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  1. Is it just me...

    must remember to tell my daughter not to let the baby eat Korean food now I know what is causing the problem at last
  2. Is it just me...

    hugs Logan praying for you as always xxxxxx
  3. What NOT to do

    bo peeps ??????
  4. Is it just me...

    where have you been hon brit ??????? I thought you had deserted last
  5. Is it just me...

    poodles, bricks, Vikings, buffalos and then there is last with me
  6. Derailing thread

    HMMMMM after 5 weeks of gym plus personal trainer I have had septic blisters on my heels, torn scar tissue in my stomach and have gained almost half a stone !!!!!!!!!
  7. Is it just me...

    observe me being last
  8. Is it just me...

    upside down as well as round the bend
  9. Is it just me...

    get better glasses
  10. Is it just me...

    sorry to disagree but I have to as I don't like to perpetrate lies
  11. Is it just me...

  12. Is it just me...

    tell away but it still doesn't make it the truth
  13. Derailing thread

    My oldest daughter once had to go to a fancy dress works "do" so she dressed as " fat Barbie " complete with a cardboard box ....so not my idea of fun but she loved it and it got rid of al the sparkly pink material I had left from her daughters dance class days lol
  14. What NOT to do

    NEVER try to take my last ..it is MINE I tell you
  15. Is it just me...

    Logan where have you been ??????? Good to see you again Sheya keep being penultimate Noob if you keep encouraging the toothless wonder woman then she will stay and play like a cat with a mouse !!! OO just no no you are much too busy for last she is better off here with me as is right and proper