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  1. enoob I think you mean you are not thinking not you are no thinking lol Paul I am not a myth I am a mythis as well as last
  2. hope you enjoyed your fake last Pat ..did it get on well with your poodles ????
  3. neither OO or jade can spell or tell the difference between a sea mammal and a country so why would last think it is a safe option to be with either ????
  4. Pat and Jadey are both dotty and cannot possibly be last as last is here in Wales with me as is right and proper As for paul he needs to go and learn how to read
  5. ok so it doesn't work every time ???????
  6. ok so I still cant post pics but weird writing shows pics if clicked on ????? what am I doing wrong ??????
  7. noob you should always be tall enough to reach your own nose
  8. I am not a man just last
  9. There you go making me feel old again lol
  10. why was that man laying with his face in a drain ???????
  11. I like purple but purple people and blue legless people cant hold onto last Welcome back Logan Welcome back logan Pat did you dress up to go to the fair ??? Hippie hop it OO are you feeling well ? you normally have much more to say than > AJ I think we get your point Enoob I think you have watered all the trees in Wales now and we would like some sunshine in what is supposed to be Summer please would be nice to have the sunshine at last
  12. saves me needing to water it and with lots of water my tree will last
  13. we all nose how you feel