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    Some I've seen before, but some are different. I like the one that turns into a green dot circling the center dot. Click here
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    This is Great!!!! It says it like it is!!!! Check it out: AMAZING JESUS RAP JIME
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    Men in Heaven - Who is the Head of the Household? At the end of the age when all the believers were standing in line waiting to get into heaven, God appeared and said, "I want all the men to form two lines. One line will be for the men who were the true heads of their households. The other will be for the men who were dominated by their wives." God continued, "I want all the women to report to St. Peter." The women left and the men formed two lines. The line of men who were dominated by their wives was seemingly unending. The line of men who were the true head of their household had one man in it. God said to the first line, "You men ought to be ashamed or yourselves. I appointed you to be the heads of your households and you were disobedient and have not fulfilled your purpose. Of all of you, there is only one man who obeyed me. Learn from him." Then God turned to the lone man and asked, "How did you come to be in this line?" The man replied, "My wife told me to stand here."
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    I have a co-worker who is Jewish. She is considered a Conservative Jew. She said that she doesn't believe in hell and that the Torah is her bible. The other parts of the Old Testament do not play a part in her beliefs. She believes when we die our spirit is turned to energy and released in the cosmos. HELP!!! I want to witness to her and show her the way to Jesus. I need some guidance and more insight into her beleifs. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance, JIME
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    The computer swallowed grandma Yes, honestly its true She pressed 'control' and 'enter' And disappeared from view. It devoured her completely The thought just makes me squirm She must have caught a 'virus' Or been eaten by a 'worm.' I've searched through the 'recycle bin' And files of every kind I've even used the 'Internet' But nothing did I find. In desperation, I asked Jeeves My searches to refine The reply from him was negative Not a thing was found 'online.' So if inside your 'Inbox' My Grandma you should see Please 'Copy,' 'Scan' and 'Paste' her And send her back to me! - Author Unknown -
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    It kept going counter-clockwise for me. I had to turn away my head, squint my eyes, look at the cat with my peripheral vision, and concentrate on seeing it move the other way. Somehow that made it turn the other way.
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    it is for me too .... blame it on wyguy , he doesnt like cats so it must be his fault
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    My grandchildren LOVED the road painting but they just didnt believe it
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    PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH??? An honest man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turned yellow just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman hit the roof, and the horn, screaming in frustration as she missed her chance to get through the intersection. As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up. He took her to the police station where she was searched, finger-printed, and photographed, and then placed in a holding cell. After a couple of hours, a policeman approached the cell and opened the door. She was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal effects. He said, "I'm very sorry for this mistake. You see, I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn, flipping off the guy in front of you, and cussing a blue streak at him. I noticed the 'Choose Life' license plate holder, the 'What Would Jesus Do?' bumper sticker, the 'Follow Me to Sunday School' bumper sticker, and the chrome-plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk. Naturally, I assumed you had stolen the car!" Sad, but true. "So let your light so shine before men!!!"
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    Candice, Try looking away, then blinking your eyes then looking back at the cat.
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    when I was younger my grandmother had a Jesus sign on her hearth, but you could only see the word if you looked at it a certain way, if not it was nothing but jumbled lines. This is cool, thanks nebs
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    I agree; we need REALLY cracking up emoticons! I suggest a picture of Wyguy
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    I agree; we need REALLY cracking up emoticons!
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    I received this link in an e-mail This is so cute!!!
