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  1. The A.C.T.S. Approach To Prayer A doration C onfession T hanksgiving S upplication
  2. @TheBlade Good scripture promises! God bless you.
  3. @frienduff thaylorde Yep. That's a poetic way of putting it.
  4. @marvelloustime She keeps things lively, to be sure. I always get a kick out of her new doings and adventures.
  5. The one in the pics seems plenty large-so see no danger there. Phew! While other dogs are carrying their bones, good old Izzy Whizzy is toting around her stone. lol
  6. Lovely. Thanks for the pics! You always did call her the cuckoo dog, right? I actually think it's funny and cute about the stone. She does indeed do some quirky things. Which only makes her more unique and lovable. But she wouldn't choke on it, would she? Best watch for that (the SIZE of the stone)
  7. @BeauJangles Thank you for sharing this. You have sure been through a difficult journey. I can see you have a lot that has to come together to get your life back to where you need it to be. I will be praying that the Lord provides and strengthens you every step of the way.
  8. Such a wonderful hymn! Filled with comforting lyrics.
  9. @marvelloustime Thank you for posting. This one takes me back to my childhood. One that our little congregation joyfully belted out. A favorite of our Pastor. Great memories!
  10. @BeauJangles I am continuing to pray for you. Nightmares can be intense, unsettling and if a repeated thing-exhausting. I know you already have sleep difficulties. As someone with a long history of unresolved insomnia, I do understand. I sure hope things improve for you soon. Please keep us posted.
  11. @Not me A personal relationship with our Maker! How rich and sweet. And all because of Jesus Christ being the Mediator between God and man.
  12. @mel85 II'll be praying that you and your family can be part of this Christian gathering. I'm sure the fellowship would be refreshing. How is the Bible distribution going lately?
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