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  1. Hello!

    Hi!! Welcome to Worthy!!
  2. This man Jesus

    Welcome to Worthy!! God bless you!!
  3. This time it is for me ...

    Praying for you OneLight!!
  4. Prayers

    Praying for you!! We miss you!!
  5. Please pray for jmlusa

    Please pray for jmlusa and her family. Her Mom passed away this evening.
  6. Please Pray for Logan

    Hi everyone!! Logan's brother DrewA came to chat this morning to let us know that Logan is in the hospital. He asked that I make a post about him and ask ya'll to pray please. I can tell he loves him dearly.

    Happy Birthday Kwick!! God bless you!!
  8. Gina's Cancer

  9. Crucified with Christ

    Thanks for posting Wing!! I have loved this song since I first heard it many years ago!!
  10. Please Pray for Laura

    Thanks everyone!! Laura loved the Lord so much and loved people. She was always such a happy person!! Thanks again!!
  11. Please Pray for Laura

    Thanks for all of your prayers. Laura now lives with Jesus.... I loved her beyond words.... my heart aches..
  12. Please Pray for Laura

    Laura is in the hospital and I think it is pretty serious. Please guys pray for her. I love Laura dearly!! Please pray!!
  13. Prayers for Dog

    I'm so sorry all of this is happening. I do understand. I'm a huge animal lover. I do know that what concerns me concerns God. I'm praying!!
  14. Urgent Prayer Request from Kwik

    Praying for God to comfort and give strength..
  15. Answered Prayer For My Dog

    Rusty, I'm so happy and thankful to God that He found your dog a home. I do know that God cares for all that I care about. I have prayed for my animals all my life and will continue. God truly knows I love them!! God bless you Rusty!! Love you!!