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  1. 3 things urgent and serious

    3 serious situations today. Need for urgent prayer covering please... 1) mom should be having the trach surgery this afternoon. I sure hope I am doing the right thing giving them permission to do this to my mom. I am conflicted on it. 2) I face a confrontation with the nursing home today regarding the negligence I firmly believe was behind my mom's cardiac arrest. I dread this conference because I know it will be filled with their denials and heated anger. But as POA I hope I am entitled legally to an accident and incident report (or at least the chart record of March 9th. ) Pray the truth will come out and they will cooperate with me. 3) The hospital is already pushing me to choose a transition facility for mom. I am worn out by hours upon hours of phone calls from medical personnel. It's so hard to think clear anymore! Pray the right decision is made as to where to place mom.
  2. Of all times for the family to be at odds with each other...must they pick now when my mom is in a coma, hooked up to life support and needing additional support (namely, that of her family)? We should be rallying around her and on the same page pertaining to her. Instead, there is real dissension. Pray for unity and for God to bring a miracle for my poor mom...
  3. two surgeries today!

    Updates The feeding tube has been planted in my mom now. They said she is tolerating it, praise the Lord. Tomorrow they will begin using it to nourish her with formula, which is liquid food . The trach surgery to help her breathe will take place on Wednesday. I hope you will continue to keep her in your prayers for this surgery. And keep my spirits up by letting me know this...
  4. two surgeries today!

    Thanks sis. I am grateful for everyone's prayers. Please do keep them coming.
  5. Daughter sick

    She is in my prayers.
  6. hope and healing

    Praise God for multiple healings that have already taken place in my mom who survived a cardiac arrest on Friday, March 9th! These improvements in her give me hope to hold out for eventual brain recovery. I take them as signs to keep praying diligently. I'm happy for my brothers and sisters who have offered up intercession on her behalf. She has a long way to go. But in the meanwhile: Thanks be to God for answered prayers! Please keep remembering to uphold her, Worthy family.
  7. Has anyone experienced a family member being in Long Term Acute Care Hospitals? If so, please share if they are effective. My mom has brain damage from a cardiac arrest and is in need of an LTAC to transition out of the hospital into. (She is on life support for the last 11 days, but her insurance will only pay for a short term stay at the regular hospital ICU.) Could you tell me of your personal experience with LTAC please? I ask your prayers...
  8. two surgeries today!

    Please pray for my mom, who had cardiac arrest on the 9th. Today she has to have a tracheostomy (cut a hole in her neck for help breathing). Also, they plan to surgically insert a feeding tube called a PEG. Let's ask God that all go smooth and these surgeries will aid her in recovering from this horrid state she is in.
  9. Lung Dr. Tomorrow

    Lord, please give tigger398 Your courage to keep the apt. If possible, let it be a good outcome. Amen. Hang in there, okay?
  10. thanks for the replies. please keep this topic going, okay?
  11. talking to someone in a coma

    Thanks JTC for the comment and the good scripture suggestions.
  12. pulling the plug on a loved one

    Stopping by to thank those of you who participated in this discussion so far. I wanted you to know that I read all of your replies with much interest. I just hope we can keep this topic alive because it is helping me to sort through all of this. Your kind concern for mom and our family has really touched me.
  13. talking to someone in a coma

    What could I say to her that might be comforting to her? Trip to see her is coming up fast ( Saturday) so any suggestions would be appreciated. I thought maybe reading her a few scriptures. Please share some Bible verses you think could help bring her peace. Thanks.
  14. I am hoping to see my mom for the first time since she went into a coma last Friday. Does anyone know if those in this state can hear you speaking to them and touching their hand? I welcome your replies. And if anyone has encountered this personally or through loved ones who awakened and were restored...please share your stories. I have never met anyone who experienced this and true stories may be encouraging...
  15. strong ill effects

    My mom hovering between life and death in her coma has taken a toll on my health. It has also affected other members of the family in this way. Please pray for us all.