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  1. A few months back, almost a year ago actually, I made a thread asking for prayers for my student and her loved ones after a... "man" (for want of a better term) did something terrible to her and her mother allowed it to happen (she was dating him, she's divorced). That girl is doing fine now living with her father and stepmother... well, as fine as she can under the circumstances, one never truly recovers from this. Anyway, they put this "man" on trial and he got eighty years.Well, I learned during a meeting with the girl's father a few days ago that this scum was "involved in an 'accident'" in prison. Something involving another inmate "losing control" of a forklift carrying crates, and dropping it on him. "People" like him don't last long in prison once others find out. Forgive me for not being sorry that he's gone. The girl has forgiven him, and I say God bless this kid. I'm not ready to forgive so soon, being a father to two girls. In fact, I hope he suffered, I hope he cried. It would be nothing on the pain he brought on this kid and I hope he'll receive the proper justice in the afterlife.You know what? No, I am not praying for this heap of human trash. I'm praying for the victim and those who care about her that they could all sleep better at night knowing that he can never do this again; not now, not eighty years from now.
  2. ^ Huh? Uh... I'm not sure what you mean by how things are going now, but sex trafficking is still happening.
  3. Last week's episode of Hawaii Five-0 was really harrowing, and it hit home hard. It dealt with the subject of sex trafficking of underage girls. I have a little girl with another on the way and two boys in between. My little Anya is not even six. To think that there are people out there who'd do that to her... Please pray for the girls and women going through this hell. They need God more than ever now. Additionally, pray for the Ho'olana Pua foundation that seeks to help the victims in their recovery.
  4. I praise You, O Heavenly Father for helping this girl in her recovery, that You gave her the knowledge to speak to a therapist, that from the beginning, she opened her heart to You. I am most grateful to You for standing with me while I testified, and now I ask You do the same next week when the girl's boyfriend takes the stand and please see that he keeps his anger suppressed. Let him not forget that he's there to protect his girlfriend, and help the prosecution make sure this man never has the opportunity to do what he did again.
  5. I give You thanks for the grand jury sending this case to court and letting justice prevail. Indeed You are most just and know exactly how to deal with these people. I ask You, O Lord, in Jesus' holy name, give the DA the knowledge to get the evidence he needs to convict the man who hurt this innocent girl, give the good citizens of Nashville who will act as a jury the wisdom to declare him guilty, and please let the judge both the legal and moral obligation to the citizens of Tennessee to put him in prison for as long as our legal system allows. In prison, I pray that this "man"uses his time wisely to repent for what he did and come to You so that he may never destroy another girl's life ever again.
  6. I made a thread in the prayer request forum about a 16-year-old student of mine. Something terrible happened to her. However, things are starting to brighten up for her. The ones who hurt her are going to be charged and are facing very serious prison time. However, she's now living in a comfortable home with a loving, caring father and stepmother who loves her more than her real mother apparently ever did. She also has a very loving, devoted boyfriend to whom she means the world to and vice versa. Praise the Lord for giving this sweet, smart, and faithful girl a clear path to recovery.
  7. There is not, nor has there ever been an independent Kingdom, and Emirate, or a Republic of Palestine. There has never been an indigenous Palestinian people, there has never been a Palestinian language, nor has there ever been a Palestinian culture. The name itself was created by the Romans to spite the Jews after they took over the Land of Israel. It was named after the land of the Philistines, a long time enemy of the Jews who were not Arab, they weren't even a Semitic race. Then the Islamic Empires ruled it for a long time, until finally, the British took over and used and Anglicized version of its Latin name, calling it "Palestine". This was until 1948, when the land was recognized as Israel. "Palestine", until 1948 has always been "occupied land". The so-called Palestinians have no religious claim to it. Throughout history, they had plenty of opportunities for a Palestinian land and they turned it down.
  8. My sister called me yesterday. The man met with his lawyer and decided to plead guilty. They gave him life without parole.
  9. Well, the trial starts in early March. He does not stand a chance in that county. It's a rather red area so I doubt any prosecutor won't ask for the death penalty. Maybe a merciful jury will give him life.
  10. I hope he finds Jesus before they pump in the potassium chloride.
  11. I'm also asking you pray for that guard's family.
  12. Ten years ago, my older sister was brutally raped and beaten nearly to death by a man she once considered her friend. She got pregnant and made the choice to keep the baby.What came was a beautiful angel of a little girl. My older little niece. Her attacker got thirty-five years in prison. Ten for rape, twenty-five for attempted murder. Well, now he went and killed a prison guard who tried to break up a fight between him and another inmate. He stabbed him several times. Now he's awaiting trial and could get the death penalty. Here I am hoping he will and I know as a Christian, I shouldn't.
  13. You know something, my nieces are here to spend three weeks Christmas vacation with me and my wife. They arrived Saturday. Just seeing their smiles, hearing their laughs, hugging them makes me forget everything that is wrong with the world. This past morning before heading off to work, I went to check on my nieces. Seeing my older niece, Maya, sleeping there peacefully...all I needed wat to see her angelic face and later hear my sister's sarcastic sense of humor from her at dinner and I forget that she wouldn't be here because of that man (in the loosest sense of the word). You know, I'm gonna write out a letter, keep it in a safe place and maybe one day send it. Right now I can only pray that his time in prison will change him for the better. A lot can happen in 35 years. The judge stated that if he was legally able to, he would have sentenced him to life imprisonment but he gave him the harshest possible sentence that the state of South Carolina allowed.
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