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  1. Exactly, which is why I asked the question. Since we are being made into His image, we must put the old man away and allow His new creation to grow. When we hold onto the old man, we hinder that process. Yes, we all have part of our old selves still ingrained in us, and it is a process to give it all up and place them at His feet, but if we do love Him as we all claim, that should be our goal.
  2. Why are you blaming God? He went as far as to send His own Son to die in our place. Why do you think He would then blind people to Him? He does not, Satan does. This seem to be a lesson you have yet learned. The Holy Spirit is here to teach us of His truth, which is in scripture. To say scripture does not work for you is another lie from the father of lies, Satan. Somehow, you seem to be convinced that because people do not agree with their interpretation of scripture, that scripture cannot be trusted. Man cannot be trusted to be 100% correct. Scripture is correct and what the Holy Spirit uses to teach us.
  3. Welcome Mike.
  4. Your experience may be different than others, but the same in many ways. Everyone, before accepting salvation through Jesus is blind to a point, coining your words, but unless their heart is too hard to receive His convictions through the Holy Spirit, they do know there is a God. They may do their best to ignore His calling, His conviction, but still, that little voice that finally reached each of us was there.To claim we are blind is not 100% true ... we were running from God so we did not have to face who we really were. My argument with this thread, and your idea, is that everyone who reject Jesus is guilty of sin. There are no excuses. In order to truly "not believe" in any form of spiritual life, as Atheist claim, they first had to do the research. God did not leave them blameless, meaning that they cannot claim God never tried to reach them. They chose to ignore His calling and conviction of their sins. To me, that does not equate to being blind. That is rejection, plain and simple, with the choices they made themselves.
  5. Yes, as long as they are from respectable sites they are acceptable. YouTube offers other videos they believe fits your search on the right of every video being played in normal mode. Some of their suggestions are pretty bad, so we had to put a stop to YouTube linking. Please check the site before posting a link to ensure the site is respectable and something you wouldn't mind your child viewing. Thanks for asking for clarification!
  6. I am reopening this thread this morning with words of advice: Do Not Attack Another Member - you will be banned and given a warning point Do a little research before you make claims. Yes, there are crazy scientist out there who are trying to create part human part animal babies for research, governed by their ethics committees - scientists and lawyers. People do try to play God by using this cloning techniques. Doctors have been using parts of pigs in human hearts for years. Repeating #1 and #2 - DO NOT ATTACK EACH OTHER and do your own research. One site is from NBC News - I will add a personal note that I personally believe this kind of research is not of God. Impregnating animals with human cells and sperm is plain wrong and is this idea comes from the pit of Hell. God created what He created and called it good. Man is trying to play God, eliminating Him from the minds of people in the name of science and human health. Nobody cares more for His creation than God Himself.
  7. No, it is not the same. God stands behind His words with the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Islam and Mormonism do not have the Holy Spirit. People who do not believe after they have heard have hardened their hearts toward God. Some people listen after a short while, others after years. Some never listen. Yet, in every case, people reject Him until they finally do listen. They are not blind, but have a hardened heart.
  8. Time to give this thread a break. People who post in this forum have to accept where they are posting and conspiracies are not factual, just crazy ideas people spend time contemplating and allowing their imaginations to get exercise. If anyone is looking for facts, they don't belong here. One more thing, stop with the personal attacks or bans will be given.
  9. Moved. Isn't there enough false news in the news already? I agree that satire needs to be in the humor section as it is not news.
  10. There is a video forum for all videos. Do not embed videos in any thread outside of the video forum, nor create a link to YouTube.
  11. But all who have the Holy Spirit are not of the same maturity in Him. You can give a child an encyclopedia, but they will not understand much of what it tells. They can look at the pictures and imagine, but stumble on the words and meanings.
  12. When do you remember first hearing about God compared to realizing you didn't believe in him?
  13. Matthew 18:1-5 At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.
  14. I wouldn't be so sure of that, unless you happen to been able to ask every person in the West personally.
  15. This sounds like you were more of a satanist than an atheist. Atheist don't even believe in demons.