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  1. and he picks his nose to get green fingers
  2. Thank you gentlemen ... on the bright side having to lie in bed on my back I read almost 30 books yeah !!!!!at last I am running out of free books on my kindle
  3. it is far too late as it is now past 2pm and even lunch is over
  4. thank you xxxx
  5. Thank you Logan I am well but pulled a muscle in my back and slipped a disc and had to lie flat not sit at my computer ..ooops Still I have caught up with all the nonsense you boys have posted and please leave worthy alone she is far too nice looking to put up with your naughtiness Pat Noob and Ghosty !!!!! Will need to keep last for a few days to help me so thank you all for staying away from bothering her
  6. at lest he talks from the correct end
  7. when you are hungry you are hungry FEED ME SEMOUR
  8. don't know what age 3rd grade is but my 7 year old grand daughter got all but the star spangled banner question correct and pointed out that if she was a greedy child then the answer to the ice cream question would have been incorrect as she would rather have vanilla THEN chocolate lol
  9. lacy cobwebs
  10. ok Logan you were very last and no doubt will be so again as long as it is one of us and not one of "them "
  11. no
  12. but not wise enough to know that you are not last
  13. can you use it to shoot pat ghosty ?????
  14. silly boys and their toys
  15. that would be a miracle not a trick