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  1. turtletwo

    my son is going through a lot

    Please pray for my son. This is a rough chapter in his life. He needs God's help very much. I told him I'd post this for him.
  2. turtletwo

    Did anyone else see that rock move?

    All dressed up and nowhere to go
  3. turtletwo

    Prayer for Marilyn C

    Praise God! I'm really thankful that her surgery was successful. That leak in the bowel area sounds so serious. Thanks for filling us in on everything. Now I understand why I was feeling exceptionally burdened for her yesterday. The Lord laid her on my heart. I had a heaviness that I see now was related to the operation. Looking forward to your next 'Maz report.' You are providing a helpful service to the Worthy family who loves her so and has no other way to be informed of her condition. Praying for her post-op healing, Trev and for her to finally get some much needed sleep.
  4. Praise the Lord! Such a miraculous testimony. (Really, all conversions are miracles in their own way. But this one was dramatic... I'm thinking because in those situations, they need to be.) So sad. Elizabeth and the children are in my prayers.
  5. turtletwo


    I always appreciate your thoughtful updates. Yikes. Spasms are hard... I'm glad you are getting closer to the end of chemo, though.
  6. turtletwo

    Logan in Hospital

    Praying for Logan
  7. turtletwo

    Cousin fighting for her life

    Hi QueenKaylay. Thank you for the updates. I am joining with the others in prayer about your cousin's coma.
  8. turtletwo


    Thanks for those encouraging words. I have likewise been blessed by you and the way you faithfully pray. Also, how you present the needs of others to us here. Big hug to you.
  9. turtletwo

    Cyclist Saves Baby Kitten in Turkey

    Love the pics...especially the 'peek-out' one of the terrific tabby.
  10. turtletwo

    Did anyone else see that rock move?

    I'm just the happy-go-ducky type
  11. turtletwo

    Did anyone else see that rock move?

    Uh-oh! Running late again!
  12. turtletwo

    Did anyone else see that rock move?

    My mama always tells me that I'm a lil dear
  13. turtletwo

    Did anyone else see that rock move?

    I'm glad you feel that way. I like to bring a chuckle to someone's day. I have been enjoying this as a bit of relaxation therapy. It is fun writing the captions, too.