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  1. you are not a slapper are you noob ??????
  2. yes I do home boarding for dogs as well and have 3of my own
  3. since Logan and I are last it must have been an excellent try
  4. of to do a home check for a dog so do hope I don't get lost as the dog wont last if I do
  5. or lost
  6. mop your eyes and get on with it ... you can be last in this thread only
  7. weapons are mostly illegal here but my mouth is my best weapon
  8. focus on something else as last is not yours
  9. If she had pickyed her nose would she have removed the cockroach herself ???????
  10. I foster for a rescue as for this thread I started it when enoob decided George was giving him last for his birthday ( it had been closed yet again by someone trying to be silly )
  11. MM you did it all wrong .. First time someone gives you bad or no service you ask to speak to the manager , make a note of both salesperson and managers name , explain the problem and ask what the manager is going to do about it as bad service is a bad reflection on management who are after all responsible for the staff and their training IF ( and believe me it hasn't happened to me often ) you don't get satisfactory service from said manager you tell him/her in a loud but polite voice so that other customers can also hear that you feel the service is totally lacking and when you contact head office then you will be sure to get his/her name correct so they may want to go and brush up on the employee manual so they can try to give a satisfactory reply when questioned about their bad manners and lack of customer satisfaction ...guarantee they may not have what you want in store but they will fall over backwards to try to help you
  12. goodness .. feeding wild animals ( not including Pat and his poodles ) weighing things, telling fibs about being last you lot are so silly just relax and admit that I am last and you will have more time to do your weird things ( like balancing fire or shooting things )
  13. it wont last
  14. that may cause a thorny problem at last
  15. when I have people with young children adopting a dog I always tell them " the dog ate my home work is allowed just once after that you het punished for leaving it where the dog could get hurt "