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  1. :dance:


    1. Annette


      Happy birthday Cohen. All the best for the year ahead.


  2. thanks for always simply telling me goodbye in chat,sometimes it's the little things that are important to people such as myself.

  3. Just thought id say hello xx 


  4. Just thought I'd say hello, I don't know you that much, but I'd figure i would make a good first impression!


  5. Hey Cohen, I just saw you over in the chat room and judging from the name and the picture I suspected that you must be Jewish roots. Me too as a matter of fact your picture looks a lot like mine. I will have to find one and post it later. Good to meet you.

  6. Hi there...You look like a pretty smart guy. Bless ya bro...

    1. KPaulG


      Cohen is a smart guy

  7. Hi, Cohen

    1. KPaulG


      How are you?


      God Bless you.


      Your brother in Christ,


  8. Wish You a Blessed Happy B'Day....... :)

  9. Hey Cohen, welcome to the team! Hope you enjoy it! GBU...