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  1. turtletwo

    Two Important Events

    Two serious events are taking place in my daughter's life very soon. One is actually today. I'd appreciate prayers for her.
  2. turtletwo


    I am praying this time chemo will be not as rough on you as the last one was, sis. Please let us know how it went whenever you are up to it.
  3. My mom will be transported up to the hospital today for them to place a picc line in her. Please pray that all goes smooth and no complications/pain!
  4. turtletwo

    Painful Muscle Spasms

    It's kind of you to ask. Rough going yesterday. But doing some better right now. Praise the Lord!
  5. turtletwo

    Keith Green - I can't believe it

    I love how sharing and classic Keith Green humor precede this classic praise song. Thanks.
  6. turtletwo

    heavy hearted for my daughter

    Thanks for letting me know the Holy Spirit is telling you this. It is a confirmation of what He has been telling me. I will be making a point of doing this. By the grace of God, we were able to talk yesterday. She filled me in on what is happening with her crisis. I expressed my concern and made myself available to her. I pray that God will help her to see His love through me... as well as her need for a personal relationship with Him.
  7. turtletwo

    Bless The Name Yeshua by Ted Pearce

    Nice photo. Thanks for sharing it. Where did you meet him? And when?
  8. turtletwo

    "Even There" Zemer Levav ( From Psalm 139)

    Glad it was a blessing to you.
  9. turtletwo

    Song to My Parents

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I rejoice with you that you were able to locate your mom and found out she is a believer. Praise God! I love this song because you can hear the anguish in Keith Greens voice over his unsaved parents. This is something many can relate to. I have found myself wondering if his parents ever came to know the real Jesus instead of the false one of the cult 'Christian Science.' I have prayed for their Salvation at times.
  10. turtletwo

    pain, pain go away

    Pain, pain go away... let me have a break today! Just a silly take off/twist on the old nursery rhyme about rain. Trying to keep my sense of humor. But seriously, I really need the prayers of my worthy family. Flare ups of the usual medical conditions and a couple unusual things, as well. Thanks much. You guys have been troopers holding up the prayer requests
  11. turtletwo

    For my Lord

    Beautiful and from the heart! Thanks so much for this, Frances. I love prayer poems and this one is excellent. I share with you in these desires. Some of my favorite lines are: I guess I could've quoted it all... because it all really resonated with me. In fact, it is a prayer I will be using in my own quiet time. ( Just wanted you to know that... so you will realize that it has helped somebody.) Thanks for being his vessel.
  12. turtletwo

    Bernard's Salvation

    Father, I ask You to use this conversation Frances had with Bernard to convict him. You promised that your Word would not return void but would accomplish that which You please. You said You are not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Please don't let the enemy snatch away the truth of the gospel. Let these seeds take root in good soil and result in Bernard's salvation. In Jesus Name, amen
  13. turtletwo

    Who Do You Look Forward to Meeting?

    Thanks for this uplifting topic. Somebody who made a huge impact on my life was Keith Green. His ministry (both in music and in teaching) has meant a lot to me. The love he had for Jesus and the way he did not compromise are 2 things about him that inspired me to new heights. In these last days I have not found another person who so embodied what I would have liked to be for the Lord... Keith went Home to be with Jesus in a plane crash in 1982 at the age of 28. In a short life he accomplished so much... not in a forced way (to prove any points) but as a natural outflow of Jesus being his First Love. It would be nice if I could discuss this with him in Heaven. I'd also like to thank him for how he helped so many of us in our walks with God. I almost met him at a concert once. But I was a counselor there afterwards and then my driver had to get going so it never worked out. Who knows? Maybe one day yet...Irregardless, I know Keith and I will both be united in praising our Savior forever and ever.
  14. turtletwo


    God is good! Thanks for letting us know He met this need. It builds faith to know our prayers are being answered. I share in your excitement about this new beginning. God bless you.
  15. turtletwo

    Who Do You Look Forward to Meeting?

    Hmm. Interesting question. The Bible does not seem to directly address this subject so I don't rightly know. This was only me speculating. I guess I thought we might just remember the good because Heaven is good. Is it possible we will see our loved ones through new eyes there? (more understanding/forgiving eyes.) In other words, some of our sorrows here on earth may have been from limited/partial knowledge. Maybe they caused us hurt by their sin but there was more to it than we could ever have known. Or vice versa. Does that make sense? Or am I missing the heart of your question? Please feel free to share what you think regarding this, Yowm. Do you think we will remember sin? Bottom line: Although I love the idea of reuniting with my saved loved ones in Heaven, there is no doubt Jesus will be the One to take center stage. I will be absorbed in worshiping Him... as will all believers there.