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    Hi mabel and all you dear people praying. I certainly needed and still do, your prayers. I`m in hospital after having another, yes another colon operation!!! Wow, didn`t see this one coming but God certainly did. We are in Albany south of Perth. Now we could have been in the outback or anywhere, but God had us where the best surgeon was for this operation. Everyone was amazed at how I pulled through. It all started last week with more tummy trouble and finally I went to the doctor on Wednesday. She put me straight in hospital that night and I had a CT scan and Xrays. The surgeons (yes plural) said I may need an operation but they tried other things first. Then early Thursday morning the main doctor dais that they would operate that morning. WOW so after a three hour operation I had lost a lot of my big bowl and also another cancer, and will have to have a bag for a while, (till the Lord comes.) Was going well and the nurses were amazed, however last night I was very sick and have tubes everywhere. Haven`t been able to concentrate, but Trev has helped me to do this. Will write more as I get strength, In a couple of days. Love to all and so appreciate your prayers, Marilyn.
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    hello brothers and sisters in Christ please can you pray for Marilyn and her hubbie Tev . i dont know any other detail at the mo . some of you might be aware that Marilyn and her hubbie Trev are travelling around Australia at the moment many thanks
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    My son is ill today and could use prayer. He also needs strength/help with his job, which has proven exhausting lately.
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    Dad returned from the doctor today with a surgery scheduled for November 2. They'll be taking more of his tongue out and the lymph nodes on the effected side of his mouth, and he'll be staying that night in the hospital. No word yet on anything after that, but it's certainly not ideal. Also, they discovered that mom's insurance, which she's continued working solely for the purpose of keeping, is "out of network" with MD Anderson, one of the best cancer centers in the world. They both have medicare and it, too, is out of network. So all of this is going to be even more costly than thought at first. Yet of course mom can't just retire now and drop the insurance she does have; something is better than nothing of course. But it certainly throws a kink in things for her as well. She's continuing to gather information but it's not looking great. Right now she's already drawing SS under my dad, but was told she'll have to draw her own once she retires. So retirement means loss of insurance, loss of salary (pension is not quite as high as the salary number) and loss of some SS money. For those who feel led, these are the prayer requests: 1. For Dad's surgery to go well, to remove all the affected tissue, for him to need as little chemo/radiation as possible, and of course for him to make a full recovery. Also for as little loss of speech ability as possible. 2. For the financial side; as few procedures and expenses as necessary to decrease the cost. Also please pray that God would move in my sister and her boyfriend's heart to start paying all their own bills; he recently got a well-paying new job and they can certainly afford it now, meanwhile mom is too nice to put her foot down and cut them off as she and dad struggle care for me, themselves, and now all of this extra. 3. For mom to still be able to retire as soon as possible, and to be able to navigate all the insane red tape and mess to make sure she gets all she's owed. Also to help them figure out an insurance supplement when she does. Thanks, God bless you all richly!
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    Please pray that I will get a lovely home and my family can be together at last! Thank you.
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    Hi all family of God. I am having some problems with people at work again. A few seems to have something against me. And tries to make me look bad. Pray all goes well especially with higher ups. I do my best at work to work hard and true. My fault is I joke a little but not in a mean way. I think people get too use to me maybe. I don't know for sure. Thanks for any prayers.
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    Today I praise the Lord for healing my daughter! I posted a prayer request for her before the weekend. He has taken away her fever and chills. (She still has a few symptoms needing to be healed yet... Sore throat, fatigue and muscle aches.)
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    Please pray for my mom's health. Her back is hurting her today.
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    Oh, Marilyn, and Trev, our dear sister and brother in the Lord and dear friends Thank God He has answered our prayers and we have heard from you about what has happened. We have all been praying constantly for you and now learn how God has availed for you, and been with you through all this, such a hard time. Thank you Lord! Thank you our precious Lord that you have been able to bring Marilyn through this time; that she is still okay and that Trev, a wonderful man, is there by her side, and they will be able to go home and pick up there after more ministry from Your wonderful hand on their lives! Oh, Lord, how we praise you for bringing them through, how we thank You for being there with them. We understand how it must have been so hard to let us know when you were in the midst of the storm. You had to concentrate on other things, not us, dear people, until you were able to let us know. Rest assured, we have all been praying for you fervently and God has rewarded our patience. Tears of joy flow as we read that God has been your stay! On the solid Rock I stand!
