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  1. I was the only kid in the cinema that DIDNT cry at Bambi
  2. why not a real red cat ..they are better at waking people up than clock cats
  3. I cant eat it even if I have nothing else lol
  4. only the doctor can time travel
  5. NO WHITE STUFF ... it may look sort of nice on a picture but it is horrid evil stuff and and it lasts too long even if it only stays overnight here
  6. Beautiful ( apart from the evil white stuff ) but too busy for last ??? shame on you OO
  7. Oh wow some of them are so bad they have to be true the underarm burn or the mugging !!!
  8. praying the doctors scalpel is as sharp as enoob thinks he is and that he knows how to use it well. Stay pink not blue brother and know you have our prayers for a swift and healthy recovery xxxx
  9. we still have those here
  10. its Sam I am not Pat but its lady who is last
  11. so presidential debates need how many cups of tea or coffee to stay awake ??????
  12. a good dad should build memories with his children that they can look back at and try to copy when they become parents so keep doing what you are doing Pat ... everyone loves goofy and they remember him more than pluto
  13. lol I bet he loves dressing up with daddy but make sure you keep the photos to embarrass him when he is a teenager
  14. are you being the Joker nooby ??????
  15. Enoob I did notice the message in the clouds and yes you CAn be last this thread