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  1. I would have cried to see that too
  2. Pt that looks like a sippy cup for training toddlers not to spill drinks
  3. I'm off to get beds ready for grandchildren coming for a sleepover so enjoy last company she will return to me later
  4. why worry when you see Pat and Enoob here ??? they are so different nothing else can be a worry lol
  5. and lasting
  6. < no words needed a smile is a universal language
  7. forgiveness is good last is mine and if you need to twist someone's word then you must be all out of your own ideas ...sad
  8. how random
  9. agree he is so not last
  10. fiction is spelled FICTION not fact Iain Last is here in Wales with me as Logan stated she needs some dignity
  11. looks like an over enthusiastic can can dancer ... between that and the tiaras what is last coming to ????
  12. oooh another fibber
  13. sorry but that tiara sort of lets the kingly side waaaaaayyyyyyy down but don't mind me as I am not here
  14. do you mean NOW ????? Enoob who tied your mouth shut at last ?????
  15. he is away with the campers glad you sound as if you feel a bit better Logan xxxx