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    God really loves you... very much. I am so thankful you are safe. But my heart goes out to you. I, too confess I've had struggles with my faith. For there is much I don't understand. I have ongoing trials with serious health conditions that lead me to question God... But then in His patience and His Longsuffering that Romans 2:4 speaks of, He always shows forth His faithfulness. And I find myself ending up on my knees once again ( in my heart...I can no longer physically kneel.) I guess what I'm saying is that I can relate and that this makes it easy for me to empathize with your struggles. Because of the fact that I've recently been doing the same...asking God for miracles...signs of His Goodness. Then He does something to show it...and I feel humbled, ashamed and grateful. I know that Scripture says we are to walk by faith and not by sight. Also, that without faith it is impossible to please God. Yet, when we are in a tough place in our lives...we can find our faith really shaken. I am very glad that you are back. I praise God for it. It inspires me and gives me hope.
  2. Hi Worthy fam. Just hoping you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying what is left of this holiday weekend.
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    Help! Too much and too private to go into. But please believe me when I say this, I mean it: Can't go on like this anymore.
  4. I'd like to think God is more understanding than most Christians give Him credit for. Sadly, it is often those who call themselves by His Name ( the body of Christ) that can be too critical. If I am understanding your post correctly and it is a 'church challenge', as I've nicknamed them...please feel no guilt on this situation. If you feel uncomfortable doing something in your spirit, such as partaking in a certain church...He knows your personal and very real reasons for that. And that is all that matters in the end... Scripture says that He knows our needs even before we ask. I hope that this is of some encouragement to you, summer.
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    Today I thank God for the family of Christ here who takes time to share their answers to prayer and provision. This inspires those who read it. (So considerate of you who do do so. Gives hope to some of us who are in desperate need of that (hope)... I include myself in that batch. lol.) For example, under status updates. It is nice to hear when things do work out. I tried sharing a helpful hint with a member here about a missing cell. Then soon thereafter I read that their problem had worked out. Blessings, Kfender_thornton79 for letting us know the following: "Found my phone it was under the passenger seat in the car" Also..."Everything looked good at the ortho now at family physican for Roys follow up from his hosp visit last week." So sharing is what I thank God for today.
  6. I join in together here and now for Duggar in prayer, Lord. This really says it all, so I am just mostly adding my resounding amen. To Duggar: I rejoice with you in God showing His Love for you by meeting your needs in such intimate and unmistakable ways!
  7. Leaving to dental apt, which could be rough going. Asking for prayer.
  8. Kwik, I hope that you will see this... I have been posting stuff around, being so concerned about you. ( If you don't happen to see it, perhaps another sis/bro/friend of yours will... and they will direct you towards it. ) Before I could even go to bed, I just had to tell you this... I remembered back to when you felt the Spirit prompt you to start this thread for me. A true surprise that I thank you for. Again, it touches my heart that you posted this prayer request thread for me...all of your own accord. What a thoughtful thing to do! I will always treasure the strong influence you have had on my life and how hard you have invested your caring into me. Sorry I am so "ye of little faith." I guess too many trials can make you bummed out and even despairing. Hope I have not let you down. I tried to trust, but I am not doing so good in that department at this time. But I dread to think how much WORSE things would've gone had you & other faithful intercessors not held my dentist apt up in prayer!
  9. I am so glad someone was moved by the Spirit to start a thread asking prayer for Kwik. She was so thoughtful and kind to do so for me, regarding my dental apt. In fact, I was going to begin a thread for Kwik myself...when Mswright6488 already has. Anyway, this is for you my sis and friend... I come to You with praise that You hear the cries of our heart. I know my faith is shaky right now, but I hope You will answer this, in spite of that. All I can say is, " Lord I believe. Help Thou my unbelief." I here and now lift Kwik up before you. You alone are God and know all things that she is undergoing. I place her in Your capable Arms. Comfort, strengthen and heal. Meet her every need. Help her with each provision she requires. We all join together. Even if you don't answer my prayer personally for my sweet friend, I ask that You will do so because of the stronger faith of Kwik and other believers here. May she feel the sincerity and caring in this prayer I have posted here for her. In Jesus' Name.
  10. You and your family are in my prayers! My heart goes out to you all.
  11. Just felt I should clarify to any who comes across this... The reason that I am putting this out on the open forums is just in case the pm messaging system is not going through. Kwik, I did send you a brief message, hoping that it arrives. But knowing about past struggles with my pms not being recieved and knowing how you post often out on the boards, I thought that this would be a surefire way for you to see me and how I am attempting to get in touch with you. Also, I found myself thinking that you must be under an extra heavy load since I've never had any pms from you to me prior to this point in time say Deleted or has left conversation. (Just discovered these...) Bottom line, I am naturally worried about you. Especially in light of your request for prayer. If anyone is offended that I've done this, please believe I meant no harm. It's simply that I respect and love my sister in Christ dearly. I know you are an understanding bunch here and will realize that I am a bit panic stricken now & all the more with what Kwik is obviously suffering... even though in silence, since she is modest and private... trying to never complain and to only lift up/glorify Jesus Christ.
  12. I just want to say that I appreciate all of you who have read this and prayed. And for those who took the extra effort to write out their prayers for us...Kwik, Mike and Dawn, it is an added blessing. Thanks.
