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  1. For the last several weeks, everything is in slow motion, but only at Worthy. I also keep getting a message saying the site is being upgraded and will hopefully be up in 15 minutes, with George's name. This has been happening for weeks. Others were effected, but their accounts were fixed. I would appreciate it if someone would repair my account where it works right. It is not on my end.
  2. There is no single way. He does it by putting sickness and oppression on them, through persecutions and even high tech sabotage.
  3. Netflix raised its price back then, which is probably why they lost subscribers.
  4. 3 people I would love to talk to are Rush Limbaugh, President Trump and Pat Buchanan.
  5. If I could only have one, I would have a cheeseburger.
  6. That is the best thing to do. Take it to Jesus.
  7. A lot of people think this is about cars, and it probably is.
  8. Everyone benefits from a day of rest. If someone honors God by keeping the 7th day Sabbath, I respect that.
  9. Get away to a quiet place and seek the Lord till you find him. Just make sure you won't be interrupted.
  10. I didn't know you have a fantasy football league. I have played in the past and would be interested.
  11. Fine. I think by now everyone knows where each of us stand.
  12. The reason people wear a Jesus shirt is to be a witness. Do it while buying beer, you defeat the purpose. If you don't care about that, neither do I, but I don't find your arguments persuasive at all.
  13. That is great if you aren't fornicating. Then it is in the past. If you are still doing it, that doesn't apply to you.
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