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  1. Lately I have been struggling with my faith, how dose one know they have been found buy Yeshua and counted as worthy, and is not being deceived ?
  2. I understand, I lost my wife abought two yrs and it was rough. The only advice I could give is to trust in God.
  3. I am learning so thanks first to God for his grace and mercy, second to you all for your informed insight.
  4. But it was said that he will give us over to a debased mind if we do not repent, if one keeps returning to their sin. So I guess what I am asking is how dose one know hat they have reached that point ?
  5. The fear I have is their is no hope and we may be forsaken.
  6. Could some one please explain the meaning of Hebrews 12:16-17 thank you
  7. I want to thank you all for your replies, and helpfulness.
  8. Darrell 48


    He is the Son of the living God Savior of us all.
  9. I am having trouble understanding the bible, I read it and next thing I find what I forget what I just read. is this what Jesus was talking abought in Matthew 13:3, when abought the various types of soil ? And if so can one change ?
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