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  1. Just thought id say hello xx 


  2. Just thought I'd say hello, I don't know you that much, but I'd figure i would make a good first impression!


  3. Hey Cohen, I just saw you over in the chat room and judging from the name and the picture I suspected that you must be Jewish roots. Me too as a matter of fact your picture looks a lot like mine. I will have to find one and post it later. Good to meet you.

  4. Hi there...You look like a pretty smart guy. Bless ya bro...

    1. KPaulG


      Cohen is a smart guy

  5. Hi, Cohen

    1. KPaulG


      How are you?


      God Bless you.


      Your brother in Christ,


  6. Wish You a Blessed Happy B'Day....... :)

  7. Hey Cohen, welcome to the team! Hope you enjoy it! GBU...