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  1. Welcome to Worthy. God bless. Becky.
  2. Welcome to Worthy. God bless. Becky.
  3. Welcome to Worthy. God bless. Becky.
  4. Zechariah 2:5 For I,’ declares the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire around her [protecting her from enemies], and I will be the glory in her midst.’ I've posted this specifically to encourage everyone of the Lord's constant protection. I have also had the extraordinary experience of spiritually seeing the Lord's wall of fire of protection around me a few times recently. I checked up in God's word to confirm this is biblical, and praise God it is!
  5. Still praying for him Mabel. God bless. Becky.
  6. Praying for you Deb, that Jesus heals you quickly. Hope you got to the store ok. God bless. Becky.
  7. I have prayed for him Mel. God bless. Becky. X
  8. Praying for everyone and for all their needs here at Worthy. God bless. Becky.
  9. Hi @SurrenderedWife I am praying for you. Some really good advice on this thread. The armour of God in Ephesians 6:11 is a great passage for spiritual warfare, as already mentioned here. I consciously put it on every morning and it does make a difference. Jesus is using you for His work, even when you don't feel He is. You don't always know what seeds you have planted about Jesus in someone's heart and you don't always know what He's doing behind the scenes. He will also use all your experiences, good and bad, for your good and His glory. He's right there with you, and will always be there with you. He loves you for you, and not just for what works you can do for Him. God bless. Becky.
  10. Hi @turtletwo I'm so sorry you had a fall in your kitchen. My mum did the same thing in her kitchen a few years ago. She was turning and twisting and lost her balance. I will pray for the Lord to heal you of your injuries. God bless sis. Love, Becky. X
  11. I pray you all have a lovely time and I will continue to pray for your dad. God bless you. Becky.
  12. Let us know how you get on. I'm praying Mabel. Becky. X
  13. Welcome to Worthy. Great to have you here with us. God bless. Becky.
  14. Welcome to Worthy. God bless you. Becky.
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