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  1. All of the circumstances in our lives that have brought us here, including me reading your post just now, is all done in His timing. I have come to believe this more and more over the past several months that I have been on Worthy. It may be about "you" in that it is meant to be what God is intending for you, but it is most certainly about becoming closer and bringing others closer to God.
  2. I would wish for the same for my daughters, and my husband.
  3. I have prayed for angels to surround you and keep you safe. I have also prayed that God let those individual(s) in the black SUV know that they are not welcome to be near you.
  4. I like felines in general, but to decide between tiger and lion may not be easy as I think I like them equally. For their markings, I would say a tigers stripes would make it more interesting. Probably already asked but... What was the most memorable event or day in your life?
  5. @BeauJangles, heartfelt prayers for you for recovery, healing, and strength during these times o difficulty for you. Your posts are a great source of encouragement and wisdom from God's Word.
  6. I love to do both, but haven't done either for years (swimming at an indoor pool/park 5/6 years ago, much longer since rode a bike). I don't have a bike any longer, but I prefer biking if I had a choice, just because of the convenience (if I had a bike, that is). You? Favorite zoo animal?
  7. If I have the time, long walk, preferably in the country. What about you? if traveling cross-country, fly or drive, or bus? Certain reasons why?
  8. Animals, in general, have an amazing sense of smell (compared to humans who rely on other senses more in discovering their environment). I can see how that would have been an awesome conversation, and very informative. For myself... having had long hair, then short for a few years, now back to long, I guess I prefer having the length with the versatility in styling. Preference in sleeping? >> mattress-- Firm, soft, waterbed, ... sleeping bag on floor >> sleep on back, side, stomach? >> lots of pillows?
  9. Ok, time to get back in this thread. Favorite hobby... I love scrapbooking, but unfortunately haven't found time for much of it over the past several years. Oh, I collect and print off pictures and set them aside for "someday", but that's as far as I get for now. question: Most interesting conversation with a stranger, or new acquaintance?
  10. You both continue in my prayers. Comfort, strength and guidance be yours from our Heavenly Father.
  11. My husband asked me yesterday to come up with some ideas where we will take our first vacation together (in 25+ years) when we are not farming anymore. Coming sooner, rather than later, at this point. The Grand Canyon is definitely one for my list!
  12. Praying for your sweet dog. Pets are family and it's heartbreaking when they have to go through things that they don't understand.
  13. Welcome! Glad to have you join Worthy.
  14. Praying for the Lady and you, too, Dusty. May our Lord's hand be upon her and comfort, heal and strengthen her. I'm praying for comfort and strength for you also. Thank you for the update.
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