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  1. Most are blinded by what the 70 Sevens are all about. It is more than some think. We as Believers have been Saved (Justification) from the Penalty of Sin. All Done through Christ. Now as Believers were are being transformed from the Power of Sin (Sanctification). This is an ongoing process as we become more Christ like, through the H.S.. In our sinful bodies we will never achieve 100 percent Sanctification. It is ongoing until we die. In the future we will be saved from the Presence of Sin (Glorification). When we are with Christ the presence of Sin will be mostly gone until Death has been swallowed up in Victory. We have become Glorified in Christ Jesus. As Believers we are to make Israel Jealous because of our position In Christ Jesus. In like manner in the future Israel will make us Jealous in a way. What has taken us as Believers all our Christian Walk to try to achieve (Sanctification) and not fully attaining it; Israel on that day will achieve (Sanctification) in one moment or one day. The 70 Sevens are all about Daniels people Israel and the holy city Jerusalem to become fully Sanctified. From sinning to no sin, From transgressing to not transgressing, All in a day. In Christ Montana Marv
  2. The Book of Revelation is false then by what you say. Mostly Prophetic Israel still sins and so do we at Christian Believers. We need more info from you. Sin and Death are not put away until the end Rev 21. The New Heaven and the New Earth is now free from sin and Death, Am I wrong. You are adding to what is written for Israel. Why do people still Transgress? Still goes on and on, So what is New. You say Transgressions are finished. Believers still Transgress. No need for the confession of our sins then. I like this; "that we might be made like" the Righteousness... Kind of like saying; Tomorrow I might be a better Christian. As for Israel, maybe thy will believe tomorrow. Why do we still sin, transgress, have iniquity in our hearts. All this is still out there whether one Believes or Not. Satan is still out there like a roaring lion. Show me where sins, transgressions and iniquity are gone, as you say. Are you without sin? You still do not get the point of the 70 Sevens. It is for Daniels people and for Daniels holy city. In Christ Montana Marv
  3. The 70th Week is yet future. The "He" of verse 27 is neither the Anointed One of verse 25 and 26a. Neither of the people of the Ruler to Come who will destroy the city and sanctuary of 26b (Titus in 70 AD). Back to the prophecy: 70 Sevens are decreed for the Anointed One (Christ) To;....do the six tasks. Or is the prophecy, 70 Sevens are decreed for Daniels people and Daniels holy city To...... do the six tasks. It can't be both. So what does Scripture say? Daniels people and Daniels holy city have 70 Sevens to accomplish the six tasks. If they have not been done so at this time, the 70th Week is yet future. No one has failed, it is not fulfilled yet. Since it is prophetic, it must be 100 percent fulfilled as written. In Christ Montana Marv
  4. The first 12 Apostles were appointed by Christ. Matthias was selected by lot after the Ascension. Yet Paul says he was least of the Apostles because he persecuted the Church. In Christ Montana Marv
  5. This city was taken once those of Judea fled to the mountains when they saw the A/ set up. When you see standing, they left. Trampled by the Gentiles for 42 months. Yes taken by the A/C, F.P and the Dragon at the end to prepare for Armageddon. The thing is there is not enough room in Jerusalem for these armies. 1.5 billion with more than 200,000,000 horses will occupy more than 500 square miles in a dense formation. More than the area of the Valley of Megiddo where Armageddon takes place, the winepress. In Christ Montana Marv
  6. Why then does Scripture say for Daniels people and Daniels holy city TO. Christ is not the focus/subject here. He is but a marker at the end of the 69th Week. The 70 Sevens are all about when Israel will believe in the Messiah. It is a time table for their Salvation. God chosen people finally come home. In Christ Montana Marv
  7. There are over 500 square miles of dense armies (approx 1.5 billion) some with horses all dying in or at Megiddo which is about 180 square miles in area. Lucky for Jerusalem that there are few if no Jews present there. The winepress is at Megiddo. A winepress is ring shaped. The harvest goes from the outside and the wine is collected on the inside. In Christ Montana Marv
  8. You have missed the point of the Harpozo of 2 Thes 2. Concerning the come of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him.. Don't be alarmed. For this day will not come about until the departure occurs, and the lawless one is revealed. Don't you remember that when I was with you, I told you of these things. The dead in Christ rise First, then we who are still alive will meet them in the air. This is well before the Mill. We are his royal priesthood during the 1000 years. The Last day can be the last day of the Church Age. It can be the last day of the 70th Week. It can be shortly after the Mill once Satan is cast into the Lake of Fire. The Last day can be when the heavens disappear with a roar. 2 Peter 3:10. 1 Cor 15: 23,24 - But each in his own turn, Christ the first fruit, then when he comes those who belong to him. Then the end will come when He hands over the keys of the Kingdom to the Father. Col 3:4 - When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in Glory. In Christ Montana Marv
  9. The Euphrates is dried up with the 6th Bowl Rev 16:12. Then the three evil spirits come out of the mouths of the A/C, F.P. and Dragon. Then the 7th Bowl where every island (continent) was moved out of its place. And the mountains could not be found, and then the plague of hailstones. All this just before Armageddon. In Christ Montana Marv
  10. Let's put it this way. This battle follows the 7th Bowl. When the Euphrates dries up, this allows the vast 200,000,000 army from the east to cross on its way to Megiddo. Then there is the army from the North, South and West which also end up at Megiddo. Some go through or near Jerusalem, the others miss Jerusalem because they are to far North. In Christ Montana Marv
  11. What did John see; 1. thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge (The Bride, the Church) 2. The souls of those beheaded during the time of the A/C and False Prophet (over 90 percent of the Body has and will not ever see this or partake in this)..... 3. the rest of the dead did not come to life until the 1000 were over. Yet it says blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. All this if for The Resurrection for the Just. Those mentioned in the GWT Judgment are not revealed until v. 11. which is after the 1000 years is over. And after v. 4,5 and 6; which are all the Just. Yes the Resurrection of the Unjust. In Christ Montana Marv
  12. I look at this a little different. What are these 30 and then 45 day periods? The 30 days may be the duration for the Battle of Armageddon, start to finish. Up to 1.5 billion may die in this battle. It takes time for those to march into this battle. Then the 45 days are the length of time for the birds of the air to eat the flesh of men and horses. Then at the end of the 1335th day is when Jesus sets His feet on the Mt of Olives. In Christ Montana Marv
  13. A lot of misinformation with lavish embellishments. My comments in Red. In Christ Montana Marv
  14. Yes he was added after the Ascension. Only 11 remaining before the Ascension. So your statement needs to be restated. In Christ Montana Marv
  15. According to Zech 14:8 - Living water will flow out of Jerusalem, half to the eastern sea and half to the western sea. Nothing about going into the Jordan River; nothing about it only going 1,600 furlongs (not in Scripture) The blood flows out from Armageddon for 1,600 furlongs. This is Armageddon, not the Mt of Olives. The blood from horses and men rise to the horse bridle, nothing about living water. Not there. In Christ Montana Marv
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