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  1. I don't really understand why he started changing the subject, but while he's at it, what about women cutting hair and not talking in the church? Do these rules apply today? It is very relevant.
  2. Please calm down. No I am not. Not in any way. I wish you would stop reading what I am saying in an attempt to criticize it before you can consider if because you are getting what I am saying wrong. Just take a minute to think before you 'speak'. I am reminding you of the fact that while Jesus did not talk of homosexuality, he did talk of judgementalism, pride and self righteousness and to me. Have a good day. I have work to do.
  3. The devil pulls a lot of tricks and maybe the manipulation of our ecosystem might just be one of them. Is that something you can consider? Maybe this is what's happening, and of course, God in his wisdom, knew what the future would hold and maybe that's why Jesus never said a word against homosexuality in a day and age where it was rampant? I am going to err on the side of being non judgmental, humble, hoping and seeing the best in people, and loving. If I get to heaven and I have done nothing but love and accept gay people and told them God loves them, I don't think God is going to reprimand me. After all, it's not up to me to judge. I am just supposed to love. I leave it up to God to judge as he said we are supposed to do.
  4. I am not sure why you steered the question about Jesus and the fact that he clearly cautioned against being judgemental, prideful and self righteous and never against being homosexual? Why did you change the subject? The spirit of God in Paul also said women shouldn't cut their hair and that they should not speak in church. Do you believe this to be a rule all Christian women should follow?
  5. Why would you stretch it like this? I never said anything of the like. Why don't we just stick to the argument rather than make up pretend ones that I never said?
  6. Google 'study fish gay' and you will see that there are studies showing that due to mankinds 'brilliance', our water has been compromised and there are studies showing fish that now exhibit homosexual tendencies and transgenderism and a particular pesticide can turn male frogs into females. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/02/080216095726.htm https://news.berkeley.edu/2010/03/01/frogs/ http://naturalsociety.com/studies-chemicals-in-the-water-turning-male-fish-into-females/ Surely you must be aware that the meat and dairy industry use growth hormones and estrogen. You might also want to consider the fact that decades long use of the birth control pill has caused damage to the ecosystem. https://www.livescience.com/20532-birth-control-water-pollution.html http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/birth-control-in-drinking-water-a-fertility-catastrophe-in-the-making Is it really beyond the power of reasoning to suggest that mankind's manipulations that has clearly caused havok with the eco systems, might also be messing with human physiology>? I am not trying to give an excuse, but a possible reason - a cause and effect. There is a difference. I always try to cut people slack whenever I can. I am just like that. I try to see the best and try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Wow, judge and jury much? Do you agree that Jesus spoke out against being judgmental, prideful and self righteous more than a few times? Certainly more than being 'homosexual' (which he never did.) Why do YOU seem to take issue with it MORE than JESUS did?
  8. And YOU know for a fact that environmental issues are not at play in todays world how? I don't know how you could possibly know such a thing. Where does it say that David's polygamy cause him 'no end of grief'? Seems like God didn't care that David was a polygamist, doesn't it?
  9. I am out of time for today. I could get caught up all day long but that's not healthy or good. Besides, there are too many here, not you, who would refuse to rethink etc. Justin had a happy child - no daddy, mommy issues - no childhood issues. Very quickly, you talk about people who turn gay due to an unhappy house or fatherhood or whatever. MANY also experience unhappy households etc and ARE not gay and are far from it. You know this. Can you give some thought that hormonal issues due to a corrupted and manipulated environment might just be at play here? Again, if you're counselling people, please give ample, reasonable thought to the other side. I'll go back to the lowest common denominator, here to. Let's cut to the chase. David was "a man after God's own heart", yet a polygamist. Comments please. Also, it seemed God was ok with his many wives, just not the one who was married to someone else. Am I wrong?
  10. If you read the book by Justin Lee, you would see he had a normal upbringing with loving parents. I thought I had stated that. Perhaps not. Perhaps you will read the book. If you are counseling people, it might not be a bad thing to get another perspective. What do you think about that? When Exodus closed down, some of the criticisms of the organization was the fact that no matter what, they tried to bring the reason for being gay back to abuse or early sexual experimentation, which wasn't always the case. You seem to be doing the same thing. Are you? You remain silent on verses about killing witches, mediums, children and the fact that a man after God's own heart, was polygamous! While clinging to verses that apparently condemn gay behaviour - at a time when we were supposed to go forth and multiply. What are your thoughts on that? Please, do tell. How do you explain this to gay people you are counselling? Do these subject come up? Eighteen verses against homosexuality? I am afraid you are stretching it somehow. Again, remember the word 'man bedder' was changed to 'homosexual' in the 1950s, so you might as well cross that one off.
  11. You miss my point. The word changed. It WAS man bedders (pedophiles) and it was changed by man to 'homosexuals'. They should have left it as it was. Of course the child is not sinning.
  12. Sounds like once-Godly people gave over to their sinful nature in every way - idol worship, orgies, wickedness, slander, disobedience, etc, etc, etc. Would you put Ray Boltz in this category of depraved sinners?
  13. I am not advocating for premarital sex and I agree with what you state. I don't know if you are interested in the book by Justin Lee, but he was one of those Christian kids, raised in normal, functional, loving, 2 parent Christian home and had no abuse, sexual or otherwise. Kids used to be called the "Bible boy" . The kid around school who used to have the answers and was well verses. As a kid, he used to condemn homosexuality vocally, when asked about it. However, during puberty, things changed. He started having feelings. Same kind of feeling a heterosexual boy has towards females at that age. He tried to fight it, and desperately tried to pray it away, with counselling etc. I do believe that God ALWAYS wants to heal the spirit of a person who is sincere and wanting that, but it seems that inclination never left Lee. We have a real problem with gay young people leaving the church and maybe it's not really their fault. Maybe man in his 'wisdom', has tainted the physical world to the point where it's had a physiological impact on humans? Is that possible? People keep going to certain verses in the old testament (I will address new also) but in the OT, polygamy was something that was obviously condoned. David, a man after God's own heart, was polygamous, was he not? Nothing is ever said against it, although it was prominent! We weren't supposed to eat this and that, or wear cotton/wool blends. Killing witches and mediums, taking women as the spoils of war, kill certain children.... and yes, not be homosexual... in a time when people were told to go forth and multiply. But some Christians just hang on to that "don't be homosexual' verse or 2 from that book. As far as the old testament, I am going with the words that I know that God actually did write down... The 10 Commandments. Those other laws and rules were situational, and meant to be followed by a certain people during a certain time.
  14. Jesus was clearly anti violent. Do I need to show you verses?
  15. In your viewpoint, old laws to do with food no longer stand, but old laws to do with sexual relations do stand?
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