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  1. Today my pastor tweeted the below link asking for thoughts. https://e2elders.org/12-mistakes-dead-churches-make/ I'm just relieved to see that my thoughts and feelings were not off base and that the pastor and several others are very interested in seeing things turn around. Thanks to everyone who responded and/or joined with me in prayer. Be a blessing!
  2. Ha, well, as the assistant to the current treasurer, who IS looking to retire, then, yes, I am that younger blood. Consequently, since my OP, my pastor put together a "transformation team" of sorts and it seems several other members had similar concerns. Less so, about the numbers and moreso with not stifling the move of the Holy Spirit. The age range of the group is about 35-70, with one PK twenty-something. It'll be cool to see what we come up with.
  3. Agreed. Again, the numbers were never my main concern. However, most comments went that way and I addressed as such. My concern is that we are a head knowledge, line by line church which is great and draws in, but, I feel that in our haste to stay on time and get to the Word, we stifle the Holy Spirit. Could that be a reason for the lack of numbers? Yes. Could that be why folks are dying instead of being healed? Yes. I've got my answer for the elders. Thank you
  4. And if I'm being led to stay put? Our small group breakouts are amazing. The Word preached does not stray. It has nothing to do for me with a fear of moving on. I just will not move until the Lord prompts me. I'm not just a one service observer. I'm relied upon there for various things.
  5. Okay, yay! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and imput thus far. Now that we've thoroughly touched on the first part of my OP, any thoughts on the second and third parts?
  6. Yes @Michael37 you get part of the dilemma. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
  7. You've lost me and I am desperately, sincerely trying to follow. How have we turned to the world when our desire is to seek and save, care for the widows and orphans, visit the shut ins...
  8. @Betha God has yet to provide me with a miracle that I did not like. 😊 But, yes, I get what you are saying and agree. Ugh, I don't think I worded my OP very well. We are a bible based church so stepping out of His will is never the goal nor intent. No decisions are made without prayer, etc....
  9. @Neighbor Growth, in and of itself, is not the goal. If anything, the elders are feeling quite...eld? (If that is even a word.) I think there are too few to pick up the slack. Overall, the church is aging with too few to fill in. The older saints are going home, seemingly rapidly or finding themselves more and more homebound. The newly retired are manifesting life threatening illnesses. The next generation, parents of teens, have left in droves, either moving out of state or looking for places with more activities for their kids. The parents with younger kids are pitching in wherever we can, when we can (that's my demographic, at least). The newlyweds church hop and the singles do as well. I'm oversimplifying, but I hope you get the gist. No, it is not about the numbers, in and of themselves. It is wanting desperately to be about our Father's business.
  10. @nzkev I agree. I don't think our focus should be on the numbers. Though, the numbers are important as they do keep the doors open. The numbers make up the hands and feet to reach the greater community and serve in various capacities.
  11. @Sonshine☀️ we do a lot of that! My pastor is a great teacher in that regard. It is the thing that draws people in for awhile.
  12. When I look around I see more and more empty pews. Only select Sundays are they filled. The majority of the buzz from the elders is "how do we attract/keep the younger generation here?" We are a Bible rooted church, but, I do think we lean more to head knowledge vs. truly getting to the heart and allowing the Holy Spirit to flow freely and unhindered. All that said, do any scriptures come to mind that I can pray? Or take back to the elders when they ask me my thoughts/ideas? God Bless
  13. Ha ha, nzkev. I guess you've learned. I see you've jumped right in with both feet! Wonderful way to get Worthy baptized.
  14. Hello everyone! Cool of the Day here and I'm looking forward to sharpening iron among you. I cannot wait to dig in!
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