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  1. Welcome to the forum Blessedknitter, our prayer is that you will find that which you are seeking, as together we go and grow in our knowledge and love for Him. Just as you pick up your needles and start a project, you begin to see things coming together and taking shape, so it is as The Lord deals with us in our lives, "out of little things, big things grow." God bless you on your journey.
  2. So, we have moved to a new house and a week back we had invited one of the pastors we know to our house. Just to spend some time us and bless the new house. He stayed overnight and we were planning to do some prayer in the evening. He is such a humble and wonderful person full of wisdom! He is a pentecostal Pastor and always encourages me and my wife to seek Baptism of Holy Spirit. I have held different positions about speaking in tongues. Generally I have always believed speaking in tongues is for today. But my position was that it was not "essential". I never prayed for it too much. In my Church, a series on Spirit Empowered Life has been going on from beginning of the year (and this week they started a new series). Wonder about the timing!! The Pastor was actually fasting that day and wanted to pray with us for us to receive baptism of HS. He talked about it for a while and we started praying. I prayed. Then I slowly set aside my doubts and prayed to God that He would simply touch me and fill me. If that means speaking in tongues, then let it happen. This went on for a while. Then I thought Pastor would stop and stay keep asking the Lord and some other day it would happen. Nope, he would not stop! We kept on praying and finally my wife started speaking in tongues. That's when my prayers became serious!! I was in tears, just praising God and asking Him to fill me. Then the Pastor was moved by HS and he layed his hands on my head. On that instant, I felt like something gushing out of me. I started crying and speaking in tongues. It felt liberating. It felt like water breaking out of dam. It felt like everything came out of the core of the body or close to belly. That's the best way I can describe! I was speaking in tongues for a while and eventually we stopped. Yesterday during worship service at Church, once again I spoke in tongues for a while. May be for 1 or 2 songs. It is amazing! Clearly I could feel connected to God than normal praise and worship. It feels like there is zero distraction. No other thoughts in mind. And there is a calmness and peace at that time. And plenty of crying! I am so thankful and grateful to Lord that He would chose a sinner like me to show His goodness. I am not posting this up for debate on whether tongues is for today or question my experience. I am sharing this more as a testimony. As for my position about Baptism of Holy Spirit, I can personally testify that speaking in tongues is for today. Is Baptism of Holy Spirit is a second experience after being saved? This is the case for me. May be that's the way it is or may be that's the way it was for me because of my unbelief and not seeking it before. I don't know. If you are in my boat, set aside your doubts and seek Him. Just seek Him.
  3. My own experience involved quite a struggle that I find amusing now. I went forward in church in response to an altar call inviting those that wished to receive the baptism in the Spirit to come forward for ministry. I knew little about it really but had at least seen enough to understand that this was one of the baptisms I had not experienced and if God has something on offer i want it. I was quietly praying and asking Him to baptize me in the Spirit and when the pastor came by and laid hands on me I could immediately sense His presence in a stronger way....but boy there was a battle going on in my mind. Lots of fearful "self" stuff like "I don't want to sound stupid...." going on and being way too focused on what others might think But that presence remained and it was peaceful and comforting so I kept praying and trying to bring my thoughts in line. Eventually I did feel a bit of a bubbling sensation in my stomach and it literally moved up ward toward my throat and mouth and when it hit my mouth I spoke out three words I'd never heard before and didn't understand. I was so surprised I kinda shut down and went back to thinking "Was that real? Did I do that? Was that You or me Lord?" Didn't have a lot of Word understanding so pretty much fell into not knowing for sure what to believe and that mind war got raging again. The pastor discerned what was going on I think and just told me to keep saying those three words over and over and moved on to the next person in line. Nothing much more happened during the service but that fluttery feeling and sense of His presence remained with me all the way home. In the privacy of home where my vanity and fear of what others might think wasn't quite as strong, i prayed some more and within a few minutes what seemed like a full vocabulary of distinct words began to flow accompanied by a joy that was very strong. I still didn't understand a word of it but it seemed very clear something had happened and He was right there with me....well....I guess He always is but i was able to sense that He was in a way I was unfamiliar with....new to me. I struggled with my mind a good bit for months and self-talk telling me I was making it up, I sound dumb....yadda yadda Eventually I kept telling those thoughts what He said, and He said "....those that believe SHALL speak with new tongues..." and