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    Hi Alan.... The problem with those who hold to a "pre-tribulation" rapture is that they have to TWIST scriptures to make it fit. Of the 195 countries in the world, there is Christian persecution in 53 of them. That's more than 1/4 th. Of the 7.4 billion people on the earth, just over 2 billion are Christians. Of the 2 billion Christians, there is persecution/tribulation for 250 million of them. That's 1 in 8! Where is the promise of pre-trib rapture for them? They are beaten, raped, put in prison, tortured, beheaded, their homes are taken, their churches destroyed. They have no food, no jobs. They have no safety. They are on the run! Is it only the "saints" in North America who will be raptured before the "great" tribulation? Is it not a "great" tribulation for our brothers and sisters who face persecution/tribulation today? What do you say to those 250 million?.............Oh don't worry, it's not "great" yet. How much "greater" will it get? When tribulation comes "knocking" on our doors, and it will, what will we do then?
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    Hey everyone, If you could please pray for my cousin. Shes still in highschool but recently heard that shes been fighting for her life in hospital since the last friday. Not sure what has happened or if she is in a coma. All prayers appreciated. Please pray! Gbu all
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    can hardly breathe edit: pretty extreme, my worst ever, it is all I can do to type this edit 2: Thank you for your prayers friends, brothers and sisters, thank you for your friendship, love, kindness and encouragement all these years, it has meant a lot to me. My breathing is easing a bit I think, but I am not out of the woods yet, still very difficult so please continue to pray
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    Nothing new to report, just wanting to let you know that i am still alive and kicking, for those who worry or are anxious when they hear nothing. Thanks all! Edit: Well, I should say that I am no longer wheezine heavenly, but stil can't catch my breath!
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    I added you to another prayer group also, praying..
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    Hello to all friends, sisters and brothers of Marilyn and Trevor C. Well, my husband and I decided that today was the day we would get into our car and travel south to see Marilyn and Trevor. It was a long trip but we first went to the hospital and found Marilyn. Tears flowed as we had planned this as a surprise to let them know all their brothers and sisters loved them - we went to represent all of you as well as ourselves. She must stay at least another week in the hospital, and then may have to spend more time recuperating before beginning to go home. While we were there, we didn't get much time alone with her as hospital staff continued to come and go to attend to everything she needed. She is not really getting much rest, on top of her chronic fatigue syndrome. Marilyn needs all our prayers now, so that she can recover from the operation and gain some strength back. Friends, please continue to pray earnestly for complete healing in her body. Thank you. Trev wasn't there at the time and we found him in the caravan later where they have planned to stay. We thought it good to spend some time with him as they don't know anyone in that town and have no relatives there. We had a blessed time of prayer with him too. The last few minutes we spent with Marilyn were in prayer, and whilst praying in walked another clinician. We stopped praying and he asked that we pray that he would be able to get another canula into Maz's forearm. We prayed but we later talked on the 'phone and she said it hadn't gone that well. However, we praise God for the witness it was to that staff member, and the fact that he actually asked us to pray! She has also spent some time with another nurse who is a Christian and they have had some fellowship. We need to pray for Trev as well - he will look around the town by himself but it must be lonely doing all that without her. Please, Lord, fill their hearts with Your joy, regardless of their situation. Thank you Jesus! SA2
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    i felt devastated and shaky all day. today i was alerted in my email that i was signed up to a weird dating account (zoosk) which is more i think bad news than good. i did not sign up for this. i feel violated and sick.
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    Hi all slowly improvn +will share more later Your prayers +care are soo appreciated
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    We live out in the boonies. Years back while still in our 'temporary' trailer house, we often got visitors from the wild kingdom. Had a snake come in the house once, crawled into the kitchen, up to the top of a file cabinet, where my wife's and daughters bird cage sat. It killed my daughters hand fed tame cockatiel, and swallowed my wife's favorite singing canary. Couldn't get out of the cage with it's swollen belly. Caught that perpetrator and encouraged him to leave. Kids didn't make blanket tents and sleep on the living room floor anymore! Another time one evening I was laying in bed reading and next to me where my wife would later be laying, a juvenile opossum came crawling very non nonchalantly across the bed, over my legs and walked down the hall. Turns out there was a pair that crawled up the hot water vent and had their litter in the plumbing chase, and it was no easy chore persuading the whole family to vacate. We now live our home we built, with a concrete floor, sealed with a hundred tubes of calk, and no more extra tenants (Thank You Jesus!).