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    The Lord is my Shepherd-----http://connect.tangle.com/view_video?viewkey=9e7c4b40cf5a13cea6ca
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    Please post your favorite inspirational music along with the lyrics and how it has touched your heart. I will start: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nobody Knows Me Like You By Benny Hester View and Listen Here>>>>>>>> http://family.webshots.com/video/3061492080069350093fRjLej In the beginning I never knew Just how much I really needed You More than a friend, someone I could talk to You've changed me in so many ways. chorus: Nobody knows me like You You put Your arms around me You bring me through And there's many times I don't know what to do Though some know me well Still nobody knows me like You All of my secrets to You I tell You saw each time that I slipped and fell And all of my faults yes, You know them well But You've never turned me away, no, no, no (chorus) Walkin' in your presence is where I wanna be You said in Your Word, You said that You would lead me Yes I love You, oh, I really love You I'II go anywhere As long as I know you'll be there All of those nights that I was afraid I stood on the promises You have made The way that I act sometimes l am ashamed But You've never turned me away, no, no, no (chorus) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like this song because it reminds me that God is always there and knows when I hurt and what I need. These scriptures are brought to mind: Jer 1:5 (NKJV) "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;....." Matt 6:8 (NASB) "....for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. " JIME
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    This is to remind me and everyone here, that this life here is temporary!! PRAISE GOD!!! We have a better home waiting for us!!! Listen to this>>>>>No More Night Enjoy! Remember: The Best is Yet to Come!!!! JIME
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    I fixed the link to my original post. It is not a you tube link any more. Please check it out!!! JIME:emot-heartbeat:
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    I whole-heartedly agree with Glen, on BOTH of his replies, especially the first. I have had a lot of people tell me it is wrong to ask God "why...?" Yeah, show me in scripture, I don't think you can do it. Oh to be sure, one can parrot a doctrine, take this portion of this passage out of context, this portion of that and produce such an idea. I once heard a preacher say, you could take the passage that says "THEN JUDAS WENT OUT AND HUNG HIMSELF" and build a heretical teaching by adding to it the passage that says "LIKEWISE GO YE AND DO ALSO" but that don't make it any more true just because someone attaches "ISAID IT Chapter 3 verse 13" to the matter. An issue like this is very intricate, and before people would jump on horse of self righteousness and gallop off into the SON-Set, trampling on the souls of the downtrodden in thier paths, I would ask... "HAVE YOU EVER LOST A CHILD??" to any who would offer to counsel another on such. Years ago, I had friend, now departed. Her name was Kaye, and she was by far the kindest human I have ever encountered. Kaye had a son, Brian, who came of prison in his young 20s to meet with a lot of skepticism. But Brian surprised EVERYBODY! HE got his act together, went to work, found a wife, supported a home. Kaye couldn't be happier. One day, Brian still in his 20's came in from work, complained of a headache and lay on the couch. He never got up. He had an anuerism, a blood vessle burst in his brain. I was "Joe blow" christian, gonna call my friend and comfort her...I am so glad I was slow to speak, for she said something to me, whether she knew my intent, or had just dealt with someone else who committed what I was about to commit, she set the record straight, taught me a lesson in true EMPATHY, that I will never forget. I was under the impression, she was speaking of a sister of hers, but am not entirely sure. Anyway, she answered the phone, I think did get "I am so sorry to hear about Brian," out of my mouth. Me and Kaye, we talked about God endlessly, and the Bible. Her husband Nick, learned the Bible from her. She read it to him every single night before they went to bed. Seems like they went through it about 5 times before she passed. Anyway, Kaye said: "Steve, ya know, I just don't understand what is wrong with some people. A thing like this happens, and people come over here, and they say to you..."I Know how you fell, but IT's GONNA BE OK" and they say to you..."CHEER UP" and Steve, THEY DONT" KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!! I DON"T WANT TO CHEER UP! MY BABY IS DEAD! MY BOY IS DEAD! L I F E W I L L N E V E R B E T H E S A M E A G A I N!!!!" "NEVER!!!" AND they say to me, they know how I feel, BUT THEY HAVEN"T LOST A CHILD! NEVER! THEY HAVEN"T GOT A CLUE!!! AND THEY TELL ME TO CHEER UP!!! BUT I DON"T WANT TO CHEER UP! I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY! MY BABY BOY IS DEAD STEVE!!! HE"S DEAD!!" MY LIFE WILL NEVER! NEVER! NEVER BE THE SAME! I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY! IF I WAS HAPPY RIGHT NOW THAT WOULD INDICATE SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH ME! WHAT KIND OF MOTHER WOULD I BE???" Now, you can get on your religious little high horse if you want, but she was absolutely right, 100%, and the only thing I am more gratefull for having learned that lesson, is that it was taught me, before I offended a good friend by speaking in ignorance to presume I knew how she felt, and to command her to be cheerful when the dead body of her baby boy, was not yet even in the ground. Ecclesiastes tells us everything has a season. This is as true for grief and mourning as rejoicing and jumping for joy. And sometimes when you just don't have the answer, like Glen points out here, the best thing you can do, is be honest enough to confess you don't have the answer, instead presuming to be some know it all. You can choose to get pious if you want, much like the friends of Job, but you had better be carefull, for if you haven't lost a child, you may find yourself reaping that you have sown in adding to the grief of another, that your fairweather friends visit you when you grieve the loss of your own loved one, and add to your grief by somehow suggesting on top of everything else you have deal with, that somehow, "Ya just aint right with L-A-W-R-D! HOW DARE YOU ASK WHY?" Yeah, go tell it to Kaye.