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  1. please do not consume enoob even if he is delusional Paul you are correct when you say you are equal with hippy in your quest for last as neither of you are
  2. cant be true as you are so not last
  3. incorrect assumption
  4. that would make you first not last ..and we all know about the first being last but you have to be first first and whilst you are I will be last
  5. but true
  6. for once enoob was right !!!!!! I suppose it had to happen at last
  7. as does last
  8. I am sitting here waiting for a shih Tzu to give birth at last so please stop shouting and leave her and last in peace
  9. don't let pat near your vehicle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it wont last if you do
  10. Thank you xxxxx
  11. I have to be last as I have been BANNED from the " Worthy family " thread
  12. but everyone is not a member of Worthy so whoever everyone is their opinion doesn't count
  13. I do dislike " baby talk " why teach children to speak like idiots ????? Enoob your blossoming well today Pat samurai day you may be last but not for a long time yet Logan Good morning OO good to see you in one place for a while All would be lasters good morning to you too now go do something you have a chance of succeeding with
  14. Logan is not delusional that would be Pat and all you would be lasters
  15. and long may he continue in his delusions