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  1. I've never tried this, but it sounds great!
  2. Well the "cheese head" hats are basically a fun thing to wear during Packer football games. click here: https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS765US766&biw=1600&bih=757&tbm=shop&sxsrf=ACYBGNQsdLrQIWTZh9rg1KkVoPNBYc2NOw%3A1568822987073&ei=y1aCXYKHBNTP0PEPrtuMmAo&q=cheesehead&oq=cheesehead&gs_l=psy-ab-sh.3..35i39k1j0l9.6973.8781.0.8990. As far as the cranberry bogs, I know Wis is a big cranberry producer, but I'm pretty sure that is more northern part of the state where summer is shorter and were dairy farms are few and far between due to longer bitter winters. I live in south west area where there is mostly dairy and crop farming in rural areas. (winter still sucks, but not quite as long)
  3. I have thought many of these same practices by the Catholic church to be so ritualistic. Even someone (such as my husband) raised in a Catholic home, grade school at Catholic school, and taught to follow all the sacraments, may see the overpowering nature of the Catholic religion. He says (about Catholic religion) "it is a cult of sorts". (his words, not mine).
  4. Thanks for joining us with your "J" grocery list. We get off topic very quickly here, but it's fun. so "J" - Jump right in, if you wish. Do you have Doritos ? seems they are a hot item around here. wait a sec... Jumper cables??
  5. some of us have used several different letters to make multiple lists.
  6. Well, here in Wisconsin, cheese is used on A LOT of things. In fact, I think most locals would probably go through withdrawal symptoms if they didn't have some type of cheese within a meal every single day. I eat cream cheese on toast or half a bagel, but I haven't tried grated cheese on toast -- and with apple, that would likely be very tasty.
  7. Great! I have a whole bushel of honey crisps. We love them in our family, but even so, it is time to find ways to enjoy them besides raw.
  8. My daughter loves granny smith apples, but I can't eat a whole one as it is just too tart for me. ...but if I try this baked stuffed apples, I think it would be delicious, and my daughter would likely love it.
  9. Thank you. That's certainly simple enough, but wouldn't it have to be certain types of apples?? Granny smith would obviously not be a good choice, but there may be certain ones that are ideal.
  10. @(Elijah) I guess you are the one to talk to for ideas to use up some of the huge amount of apples I have acquired. Since pie crust is tasty, but full of carbs and fat, I'd love some other healthier ideas. I was thinking applesauce, without much sugar, preferably. Other ideas besides applesauce would be great, too.
  11. Anyone ever made homemade applesauce? I've become overtaken by an abundance of apples, and I'm thinking that most desserts or pies would not be the healthiest of options. I wonder if applesauce would be a better way to use up a bunch of apples, yet use little, if no sugar.
  12. I leave the thread for over a day to catch up on work and errands, and I come back to 19 pages of food fights to get mopped up, DISGUSTING food that I've seen at the bottom of our dumpster during heat of the summer, and things strewn hither and yon! btw, on a more civilized note: Can I try some of the Lady treats??
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