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  1. This is scary as so many people are deceived by the Bethel church, it is pure demonic, the enemy knows where to deceive people by letting them think they follow God but in reality they serve a false master, what better place to deceive them then in the church by making the people follow a form of religion instead of keeping their eyes on Jesus.
  2. Agree, so many people are looking for signs and wonders instead of keeping their eyes on Jesus. Luke 18:8 I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth? Romans 10:17 17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. ( not by looking for outward signs )
  3. Contains a video: https://pulpitandpen.org/2017/12/21/bethel-church-childrens-pastor-teaching-telepathy/?fbclid=IwAR2DpG5YLKlJofwnfRv5N1WTuHrRKwuxZHgdExlu4nV5bZgpBUo5EEYCoHo
  4. Did the blood ever lose its power? There's power in the blood ,not in anything else,all other sand is sinking sand no matter how hard you try to be good,we sin everyday and God forgives us everyday if we confess our sins. I'm washed by the blood never more to roam :)ones I was lost and now I'm found.
  5. yogurt or buttermilk on a cloth will cool the burn ... I grow my own aloe vera plants
  6. Can't wait to get there , our final home where we will be with Jesus forever
  7. Praying, I heard that yogurt and the aloe vera plant good to use for the pain?
  8. Praise the Lord for He is good
  9. I dreamed of a city called Glory, So bright and so fair. When I entered the gates I cried, "Holy" The angels all met me there: They carried me from mansion to mansion, And oh the sights I saw, But I said, "I want to see Jesus, The One who died for all." Then I bowed on my knees and cried, "Holy, Holy, Holy." I clapped my hands and sang, "Glory, Glory to the Son of God." I bowed on my knees and cried, "Holy, Holy, Holy." Then I clapped my hands and sang, "Glory, Glory to the Son of God." As I entered the gates of that city, My loved ones all knew me well. They took me down the streets of Heaven; Such scenes were too many to tell; I saw Abraham, Jacob and Isaac Talked with Mark, and Timothy But I said, "I want to see Jesus, 'Cause He's the One who died for me." Then I bowed on my knees and cried, "Holy, Holy, Holy." I clapped my hands and sang, "Glory, Glory, Glory." I clapped my hands and sang, "Glory" I clapped my hands and sang, "Glory" I clapped my hands and sang, "Glory" "Glory to the Son of God" I sang, "Glory to the Son of God."
  10. What do you believe we will be judged for?
  11. Amen and amen ,all our filthy rags are burned on the cross and will be remembered no more ,only the things we do for Jesus will last and we will receive our rewards which we gladly return to our King,some day we worship at His feet and all our sorrows will be no more,now we're living in enemy territory but soon we will live in the Kingdom of our Lord,let's press on until that day,Jesus is alive forevermore!What a Savior is He,it's 100% Jesus who can forgive our sins and make us stand perfect before God,in Him alone I trust,all other sand is sinking sand
  12. Thank you all for the birthday wishes
  13. Hi Dennis, We know it will be difficult to find food during the tribulation and I always automatically combined that verse with the lack of oil for living:) Either way ,it's not going to be easy to be a Christian those days...but we know where our victory is ,thank you Lord for the hope in You!
  14. I never really thought of this, you could be right, I would have to study it more, thanks for telling me
  15. The Third Seal: Famine 5And when the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” Then I looked and saw a black horse, and its rider held in his hand a pair of scales. 6And I heard what sounded like a voice from among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not waste the oil and wine.”7And when the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!”…Rev.6:6
  16. Will we stand in our own human righteous some day before God? Will we be afraid to stand before God because of His Holiness? When we stand before God , what do we expect Him to say to us? Can we boast in our own works done here on earth ? I do solemnly stand before God because of my transformation in Him through His death for you me. God is Holy ,we can't do anything good if it's not given to us through the Holy Spirit,we can only stand before God through Jesus and not by anything we do. Only the wicked will be afraid because they will stand before the living God. To who are we connected?
  17. I listen to him a lot some years back
  18. You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You. Isa. 26.3 ESV
  19. One of the fastest-growing false teachings in the church today is called by various names: Kingdom Now, Dominion Theology, Reconstructionism, and the Restoration Movement. It is also known as “liberation theology.” It is an effort to use the church to make the world perfect for our Lord’s return. It is embraced and taught in part or whole by the National and World Council of Churches, Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Earl Paulk, Bob Weiner, John Wimber, James Robison (who is called “the President’s pastor”). There are many other names that are focusing on the Leftist social gospel in hopes that this will clean up the world and make it perfect for Christ’s return. No more disease, war, poverty, AIDS, global warming, etc. Jesus will return when the church is unified, vibrant, forceful, spotless, and wrinkle-free. This is delusional and keeping people out of Heaven. There is no Biblical support for this belief, for the Bible teaches just the opposite. In the end of days, bad things will wax worse and worse until the world calls out for a savior. They first pick the wrong one. And are the likely billions of saints in Heaven now there because they attained perfection or were a part of a movement to make the world perfect? The Bible says our works qualify us for rewards but not for Heaven itself. There is nothing we can do to hasten Heaven except preach the gospel and save the lost spiritually speaking. This theology is borne out of the Manifest Sons of God movement and Latter Rain movement in about 1948. It also has ties to the positive confession movement. Major points of the theologies teach: * Prophetic scriptures are denied or fulfilled in 70AD (as is also the belief of Preterism). * The church is the new Israel. * Armageddon is the ongoing battle between the forces of light and darkness. * The Antichrist is a spirit, not a person. * We are already in the Tribulation, but at the same time, we are in the Millennium. It doesn’t get any stranger! It’s one or the other. * Rather than following traditional Bible prophecy, they follow “new revelations.” * Modern-day prophets must be obeyed and not judged for their inaccuracy. * They want to restore the Edenic nature even though Eden is where sin began. To add to the tragedy of this false doctrine is the fact that many churches who had this accurate are now switching to these false teachings. This is not unique to just the Protestant world. Mother Teresa, who selflessly took care of 40,000 derelicts in Calcutta, basically stopped her ministry to them by providing them a clean bed and comfort. She did not share the gospel. She believed many faiths would get to Heaven so she only saw to the physical needs of the body–admittedly, no small task in India. The Buddhist Dali Lama believes the same. In other words, feed the body but not the soul just as today’s social gospel “save the world” leaders are doing. And unfortunately, those who hold to correct theology in this realm are deemed to be “fundamentalist-millennial-apocalyptic-crackpots.” The church is not in the business of taking anything away from Satan but the souls of men. The world is a sinking Titanic ripe for judgment, not Garden of Eden perfection. Jesus will take dominion of the cleansed earth. For men to speak of doing that before the judgment of this earth is spiritually arrogant. I encourage you to flee such false teachers. God says in Isaiah 66:3-5, “I will choose their delusions.” I believe that is the reason for so much confusion, false theology, and apostasy today. For some reason, likely with an end-time purpose, God is sending delusion. There is no other way to interpret those verses. https://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=3295
  20. Jesus is Coming …12“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to each one according to what he has done. 13I am the Alpha and theOmega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” 14Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates.…
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