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  1. Patticats

    A Crisis

  2. Welcome back Patmen!! You have been missed!! I pray all is well with you?
  3. Patticats

    i believe my Life is over

    Hi Seeking, I'm Patti and I sent you a pm to talk and pray with you.
  4. Patticats

    Real Thing ~ 4Him

  5. Patticats

    Testify to Love ~ Avalon

  6. Patticats

    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

    So sorry!! I am thankful my Dad was a Christian but I miss him daily!!
  7. Patticats

    You Were There ~ Avalon

  8. Patticats

    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

    This song means alot to me, my Dad had a stroke about 3 years ago. I heard this song and it's exactly how I felt.. God is so good!!