  13. Thinking of you a lot and my heart is heavy for this difficult chapter in your life. Val was one of a kind. Btw, did you ever read the poem I wrote in honor of her as a tribute at her funeral? You never answered that when I asked in a pm. Anyway, I trust that the Comforter is getting you through this. I noticed your recent prayer request for a hug.Hope you found I replied to it. Another hug goes out to you
  14. I notice I was not mentioned in the list of encouragers and supporters you posted above. But I have tried to be that for you through assorted personal trials you've endured, including writing the poem for Val's passing. I hope that counts for something. Have I done or said anything to offend you? I would have gotten back to you sooner ( notice 2 pms to me said deleted), but my internet server problems and various other hardships (medical, emotional) have prevented my replies. I apologize, dear sis...for the wait. I send you a big virtual hug from me... and I hope you know that you have my prayers and oodles of love. Just that I am struggling a lot myself lately spiritually (so much happened since I last wrote) Guess perhaps it feels hypocritical and hard to help others in my present condition. When my faith is so weak... But I really DO love ya to pieces.
  15. Worthy rocks! Kwik, I'm sorry to post this on the open forums but 2 of your messages to me said that they were deleted and something about you had left the conversation. Sorry if I upset you by not replying to those messages sooner, but I have been up to my ears in problems...medically, etc. I am writing you here...where I see a recent post, just in case the pm won't go through. If this is a tech problem, and not a personal thing...please some computer whiz help out.
  16. Today I thank God for all of you, my Worthy family. For the last 7 years ( in which I've been a member ), it has been reassuring to have people to turn to in time of need. We join together in unity obeying scripture by praying one for another. It is my pleasure to intercede for your requests. When He enables me to come here and do so, I am always honored to. I'm very grateful to our God & each of you who lifts my loved ones and I up in prayer...especially in times of emergency. Now is one such time. I have just posted a new prayer request.
  17. A terrible crisis (of a personal nature) struck a dear friend of my mother. Very urgent. Please pray! She herself is going through a lot. Now this! I am encountering a new medical problem. And other loved ones are suffering much, too. Crisis looms around us. Thanks so much for your prayers. God bless you, Worthy fam.
  18. Wishing that I had good news to share with you. But in honesty, so much went wrong! Sigh. I am beside myself right now and yet I must look to God to fix all the dentist's new mistakes now ( on top of the botched oral surgery- which, of course he would not own up to.) Thanks again. Your kindness and your prayer support through all this really mean a lot.
  19. Just touching base to see how things are going. If you read this and when you can, please let us know. Thanks. Knowing a bit about dental complications, I understand your concerns. I also realize it may be too soon for you to feel up to typing, but I just wanted you to know that you are on my heart today. Blessings, turtletwo
  20. I was about to post this very prayer request, when I see that my caring sister in Christ already has! I appreciate her act of kindness and praise God for her doing so...for I really need His courage to face the man that hurt me so. And grateful to you warriors of the Lord who join with us in heartfelt prayer. We will be trusting the Lord that this time all will go well ( this dentist's flippancy, roughness and failure to live up to his surgical errors will not prevail.) ...Only Jesus will win and restoration through healing, as Kwik said.. This appointment is long overdue & I feel better being upheld in your prayers. Thanks to all of you. I will be seeing him in 3 and a half hours from now. I'll update asap. God bless.
  21. Thanks to each of you who has been faithfully remembering my oral surgery post-op need for healing in prayer. I must be honest... I am having some problems healing and it has perhaps been the longest month of my life. Besides the pain, living on a liquid and just soft food diet has not been a good thing. Because I feel so weak and even ready to pass out at times. Kwik, I was truly moved by your beautiful prayer! It brought tears to my eyes to know that someone cares enough to post such a prayer for me. Your compassion for this time of suffering has not gone unnoticed by our Heavenly Father...nor me, His appreciative daughter. Just wanted you to know that. And the replies by Joe, ncn , Logan and Rustyangel to make me aware they are praying are helpful. God bless my Worthy family...and I am praying that He meets your needs, too.
  22. Praying! Major dental work is the pits. My heart goes out to you. I know it can be a slow, difficult and painful process to heal from the trauma of the various procedures they do on you. Clinging tight to the Hand of Jesus and the prayer covering of your family in Christ is about all that you can do. ( Besides following their aftercare at home instructions...which don't always work the way they insist they do.) So supernatural help from above is my prayer for you.
  23. Continue to have you very much in my thoughts and prayers. And I praise Jesus for the many nice, comforting replies to this thread... from your family in Christ here. It was wise of you to head straight for Worthy to receive the support you need, along with the prayers of the saints... Underneath are His Everlasting Arms.
  24. This Goes out especially to you, Kwik! It is a poem that God gave me just now in honor of Val's memory. From what I heard from you, Val had such a giving nature. So she deserves to be recognized. And of course, it is also to bring comfort to you, dear Kwik. For she was such a close friend of yours. I wish that I could have met this special lady. But as someone said... you can introduce us to her in Heaven one day. Sister, this poem of love is for you. May it bring tears to your eyes, yet rejoicing to your heart. Home, Sweet Home When time here ends, TRUE life begins. Where no one hurts and no one sins. Where Jesus reigns as Lord and King and He is truly Everything! We're free of stress, so no raw nerves. We worship Christ... as He deserves. Not in an awkward sort of way... like times we're not sure how to pray; Distracted by our pain and tears. But there we will have no more fears. Our worries will just melt away and we'll be joyful everyday. No rushing, arguments, distress.. ONLY His Name to praise and bless! . We'll finally see Him Face to face... astounded by His wondrous Place; there, in His Home we get to share Earth's strife is gone and all is fair. No more disease. Only the best. And Val has found this perfect rest. Was she an angel unaware?... who served Him here and serves Him there. P.S. If you like, feel free to use this poem at her Memorial service. It is my gift to her and to you, Kwik,
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