced visiting heaven. They were books that helped convince me to become a true believer in Christ.
  5. I just prayed for God to make a way for you and Graham to be near his mother in her frail condition. I prayed for His presence to comfort and wisdom to surround you both in your efforts to get settled in Yorkshire. May God bless you both with good health and also Graham's mother with strength to persevere in the weeks and months ahead. xo --Michelle
  6. I have prayed for your husband's health to improve. How uncomfortable arthritis must be for him in the rainy weather. Praying for his mother's health and that God helps to open her heart to accept Him as her Savior. God Bless. -- Michelle
  7. Thank you Becky. I appreciate that you have included her husband in your prayers, as I have prayed for them both many, many times. After speaking with her yesterday and the support she received from family and friends, and being in her home town church, her faith seemed greater than I have felt from her in the past. Many Blessings to you. xo -- Michelle
  8. What a joyous day! Praying for a new beautiful life with Jesus for your daughter!
  9. It is difficult to believe that relationships like this really exist, isn't it? Thank you for your prayers!
  10. We are certainly stronger together. Thank you dear Sister.
  11. I've thought of a Tracfone, too, but they work together all day and he would find out one way or another. My husband and I continually mention to him about the benefits of having a cell phone just for convenience or emergencies, but he won't have anything to do with it.
  12. I was in a situation for several years with my husband taking advantage of me as @Katie01 has mentioned and being insensitive. We had all the stresses of farming (and still do) and went through some extremely difficult times to the point that I actually left to stay with my sister, unsure if it was short or long-term. Anyway, he was willing to work out our differences after that, and we are still married today (6 years later). Every situation is unique, but Katie brings up very valid points.
  13. Update: First of all, Thank you with big hugs to all who have prayed and passed along advice, @BeauJangles, @Debp, @Godismyloveforever, @Amanda Frances, @Jubilea, @shanee, @Rebecca Pickles My sis-in-law is doing relatively well, considering the circumstances. She spoke with me and many friends and relatives at the wake and fellowship after the funeral. She said she felt refreshed being back in the church where she grew up. As far as future coping with difficulties, I spoke to her and her husband to plan that I come to take her out for lunch once a month, and they both seemed quite willing to accept my offer. Also, I have spoke to a mutual friend, a respected Christian and true follower of Jesus, who is a sales person for both our farm and theirs. He plans to check in and talk to her about how she's doing, whenever he is in the area of their farm. Praises to Jesus for his help in easing her burdens during this day of mourning. God is so good!
  14. Glad your trip was fruitful and enjoyable. Welcome back!
  15. Just as @BeauJangles mentioned, I'm not here to debate. Thank you for your response. duly noted. Also, I didn't mean to offend... I apologize and I hope you feel better soon.
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