i eventually forced those negative thoughts to line up with His Word. Over time the battle with unbelief was won and this prayer language became a treasured part of my time with Him. But there was another turning point too...and it was the day He highlighted these verses: It dawned on me I should be asking for interpretations. I didn't seem to get any for a long time, at least I didn't realize I was, but it wasn't long before I began having visual experiences where before I'd never "heard" Him except via reading the Word. And, enemy that my mind can be I had to wrestle with those too. For a while i stressed over whether what I was seeing was coming from Him or my own imagination....etc He cleared that up in time by guiding me into some Biblical understanding of what imagination is, why He gave us one, how it works and how He uses it. It had been a while I had been asking for interpretations of my prayers in tongues and I was getting frustrated because I hadn't gotten any. So I asked Him about that. It was like He stepped up and rapped His knuckles on my forehead and said something like "Hello? McFly, what in the world do you think those visions are?" ROFL....He's so tolerant and patient with His dain brammaged kids....... I can tell you He's revealed more to me about my own future and His purpose for it via that method of tongues and interpretation than any other means. I've never ever been used to deliver a message in tongues in the assembly, nor have I been given an interpretation when others with that gift gave a message in tongues. But the Word is true, and though tongues are likely the least of all the gifts, they are a precious gift. The Bible says we speak "mysteries" by the Spirit and praying in tongues edifies us....it's a good thing to be "built up" in Him. Through those interpretations He's revealed much about my call and how to walk in it more effectively and it certainly has enhanced my ability to understand how He designed me to serve Him and has made me more effective in doing so. We're encouraged to pray in tongues...and be built up in Him: It's good to be built up and more effective in service, but it's better still to excel in building up the church. We're told to pursue love and desire all the gifts, and to earnestly desire the best gifts, and the above verse seems to imply prophecy is one of the best if not the best. Some who apparently don't want all He has for them may try to discourage you from obeying Him in those Scriptures. I commend you to His Word. If you want all He has for us.....go for it...it's there for the asking, by grace, through faith. Since my initial struggles with my own stinkin' thinkin' He has seen fit to use me to display some of the other gifts from time to time, as the situation required and according to His will and choice.
  4. Hi everyone! I just joined and introducing myself to get authorization to post elsewhere. I identify as Christian since January, and I am passionate about my relationship with God. I hope to have some great conversations here with people from all different paths.
  5. Hi Blessedknitter... Welcome! We're glad you're here to be knit together with us! Colossians 2:2 New Living Translation (NLT) 2 I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself.
  6. John 7: 38 He that believeth on me, as the scriptures hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. KJV
  7. Hi all, Hope and pray you are all ok. Just a quick one to let you know we arrived safely. It was a long journey, but we're here. It is very hot and sunny. Totally different to what we're used to. lol. I will continue to pray for you all whilst I'm here. God bless you. Becky.
  8. Promises Promises, I Love that! Thank you
  9. I have had to be in the world, because of my trade. I may meet several new people weekly, and become friends with some. Professionally. Associates. I have developed friendships with many over the years. I cannot remove myself from "worldly people"and remain in business. Some of these people remain friends, some good friends. Many are not born again. Many of my relatives are not born again. Many of my neighbors are friends, and not saved. I try to be friendly with total strangers I may encounter. I do not go to church with them, nor study scripture with them. I do try to share scripture with all of them, the unsaved, when it is possible. I believe the opportunity to sow seeds with them is a wonderful privilege, and great blessing. If you would know how well versed you are, try sharing the word to strangers you meet, daily. A good test for myself as to my boldness, or lack thereof. And my concern for them, or lack. I feel I have let the Lord down should I not somehow steer the conversation eventually to how God has blessed me and my family, how He takes care of us, since I/we have been born again. The mission field might come to your front door. If you ask God. Get ready. Be friendly. And it came to pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the house, behold, many publicans and sinners came and sat down with him and his disciples. And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
  10. Thanks for sharing, friend. Be assured that I’m standing with you in prayer for your daughter’s admission. May the Lord provide for all your needs and help you to get admission for your daughter. Blessings to you and yours!
  11. Yes he took the wrath of God for us. The wrath of God is the punishment for sins. There is no more wrath waiting for us who believe in his son Jesus. There is only eternal life for us in his kingdom.
