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  1. Amen ,I think you might find this video helpful in understanding who the Restrainer is
  2. Anybody here, who tried this diet?
  3. Wow, you lost 100 ponds ,how long did that take you ?
  4. Welcome to Worthy you may post in other places after about 4 approved posts
  5. I went this afternoon to one of my favorite clothing stores and guess what? It's gone
  6. I wonder what they find which caused this tragic accident .Canada is like the States to take the planes from the sky today. They will find it in the black box. They should have taken them down right away,thank God another accident didn't happen.
  7. Love you Abby ❤️ I pray the very best for you and your family,may you all be richly blessed:)
  8. So if it's God will to reconcile , you will gladly take Him back?How is he doing,does he wants to get back with you? God never wants you to walk away from a marriage,unless he commits adultery or if he is hurting you ,we are married for many years ,it takes work and commitment to make a marriage work and if the Lord is in it it will not be broken unless it's for a very good biblical reason.
  9. God is amazing , isn't He? I'm so glad to hear you talk so positive about your husband after all you have gone through over the years with him God is good! How is your son doing?
  10. Welcome to Worthy
  11. LOL, Maybe I try it someday, I just don't like eggplant! Your recipe sounds great !!!!
  12. Welcome to Worthy Boy
  13. Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Tim.4:12
  14. I'm thinking about you Turle in these difficult days, God is very close to you...
  15. Praying for you Kay, you know you can pm me at any time? Love you girl
  16. I'm so sorry dear Turtle for your loss.... Angels
  17. Hello Joseph,welcome to Worthy
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