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  1. The last time I went to the cinema was to take most of my grandchildren to see a film … it lasted a long time
  2. well you should be perfect then
  3. Your first day back should be finished now but still holding you both in prayer that all is better than you anticipated
  4. as much as ever …. lots of time available to pray for Noah and David on their first day back to work
  5. Need to have breakfast ready for when smokie and dai tan return from work we may as well start with this add some finish off with some of this Then they need to go to
  6. Earl grey but it is an acquired taste and not for everyone … my daughters think it is like drinking old socks stewed live in a greenhouse or an igloo ? ( I know what the answers will be from each of our friends
  7. Don't fall on Keiran. This is especially important if Keiran is liable to crack being such fine china
  8. The UK cos of you find that greenhouse gang you wont want to move again
  9. hey it is not just me that gives people nick names you know and I think your is perfect for him ( was he cracked or just cracked up ? )
  10. enoob has always been wet that's why the ducks love him
  11. penguishy I left you something on a random thread
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