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  1. They warned them continually that they needed to stop, now they are paying for their actions. In the states we have no idea what it's like to be under constant threat of attack, canada, or mexico attacking us is slim to none. What a scary place to be.
  2. Is Obama the Antichrist

    Are we supposed to be scared, or excited about end times? I personally don't think he is the antichrist, but he is pro palestine. What are we as Christians supposed to do if he stops defending Israel? Iran is poised to take them out, and with Obama there, they know we will do nothing if they bomb Israel.
  3. What a scary situation for everyone involved, I am praying for Israel, as well as Hezbolah.
  4. Have pastors been faithful? (Merged)

    You can't generalize pastors like that, there are some good, and some bad, and others really bad, that is for God to judge, and for the Holy Spirit to discern, leave it in His hands. Aaron
  5. US and Israel

    80 % of Americans may say they are christians, but if things came to life or death, that number would drop greatly, good responses.
  6. US and Israel

    If the United States ever went against Israel, what would Christians do?? I mean if the US joined with the muslims to "destroy israel" as Iran's Lunatic president put it, what would be our responsibilities?
  7. A hypothetical question

    "satan convicting us" I agree with that statement, it's a turning point in a christians life, either you freak out when you see that verse, and seek help or you let it beat you up, and you walk away from God. I can still remember when I went through this, just remember, that only by the Spirit can you say that Jesus is Lord. Aaron
  8. Cult

    go to m-w.com and look it up, or do you want to know what is true christianity, and what is a cult?? An example that comes to my mind is the mormon church.
  9. is doubt a sin?

    what doubts do you have?? maybe we can help clarify some of those doubts. I think all christians go through phases of some doubt, whether it be does God care, is He there, why is this happening to me?? I would just recommend getting back in scripture, there isn't a human that has more knowledge than the Word of God. Take care A brother in Christ Aaron
  10. Is it possible that this is the antichrist?? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...6051001791.html
  11. Yo, Leonard

    That is a popular opinion, I heard someone ask the president today if he thought he started armageddon......
  12. Yo, Leonard

    I am very interested in things like this. Mecca is a very interesting notion to go on. Do you see Israel as being conquered by Islam. What is the "Time of the Gentiles" and the abomination of desolation, have these things already occured?? I know many people have talked about this, but where does America fit in to revelation?? Does this war on terror have any biblical meanings, or is it just about oil?? My last question is, if America was to turn it's back on Israel, what would the role of Christians be?? Would we be called to help defend the holy land, or just wait... I know of a lot of that has to do with the rapture, but would we be held accountable if we just stayed out of this war completly???
  13. Prophesy

    How did the Lord tell you?? Do you actually hear the voice of God?? I honestly dont know if I could handle something like that. I know how I get when I see someone famous, my heart races for days. If I was in the presence of God, forget about it, I would die. If you do hear him, what does he sound like?? I am not making fun of you, I know that God can talk to anyone, I am just curious as to what occurs. Do you go in to a trance? Is it in a dream?? The only way I hear from God is in His word. Out of his word, I have a tough time believing that it is God. How do yoou know that this is God, if it doesn't come true, will you question that voice next time it comes?? God is never wrong, and for this prophecy to be wrong you would have to question the source of your prophecy. Just curious, I know a few people in here claim to be prophets, I am just wondering what occurs. Shalom Aaron
  14. Low Self-Esteem

    I deffinately suffer from this, a lot had to do with my childhood insecurities that turned in to adult insecurities. It comes down to getting those ugly thoughts out of your head, they are not from God, so just ignore them. The thing that helps me the most is knowing that something so huge, and powerful thinks so much of me, has numbered the hairs on my head. You should feel the same way, just remember that all that matters in this world is how you look to Him, everything else shouldn't matter. Walk with your head held high knowing that He loves you, He see's all the good in you..... I will be praying for you. A brother in Christ Aaron
  15. Is the Catholic Church

    I think that it is an antichrist, but not The antichrist. Just on the basis of praying to the apostles, worshiping the pope..... my great grandma was STRICT catholic, and she was a fine example of a Christian. I just think they mislead people from true scripture.