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  1. Hi Midge. You have been in my thoughts as of late :)

  2. Precious Brother Steve-- Thank you for this hearty testimony. I am greatly encouraged to keep on keeping on. My heart cries for your and Lisa's pain, yet sings for the proof of His caring. What a blessing that you are able to put it all together and see His hand in it all. Be assured that we find no fault in you. Welcome back! Lovings, Midge
  3. Precious Friends, Steve and Lisa and Marie, I am so grateful for the Jesus Followers who hover you and your house. May God's blessings continue to warm you as you carry on. He is just so good, and He is so good at making surprises, too! We love you dearly and find you tremendously Worthy. Hugs from South Carolina Midge
  4. This is Midge. In 1970, my arthritis started hurting me. By the year 2000, I was pretty much stuck in a chair. So I got chairs on wheels and kept on doing what I could. Then God led me to some doctors who started working on me, one bone and one pain at a time. I got a hip replacement, then both knees replaced. Then I was in therapy and rehabilitation . Three weeks ago, my therapist found my last painful site and fixed it. My brain is having a hard time adjusting. I keep expecting certain movements to hurt, but they don't! My God is so good !!! My therapist told me to walk more. I love sitting here at my computer and God knows me real well. The day after I was told to walk more, we decided to go shopping and while we were sitting at a red light, someone drove into the back of us. It jammed the door so we could not get my scooter out. Anywhere I wanted to go during the next two weeks, I had to walk. God is so funny! I am praising God for healing. And I am asking for more jobs to do for Him. Praise the Lord ! Midge
  5. chatless in South Carolina
  6. Now I am going to listen! Midge