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  1. I was born with arthritis ( or as my grandchildren call it my Arthur right is ) and find swimming helps me a lot ( also helps with my asthma and other breathing problems ) in fact at two of the three local(ish ) pools early mornings are like an oldies get together as older people swim or even walk the pools One pool that is close to a hospital and an sheltered living complex even has float aids that allow people who have difficulty walking to stay upright as they walk in the water without even needing to touch the floor. If you can find somewhere that you can swim or water walk a few times a week you may find the joints less painful and your general well being better Do look into extra vitamins especially things like cod liver oil ( and it comes in tasteless capsules not like when I had to have it daily as a child when you had it in liquid form YEUK ) Hope you can find some relief from the pain and general " unwell " feeling that often accompanies arthritis and try looking into getting help from your doctors well being clinics xxx
  2. lol my children started to wear name badges at one time as I kept mixing up who I was calling … my grandchildren are thinking of doing the same
  3. Don't need other creatures to do that my dogs love to take carpets/ duvets/ blankets out to lay in the garden on
  4. Now it is so clear why last loves living here in Wales with me .. no snow just sunshine, no tornadoes just a grandson who doesn't react well to baked beans or cheese, no penguins that poo every ten mins, no plagues of frogs just fun
  5. so go read the first thread and you will know why she shouldn't have been last ever !!!
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