  12. So glad you are here, Blessedknitter, and I hope you find warm fellowship and good encouragement on the forums.
  13. Hello from the lowlands of California, @Blessedknitter. And welcome to Worthy. God bless! Shalom, David/BeauJangles
  14. Welcome to the forum! Is that the Highlands of Scotland? That's where I live as well. Although we're moving to Yorkshire. God bless you. Becky. X
  15. What is stopping you from turning back to God now?
  16. Will be praying for you and your family daily brother!
  17. Praying for you, Lee! Many people proclaim to be saved, but Jesus said many will be rejected as false. So many think it's works, or living a certain way, attending church, being baptized, having said some prayer as led by a pastor...but it's a change of heart that is key. A realization of how hopeless, sinful, broken we are, an admission of that, a begging for a forgiveness we don't deserve, and a decision to follow Christ for the rest of our days. Works do not save, they are merely the fruit that is born from the living tree; the fruit is not what makes the tree alive and healthy, but a living and healthy tree will without fail bear fruit. Ask yourself if there has been a real change made in your heart by God. If not, that may be where you need to begin your journey. God bless you richly!
  18. It's good to know that when it comes to something this important and fundamental, God Himself promises to make sure no counterfeit is received by any son or daughter who asks, seeks and knocks, obeying Him in desiring what He desires for them. It's a given that the written Word is the final judge of experience. But suspicion is not discernment and we should be aware we are not to live in fear, but the faith that is ours by believing in His Word.
  19. In the past six months, I've done and thought some things I'm not proud of and felt I was drifting from the Lord. But the Lord has a way of reaching us and guarding us even when it seems like we've drifted away. For me, being really honest with the Lord and myself helps. The other day, for example, I realized I had closed off a part of my heart to the Lord. Why? I was upset with Him because none of my life goals came together. But I prayed about it honestly and came out hungry for God's presence. Sometimes we suffer and it makes us think God isn't truly there for us. But the truth is that we need God and He promised to always be with us. Fortunately, it's not about how faithful we are but about how Faithful God is.
  20. Hi Oskeedos, and welcome to Worthy! Since you are not wanting to lose your faith, you must already realize its value. Proverbs 20:6 says, "Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness, but a faithful man who can find?" Maybe you see few who are faithful, Oskeedos, and even though they have no concern for a relationship with Christ, they seem to be thriving and having a good life. Good times never last, though. Everyone will face challenges in life. Who will be there to guide them though? 2 Chronicles 16:9 tells us that "the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him." He longs to bless you with His strength, with His joy, with His presence, peace, reassurance, love, and countless other blessings. Get to know Him by reading the Bible every day. He will be faithful to fill you with joy if you will remain loyal to Him.
  21. Ok, this is where I might need some help. Jesus shed his blood to take the punishment for our sins, correct? Does that mean He took the wrath of God for us? Because people who aren't saved receive the wrath of God, correct?
  22. But you must at least know what you need to know in order to be saved though, right?
  23. If you believe that Jesus was sent from God to die on the cross for the sins of the world. And he did die. Just call on God in prayer. Tell him you know Jesus died for sins and that you believe it. Confess to God that your guilty of many sins. And ask him to forgive because of Jesus shed blood. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all of our guilt. If you do then your forgiven forever. Your accepted by God in the beloved through Jesus. That's how everyone is saved. By calling on God through Jesus. He will at that moment give you his holy spirit. You dont have to feel anything. It's not feeling but trust. Trust in God and Jesus.
  24. This becomes a faith issue at this point. Im not minimizing risks for you in earthquake prone areas or your concerns, but one needs to place it in His hands. Do what you need to for quake readiness/preparation, but then leave it to Him.
  25. Agreeing with other one.
  26. Hi angels4u, I believe our Father really does desire that all to come to repentance, but you are so right that we cannot know which of the unbelievers we know will hear His call. We can only share the good news and trust in His patience and the power of the Word to penetrate. 2 Peter 3:9 New International Version (NIV) 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.
