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  1. You are coming into this with a bias in that you see eternal punishments as unjust, so you are the one changing the plain meaning to make it fit your belief system.
  2. I believe in inerrancy of scripture, meaning that everything in the 66 books of the canon is correct.
  3. Knowing you feel that way. I am glad you left this country. I wish all the liberals and progressives still here would follow you to Germany or somewhere besides here.
  4. Fox is the most balanced news source we have. Rush Limbaugh is more balanced than CNN and the mainstream media. If you like how Germany does things, be happy where you are. I don't concern myself with German politics. Don't like our President? Who cares? I like him and support his reelection.
  5. I like our system. I am glad I live in America instead of Germany.
  6. God gave Moses the law, all of it. Moses said so. God created all things, so he understood them. Since God gave the law, it is perfectly just, including the death penalty, slavery, polygamy, everything. If a nation wants to set up their laws based on the law of Moses, it is fine with me. As for the church, we are under a different covenant. Some things in the law were fulfilled and since the gospel has been taken to the gentiles, and we are made clean through the blood of Jesus, laws of separation no longer apply. I take the Bible as a whole, but see it as God's Word, not the words of superstitious men.
  7. You don't live here, so you deal with things in your country and we will deal with things here. As for me, I will continue to oppose gun restrictions and vote for others that oppose them.
  8. That is what they are not understanding. When Jesus speaks of eternal life, he doesn't just mean they are conscious.
  9. They get eternal punishment. You could say eternal death. I know the Bible does say that and Christ does support that.
  10. It is 100 degrees right now where I am. Give me a high in the 70s!
  11. We need a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
  12. Truly, when Jesus speaks of eternal life, he means in heaven. We are taken from death unto life when we get saved. How can that be when we were physically alive? Because he is speaking of being spiritually alive, not just conscious. Those in hell are conscious but dead spiritually.
  13. The only answer I could come up with is the rapture taking place and going with the Lord to heaven.
  14. I was just reading a post at NWF where it was a test based on 2 Peter 1:1-11. It says in that passage if you do certain things, "ye shall never fall."
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