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  1. Hi Midge. You have been in my thoughts as of late :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blessed day!

  3. Precious Brother Steve-- Thank you for this hearty testimony. I am greatly encouraged to keep on keeping on. My heart cries for your and Lisa's pain, yet sings for the proof of His caring. What a blessing that you are able to put it all together and see His hand in it all. Be assured that we find no fault in you. Welcome back! Lovings, Midge
  4. hey... thank you for talking with me the other night...sorry my computer crashed i had to get it restored. i hope to talk to you again soon

  5. Hello Midge, hope all is well with you sister :)

  6. Good morning sister :)

  7. Hello Midge, hope you are well :)

  8. hi midge hope this finds you well thank you God bless you!


  10. happy birthday!!! :)

  11. I see a birthday is just around the corner for someone very very special....

    I'm one day early but in case I am not online tomorrow, I am wishing you a blessed year and all of God's wonderful riches in your life.

    May this year be full of God's glory in your life.

    Much love

    Esther :-)

  12. merrychristmas

  13. just came by to say hello and wish you and ur family a merry christmas.... gbu

  14. Dropping by to say HI Midge!!!

    Hubby is home from work sick today. Wont be able to attend bible study tonight. Have to take care of my baby...lol Hope all is well with you today.May god Bless ya real Good!!!

    much love,