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  1. the Cadbury advert used to claim that " everyone's a fruit and nut case " and talking of chocolate milk for eating and dark for cooking and since I do much more cooking than eating dark wins chocolate bars with only chocolate or chocolate bars with added ingredients such as fruits and nuts ?
  2. he is relatively correct as little blue man plus last does equal little blue man but I am relatively sure it is not the last we see of him
  3. and you leave the space between your ears very empty
  4. Welsh costume ( as worn by almost all little girl in Wales on March 1st )
  5. they do meander so I suppose it is close to a walk ????
  6. oooh love all nuts including the ones here ….. just did a close my eyes and point and it said cashews raspberries or strawberries ( did we do this one before ?)
  7. copper ( they make those veins in the cheese by inserting copper wires )
  8. with nuts ( that's why I can share with all you nutty people ) wild flower garden or organised garden ?
  9. erm I go swimming at 6am it is the best time of the day as the pool is not full of kids messing around and it is roped off so people can swim lengths
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