  27. Hi Deb... Of course, pointing out error is necessary sometimes, but that has nothing to do with condemnation and everything to do with restoration. The problem that happens sometimes on message boards is that accusations and words of condemnation fly brother against brother when no pattern of unbelief has been observed in either person. "Sides" are taken by other members, reactions are given according to sides taken, labels are assigned, new Christians are confused, and Satan jumps up and down in glee. Christian brothers and sisters are not to be about the business of condemning each other, but exhorting one another. If someone posts something that places the honor of Christ or the clarity of the scripture in danger, we have an obligation to use the "report" tab; and we should use it if anyone attempts to pervert the gospel of Christ. 2 Timothy 2:24-26 New King James Version (NKJV) 24 And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, 25 in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, 26 and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will. ................ @Debp, on page 1 of this thread, you said, "Besides some preaching condemnation to unbelievers....there are also those who preach condemnation to born again Christians. This is really sad. We should seek to edify each other, rather than to put condemnation on to others." On page 5, you added, "....Preaching condemnation doesn't save anyone....it rather tends to drive people away. But preach Christ and the forgiveness He offers, and how to receive forgiveness....the Holy Spirit can use that to draw hearts to the Lord. And when the Holy Spirit works in the heart, that will be when real change or transformation occurs in a person." I heartily agree with these two statements. I just don't agree there there is ever any excuse NOT to be compassionate and kind, even when pointing out an error. On a message board, words can be and often ARE misconstrued; therefore we should choose them carefully, wisely, with the help of the Holy Spirit. We should NOT lose patience. It is a matter of PRIDE to desire so much to be the one who is "right," that we lose the fruit of the Spirit in the process.
  28. Jubilea


    Happiness is based on happenings, and it comes and goes depending on whether the happenings are fun or not so fun. For Christians who are walking closely with the LORD, happiness may come and go as well, BUT with or without happiness, Christians have a deep spring of joy inside that never goes away, and it's this joy that gives them strength whether things are going well or not so well. Nehemiah 8:10 " . . . the joy of the LORD is your strength."
  29. Welcome, Blessedknitter. We are so glad you have joined us. Praise God that He is bringing blessing out of difficulty and using it to His glory! Are you referring to the Scottish Highlands? We have a few on Worthy from that area.
  30. Hello, yes, I have not had a very long life so far but I have gone through many phases - some that I'm less than proud of. And I can tell you one thing, even during the time when I was sure that there was no God at all, when I didn't hesitate to insult Him or his Christians and even if someone somehow managed to make me believe that He was real I would have had chosen the dark side. And I can tell you one thing that I can say today with absolute certainty: Even during those times He was keeping a protective hand over me, even during those times He loved me and wept for what I was doing to Him - because even if I wasn't capable of acknowledging it at the time- I was His just like you are His no matter what. Which is not to say no effort should be put into the relationship from your side. However posting here indicates that you have the will to come back. So just honestly ask Him to forgive you, ask Him to come to you as you come to Him and He will. I know because He came to me. Good luck my friend, it's not an easy way because true belief is a gift - but God is far more generous than we deserve. I have just a couple ideas for you to keep in mind that might help you go forward on your way with Jesus. 1. It's all about your relationship with God, not your relationship with fellow Christians. Those are two very different things. 2. If you make one step towards God, he'll make one hundred towards you. 2. God loves you because He is love. And he won't forget or leave you just because you forgot or left him.
  31. We can have faith in God's promises regardless of our uncertain circumstances. Hebrews 11:1 By Faith We Understand 11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
  32. WELCOME, Blessedknitter! errrmm... are you a knitter? (just kidding) May you be blessed here.
  33. Welcome. God bless you. . . . ❤️🐣❤️🐣❤️🐣❤️🐣❤️🐣❤️🐣
  34. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply with such openess, honesty, love and care...wow to your testimonies of what you been through and by the grace of God came through and for encouraging me. I do have great Christian friends, I also have great judgers lol but u understand everyone is walking their own walk and all that matters is God and what He says and anything good in my life is only because of Him. Part of me lings to turn back and part of me is afraid. I am so thankful to God that I found this chatsite because there are so many truly genuine Christians on here and you are making a difference by the grace of God. I didn't know what to expect when I posted the above post but I cried when I read what you all had to say. From the bottom of my heart thank you all so much and I pray God encourages and strengthens you all in Jesus name 💕
  35. Willa


    welcome to Worthy, Oskeedos. The more I ask the stronger my faith gets because is look for my answers in the Bible. Nonbelievers like to party drink & drugs, so they look like they are happy. The problem is the day after as well as the misery that drove them to escape that way. The kind of joy I have is very deep and content. It comes from weathering deep losses and problems knowing that God is by my side and strengthening me. He gives me hope in the darkest times. I don't fear the future. I am alone but not lonely. I am not rich. I experience chronic pain. Yet I trust God to take care of me and supply my needs. He has.