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    There was only one man who had no sin and his name is Jesus Christ
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    God DID do something in this man's life for him to hang a belief on. He sent Jesus to die a brutal and tormented death to save us from sin. But if you are talking about now - today, then you are reasoning that God HAS to do something like heal a person for God to BE God. That's not faith. That's waiting for a magic trick to be performed so you can give your approval to the one performing the trick by clapping or inviting others to come and see him. Your belief would be based on the magician pulling the rabbit out of the hat - the rabbit being the focal point of your faith. I have epilepsy. I've taken strong drugs that affect my liver for almost 40 years. I can't get off the drugs. I'm 57 and understand that I won't be healed of this. I haven't looked for a healing in a very long time and I am at much peace. My only sibling is mentally handicapped, legally blind, and has a severe hearing loss that his newly acquired hearing aids don't seem to be helping. I do and have prayed for his condition not to worsen. But I know that he is not going to be healed of these conditions. I know because I understand that God doesn't have to for me to believe in him and have faith in him. My brother is a believer. How much of the Bible does he understand …. I don't know as he also has autism and doesn't talk to me regularly and deeply like regular folks do. It would never occur to me in a trillion years that God has to heal me or my brother for me to have faith in him. I don't manipulate people and give them ultimatums. Why should I treat God that way? Any "god" who would bow and scrape to my whims and demands just to keep me in his circle of believers isn't any "god" that I would have faith in at all. Should we pray for people to be healed - yes! Should we lay hands on them and pray - yes! Paul prayed for others and even performed miracles and God used him to heal many people. But Paul, himself, was not healed. Even after prayed earnestly about it three times. Sometimes the answer is a healing. Sometimes it is not. One's faith is not contingent on the "yes" or the "no". One's faith should stare down the day nonetheless.
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    still praying for you and prising God that you were in the right place at the time
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    may God be with her and her husband during this difficult time and bring full healing as well as comfort.
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    Thank you, Lord! Every month I don't know how I'm going to pay all the bills. There is always some new problem, but you always come through. You have done some jaw-dropping things in my life, and I want you to know that I'm so grateful
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    Hi, welcome! Always remember the story of The Prodigal Son that Jesus told....how the father welcomed back the repentant son. It's a picture of how the Father welcomes us back when we sin. Of course, we shouldn't continue in sin but seek to walk with Jesus in our daily lives, with the help of the Holy Spirit. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9
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    We are born sinners. That taint is imperfection. Imperfection, keeps us out of Heaven. I do not even know what you mean by willful sinning. You say you no longer willfully sin, that is great, but do I read between the lines, that you still sin un-willfully? With regard to entrance into heaven, what the OP was addressing, there is one way to get to Heaven, you must be sin free, willful or not, is irrelevant. I use the analogy of a gallon of pure white paint. Add just one drop of black paint in the the white paint, and it is no longer pure white. It is tainted, and is not, some shade of gray. Using that those shade of gray as illustration of our sin. None pf us are pure black, no one is totally evil, without a trace of good. We are all some shade of gray, we are all sinners and none of us will ever get into heaven in that condition. We get into heaven, by being perfect, and that is not something we can do. That puts us into a desperate condition, that we cannot change. Romans 3: 10 as it is written, “THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NOT EVEN ONE; 11 THERE IS NONE WHO UNDERSTANDS, THERE IS NONE WHO SEEKS FOR GOD; 13 ALL HAVE TURNED ASIDE, TOGETHER THEY HAVE BECOME USELESS; THERE IS NONE WHO DOES GOOD, THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE.” Since there is not even one, that means there are no exceptions, none righteous, and no one will enter heaven, we are ALL lost . . . UNLESS . . . if only there were someone who could cleanse of our unrighteousness, someone who could wash away our sins, and make us white again. The prophet Isaiah, anticipated that this would come to pass: "Come now, and let us reason together," Says the LORD, "Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They will be like wool. The writer of Hebrews informs us And according to the Law, all things are cleansed with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. The Bible, from beginning to end, Genesis to Revelation, reveal the cure for our predicament, that one day, the Messiah would come, and shed His own blood, as a sacrifice for the sins of many, that Messiah was (and is) Jesus. The blood of Jesus washes away the sins of believers so that they will enter heaven. It is impossible for us to earn entrance, it is not even possible that we will truly seek God, unless He does that work in us. Those who think they can get there on their own, are tragically deceived, and are also robbing God of the glory that is due only to Him. So, back to "willful" sinning. What other kind do you do? Does someone else force you to sin? If you lie, cheat, steal, curse, are are angry without cause, if you do not seek God with all of your heart, etc. whose decisions are those, if not your own? Sin originates inside us, before we even act, we have already sinned in our hearts. It is the heart, that God looks at, so even if we live perfect lives (we don't) we still sin in our hearts, and deserve Hell. That is a tough message, a hard pill to swallow, and we do not like it, but that is the truth. For those who believe though, there is this (1 Cor 10:13): No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it. That is great. That tells us that indeed, we do not have to act out the sins we are tempted to do, but, the truth is we do. That promise though, helps us identify the fact that when we sin, we chose to, for God has given us the ability to resist temptation. The great news though, the gospel, is that Christ died for us to guarantee that true believers, those who place their trust in Him as their savior, and live with Him as the Lord of their lived, those, He has purchased their entrance into heaven. Not by our works, but by His work.