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  1. Forgive me for asking, but I really want to know. Why is to subject ourselves to the Lord's authority like picking up a cross. Do you think its like a heavy way to death to subject yourself to the Lord's authority like picking up a cross?
  2. What does it mean 'to pick up your cross'. I`m curious to know your view upon this.
  3. I would like to challenge you to ask a question about God or Jesus to chatbot Louis and see how you experience it. You could try it at chatbotlouis.com The idea is that in the future you can just talk to it like Google Alexia and he will be like a Christian google for you. This is because Google Alexia and others do not know who Jesus is, let alone pray with you for healing or something like that. Or tell you nice jokes, or funny weather forecast, or play rock, paper, scissors which are some things ChatboutLouis already can ;-)
  4. This live Q&A has 600+ questions and answers now. I know there should be like 3000 in it or so. And I will train it according to your input.
  5. Hey brothers and sisters, Some time ago I posted my thoughts about a chatbot. The idea is to have a chatbot who answers questions of unbelievers about God. I have some spend some months building / training and testing and this chatbot is now online. I guess its now ready for some real input. Of course the chatbot is far from perfect, is limited in knowledge and has a training program to become smarter. It is also artificial intelligent which is a great help when training it to become smarter. Perhaps someone is interested in this idea to have a chatbot online to answer questions of unbelievers 24/7. Especially because I know Christian chat with real people are being overflooded with request and not everyone can be answered because of this. Also, on the website is a contact form to get in contact with real people or even visit us in the Jesus Café in Emmen (where I live) for a personal talk about God. So the chatbot also functions as a filter to filter those who are truly looking for God. I`m interested in your thoughts about this, perhaps you have some advice for me and perhaps you could ask it some new questions, so the chatbot can learn and be more wise. Based on your input last time I created a simple website with the chatbot on it. The chatbot is named 'Louis'. He is online on: www.chatbotlouis.com Also if you think some answers are unbiblical or incorrect. Please inform me about this because of course I can learn from you as well :-) If you like to be involved more frequently or join me, please inform me as well. God bless you all, Jona
  6. Not true and not accurate, because I have seen very plain signs and healings. In fact, tomorrow I hope to baptise someone who came to faith because Jesus healed his leg and back, just because of my friend / Christian brother prayed for him in Jesus name. We need to not only believe, but to also act. Yes I believe Jesus Christ heals people. I think it is time to take my next step in faith and pray for someone who needs healing. I have prayed for people, starting with my wife and her pain left her completely. This is a biblical authority and given to every Christian who follows Jesus Christ. I always knew the Bible was true, I always knew that what Jesus Christ said was right. But its only now that my brother started to act, and I follow that I see that its true in reality right here and now. Please follow my brothers and my example and see what God will do. God bless you all with your next step in faith! To know you need a parachute is no use when you don't act and strap it on. To know scripture is no use if you don't act upon it.
  7. I created the poll above, to see what you guys think about this :-)
  8. Hi everyone, I`m creating a chatbot to answer some questions of non-Christians. In the future some people could be forwarded to real people, if they request this. Is there someone who would like to help me test it by asking some questions to it? So far there are like 400 questions and answers in the chatbot. But I figured I need like 1500. Do some people like to help me by just asking some questions to the chatbot so I can integrate these questions? Best regards, Jona
  9. You can say anything in the way you would say this to another person. God even knows your thoughts. Don't think anything is hidden for Him. Don't think some special words will please Him. Be honest and say what is really in your heart. And God will answer your honest prayer.
  10. I`m actually creating a chatbot to reply on these questions. In case someone is serious he/she can be forwarded to a real person or invited for a visit to our Jesus Café.
  11. Thanks! I created this top 10 out of your replies as a start. Any more suggestions or thoughts about what should be in the top 10?
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