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  1. Thanks, peace room for letting us know about how your teams go about in reaching out to the lost. I hope it is okay if I ask a few questions, being I'm interested in your Mission work down there in India. When you say 'personal gospel' ...could you please say what exactly this phrase means? ( I think that I understand, but I just wanted to make sure.) Also, how exactly do you explain the gospel to those who have not heard? What do you say to relay WHAT the gospel is? ( I ask this because here in America, the gospel can UNFORTUNATELY, mean different things to different people. Even though I certainly do not commend this! This is wrong! The apostle Paul was very clear about not heeding more than one gospel and staying true to the REAL and ONLY gospel. In Galatians 1:8King James Version (KJV) 8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.) i mean no offense by my questions, peace room. I'm just curious about what matters the most...which is leading the lost towards Jesus Christ. But we all must be so careful, because the scriptures speak about bewaring of ANOTHER Jesus (meaning that Satan can deceive with a counterfeit Jesus.) I know that India has many, many so called 'gods'... So how do you portray Jesus in your out reach teams? Please explain. Sorry for so many questions, Thanks for reading this.
  2. I truly appreciate your explaining this urgent priority in such a clear, shocking and convicting way... Yes, I will definitely be bringing this before the Lord in prayer. I'm sure the apostle Paul would agree that we must all do what we can to spend more of our lives for the lost. Weeping for their souls in our prayer time...The main reason we each have breath in our bodies is to spread the gospel ourselves. But also to intercede for those others who are out on the dangerous front lines doing so. Who deserves our prayer support as much as the missionaries?...Giving believers who've committed their very lives by leaving comfort zones of daily (normal, everyday) living to share Jesus with those who have never heard of Him? These brethren and families risk torture and death because they care THAT much for those who need Jesus. A most worthy prayer request!!!
  3. Has anyone heard of how Kwik is doing yet? If so, please reply. I can't stop thinking about our sister ever since I discovered this prayer request thread !
  4. Thank you, Lump dump! It is so nice to see someone caring and reaching out, as you have... To actually see someone posting a prayer request for the sick and the shut in. I say that because these folks are often a forgotten segment of our society... For the record, I fall into both categories, chronically ill ( Serious medical conditions & am a shut-in ...restricted to the house almost constantly. Except for doctor appointments, obviously.That's why I can definitely have empathy. From my own experience of my daily life being this way for years now.) You can count on my prayers for the family you brought before us. My heart goes out to your old neighbor and suffering husband. May God mercifully intervene in their situation!
  5. Stopping by with a group hug for my Worthy family. Your prayers play a vital part in keeping us going. The first crisis has passed. Glory to God! But there are further needs down the road soon. So please keep up your intercession. Thanks much.
  6. Praising the LORD for this! I pray that the pain does not return. And that if it is any other condition is causing this in the future, the hospital will be able to accurately diagnose it. But I believe God is the Great Physician and am hopeful your hubby is fine now.
  7. Thanks 1to3, for starting this thread and letting us know about Kwik. I am very much concerned about her. She is such a sweetie and one-of-a-kind! I know that Worthy could never be the same without her. She has been there for so many here. She definitely deserves an outpouring of our support and to be undergirded by the prayers of the saints. Please know, Kwik...that we are there for you, too. With our prayers and with love
  8. Please pray for the protection of me and loved ones. Thanks.
  9. Amen. Good counsel. My prayers are with you 19Duggarfan.
  10. I am a bit confused. When I come on to the prayer request forum, it says that there were 0 replies and even 0 views. ( If nobody sees it, how can there even be one prayer offered up? I must say this was a disappointment and made me kind of sad.) Then I noticed below a related thing where I saw that two of you responded. Wondering if there is a technological glitch that it registered as nobody???? Anyway, a couple of these important prayer matters will be happening in less than 2 hours. So please DO pray, okay? If you could take a moment to let me know that you did, that would be a bonus. And if you would post an actual prayer here (like Kwik, Mike, Joyful, etc have been so kind and thoughtful to do, over time), that would be the 'cherry on top.' lol. But seriously, this immediate prayer need is urgent. I realize I posted it in the wee hours of the morning, but I had hoped by now that there would be more views. Still hopeful...
  11. I have some serious prayer requests, of a personal nature. I would be grateful to those who would lift these up before the LORD. Thanks.
  12. I have some serious prayer requests, of a personal nature. I would be grateful to those who would lift these up before the LORD. Thanks.
  13. I am asking that you please pray for my mother. When I called her yesterday, she sounded awful. Really weak and strange. I also have a couple of important unspoken requests. I want you to know that I really appreciate all of you intercessors out there. :)God bless you.
  14. Birthday blessings and hugs, sis! Prayers for you to have a happy day and a bright future. Thank you for all the kindnesses that you have bestowed upon your family here at Worthy. You spread Sonshine wherever you go. May this return to you many times over and may this day be a special one for you.
  15. I appreciate those of you who have lifted my loved ones and I before the LORD. But things have been getting worse lately...especially in certain serious areas. So I'm asking for more prayer. Thanks again.
  16. I appreciate those of you who have lifted my loved ones and I before the LORD. But things have been getting worse lately...especially in certain serious areas. So I'm asking for more prayer. Thanks again.
  17. I have definitely noticed this same thing... It was good of you to post this, as I feel that it is a very important matter. (If someone doesn't think so, perhaps they are not having much problems at this stage in their life, personally or even witnessing it in others lives. So it is harder for them to relate, I guess?) My heart goes out to you and all who are currently suffering sadness, illness, pain, etc.
  18. Would you please remember my loved ones and I in prayer? Rather than go into details, I'll just say the needs are very serious. Thanks for caring.
  19. I praise God for a place like Worthy, where prayer requests are lifted before the LORD. And we deepen our unity through intercession.
  20. Thanks for the updates. Sure glad that it went peacefully! I've been continuing to hold the situation up in prayer. Your daughter certainly deserves to get her belongings back. Electronics are expensive. And family heirlooms are something that are very special...unreplacable. Like SueZQ, I want you to now that I have been very burdened for you when you said that you might have to go to the Emergency Room soon! I am eager to hear how your pain level is doing now and if the swelling went down. I'll continue to intercede for God to meet the needs of you and your daughter.
  21. You and your daughter both have my empathy, my prayers and my hugs...during this very difficult time! May the LORD intervene in this serious situation...
  22. We all have individual feelings on the 'cemetery remembrance visits.' I have been unable to go (due to medical reasons, prohibiting travel ) for over a decade now. Maybe time does not heal heart-wounds as easily as they claim. And I'd hoped that this might be a help. Most of all, I feel like I am letting special family members down. I know this is probably silly, as the person's spirit is not in the grave. But I always viewed it as a way of paying my respects. Perhaps God will lead me to a better method? Anyway, thanks for helping me to get through this difficult day. May God fill both our hearts with joy, as we proceed ahead
  23. Hi. Thanks much for your words of kindness and for doing your part in posting this reply, so that I could feel not-as-alone. Because you took out the time to answer my thread, it was as though I were 'celebrating' ( actually, getting through ) this Memorial Day with you and wingnut- ( Also,we were joining in prayer together. A true blessing.)
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