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  1. it is when someone is cross or grumpy just because .... camels I am told are very like that they get md for no apparent reason. You can also be " given the hump " if someone irritates you without being able to "put your finger on the reason "
  2. lol OO no more doughnuts for you xxxxx
  3. Goodness OO must still be on a sugar high today Logan I love your new photo ..reminds me of so many people here who just love monkeying around
  4. do they give you the hump ????
  5. OO I don't know if your medical system works the same way as our but have you got a pharmacist that you can speak to ? Ours are trained to such high levels that they are often the first people to talk to as they know if there is a problem that needs medical intervention or not for these sort of troubles ? Still praying brother xxx
  6. I have a large pin to see how long those bubbles last ... bet they don't last as long as me
  7. pithy or pity cos it isn't pretty and you are not last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. tsk tsk all these redundant revokes on the floor I do wish the boys would clean uo their toys when they have finished squabbling is getting so I have to not be here more often !!!!!
  9. still praying for you Enoob still trying to find a cure for your delusions Pat how many creatures did you kill to make you be in a good mood ? Ghosty you are supposed to be building a cage
  10. when did you stop ?????
  11. I think therefore I am .. OO thinks not so is he not ???? Whatever he may be I am last
  12. I am not here to tell you what to do ghosty ... in fact I am not here at all but if you would like a few suggestions I would suggest getting better security and a few good locks to keep pat I mean undesirables out or failing that build a strong cell to hold them where they can do no harm
  13. looks that way is so sad that they are so deluded but last likes to laugh
  14. Well if it is that boring last doesn't want to be there
  15. Sorry Kwik did you say something ?????