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  1. Vera Bradley

    Out of the darkness

    You're welcome, Annette. Since I wrote that post, I have changed my relationship to Yeshua. I'm a seeker, not a believer.
  2. Vera Bradley

    God as He

    Why is God addressed as a male rather than simply God? If God is Spirit, does that not mean God is beyond gender?
  3. Vera Bradley

    Being Unequally Yoked

    The Bible says not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, yet in the context of dating and marriage, at least in the West, that mandate does not appear to be heeded, at least in my experience. I remember when I was younger, I was with some women who held a Bible study once a week. Yet on weekends when I went out with them, they had a night out on the town and flirted with worldly men on the street. Also, I have encountered more people who put the faith aside just long enough to find a mate, then pick it up again afterward. This frustrates me because I refused to be unequally yoked and have been single all my life. Do I have to play this baiting game? Is it really possible to be equally yoked from the very beginning?
  4. Vera Bradley

    Out of the darkness

    Hi everyone! I'm not new to the forums. I have spent the past couple of years on and off the forums groping in the darkness of doubt and unbelief. My unbelief was because of my focus on people and my expectation that they behave the way I wanted them to. I couldn't see how focusing on Jesus could keep me from being lonely because I wanted people in my life so badly, not just Jesus. Here is a summary of what has happened... I grew up in a conservative church that taught false doctrine. It was called the Church of Christ. We were taught that we were the only ones going to heaven because we did not have musical instruments. I knew that was false teaching, so I searched elsewhere for the Truth. I was also discouraged by the hypocrisy in the church where I was raised. I wanted to obey God and study Scripture, and found myself alienated by the very people who claimed to want to do the same. I was left out of church activities because I didn't want to make off-colored jokes and I didn't want to drink and get drunk. I wanted to have good, clean fun. I joined a Bible study at my high school, and that's where I met people who has authentic faith in Jesus. At that time I believed in God as Creator, but I still didn't know Jesus. I thought I was saved because I grew up in church and was a law-abiding citizen. I was just a religious person. During my first two years of college, I attended a Methodist college. I was with a group of students in a church careers program, and found myself in the same predicament again, being misunderstood by the religious studies students because of my desire to be pure. By no means was I perfect; I was self-righteous and blinded by my own goodness. I transferred to a public university, and it was there that I started to interact more closely with nonbelievers. What threw me off was that the nonbelievers had greater respect for my desire to obey God than the church folks had. I found myself reaching out to the world to have good, clean fun, and I made friends. It was during that time that I decided that maybe the nonbelievers were onto something. I got angrier at the church and found ways to discredit it. I threw my Bibles away, and entertained myself with anti-Christian propaganda. I explored almost every belief system out there. My main focus was on new age. I waffled between atheism, agnosticism, and paganism. I was looking for love and acceptance, and I found it in the world. There are a whole lot of nice people in the world. Through all this, the one thing that never settled with me was the world's acceptance and celebration of homosexuality. Yes they were welcoming, yes they were more kind to me than the church folks had been, but they accepted something that was clearly not part of God's divine order. Among other things, there was that unmistakeable darkness that was just... there. I got to the point where I couldn't be isolated in my anger toward the church, and I went back to church because I couldn't continue to live in confusion and loneliness. I bought a Bible, and found a church close to my home a few weeks ago where there is sound doctrine. I'm still learning what it means to have faith in Jesus alone, and not in my religiosity or in other people. Tonight as I type this post, I think about how horribly wrong an educated, law-abiding citizen such as myself can be, and that my righteousness is filthy rags. "The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; who can understand it?" (Jeremiah 17:9) I follow Jesus Christ.
  5. Vera Bradley

    Questions for missionaries

    Thank you GoldenEagle.
  6. Vera Bradley

    Questions for missionaries

    I am prayerfully considering going to help a group of children in Kenya. I have never in my life done mission work. I came across a particular ministry that I really want to be the hands and feet for. My questions: 1. Do you have to be married? (I am a single female.) 2. How should I practically prepare for this? 3. If you have done mission work in the 3rd world, what lessons did you learn from it? I hope to hear from someone who has worked in missions.
  7. Where do I begin?? Well long story short, I was a very devout lover of Christianity (big difference from follower of Christ) for many years. After having some disappointing experiences in the church, I left the faith, and left theism too. I rebelled for as long as I could, but I knew better. God makes it so obvious who He is. There is no denying Him. I have begun to read the Bible again, pray, and attend church. Keep me in your prayers as well!