  36. Welcome again, @Always a Moon. I'll be looking for your testimony sometime, if you'd care to share. You've got membership status now, and can post in the general forums. God bless you! Shalom, David/BeauJangles
  37. Hi, I’m very grateful to have found this forum. I have had a belief in God for a while but had a spiritual awakening recently following some difficult news. Since then I’ve been exploring and developing my faith and am now wanting God and Christ in my life. I’m looking forward to learning more about God’s Word from you all.
  38. @Always a Moon, haven't seen you before. So, welcoming you also to Worthy. God bless! Shalom, David/BeauJangles
  39. Many that purport to be Christians are just religionists ......they seldom are happy .....you could be looking at the wrong people ......most Christians that I know smile almost constantly and laugh easily.....I run from any preacher that does not have a joy that is evident....Forlorn looking Paul Washer repulses me.... Another thing to consider ....non-Christians are ignorant.....oblivious to where they are headed.... Who ever said, “ Ignorance is bliss “ was on to something....
  40. Indeed, the supernatural world exist with many things that you cannot see, though you can feel and and your senses exercised . Tongues are biblical mentioned and though some have claimed that it has ceased , only those who has experienced them, weather true or false can testify as the OP has done. I myself is skeptical about it as I was eager to get baptized earlier in my salvation journey. I was attending a Pentecostal church at the time and went through the pre baptism classes. On the day of the baptism, there were four of us on the schedule. When the those who were baptized came out the water and the parents and the congregation were praying for the Holy Spirit to come, the baptized people fell and rolled on the ground and there was weeping and crying ect. When my turn came around and I went into the pool, I gave my short testimony and before I went into the water, I did not know what to expect, so I said to the Lord in my prayer or words, " If this tongues is for me, then show me the truth and whatever the out come I have to be obedient". Well I got into the water, came up and nothing, absolutely nothing came upon me and I felt nothing in what the others were experiencing and to mention, the others were pre teens girls. I have though had numerous encounters in the spiritual realm where things , I would call them spirits try to manipulate and plant sensual things upon my body and senses in almost an ecstasy kind of state. Just to be short, I have mentioned the above before early in my time here at worthy and I am just repeating what I have and still experience. It is also a caution to test the spirits . How each person has his experience, it is for him to examine the word and see what lines up or not. I can tell you, that I have been tempted in ways that wants me to argue with James about his verse on the believer and temptation, but it is scripture and I have to heed it. I also think, a pastor should not be prompting anyone to get the baptism of the Holy Spirit as it is a gift and the Lord knows how to give his gifts. I am not in anyway discrediting the OP encounter, as it is his and I have to respect his testimony. Just to caution thought that satan comes in as an angel of light too and we have to be on our gard.
  41. I'm stunned by the love shown in this post. Thank you so much, that is incredible. I won't forget this kindness, Jostler, I really appreciate it.
  42. I appreciate your zeal for God, but we are saved by the cross of Jesus, not by our repenting. People repent unto salvation once, I changed my mind that I could save myself and repented/rethought--only God can save me. I do not use verses out of context. There are over 150 NT verses about salvation, all 150 say, "Trust Jesus". There is not a single verse that says repentance saves us. If your pastor gave you "only" 150 verses justifying his doctrine, would you say, "I need more verses" or "Those 150 passages are all out of context"? And, if you believe in eternal insecurity, you have to believe that if I'm saved and lost, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RENEW ME UNTO REPENTANCE, so I can NEVER repent and be saved after I'm saved, then lost.
  43. Hi, Diane…. So glad to see you back! Sometimes we all get off the path that Jesus would have us walk, but He always invites us back. He is saying to you right now, “This is the way, (now) walk in it!” Jesus’ path is full of light; that’s where you need to stay. …and the fact that you know that you cannot be at peace or happy unless you are living in the light of God’s love proves that you are His—that you belong to Jesus! Be encouraged, sis. Shine on! Isaiah 30:21 21 Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.
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