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  1. he said, she said...

    Great Post C! :hug:
  2. Praise You Lord!!

    Thank You LORD for giving me another day!!!! :hug:
  3. Bush vs Kerry

    Thats sooo funny!
  4. Help Sorta

    Of course your opinion matters. Thats what helps the world go round. There are a lot of cousin couples that haven't even been raised together. Some don't realize they are cousins. Then some are raised together but can't fight the feelings. As for myself I have NEVER felt this type of feeling, its indescribable (SP) and I know that our love is meant to be.
  5. Help Sorta

    Well there are many people who are so very thankful for research done on cousin relationships. I myself will be married to my first cousin on October 2 2004. If people really knew my story you would know this isn't wrong morally or other wise. I have never been happier. I know God love us and doesn't find this a sin. I do live in a state that allows marriage and am working hard to pass a law or get one passed for the state of Missouri. :il:
  6. Feet Washing - In your Church?

    Well the Catholic Church I grew up in did feet washing.
  7. By myeself studying other religions I was able to see for 310% that God's word is the only word. I was born in raised in one particular religion and studied enough about it to see what they claim to be God's word is indeed only the parts that fit their needs at the time. heck they didn't even have the Holy bibles in the pews!
  8. As the left behind series is called FICTION both authors have wrote NON FICTION books pertaining to the same theories, I should have clarified myself a little better!
  9. Is Remarriage allowed by the Bible

    My thoughts are this.....I was married to a man I thought loved me. He showed me this love by cheating on my at leat 13 times within 4 years. I seperated myself from him, went to counseling with him and tried in everyway to be the best wife I could be. Nothing worked. I belive in my heart there was more than 13 girlfriends, those are just the ones I found out about. I don't belive I am going to hell because I got divorced. I also don't believe I will go to hell for getting married again. I should have stopped at the red flags the first moment he told me he would not marry in a church. I am in love with a man now, that won't marry me on whim, because he knows just how much I was hurt the first time by not being married in our church. Trust me I have told him numerous times that a small courthouse wedding is fine, he told me the other night he put his foot down becuase its NOT what I want or he wants!! He wants our marriage to be blessed and done the correct way. Notice he says Marriage and NOT wedding! :il:
  10. Your Doctor a Christian !

    I have found recent information on a fertility doctor here in town, that Prays with you before doing or talking about anything! I am definetly going to use this man. To think a doctor that will pray with me prior to trying to concieve a baby and then pray before delivering or any other visit. this rocks in my book!
  11. Headcovering and modest dress

    As for the woman who didn't want to remove her headress for her DL picture, I agree with the States Policy on this. The whole point for the picture is to show who you are and what you look like, with your face covered this is impossible.
  12. Does anyone here believe in the theories provided in the Left Behind series?
  13. Death Penalty...

    If many in the "christian right" support the death penalty is because their idol Dubya is responsible for the killing of dozens of people under this "penalty" so they, just like the pharisees, prefer to witness what's socially acceptable instead of the biblical truth. Too bad Jesus will prove them wrong in the last day ok, now you've gone far beyond just voicing personal opinions that are contrary to scripture. now you're making totally ignorant statements. bush didn't institute the death penalty. God did. and i supported God's word long before i ever heard of bush. i have no idols... i don't idolize bush, i don't worship the virgin mary, i don't pray to dead people. and bush isn't responsible for killing anyone. the criminals who murdered innocent victims bear that responsibility. by the way, do you have any clue how many states uphold the death penalty, and the use of death penalties througout history? you act as if bush created the death penalty and personally carried it out. how amusing. you condemn him for not staying executions, yet you condemn people who support scripture, and God's own commands regarding death penalties. mobile, i don't know how old you are, or what your reading level is, but perhaps it would behoove you to actually study God's word. it must be past my bedtime. i'm losing my sense of humour. God did not institute the death penalty. God said: "Thou shall not kill". Jesus abolished the use of the death penalty by the "righteous men". Anyone who participates in this organized and premeditated murder will go to hell no matter who they are (or how powerful they are) "in this life". Stop spreading lies and errors, believe in the Bible please. Voicing ones thoughts and opinions is SOOOOO much different in telling lies. I do believe Lady C does very much so believe in the Bible. Remember this is a place to voice thoughts and seek others views in conversation.
  14. Don't worry....I wouldnt ever make decisions based on others thoughts and opinions. Although it is nice to learn others views on things.....
  15. To spare the rod is to spoil the child?

    My only child has passed but I have thoughts on this issue for any future children I am blessed with. 1. The Gov't has TOOOO much say in what goes on in my household as far as being a parent. I know laws are to protect those children who are abused but discipline in homes is not abuse in some of those homes. 2. Schools also have too much control over children. Why do I have to justify my child missing school. Thats a bunch a ...... if my child has the stomach flu, I am not wasting a copay for my dr to instruct me to give clear fluids. Is the gov't paying your bills? No Then as far as I am concerned what I do with my child is my business.