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  1. mlbrokish


    Welcome Darrell, I'm fairly new, too. How did you find this site?
  2. Hi Legos_Rising, Just wanted to welcome you, although I am quite new here, too. I am also a fairly new believer also, and I can certainly relate to MANY points of your message. I am married to a person who is quite cynical to Christians who are truly followers of Jesus, so that is why I needed a spiritual connection here, and through LifeChurch.online to help me focus on Christ. Thank you for sharing your story. mlb
  3. Welcome. I'm new also. This site has a lot of variety.
  4. Hi there. Thank you for the welcome. good to meet you.
  5. I am interested in chatting among certain members, like a group that attend the same church, so I wonder if there is a way to have a closed group or if another chat option is appropriate or possible?
  6. So nice to be welcomed by so many! Nice to meet you all, @Sonshine, @Heybro, @turtletwo, and @BeauJangles.
  7. Hello Tzephanyahu, Thank you for your helpful explanation. I did receive some information with previous posts, especially from Willa. Your additional direction is sincerely appreciated, especially since there is such a diverse forum to explore. Blessings to you.
  8. Hi C_Beth. Pretty "welcome" graphic.
  9. Thanks Willa. btw, what kind of bird in your profile pic?
  10. Hi, I'm Michelle and new to this chat room, or any chat room, for that matter. Since this is quite new to me, I will, no doubt, sound like a novice. I live in a rural area of the Midwest, and a country girl at heart. My four daughter range in ages from 13 to 19; and I've been married for 25 years. If I had a specific topic, can it be directed to only certain members? or certain sections (unsure of terminology) or groups?
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